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Love Me Love Me Love Me

Lol I was going to write some more asks today, but @crappyartforyou inspired me so now I have to write this. 

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Violence, Kidnapping

Pairing: Reader/Red



Clink. Clank. 

The cold chains bind your hands and feet to the wall, saliva dripping out of your ball gag. You hear a storm outside, and secretly thank whatever higher being that your captor left your clothes on.  Your tears are long gone and you’ve given up on screaming. There’s no one around. Minutes? Hours? Days? All endlessly pass by slowly, each second an eternity. Finally, the wooden door swings open, a figure shadowed by the howling wind and snow behind him. Only his eye seems to be flaring red. The figure steps into the swaying, exposed light, and you scream, crawling back in horror. Standing before you, is a short skeleton monster, with razor sharp teeth and one gold tooth, a bulky black jacket, and oh god, a crazed and hungry lustful expression. 

“heya sweetheart,” his voice, rough like gravel, pierced through you, “comfortable?” 

You whine and scurry further into the corner, like a frightened rodent. 

“heh. sorry about the set up. it was all…..” the skeleton pauses, thinking of what to say, “last minute.” 

Your breath becomes heavy and your body shivers from horror or the cold, it doesn’t really matter. What does he want from you? How did you get here? The last thing you remember was coming out of Ruins, then….nothing. 

“anyway, it’s about time i introduce myself, no?” the skeleton extends his hand, “I’m Sans. Sans the Skeleton.” 

You make no effort to shake it. 

“oh. heh. i forgot. you’re bound. but i guess it wouldn’t hurt if i remove this,” Sans the Skeleton reaches for the clasp behind your head and removes it. 

You sigh in relief, finally able to relax your jaw from the long minutes/hours/days you’ve been keeping it open. Finally! Nows your chance! You scream for someone to help you, but suddenly, the skeleton’s entire fist shoves down your mouth, and you gag out of reflex, fresh tears springing from your eyes. You try to bite him, but it’s all bone and he doesn’t seem fazed. 

“shh. shh. don’t try, dollface. it’s useless here. no one is going to help you. just accept it,” Sans coos as he strokes your matted hair, his fist still in your mouth, “you must be hungry. i brought you something.” 

He removes his fist and reach inside his coat, bringing out a container full of red…smush and a fork. As soon as he takes off the lid, you’re attacked by a putrid and foul smell, making you gag and nearly throw up. It’s like something a rotten dead fish would produce. 

“awh, come on. don’t be rude. it’s my bro’s cooking. sure, i guess it’s a few months old, but boss hates letting things go to waste,” Sans scoops up a portion and presents it to you, “open wide.” 

>Spit at him

>Open up

warmth [sans x reader]

heya! so here’s my first undertale fanfic! i worked real hard on this one. anywho, reader takes the place of frisk. sans goes through a lot of shit, so here’s you trying to cheer him up. tried to make it as gender-neutral as possible. here’s some fluffy sans action for all of you sinners. hope you enjoy!

pairing: sans x reader

type: fluff (with a ‘lil bit of angst)

point of view: second (reader’s) [and papyrus’ during the extended ending]

summary: sans wasn’t the type of guy to cry and sob over nightmares, but he knew you would be there to give him warmth when he did

word count: 1918

listen: Carry On by FUN

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Naughty Little Kitty: Sans x Reader Smut

My note:

So I decided to make this because I had this idea going around my head for a while.

___ = Your name.

WARNING: Bondage, kitten play, blood, and sex sex sex.

Word Count: 1,288

~Your POV~

I yawned a bit and rubbed my eyes while opening the front door.

I had a hard day at work and I just wanted to cry or brake something.

“Why hello there my kitty~.” Sans said while smiling from the couch.

“Hi Sans.” I yawned while taking my shoes off and heading upstairs but I was stopped by Sans.

“…I must’ve misheard you, ___…for a second there I thought you called me ‘sans’.” He said while glaring at me and I blushed a bit.

“Sorry Master…I didn’t know if Papyrus was home and I just wanna go upstairs and cry or break things.” I said and he went from angry at me to concerned and ready to kill someone quicker than you could says ‘sans’.

“What’s wrong kitty?” He asked while hugging me and I sniffled a bit.

“Work was terrible, I got made fun of all day and I kept tripping.” I said and he hugged me tighter.

“I know away to make my kitty feel better.” He smirked and I looked at him confused.

“Really? How?” I asked and he smirked more.

“just leave that to me but go take off all your clothes, put on your collar, and wait in your cage like a good kitty.” He said and I pouted a bit.

“B-But I want you to take my clothes off.” I said while blushing a bit and he shook his head.

“No kitty now go to our room. Now and that’s an order.” He glared at me and I nodded and ran to our room.

~Five Minutes Later~

I’ve been waiting in my cage for what’s seemed like forever but has been five minutes, I pouted a bit and curled up in a ball.

I was about to go to sleep when I heard the door open.

“Kitty?” Sans said and I looked up at him.

“Yes Master?” I asked and he opened my cage before sitting on our bed.

“crawl to me, kitty.” He said and I crawled to him.

“good kitty.” He said while patting my head gently and he unzipped his pants and took his cock. “now be a good girl and open.”

I opened my mouth and I felt him shove my head towards his cock, he thrust his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.

“such a good kitty, taking all of master’s cock like this.” He said and I looked up at him while blushing, I started licking his cock and he moaned.

“now now now kitty, master didn’t say to do that and you were be such a good girl…I guess I gotta punish you.” He said and I blushed more and took his cock out of my mouth. “did I say to do that?” He growled and I blushed.

“N-No Master, please don’t punish me. I-I promise I’ll be good!” I said while pouting a bit.

“I won’t be too hard on you if you do as I say.” He said while gently lifting my chin up to look at him more.

“Y-Yes Master.” I said and he got up and went to the closet.

“get on the bed and on all fours.” Sans said and I climbed onto the bed on all fours.

“put your hands behind your back and have them crossed.” He said and I did as told.

He got out the rope and tied my hands together and my legs apart to the bed, he put a gag ball in my mouth and got in front of me and smirked.

“You see what I’m holding here?” He said and I looked at his hands to see a flogger and a dildo.

He went behind me and cracked the flogger on the floor and I wiggled my butt a bit and he hit my butt with the flogger.

“Mmph!” I jolted forwards and blushed more.

“this is much of a punishment so far but I have an idea…” He said and I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

I felt him slowly lick my slit up and down before slowly inserting his tongue in my pussy.

My legs shook a bit and I whimpered and he bit down gently on my pussy.

“I didn’t think you’d be that wet…is my kitty in heat?” He asked and I blushed and nodded.

“that explains a lot…well I guess I just gotta take care of this.” He smirked before kissing my pussy and slowly slipping a finger inside of me.

He started off fingering my slowly then started to speed up when I whimpered and moaned against the gag ball, he added another finger when I shook and spanked my ass when I tried to wiggle away.

He stopped fingering me when he heard the front door open.

“master’s gonna put this in you while he talks to his brother…stay quiet.” He said before putting the dildo in me and turning it on low.

~Thirty Minutes Later~

This is pure torture…he kept turning up the vibrator whenever they walked close enough to hear me.

He finally came into the room and turned off the vibrator.

“my kitty made a big mess…” He said while chuckling and I blushed and wiggled around.

“stay still and let master take it out and replace it with something better.” He said and I stood as still as I could.

He licked my pussy making me shiver before slowly putting his dick in my pussy.

“so tight…so good.” He moaned and slowly thrust and started picking up the speed every time I moaned.

He grabbed my hair and made me look in the mirror as he pounded into me.

“look at you…taking all of my cock being so slutty.” He moaned in my ear.

He pounded into me deeper and faster.

I shook and looked at him in the mirror with pleading eyes.

“do it while I fuck you as hard as I can.” He said and I shook as I came.

He pounded into me as hard as he could and let out a loud moan before pulling out of me, taking out my gag ball and quickly running over to my face while rubbing his cock.

“open up my kitty deserves some milk.” He said and I opened my mouth and he came in it.

I blushed and swallowed it and licked my lips.

He started untying me and kissed my forehead.

“sorry I didn’t use the flogger, your ass looked too cute and I think you’ll have enough trouble walking now.” He smirked and I blushed.

“Thank you Master.” I said before kissing him and he smiled.

“no problem my naughty little kitty…did it help you take your mind off of work?” He asked and I nodded.

“Very much.” I said and he held me close to him.

“how about we rest up and then go get some grilby’s?” He asked and I nodded.

“That sounds amazing, I love you Sans.” I said while smiling and snuggling into him.

“I love you too ___.” He said and cuddled me.


~Extended Ending~


“yeah bro sorry…we got hungry.” He said while winking at me. “WILL YOU TWO STOP? WE HAVE A KITCHEN!!” Papyrus said and crossed his arms.

“I’ll remember that next time.” Sans said and winked at me…oh boy this is gonna be interesting.

“ALSO WHY IS ___‘S WHITE SHORTS TURNING RED?!” Papyrus asked and I blushed.

“uh..it’s a tomato like her?” Sans said and smirked a bit at me and mouthed “next time there will be more blood”…curse you Sans!

~Final End~

Sorry for the smut…I’m in a smutty mood.

Thanks for reading~!


I had an amazing birthday weekend. Thank you to everyone who sent in love, wishes, gifts!!! Between Tumblr and my fantastic friends nearby, I haven’t felt so absurdly loved in a long time 💙💙💙

I’m exhausted, but my inspiration is definitely simmering, and I can’t wait to share replies, headcanons, and world building with ya’ll!! Have some info on Sans extended family that I’ll post up later today.

Hope you guys have a fantastic Monday!! I love you!

(in the Vladivostok airport, opening my backpack)

* let me ouuuut

* nope.
* i’m feeling al-left. al-down. al-whatever-way-possible, but not -right.
* *hiccup* does that literally make me a hang-over?
* … is that a compliment?
* *sigh* god, just end it all already-
* i can arrange that.

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Unexpected.  Part 2

Hello friends!  This ran a little longer than the previous part.  The overwhelming positive vibes I have gotten these past few days have made me cry in joy so many times.  I hope I continue to live up to the expectations you all have of me.  I’m not a confident woman, but if you all believe in me I think I can be.

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So being the Steven Universe and new found Undertale trash that I am, I made a mediocre recording of Papyrus singing about the Royal Guard. This is set to the tune of We Are the Crystal Gems ext. (Courtesy of Rebecca Sugar and Aivi & Surasshu) 

Extended Theme: 🌟 Released Instrumental: 🌟

I didn’t bother trying to voice act them out (though those are goals!), but I invite anyone - literally anyone to do it. 

Basically we have Babybones Papyrus singing the first half, followed by Undyne, followed by Undyne/Sans/Asgore/Papyrus. Really random mix of characters, but it fit well with what I was trying to go for…I think.

Sorry for the really really bad audio quality, like I said this is mediocre and I used the mic from my headphones


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