extended signs

  • Aries: El Diablo
  • Taurus: Panda Costume Person
  • Gemini: Slipknot
  • Cancer: Enchantress
  • Leo: Deadshot
  • Virgo: Rick Flag
  • Libra: Killer Croc
  • Scorpio: Katana
  • Sagittarius: Harley Quinn
  • Capricorn: The Joker
  • Aquarius: Captain Boomerang
  • Pisces: Batman (yes, he's in the movie)
Check In #1

All writers have been messaged about the first check in. Please send in a summary/blurb of your work ASAP.

Artists will have access to these in a few days to see which piece they’d like to draw for. 

Throwing Shade
  • I'm extending the "Which Sign Is Hated The Most" post until June 17 so that way more people can vote. Message me which sign you hate the most and I'll post the results next week
Fronts the Signs Put Up

Aries: Agression

Arians are bold and strong but not naturally aggressive in the sense that most portray them to be. They may be fiery and dominant, eager to get what they want and not afraid to go after it, but they are not innately violent.

As the children of the Zodiac, Arians can struggle to express themselves and view emotions in a somewhat immature way. But, as the newborn, they are also delicate, adoring and passionate.

Arians dream big and give their all, eager to please and devote their hearts to others and with all of that innocence comes danger. Aries gives “putting their heart on the line” new meaning.

They feel that revealing the soft, loving, delicate part of them that hopes and dreams in ways that no other Sign could ever is a weakness, so they cover it up with a mask of aggression.

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OFBB Update

Hi guys! Just wanted to post a quick update about the OFBB. Due to some work obligations next week, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for sign-ups a couple days. Instead of sign-ups closing Tuesday, March 28, you will now be able to sign up for the OFBB through Friday, March 3. At that point I will finalize assignments, and if we are short at all, I will re-open the applications for one week, or until enough applications have been received.

If you’ve already signed up as an artist or beta and are willing to work with more than one person, please send me a message here on Tumblr letting me know! 

Thanks again to all the amazing people who are already participating in Round 3 of the OFBB!

Rach (@runawayminds)

Please welcome...laurabwrites!

Short Profile:
Preferred Nickname
: Laura B
Country/Region: United States of America
Languages: English
Preferred Writing Type: Fanfiction, short stories, novels
Preferred Genre(s) to Write: speculative fiction, mystery/noir
Preferred Genre(s) to Read: speculative fiction, mystery/noir, pop history (especially the history of science)
Favorite Book(s) and Author(s): Louis McMaster Bujold, Neil Gaiman, & Terry Pratchett
Favorite Music Genre(s)/Artists(s): N/A
Favorite Fandom(s)
   Movies: N/A
   TV Shows: N/A
   Anime: N/A
   Comics: N/A
   Video Games: N/A

Hobbies/interests other than writing: Tabletop RPGs, podcasts

Extended Profile:
Zodiac Sign:
—Does it match your personality?
MBTI Type:
—Does it match your personality well?
Introvert or Extrovert?

Writing Habits
Number/Names of WIPs
: The Dangers of Fraternization and The Night Clerk
Favorite book about writing:
Planner, Pantser or Plantser? Planner for longer works, Pantser/Discovery writing for shorter works
Favorite Outlining Method: Scrivener?
Do you write on a schedule or sporadically? Schedule for the long stuff, sporadically for the shorter stuff
Any creativity rituals that you use: Pretty art for inspiration to write flash fiction

Your Writing Community
Tumblr: laurabwrites.tumblr.com
Current writing/creative communities you participate in:
NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable):
Wattpad Community Name (if applicable):
fanfiction.net or AO3 Community Name (if applicable):
DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable):
Patreon Community Name (if applicable):

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I hope you kicked their asses.

I sure did. Their intentions were very not-nice so I extended my hospitality by signing their carotid artery with a ballpoint pen.

Lucky for me, I had a lot of bleach left over from a personal project so cleanup was a breeze.

Please welcome... lovemea-malia!

Short Profile:
Preferred Nickname: Kelsie
Country/Region: Oregon, USA
Languages: English
Preferred Writing Type: Fanfiction, novels, prose, poetry
Preferred Genre(s) to Write: fantasy
Preferred Genre(s) to Read: fantasy, YA
Favorite Book(s) and Author(s): A Wrinkle in Time, Tiny Beautiful Things, The Giver. Cheryl Strayed, JK Rowling, k.y. robinson, Richard Siken
Favorite Music Genre(s)/Artists(s): Noah Gundersen, Beyonce, Mumford and Sons
Favorite Fandom(s):
   Movies: The Hunger Games
   TV Shows: Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead
   Video Games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, the Witcher
Hobbies/interests other than writing: Video games, reading, witchcraft.

Extended Profile:
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
—Does it match your personality? Kind of.
—Does it match your personality well? Yes
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

Writing Habits
Number/Names of WIPs: 5 wips
Favorite book about writing:
Planner, Pantser or Plantser? Pantser
Favorite Outlining Method: Making a spread sheet
Do you write on a schedule or sporadically? sporadically on schedule.
Any creativity rituals that you use: Music, grounding.

Your Writing Community
: tragicallyremane.tumblr.com, lovemea-malia.tumblr.com
Current writing/creative communities you participate in:
NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable):
Wattpad Community Name (if applicable):

fanfiction.net or AO3 Community Name (if applicable): angelsfallingdeadcatch
DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable):
Patreon Community Name (if applicable):

anonymous asked:

I know it has been suggested before, but I'd suggest to extend artist sign-ups till after summaries are posted. It might persuade artists who don't want to take the risk of binding themselves to the chance there won't be any stories they're interested in. Alternatively, if not the whole plots, you could publish a list of themes/characters for each story? So artists vaguely know if characters/pairings they like will be involved.

It’s a good suggestion, and one we’ll look at once we get closer to the extended sign-up deadline! An overview of some sort might be a good idea by that point. All of this is an experiment for us too, so everything is going to take a bit of figuring out and fine-tuning!

scorpios know how to put people under hypnosis. they are naturally trained depth psychologists and unconscious healers. scorpio is a relationship oriented sign. they extend upon libra’s communion to create a magic beyond biology. scorpio is the seer in the relationship. when they bind with someone they create a soul contract. maybe you’ve been written in for centuries

Extended ending/additional content for Life is Strange petition

Someone made a petition to rewrite Episode 5 or to make a sequel which has alredy nearly 5.000 supporters. You can find it and more information at change.org.

Please sign it. No matter if you want a new ending, a sequel or something else, with this petition we can show Dontnod how important this game is to us and that we do not want it to end just now!

I already did it!

The Signs as Amazing Nintendo Games

Aries - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Taurus - Super Metroid

Gemini - Fire Emblem Awakening

Cancer - Pokemon Gen II

Leo - Super Mario Galaxy

Virgo - Earthbound/Mother 2

Libra - Pikmin 2

Scorpio - Kirby Super Star Ultra

Sagittarius - Super Mario RPG

Capricorn - Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

Aquarius - Super Smash Bros series

Pisces - Paper Mario


Fucking shit. I dont know if you have herd of the petition of banning lgbt themes on cartoon network
But there its another petition you can sign for extending lgbt themes
they want to take our representation away.

Crucial  Testing

J signed and extended her wings to their full span, roughly reaching 20 feet across. The scientists gave her a few commands such as flexing her muscles while a thick wire was struck through each wing and caused a thick shock if she didn’t do their command in time.

On occasion, they would see how she could fly with one of her wings severely damaged. It would take months for her to heal and every time, J would be more and more scared to fly from all of the pain.

“You’re done for today.” One scientist stated, pulling out the wiring and metal clamps from her wings.

J nodded, gently folding her wings against her back, trying not to wince at the pain, but she’d get over it within an hour or two like she always did. A few scientists past her, mumbling about a new innovation.

She rolled her eyes and kept walking, eyes on the floor. Suddenly a body hit her, causing her to wince and her wings to drop from their protective folding against her back.



“Having spent three weeks in the Bahamian sun, location filming - still under the working title ‘Eight Arms To Hold You’ - moved to the chillier climes of the Austrian Alps. The Beatles flew in to Salzburg on March 13, an extended ‘Beatles Go Home’ sign prominent among the welcoming committee, staying at the Hotel Edelweiss in Obertauern. While John had taken a ski holiday in St Moritz at the start of the year, none of The Beatles were experienced on the slopes, as the memorable ‘Ticket To Ride’ sequence in the film (from which these shots were taken) clearly demonstrated.” - Filming ‘Help!’ in 1965, from ‘Looking Through You’. 

Scanned by @thebeatlesforlife :)