extended wheelbase


Rolls Royce Phantom VII Extended Wheelbase, 2017. The final Phantom VII has rolled off the line at Goodwood having been built as a special one-off edition with a nautical theme for a ‘connoisseur collector’ of the brand’s vehicles. The car includes a number of individual features that mimic those of a grand ocean liner’s interior. Work will now begin on creating a new line for the upcoming all-aluminium Phantom VIII, due in 2018

Rolls Royce Ghost V-Specification

Rolls’ Ghost gets a new performance variant with the faster and brawnier V-Specification. The car’s 6.6L V12 will push out 593 hp and will be available with 21" Part-Polished wheels, various interior upgrades exclusive to the V-Spec line, and all of this can be ordered in the standard model or the extended wheelbase.