exterior renderings

Edit: Fixed a few things, and changed Blaster’s origin. Woops! Thanks @adroit-maelstrom!

I play First Aid, and I like to keep my information readily available, especially if it’s been thoroughly outlined in canon, but rather than just a text file, I decided to make a little datapad mockup. This list is missing a few characters as the MUSH I play at is a slightly different alternate universe.

I made up most of the icons. The forged symbol was supposed to represent the pulses from vector sigma, and the constructed cold icons were aiming for the ice around the sparks. Seeing as the information is copied from a few pages in one of the MTMTE issues, and it didn’t include ALL records, I tried to make it look like the major names were simply selected/pinned. The user would get a complete record by clicking the large names.

I wanted to include like, a little sticker of Springer or something, but then I’d have to render the exterior of the datapad and no thx.

Apparently Swerve “suffers” from being too talkative. I gotta’ hand it to Roberts for adding all of these little details, I love this type of lore.


With one more week of work to go on the drawings for this site, here’s what I’ve been working on so far.  


This guest house addition to a bay-front home in Tiburon, California near San Francisco is the epitome of rustic sophistication.  Intersecting quadrants and a multi-layered, inset hill-side approach make this space feel larger than it is, providing the family with an accommodating, multi-purpose, stand-alone addition to serve out-of-town visitors, pool party guests, and daily family recreation.

Natural, hardy materials will pull the view of the bay’s surrounding mountains into the space.  Impressions of local flora and fauna will contribute to the natural, rustic, but lush feel of this bay-front addition.  The leopard shark, for example, a species that thrives in the San Francisco Bay and up the Pacific coastline, is the city’s likely namesake.  The shark’s distinctive markings will find expression throughout the space, including the pool’s mosaic floor, upholstery and other accents.  Large, responsive windows and spacious decks will provide optimal views from both inside and out.  Additional skylights and a westward facing orientation will optimize light for a comfortable, and beautiful interior environment.

And, a living roof which hosts native plant and animal life serves functional and aesthetic purposes.  Flooding, accumulated solar radiation and some loss of habitat are all avoided through the preservation of the hillside on the guest house roof.  Aesthetically, the living roof will cause the mostly-sunken guest house to blend further into the surrounding site so as to preserve an undistracted view from the main house.


Unbuilt and Empty Box Four Seasons Residence Penthouse Sells for $50 Million in Beverly Hills

A planned 59-unit, 12 story Four Seasons Private Residences in Beverly Hills intends on opening adjacent to the star studded Four Seasons Hotel. It will operate separately from the hotel with its own concierge and kitchen and not share any amenities.