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170827 DIAMOND EDGE NYC: VVIP/HI-TOUCH & vernon moment!

disc. THIS IS A LONG AND COMPREHENSIVE post about my experience and mostly this is for me so i can look back at it in an hour and cry and i’ll probably add onto this later. im really really thankful that i had an amazing experience and i will love svt forever nd ever

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Hey girl, you already know who it is
It’s the
Secret agent all day, number one always
See me on the weekend, shooting down hallways
Yeah, baby I can save you if you want
I can take you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant
Wait, stop
Was that a gun shot?
I hope it’s not, ‘cause if it is I’m about to end this thing with one pop
Don’t stop what you’re doing, ‘cause you’ve got it
This man’s ‘bout to make you dinner (???), I’m about to empty out my wallet
See me with explosions all behind me when I’m walking
007 Skyfall

Ok for the most part, Lin’s first draft of My Shot is the same. However, he did add an extended Hercules Mulligan rap that was later cut from the play. Thanks to a little too much free time, I’ve managed to transcribe it down for everyone to enjoy. 


I am Hercules mulligan a tailor spying on the British government

I take their measurements information and then I snuggle it

Up to my brothers, revolutionary covenant

 I’m running with the sons of Liberty and I am loving it

 Britain is hustling and bustling 

 And we are suffering

 So we started tea party tussling 

 We knock the stuffin out of any English muffin kid 

You know my Irish temper hotter than an oven get 

The king is huffin and puffin but he just bluffin it 

The big bad British wolf ain’t blowing nothing in 

This British soldier he tried to hand me a summons, shit 

I crossed his mother turned around and wiped my butt with it 

 I’m only joking but you see how deep the trouble get 

They take our money and expect us to put up with it 

And hungry as a brother can 

I be seeing colors man 

 Soon I have them screaming please 

 Hercules mulligan 

 Please stop shovin them 

Squabblin And scufflin 

Jesus please we’ve had enough punishment 

 Everywhere you go your man Hamilton be hoverin 

You and your brothers got em stuck and running for cover man 

That’s what happens when you up against the ruffians 

We in the shit now somebody better shovel it 

Hercules mulligan I need no introduction when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again

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REFLECTION (full/extended version)

anonymous asked:

do you have a redbubble? or sell any merch?

nah I do not, I joked about MKatwood t-shirts at some point with my friends but now that the channel is way bigger I am wondering if I should reconsider??

Coming Soon™™™:: Boxed Blu-ray set of Pearl’s Secret Rap Career™ including:
• The Full Iconic™ Series in all 1080-pees
• Deleted Scenes (including the videos where I accidentally started streaming that one time)
• Full Audio Commentary For All 15 Minutes of The Original Pearl Rap
• Extended 24 hour version
• A Lock Of My Hair, To grow Your Own McKenzie Clone in the Bathtub

nah but in short I have considered doing at least a thing where you can order a shirt with the Logo on it, if thats something yall would be interested in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t want to like custom print a run of them in bulk or anything bc i don’t wanna end up with like 48 extra t-shirts if the only person who wants one is my parents (they are really enthusiastic)

Cult Busters

She was too late to stop it before it began. Even from the tiny lobby of the small town museum she could hear the rumble of a demon’s voice, a vibration that travelled up through the thick soles of her cult-stomping boots. Wendy rounded a corner, skidding on cheap linoleum, and bolted for the door right at the back of the room.

Maintenance, a sign on the door read. Employees only.

She slowed down, opened it, and slipped through. The stairwell was dim, illuminated only by a flickering blue light shining from the basement room below. Wendy drew the silver hatchet, bathed regularly in holy water, from her belt. She flicked a grenade filled with the same magic liquid into her other hand.

Too late to stop it before it began, but she was damn well going to finish it before it could go any further.

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[FANACC] VIXX HEX Sign 3-day highlights

so last weekend, i attended all three hex sign concerts (i was standing for the first two and seated for the last) and never got round to doing a fan account but i thought i should so as to ~preserve the memories~ or something like that so here it is! i’m sure there are tons of more detailed fan accounts already floating around tumblr so i’ll just write about the non-title tracks that were particularly memorable to me as well as the talk segments from each day and how it differed from day to day (from what i could gather with my limited korean, that is…OTL). it’s basically me rambling on and on and i’ve already written some of these on twitter so i’ll just be repeating them here too, sorry ><

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things that happen in kpop songs that make me sm(irk)ile in public
  • Jonghyun’s high pitched “you and me” in juliette. at least thats what i think he says.
  • Jonghyun’s “you cheatin mothafucka” in the background of obsession
  • V’s deep ass “party party” in just one day
  • The “waaahaa!” in MBLAQ’s be a man
  • GD’s indian call in don’t go home
  • The explosions in GD’s gmarket
  • The “bye bye bye"s in SHINee’s wowowow
  • Onew’s moans in shout out
  • Nillili Mambo in its entirety
  • motorcycle part in Boys In Luv lol (I got emmmmm!)
  • the "2pm bitch” i SWEAR I heard at the end 10 out of 10
  • Bang’s sassy “excuuuse me” in Excuse me
  • Onew’s “talk to my body” and Minho’s background “that’s right” in talk to you
  • Zico’s “this song is dedicated to all my cocks”
  • Kai’s wild animal scream part in mama
  • “lets break it down another way” in I got a boy (aka time to turn this mothasucka OUT)
  • deep voices in general haha
  • all of Changmin’s extended high notes
  • raps where Yunho sounds like Mickey Mouse (i hate my best friend)
  • Rap Mon’s “Imma beat the pussy like you never eva felt before”
  • Kim Hyun Joong’s rap in love ya (LMFAO sorry boo~)
  • Kris’s “roll like a buffalo” (in light of recent events <333)
  • “you’re saying that youre busy/well your time is up/dont ever try to call me/cause i wont pick up/I WONT PICK UP THE PHOOONE” in stop girl lol
  • Dongwoo’s “so sweet so sexy hey” in special girl
  • Bang and Zelo in never give up. Bang for slapping me with that deep ass voice in the beginning and Zelo for the part that sounds like “yo nigga stop, my love story” hahaaaa
  • GD’s “i wear my sunglasses at night-still 20/20!” in how gee
  • the “what?” in i dont need a man <3
  • Changmin’s “now im just chillin, feel like im killin” and Yunho’s video game sounding “WEAWEAWEA!” in keep your head down