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ACT Masterpost

AP’s Non-Specific 

For every high school student studying an AP test 
FREE MATERIAL (some SAT/ACt stuff too)
Study guides

AP’s Specific

Art History
Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history
Barrons pdfs

AP Biology Exam Guide
Chapter Review
Giant Review Sheet
Crash Course 

Calculus AB & BC
Cheatsheet (AB & BC)
Stuff You MUST Know Cold for AP Calc (AB)
If you see that, do this (AB)

AP Chemistry Notes
Quick Review
Periodic Table

Comparative Government and Politics
Government Comparisons
Study Sheet (opens as word doc)

Computer Science
Review: Part 1

English Language
Rhetorical Strategies
AP Language Review

Environmental Science
Vocab to Know
APES Review

European History
Exam Review Sheets
Tom Richey 

French Language
Cram packet

Human Geography

Every Graph You Need To Know (YouTube)
Cram packet

Study guide

sparknotes study guide
hella good review sheets
ton of flashcards woah
mind map of social psych
rough outline of the year
psychologists to know
crash course ~ hank green
intro to psych post
free textbook resources
study playlists help u
bunch of review materials
very good cram packet
lots of notes from a post
outline of erikson’s theory
mind map of disorders
how to stay motivated!!

Physics B & C
Equations (C Mech)
Unit Notes ©
Unit Notes ©
Equations © 

Cram packet
Inference Procedures
AP Stats formulas

U.S. Government
Cheat Sheet
Review Materials
Tom Richey 

U.S. History
Cram Packet: part 1, part 2
The Giant AHAP Review
Unit study guides
Quizlet sets
The Comprehensive AP US History Study Guide
The man that saved me Part 1 Part 2

World History
Cram Packets and Review Sheets
Cram packets by era

General Subject’s

English Help
No Fear Shakespeare
How to Write a Essay (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
What makes a good Essay
How to Edit Yourself
Editing Checklist
Trouble Reading? Tips (X) (X) (X)
Writing Masterpost (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
Other things to help your Writing  (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)

Achieving Proficiency

Math Help
Mathway (type in your problem and it solves it)
Square Root Calculator
Cube Root Calculator
Expression Simplifier
Helps you with Math
Easy unit converter
Any calculator you need
Algebra Solver
Scientific Calculator 
Cheat Sheet 

Science Help
All about space
Guides for more than 5,500 animal species
Improve you Geography knowledge
vast collection of historic images and videos
Symbols and their meanings
Comprehensive site for genetics and evolution
Lab Write Ups

Writing Help
Free Microsoft Word Equivalent
Writing Software Master post
Cant Remember A Word?
Bibliography Maker
Social Media Citation Guide
Earn A Cute Picture Of A Kitten For Writing
Writers Block?
Check Your Writing for Spelling and Grammatical Errors
Coffee Shop Sounds
Essay Structure Guide
Want To Know Who You Write Like?
Remember the Word
Alternatives to Said
Great Inspiration
Getting Inspired
Free Microsoft Word alternative
Dealing with writer’s block
Lay vs. lie
When to change paragraphs
Music for writing
Research and reading
How to write a kickass essay with ½ of the stress
How to write an essay
Guide to writing a basic essay
Essay writing: the basics
What makes a good essay?
How to google? (1) (2)
Writing tips
Harvard Writing Resources
Synonyms Masterpost
can’t find the right word?
Hemingway an online editor (It’s awesome)

Other Useful Stuff 

Son of Citation Machine
Owl Purdue
How to write Bibliography

College tips
make a to do+doing+done board (I just did this and it is very helpful)
print sources nicely (1) (2)
recipes based on ingredients - recipepuppy
popular new headlines - newsmap.jp
speed read - spreeder.com
white noise - simplynoise.com
plan sleep time - sleepyti.me
google like a boss - png / jpg
Tips for college freshman
Know before college 
Preparing for a lecture

30/30 (app)
Essential productivity apps for any student*
Top 5 productivity apps for iOS (video)*
Top 5 productivity apps for Android (video)*
Time Warp
Self Control (mac) blocks websites
The science of productivity (video)
The science of procrastination and how to manage it (video)
7 brain hacks to improve your productivity (video)
The simple science of getting more done (in less time)
Productivity tips
About power naps
How to pull an all-nighter effectively

Studying (Currently long but I will sort through at a later point)
Answering multiple choice questions
Apps for students
Basics for Efficient Studying
BBC Bitesize
Check spelling and grammar
Coffitivity- sounds of a cafe
Convert Anything To Anything
Cornell note taking method
Coursera- Online courses for free.
Create flowcharts, network diagrams, ect.
Creating Effective Exam Cheat Sheets
Defeating Procrastination
Essay writing
Exam survival tips
Finals Help Guide
Finals survival guide
Free Flashcards Study Helper
Free online courses
Google books for research
Grammar Check
Guide on punctuation
Homework Help
How to answer exam questions
How to Read a Textbook
How to Review in Less Time
How to study
How to survive finals
How to take notes Masterpost
How to Underline/Highlight Effectively
How to write an essay
Inkflow Visual Notebook
Khan Academy- Learn anything.
Learning how to study
Making a good study guide
Memorizing dates
Momentum- Be motivated and organised.
Note taking like a pro
Notetaking Strategies
Online calculator
Online Ruler
open2study- Free online study for everyone.
Presentation Zen- A blog that helps you with your presentations.
Productive Study Break Tips
Pull an All Nighter & Do Well On Your Exam
Quizlet- Make flashcards and test yourself.
Reading Review, Highlighting, and Underlining
Research & Reading Tips
School survival guide
Science simplified
Simple and Not So Simple Proven Ways to Sharpen Memory
Solving Problems vs. Practicing Them 
StudyBlue- Make online flashcards.
Studying for an important exam
Study Playlist 
Superb Study Guides and Mini Moleskines
Taking Notes Effectively and Practically
Test-taking Strategies
Test your vocabulary
The Benefits of Active Notetaking
The “Secret” to Doing Well in School
Thinking & Memorizing Tips
Time management
Tips and trick to help you get good grades
Triaging Your Assignments
Useful websites
Website Blocker- Remove temptation.
What NOT To Do When Studying
Wolfram Alpha for research 
Youtube Crash Course
“Academic Disaster Insurance”
“Big Idea” Flashcards

Free textbooks
Text Book Nova
Medical Textbooks
Cookbooks to Text Books
Science/Math Textbooks
Business Textbooks
Tech Books
Greek and Roman Text in English
Art Books
Historical Fiction
History Books
Project Gutenberg
Free Ebooks
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic books and Reference and study guides
Classic books
Free Textbook Download Masterpost
Textbook Guide

My Study Life - It’s a planner to help you remember when your homework is due and stuff like that
Free printable planner
To do list
How to make a study schedule
Class folder organization
“Study Cove” Organization
Making a Detailed Study Schedule
The Work-Progress Journal
Quick Tip for Flashcard Organization
Scheduling Organization
College Plan Spreadsheet Template
Organizing Your Notes
Getting Yourself Together in College with Mental Illness
How to Organize Your Workspace

Stress Reliefs/Relaxng
stress analyst - relaxonline
distract yourself
self-care tips
self-care for overstimulated nerves
softest legs
feel better
Thoughts Room
Panic & Anxiety Masterpost
Guided Relaxation
Stress Relievers
Chill Playlist
Cute Videos
The quiet place project
Feelings Masterpost

Useful Stuff
plan, budget, and manage daily finances
How to take a Standardized Test
How to Master Excel
Fact check politicians
Back to school Masterpost
What you didn’t learn in high school

IDK what to put these under but they're helpful too
Check The Safety Of Any Website
Download From 8tracks
Print Webpages Without the Clutter
Is This Website Down For Me Or Everyone?
Self Defense Tips
Chrome Extension Tells You Which Tab Is Playing Music
Prevent Hangovers
Bookmark Online Videos
1 Month Free of Amazon Prime
Netflix Recommendations
Becoming An Adult Masterpost
All The Audios You’ve Ever Reblogged
Stream/Watch Free TV/Movies
Never Hit A Dead End With A Broken Link
Downloadable PDF To-Do Lists
Watch Musicals
List Of Universities On Tumblr
Summer Studying
Back to School

Scholarship Masterpost

8/17/2015: Updated some parts. Alphabetized the study section and added in new links. If at any point you want something added in that isn’t here just send me an ask or submit it in the submit box.

6/1/2016: Currently working on the issue of the links disappearing. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed 

Witch Tip!

Picture this:
[You are holding a crystal in your hand and, in a moment that is out of your control, the crystal slips from your grasp and lands onto the floor, shattering into countless pieces.]

This has happened to me, and oh, did I despair.
Once you’ve mourned the loss of your sweet mineral child, do not throw the shards/pieces away! Instead, you can use the pieces in jars, sachets and poppets; you can grind it down to a finer, grainy consistency and use it that way.

Even though the crystal is no longer it’s crystalline shape, the properties remain the same!

This is basically an extension of [@witchy-tips post!]

Hi there (: Before reading this post, I recommend sitting down with a hot mug of tea/coffee and a packet of biscuits because this post is going to be quite long!
I stumbled upon one of my very old blogposts from my fetus blog and there was a very extensive “study + exam tips” post, so I thought I’d repost it on here with some of the information tweaked (that is, fix up my grammar mistakes and make the language sound somewhat more sophisticated and structured):


Making notes:
Every exam that I study for, I always write a set of notes and summaries. Personally, they’re quite useful for me because as I write notes, I also remember what I write. It depends on what types of study methods you prefer but for note-writing, here are a few tips:

  • Making it visually appealing:
    I recommend writing notes in a set of different colours and font sizes since it’d be easier to remember. For example, write all the main headings in capital with a highlight, and write the subheadings in red.
    By using a wide range of colours, you’re able to remember and visualise it easier later on.
  • Picking out what to write:
    Something that I struggle with whenever I write notes is choosing what to write. I’m a major word-hoarder, meaning that I’ll write everything in my notes, which is really bad since it’s not actually summarising. It’s more of copying the text word for word. Over the past few exams, I’ve learnt that in my notes, I only need the “super” main points like topic sentences at the start of each paragraph in a textbook. In text book paragraphs, most topic sentences summarise everything that will be discussed in the paragraph. Don’t go through the trouble of summarising everything because the rest of the paragraph will most likely contain examples, context, and definitions. I recommend taking small notes on these and expanding on the topic sentence.
  • Media, images and diagrams:
    As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in notes, that is quite true. Diagrams and charts can show the same amount of information as two or three paragraphs of text. In my notes, I always aim to draw as many colourful diagrams, charts and cycles as possible. Since they’re colourful, they’re easier to visualise and remember during the exam and also, the points in which you’re meant to be studying are basically explained in diagrams.

You’ve written notes; now what?
Well, after writing notes, you’ve got to start studying them. I find it good to find points that you have no clue about, and remember and practice those.

  • Create/Take quizzes:
    A great way to see how much of the content you’ve remembered is taking or creating quizzes. During 8th and 9th grade, I remember creating tons of quizzes for myself about the points I was meant to study. The questions were very general but they did help me to remember my notes. I recommend creating them on Powerpoint and scrolling through the slides to quiz yourself. If you aren’t bothered to create quizzes, there are always many online. Tons of educational websites have quizzes about a wide range of subjects from maths to science. At my school, my teachers used to give us past exam papers to do. If possible, you can always ask your teachers for those, or search for some online. I recommend marking down the questions you get wrong, so you can study them later.
  • Read through them:
    Another studying technique is also skimming through a section of your notes then reciting them aloud to test your memory. 
  • Study with other people:
    Your classmates are probably cramming and studying for the exam like you are, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to study with them? I recommend joining Skype calls or chats with your friends who are also studying. It’s a good way to share and examine content, as well as learn new material.

How to prepare for your exams:
Okay. Now this section, I learnt through ALOT of experience. When it comes to preparing for exams physically and mentally, I absolutely suck at it. But through experience, I’ve learnt essential things that you should do to prepare for them.

  • Get enough SLEEP!:
    I 100% recommend you get a full night’s sleep before your exam.
    I used to stay up until 3 or 4am just writing notes, reciting them and repeating the procedure over and over. I would only have 2 or 3 hours sleep, having to wake up at 7am to prepare for school. The hours leading up to the exam were torturous. I was tired, groggy, and couldn’t keep my eyes open. Not to mention, I was also in a grumpy and foul mood since I was too tired. When the time to actually do the exam came around, I remember my mind just going blank as I sat there and tried to remember my notes. But I couldn’t! Because I was way too tired to remember anything!
    So yeah, get a good night’s sleep!
  • Eat all your meals!
    Back then, I used to skip meals frequently since I couldn’t afford to lose or waste time that could be spent studying. So I would go from the afternoon till the next morning with little to no food or meals. Thinking back, that probably was extremely unhealthy since I’d go to school with no food or energy in my system.
    I recommend taking regular food breaks, just to get your energy back up, and to make sure that you’re staying healthy!
  • Study early!
    Most people lose sleep and don’t eat because they have NO time at all. Study early and write your notes early for your exam. It definitely pays off in the long run and you don’t have to stuff up your sleeping patterns at all. I believe starting to write your notes when you get your assessment notification is good. It may be hard to start, but remind yourself that it’ll be beneficial in the long run!
  • Calm yourself down:
    Most people, including myself, panic or develop extreme nerves before an exam due to a number of reasons. The main one would probably be the idea of failing the test. I believe eating some food, drinking something warm like tea or coffee, and just ignoring the fact that you have an exam are some good ways to calm yourself down or cope with the knowledge of having an exam. It’s easier said than done, but trust me, once you persuade yourself that you’re prepared, and that you’ve studied as much as you possibly could, you’ll be much more calm.
    Talk to some friends about an interesting or controversial topic in the media. Or repeat to yourself that you’re going to get it over and done with, and then you’d be able to relax. 

Those are some of the study + exam tips that I’ve learnt from experience for studying for exams and coping with the bucket of nerves that come with it.
Good luck studying (:

How To Trade The Elliott Wave Extensions Like A Pro Part 1

Learn trade Elliott wave extensions like a pro by understanding
clearly the following questions:
1/ What are the Elliott wave extensions?
2/ Where do the Elliott wave extensions occur?
3/ When do the Elliott wave extensions take place?
Become a better Elliott wave extensions-trader.
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anonymous asked:

Hello boss friendly reminder that you are hella awesome and great

! ! !! thank you !! i appreciate this friendly reminder =D

i hope you know that you are super awesome and great, dove !!

anonymous asked:

I want to learn Finnish. I have seen the recourse post, I'm reading stuff a little - I'm at a very basic level at is point still. I don't know how to make it easy. I see notes written + I like them but don't know the best way if laying out my own. I already speak Swedish so I have it a little asker than many but would really appreciate some advice. It's weird because I've struggled with MFLs my whole life but am very good at Latin and Ancient Greek. Thank you

There’s no easy way actually. You can try games and apps but there will always be some difficult parts. About notes, don’t focus on making them pretty but efficient. After all, you use those notes for learning. Yeah, the aesthetics are nice and i like when i look at pretty notes, but fancy notes aren’t the proof that you’re amazing in your target language.

Let’s give you some suggestions to make your learning journey more pleasant.

You have to take notes, if you want to make them pretty, go ahead but better make them simple and pay attention to what you write, don’t just copy-paste from a book. Try to study 25 min and take a break of 5 and after2 hours, you deserve a chocolate cake! And a break of 20-30 minutes.

You can use apps, sites, YouTube for learning vocabulary. After you learn your new words, see if you can find a song with them. (Ex. If you learned the colours, check YouTube and see what you can find there) if YouTube has nothing, then check Linguarana (a chrome extension).
Another tip for vocabulary is Flewent(chrome extension) which replaces a certain % of your words in your target language and at the end you get sentences like “i like the ciel”.
Try to learn the words in sentences, not one by one, it might help you more.

Write daily a short paragraph, even if it’s basic and it is about your shoes, it’s great, it’s practice.
Try to write something using the words you have learned.

Listen to music~
Watch stuff in your target language, since you are a beginner you are allowed to watch Finnish movies with English subs.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand what you hear, you get used to the sounds.

Begin with stories for kids. Make your own vocab lists for each story/chapter and remember to review those lists! They aren’t ornaments.
Try to set a daily “quest” like 1 chapter or 1 story.

Beginners tend to be shy so talk to a plush toy or your pet. Talking to yourself is a solution too.
Sing~ when you sing you improve your pronunciation, which is a good thing, you don’t want to say something in the wrong way and insult someone.
Repeat when you hear something new. I know that all have that tiny super duper little voice in their head who has an amazing pronunciation but when you try to reproduce what you hear, the cruel reality is going to hit you. So repeat any new stuff.

Try to do something daily related to your studies. It’s okay to have days off but be careful not to stop completely. Hope these help, good luck with your studies~ ^^

Dollar Store Magick (Part 2)

Continuation of my previous post.

~Want to enchant jewelry for different things but don’t have anything? Don’t be afraid to get some of the cheap jewelry. As long as there is glass or metal or anything really, you can still put a lasting enchantment on it. Even plastic can hold one, though you may have to renew it more often.

~Want to practice a bit of kitchen witchery? Research the properties of the different spices and herbs you keep on hand. You’d be surprised what all you might have in stock without realizing it.

~Buy a jar of coconut oil. It’s cheap and is solid at room temperature, but melts when touched. Draw sigils on your body for things like health, joy, or peace. Not only will you get the benefits of the sigils, but also softer skin. Not to mention there are a lot of uses for coconut oil in every day life as well as magick such as hair product, health benefits, mix with epsom salt to make a scrub or with essential oils to make salves.

~Want to work with mirrors? Grab some of those hand mirrors or compacts. A dollar each and great for magick. A friend of mine used her compact as a scrying mirror.

~Speaking of scrying, use your phone screen for black mirror scrying. It looks a lot less strange in public than pulling out a huge, black mirror.

~Eat a melon or fruit? Keep a few seeds and save them back for any ritual/spell for growth, new beginnings, life, fertility, etc etc

~Eat ribs or another meat with a lot of bone? Clean off the bone and save it back for spells. 

~Can’t use candles for whatever reason? Get some of those battery powered tea lights.

~Speaking of tea lights, grab one of those 100 count bags of white tea lights. They work for everything.

~Want to represent water a bit more fancily? Grab one of those cheap little water fountains. Calming trickling sound to set the mood and nice water representation.

~If you ever go to a museum, check out the gift shop. A lot of times they will have tiny little five dollar boxes of tumbled stones including tigers eye, rose quarts, blood stone, etc etc. Nothing fancy, but it’s enough to get you going on the right path. Plus, they make great additions to those tiny witch bottle necklaces.

~Stop by the crafts section and see if they have any multicolored packs of paper(odds are they will) and get a pack. If you work with color magick a lot, this is a life saver in a pinch.

~An extension of the above tip. Grab a multicolored pack of sticky notes to keep with you. Write sigils or little spells on them when you’re on the go and need to do a bit of magick.

Part 1


I installed half of the wool dreads i made :)

I’ve missed my natural waist length dreadlocks so much I made these ones, It was to bad I let my work pressure me into cutting them off. 

these ones look pretty awesome
It’s tough getting them to stay in my short length hair. 


How to Clip in Extentions for Different Hairstyles


Empress Effie, nails by for “Wings on Fleek” music video shoot! Using Cirque pastel rainbow confetti glitter over crystal clear gel tip extensions with gold striping tape from MK Beauty Club and gold 3d bow from Nail Labo USA. Please check out the video for “Wings on Fleek” and if you love your eyeliner, or someone else’s, share a post with us anywhere on social and #wingsonfleek !

Humans are weird 5


The things humans do for aesthetic pleasure is weird, the put themselves in pain to just look good for no other reason at all. They add these weird extensions to their tips of their fingers that could break the keratin that grows their. They wear shoes that lift and angle their feet in uncomfortable positions. They rip hair out of their pores from all over their body. Don’t even get me started on what the do to their teeth or all the surgical procedures they do. It’s all so odd and pointless because most of the time I ask them why they say “Because it looks cool” and if I say doesn’t it hurt they just reply
“Beauty is pain”

Resource Masterpost

I’ve had several requests to make my resource masterpost rebloggable. So, I did. It’s under a read more because it’s super long. Please let me know if there are any dead links. I’ll update this and the page on my blog every time I find more links! (this masterpost includes: places to watch tv/movies, torrent sites, livestreams, tv/movie/book/comic book/musical/music/people masterposts, screencap sites, celebrity galleries, resource blogs, my favorite fonts, places to get actions/psds/textures/themes, base codes, updates tabs, photoshop/html tutorials, photoshop downloads, places to get emoticons/symbols, links to cool software/google chrome extensions, tumblr tips/resources, useful/fun sites, lifehacks, recipes, stuff for school/college, tips for getting a job, makeup/fashion tips and sites, links to learn hobbies, tips for exercise, stuff for “how to adult”, writing/roleplaying resources, places to learn a language, and links to tumblr challenges/memes.) last updated december 24, 2014.

Keep reading

How To Trade The Elliott Wave Extensions Like A Pro Part 3
http://www.24elliottwaves.com Tips or strategies for trading and mastering the Elliott wave extensions like a professional day or swing trader. This time, th...

Tips or strategies for trading and mastering the Elliott wave extensions like a professional day or swing trader.  This time, the discussion is about how to day or swing trade and invest at the end of the fifth Elliott wave extensions.  At the end of this tutorial,
one will clearly understand the correct trading strategy one should
adopt when the 5th wave extensions is completed.
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sarahadelehefner-blog-blog  asked:

Hey I'm new could you help me with everything

Welcome to this madhouse^.^ Wow, help with everything? Well, I’ll do what I can. I hope you don’t mind that I’m publishing this short novel so others who see it might benefit as well.

Here are a few links to some posts for getting started:

These posts cover a lot of questions you might have and they already exist so I’m not going to write all of those things down again. Do go and read them. They’ll help.

Here are some of my own suggestions:


1. Pick a good theme.

If you’re okay with the standard Tumblr theme, that’s just fine. But if you want to branch out and make it your own, find a simple, clean, customizable theme that you love. Go for a theme that is easy to navigate and has a font you can actually see. The more user friendly it is the more visitors you are likely to have.

If you see a theme you like while you’re wandering around Tumblr, check the theme for a symbol (usually in the lower left or right hand corners of the theme) or link to the creator of that theme, or ask the blogger where they got their theme. Theme-Hunter is also a good way to find something you like.

*Basically customize everything you can customize: your url, your avatar, your header image, your blog title and description, etc. This makes your blog unique and can be done in your blog Settings on your dashboard. (see 1st red-outlined image below)  Even if you don’t have a mobile device to install the Tumblr app on, these blog aspects still show up when you hover over your avatar on the upper left hand side of your dash and show that you’ve got it together.

2. Follow kind, positive people. That makes all the difference in the experience you have while you’re here.

3. Enable your ask box. This can also be done in your blog Settings on your dashboard. 

You don’t have to enable anonymous questions. It’s fun to hear from nice, funny people and it’s ok to ignore/block rude people. 

4. Be as active and interactive as you can be.

This is a pretty general point but it’s important. Don’t be shy about participating. When you have something to say, say it (with courtesy and compassion). Share what you are comfortable sharing, within reason (by ‘within reason’ I mean don’t go all crazy and be graphic or hateful). Follow people. Like and reblog their stuff. It’s ok to add your own thoughts or comments to posts you reblog. Send people asks and fanmail. We all love that! Just talk to people. As you let others get to know you a bit you can form some incredible friendships.

5. Like/Reblog. People work very hard to make gorgeous edits and gifs. If you want those gorgeous edits and gifs on your blog, hit the little reblog symbol at the bottom of the post you like and reblog it.

6. Try creating your own posts.

Play to your strengths. You might be good at making graphics or gifs or edits or snappy text posts. You might feel like you aren’t good at any of those things. That’s fine. You’ll find your niche. Whatever it is, let it show your personality and have fun. It’s one of the ways other people with like interests find your blog. 

  • If you don’t have PhotoShop or an equivalent program but you want to make your own stuff, here are some sites/free programs to check out: -Instagiffer, -Canva, -Gimp, -Pixlr. These are just a few; there are a ton of great sites/free programs out there. Find one that suits you and go nuts.

7. Use Tags!

Tumblr is massive and the only way you really show up on the grid is if you use relevant tags on your posts. Adding a tag to something you make is like adding that post to Tumblr’s Index. If you tag a post you make with ‘jensen ackles’, that post will most likely be one of the posts that shows up the next time someone searches for ‘jensen ackles’ in the Tumblr search bar. This can lead them to your blog and if they like what they see, they’ll probably follow you. TAGS ARE SO IMPORTANT.

Tags are important for your own blog as well. It’s best to keep it simple so you and your followers can find things more easily.  E.g. #supernatural, #personal, #text post, #movies, etc. Go check out some of the blogs you follow and look at how they tag things. If they have a tags page, look it over to get a feel for how tags are generally used on Tumblr. 

8. Stick to a consistent style.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of blog you want to create, just pick something and stick with it. If you want to be multi-fandom, stick with that. If you want to be an art blog or a writing blog, stick with that. If you want to be a blog that is pretty much all over the place, stick with that. Just be consistent. For example, it’s weird and confusing when someone you follow is all about ‘The Avengers’ one week and the next week they only post cupcake recipes. Whatever it is you want to do, be consistent and do it all the time. And feel free to let people know what your blog is all about in your blog description.


1. Get XKitSeriously, go install it right now. It will simplify and streamline your Tumblr experience^.^


  • A Reposter is someone who saves an edit or gif they DID NOT MAKE from any given website and posts it to their blog as if it were actually theirs. The reposter removes the creation from the creator and gets all the credit, notes, and, in many cases, the followers that should have gone to the creator. This is incredibly rude, dishonest, and against the Tumblr Community Guidelines.

    So just don’t. You won’t have a very pleasant time here if you get into the habit of stealing. More on reposting here, here, and here.
  • Reblogging is when someone reblogs an original edit or gif someone else made by clicking the ‘reblog’ button. THIS IS GOOD and exactly what you are supposed to do. It ensures that others who see the edit or gif can easily find the creator/original poster of that edit or gif. The op (original poster) gets to see the comments/tags added to their creation and also gets the credit, notes, and followers that go with it.

3. Always credit the source. It doesn’t matter if you are posting a quote from a news article, a YouTube video, a capture of a tweet, or an edit you made from a picture you got from a screencap site: ALWAYS CREDIT THE SOURCE. It lends credibility to your post, it acknowledges the effort of those who provided your source material in the first place, and it enables others to go explore the source just like you did.

4. Become familiar with some basic code.

There is probably more I should include here but this is quite a bit to get started with and it’s late and I’m tired^.^ Don’t worry if it takes a little while to get used to the ebb and flow of Tumblr. Just be who you are and blog about the things that make you happy. 

I really hope this is helpful. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help if I can.

Good luck, be kind, and have fun!