extended wheelbase


Can I supersize that for you? Part 6: Citroën CX Prestige, 1976. Using the extended wheelbase from the Break/Familiale wagon versions of the CX, the Prestige offered more rear legroom than any other production saloon in the world at its debut. Later version also had a higher roofline but when CX production ended the XM offered no equivalent long wheelbase version


Rolls Royce Phantom VII Extended Wheelbase, 2017. The final Phantom VII has rolled off the line at Goodwood having been built as a special one-off edition with a nautical theme for a ‘connoisseur collector’ of the brand’s vehicles. The car includes a number of individual features that mimic those of a grand ocean liner’s interior. Work will now begin on creating a new line for the upcoming all-aluminium Phantom VIII, due in 2018


The new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII, extended wheelbase version.

Generally I really like the shape, and proportions.

But, why do they insist on smoothing out the iconic grill?  I mean, there is almost no flat spot on top now, and no depth on the sides.

And how that hood molding meets up with the grill is just weird.  And no more wind-split going down the center of the hood.  sigh.

Rolls Royce Ghost V-Specification

Rolls’ Ghost gets a new performance variant with the faster and brawnier V-Specification. The car’s 6.6L V12 will push out 593 hp and will be available with 21" Part-Polished wheels, various interior upgrades exclusive to the V-Spec line, and all of this can be ordered in the standard model or the extended wheelbase.