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THE GIFTED SEASON 2 promo art on trolleys for San Diego Comic Con 2018.

The word “PERSIST” is written above the show’s name.

The Gifted ladies in red, The Gifted guys in blue behind them (best to notice on the Blink/Thunderbird mesh up)
Stuff I Associate with the Signs

An entirely self-absorbed and essentially useless astrology post that may be highly unrelatable but uh
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Charcoal drawings
Ramen restaurants
Angrily drinking a glass of water at an inconvenient or inappropriate time
Really cute photos of wholly terrible events or parties
Thistles, charm bracelets, the German language, Arbour Mist, laughing darkly, confetti, band shirts with rips in the armpit seams, the Chinese Yuan, autumnal soups, 3 hour long phone calls, headaches, the old west and gold rush history, crew cuts, placemats, shopping online, skulls, hail, cigars, the year 2009.


Cherry blossoms
Apartment hunting
The raw and overstimulating walk you take to finish an errand you should have done before you got incredibly wasted hours previously while trying to sound normal on the phone with your mom
Geocaching, baseball games, operatic vocals, scarves, raisins, making out in a movie theatre, TV snow, deadline insomnia, the tinny smell of old rainwater, dogs, rotting food, hairdye, cleavage.


Nerf toys
That rush of rage that makes your vision vibrate before you tell someone off online
Puns, Newcastle beer, airport food, hardwood flooring, waiting for the bus, lip piercings, choosing haircuts out of magazines, cleaning under your fingernails, hiding in the woods, comically indecisive characters on television shows, lo-fi hip hop, going to the hospital after the bar, the cosmic reminder to check in with your siblings in other cities, malls, horses, cat hair, holographic stickers, childhood nostalgia.


Gift cards
Broken shoelaces
Feeling full but craving a specific meal that’s definitely not attainable in that moment
Convenience stores, expensive rugs, crying on chatroulette to a stranger, mixing liquor, internet documentaries, having a conversation with an infant as if they were a colleague from work, stealing eyeliner from Shoppers Drug Mart, grade school valentines day cards, sunburns, statement jewelry, baking brownies at 1am, the first day of school, short-term veganism, kitten mewls, women’s marches, lipgloss, babysitting, castles.


Stand-up comedy
The anxiety before taking a big trip somewhere
Eating a lot at a buffet because you know you can’t afford this food elsewhere
Dramatic bickering that’s not actually serious, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, hoofed animals, wearing all black, large opulent watches, falling asleep watching a movie, anime, laundry, getting cranky because you didn’t eat enough that day, caffeine, pleasant phone voice, real estate, capes, hair extensions, drunk sobbing, gold leaf, snow days, mean looks, tapirs, sequins, wine.


The relief of unplugging an ear full of water from swimming
Buttons, ticket stubs, passive aggressive notes, breakup stories, laryngitis, big gross couches, gameboys, bare feet, being too tired to fight, crystals, dust flitting by in a room illuminated in sunbeams, ghost stories, the shock of not expecting someone to smack you on your ass in jest, evening gowns, the garbled noise people make when they mess up their words, ulcers, crowdsurfing, middle school, long hair, road trips, grass.


Being really congenial with someone but you’re both aware you honestly don’t like each other
Saying the same thing at the same time, uncomfortable but attractive shoes, moon phases, jukeboxes, the 1920s, hiding in your house, rose gold, gelato, spas, press on nails, parking the car to argue, dollar stores, ennui, fall colours, waiting in the ER, cryptids, talk radio, sudden lightning, conditioner, seafood.


Having issues with certain textures, abandoned properties, iridescent animals and plants, sinister sounding chip tunes, musicals, cigarettes, hitting inanimate objects, video games with meta narratives, visions, pretending to be someone else on the phone, candles, talking to God, black metal albums you used to know but have no memory of today, tophats, white knuckles, feeling ashamed while lying, pajamas as day wear, awful birthdays, computer issues, delighted dancing, thinking up the perfect title to something, hoodies, pewter, bonfires, concrete, bikes.


Pool tables
Bookshelves that don’t get organised
Popcorn in your teeth
Befriending ornery cats, eavesdropping, Turner Classic Movies, typing in chatrooms as if speaking in person, trying a new drink at a friend’s insistence, playing with a deck of cards because no one paid the internet bill, dissecting the true meaning of a horror film, pins and needles, home repairs, not trusting horses, puppet shows, sudden vacations, the sound of a sports game playing on something in the background, Franglais, polaroids, CDs forgotten in the side pockets of cars, old MAD magazines, air freshener, Looney Tunes, Tom Waits, coffee.


Flash toons
Checker print
Sticking close to bathrooms even though you definitely won’t have to use them
Getting all mad about bad sequels to things you like
Internships, the Met, bricklaying, drawings from your early high school years saved in a faded duo-tang, collecting trading cards, joint pain, brainstorming, fixing a mechanical pencil, holding back a snicker at a childish double entendre, magnets, calendula flowers, yelling at shitty teachers, petitions, laughing too hard to speak, gum, watching a sky clear up, secretly liking poetry, staring at people’s profile pictures, sunglasses, polysporin, finger guns, malaise.


Feeling tall
Research articles
The brief concern that you might be gaining weight but then remembering that doesn’t actually matter
Tarot readings, leather jackets, always needing a hairband, retail, terminal illness, baked goods, Norway, sunflowers, several large duvets, looking out a window wistfully, brisk hikes, floral cocktails, social justice, watching the same movie over and over on an obsolete device, cat familiar, screaming into a pillow, cargo shorts, bedroom eyes, laughing at your own cooking, the sensation of realising time is going by, tracking packages, love notes, sushi.


Red stage curtains
Rice as a meal
Fear of going an event in case it cancels out something else that was supposed to be life changing, imaginary friends, Russian folktales, sneakers and skate shoes, taking a handful of old leaves and tossing them upwards, being sad that you got yelled at, listening to the same song on repeat, hiding an intense reaction from others to look more chill, lemonade, holding hands, the sharp intake of breath before flipping over a paper to see what’s written on it, wondering what your old classmates are up to, instagram stories, cheering up crying babies, pastel hair, pearls, boots, driving with the top down, drunk compliments, bruises, headphones, curls.

Beverly cutting her hair in the movie was a direct ‘fuck you’ to the studio who initially refused to cast Sophia Lillis because she wasn’t ‘girly enough’. The director paid to fly her back in, throw extensions on her and dress her up and took her back to casting where she was approved under the condition she had to have extensions/long hair the entire movie. 

Muschietti said yes to the studio.

Then promptly shoved his foot so far up their ass I hear they’re still digging his shoe out.