extended sans

warmth [sans x reader]

heya! so here’s my first undertale fanfic! i worked real hard on this one. anywho, reader takes the place of frisk. sans goes through a lot of shit, so here’s you trying to cheer him up. tried to make it as gender-neutral as possible. here’s some fluffy sans action for all of you sinners. hope you enjoy!

pairing: sans x reader

type: fluff (with a ‘lil bit of angst)

point of view: second (reader’s) [and papyrus’ during the extended ending]

summary: sans wasn’t the type of guy to cry and sob over nightmares, but he knew you would be there to give him warmth when he did

word count: 1918

listen: Carry On by FUN

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So being the Steven Universe and new found Undertale trash that I am, I made a mediocre recording of Papyrus singing about the Royal Guard. This is set to the tune of We Are the Crystal Gems ext. (Courtesy of Rebecca Sugar and Aivi & Surasshu) 

Extended Theme: 🌟 Released Instrumental: 🌟

I didn’t bother trying to voice act them out (though those are goals!), but I invite anyone - literally anyone to do it. 

Basically we have Babybones Papyrus singing the first half, followed by Undyne, followed by Undyne/Sans/Asgore/Papyrus. Really random mix of characters, but it fit well with what I was trying to go for…I think.

Sorry for the really really bad audio quality, like I said this is mediocre and I used the mic from my headphones


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