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Have you heard of malukah? She has a really good cover of tale of the tounges it’s honestly gorgeous. I also love her cover of the Dragonborn comes (and the extended version has a really good bit of the song of the Dragonborn)

I have! i think someone recced her to me a few months back and i just <3

Here’s what really just happened in FakeLove Rock Ver...

Besides our little hearts getting another shock.

First, pay attention to Jin at the start of the MV, he closes all the curtains and closes them on Jungkook. Seven windows, seven sets of curtains for seven lives. We saw this before, but it connects to that shocking new ending.

Jin wants to help the others out of their suffering, he carries the burden of trying to save them alone. This is just like in the story of the Smeraldo Flower (where the man watches the woman he loves from the window, grows a special flower to help her, but then it all comes crashing down on him because she dies before he can). That’s the same Smeraldo flower he looks over at after shutting the curtains. But he realised he has failed again, Euphoria was a short lived illusion.

He fails to save Suga, who ends up in a fire tragedy again. This is despite the fact Suga thinks not letting people in has helped him to move on, this is shown by the boarded up entrances to the room. But Suga’s denial is broken as the fire (his pain/issues) comes into the room anyway, because it’s fake self love.

He fails to save Jimin who is back in the water, which represents the bathtub and his issues…

He fails to save RM, who is back in his wings container and back to feeling worthless (see the yellow bus hand rails on the left here? They represent the girl with the hairband he couldn’t bring himself to speak to because he didn’t feel good enough):

He can’t save V who is surrounded by empty family portrait frames and phones (symbolic of killing his father/trying to make his phone call to RM):

He can’t save J-Hope who is back to being swallowed up by his issues caused from his mother leaving him with nothing but a snickers:

And he can’t save Jungkook, who is running around this maze trying to get to his hyungs who are trying to push down/deny their issues/pain (you literally see him peeking through at them while they are all in denial). He can’t reach them because his own issues landed him at deaths door, preventing him from entering their lives (for more on this theory read this post):

And in failing to save all of them, Jin has failed to save himself. That’s why the room is breaking apart…

In this scene we see the lantern in Sand (the sand represents time like in an egg timer and perhaps struggle/suffering like in their lyrics) but the flower is gone, because Jin took it with him through the ‘doorway’ that Jungkook is now going through.

This is important because in the Fake Love lyrics Jin literally says:

‘I grew a flower that can’t be bloomed
in a dream that can’t come true’

In Highlight Reels/Euphoria he was growing the flower, dreaming of saving the boys and things being okay this time (in this timeline/universe)… but he was wrong, because the boys still don’t love themselves it still goes to tragedy just like in HYYH era.

So what’s happening at the end and why do they get crushed? (besides to shock our lil hearts, I mean bighit can you not? I just went through ticket trauma already today haha).

Well, Jungkook walks up to the rest of them, to join them because despite trying to make them see that not loving themselves is not working he failed, so he will join them as they leave. And I don’t mean leave as in die… I mean leave as in literally leave that existence. Let me explain…

Right before he walks to join them you see this colour cube/portalway above them, that same type of cube/portalway has shown up many times before:

That is what crashes down on them at the end of this MV. It’s another world/universe/singularity. And A singularity…

…is the gateway between one universe (Space+Time) to another (in theory).

So they aren’t being crushed in a literal ‘being crushed to death’ sense. The surface of this other universe/portal is coming down onto them to transport them into this other universe/existence.

It’s a symbolic ending of that life where Jin failed to save them and hopefully, for the start of the next life in Love Yourself: Answer, where the answer is literally to Love Yourself in order to move on from tragedy and be able to love others (something RM has said repeatedly in interviews when asked what this album/single is about).

Let me know if you would like more in depth posts about each members story/symbolism?

Check out my other theory posts here. 💜  and Reblog for Fake Love Rock version… WHO IS WITH ME ON THIS VER BEING A MASTERPIECE?!?!

Interviewer: Did you get to see any of each other's auditions on XF?
  • Camila: I saw Lauren's audition in the preliminary rounds. I remember I saw her and I was like,
  • "Oh my gosh, that girl is literally so beautiful."
  • And then I heard you from the booth singing and I thought,
  • "Damn it! She's good too! She's definitely gonna make it, what am I doing here?"
  • And then you came outside and I was like,
  • "I like your shirt."