Deadline Extension!!!

Okay, there’s been so much interest in this, and so we are EXTENDING the deadline until 11.19.17. So you have TWO MORE DAYS TO SIGN UP!!

Boost this and let’s see how many more people we can get to join the holiday cheer!

Our current count of Santas is 36 Santas!!!!

Gundam Wing Secret Santa 2017

Happy November fandom!

As it gets colder and colder, let’s join together and exchange some Gundam Wing gifts!

@thisweekingundamwing / @thisweekingundamevents posted the initial interest post for this event. We’ve made a new blog to host it - we already get loads of submissions through the other blog and this will help things.

What is this Secret Santa thing?

We’re glad you asked!

-Sign up by submitting an ask that lists the following information:

1. Three prompts/pairings/themes that your Secret Santa can choose from to create your gift.

2. The content you are NOT comfortable creating (i.e. non-con, smut, het, yuri, yaoi, etc.)

FYI: Content that you can create for this exchange: fanfic (1k-3k), fanart, moodboards or playlists.

***If you want to be a pinch hitter (if someone has to drop out for any reason and we need a last minute content creator), please make a note of that on your ask****

How does this work?

Submissions are open until November 15th.

On November 20th, we will contact each Santa with their assigned recipient’s requests. By giving us three options, we should be able to match everyone with someone else.

Note: You will not necessarily be YOUR Santa’s Santa. Person A might be Person B’s Santa, but Person B will probably be Person C’s Santa. However, there’s a chance that A and B might be each other’s Santas.


December 20th-25th will be the days when you can post your gift content - tag your recipient and tag us so we can reblog the things!

Anyway, thanks for joining in the fun and please boost this!

36 sign-ups so far!!! We are heading towards an awesome event everyone!

Keep Boosting! Sign-ups close on Sunday.

We would love to have everyone active in the fandom come join us!!

I HAVE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE OF MY GIVE AWAY! (SEE BELOW!) I have NO IDEA how this happened (HEY PORNBOTS THANK YOU AND DON’T YOU DARE TO UNFOLLOW NOW) but as an expression of my neverending gratitude I’d like to celebrate with a give away. 

So I have good news and bad news.

The good news is: the giveaway is a fic.

The bad news is: the giveaway is a fic.

Sorry. I’m broke. I have nothing else to give.

I write in following fandoms:


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  • Snape/Harry
  • Snape/Sirius Black
  • Snape/Lucius Malfoy


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  • Loki/Clint Barton
  • Hiddlesworth
  • Tom Hiddleston/Jeremy Renner


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  • Hannigram
  • Chillywilly
  • Madancy
  • Spacedogs
  • Basic Chickens
  • Toberto
  • Royale Instinct
  • Tempo Royale (I made that one up!)


1. You must be following me.

2. Please reblog this entry.

3. I will determine winners on FRIDAY, 7 APRIL 2017.

I will message the winner on Tumblr. If I cannot reach you I must select another winner, so please make sure I can contact you.

4. International entries are allowed.

5. There will be three winners:

  1. 8000 — 10000 words
  2. 6000 — 8000 words
  3. 4000 — 6000 words

6. I won’t write any of the following:

Character bashing, scat, domestic fluff.

Apologies: I’m just very bad at it.

7. I will not upload my fic. I will send it to you via e-mail like the Gen X granny I am. Should you upload it, feel free to post it on your AO3, LJ or tumblr account. I require no credit.

Lastly, thank you very much for following me on here, for talking to me, for reading my incoherent posts and for not unfollowing me for my cat gifs and nude beaus. I will strive to further post & reblog excellent content.

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