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Perhaps I should extend my organic body butter and sugar scrub line into Dragon Age inspired scents.

Oh! I could make a Solas scent! I mean, who wouldn’t want to smell like fallen leaves, old parchment, campfire smoke, worn leather, and regrets?

Or it could be the scent of frilly cakes. Yeah, that would probably be better. Frilly cakes and despair.
How Times Have Changed

Me at the beginning of IB:

 I’m gonna get 6′s or 7′s in all my classes, get an A in Extended Essay, do 15 different CAS activities, get a full night of sleep every night, and still have a social life. Those older IB classes aren’t as organized as I am! They don’t know what they’re talking about!

Me at this point: 

I don’t have enough time to die of sleep deprivation - I still need to do all of my homework, show up to the 3 or 4 activities that I’ve managed to keep, and turn *something* in for EE.

Oh how times have changed.

“During the testing phases of the newer, less bulky EVA suit technologies, test subjects were quite pleased with the Mk1 variants as a fairly accurate control sample that could be expanded upon. Unfortunately, the irony was that the suit handled very poorly to expansions from within, as a test subject soon found out after the ill affects of a particularly suspicious eggsalad sandwich began to manifest in his innards.”

“In the wake of this experiment, testing on the more flexible Mk2 unit has begun with favorable results, and unrelated opportunistic testing has begun on the ability for living hosts to internally incubate foreign organics for extended periods of time…”

Eggs, in Ruby’s belly?? Shhhhh, it’s a secret to everyone~ :3c



A Swedish peace organization is extending an unusually welcoming message to Russia considering allegations that the country’s submarines violated Sweden’s borders.
That message comes via a neon sign featuring the outline of a fit dancing sailor, wearing only a hat and briefs, installed in the beginning of the year just off the coast of Stockholm by the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society.
The sign, which reads “Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944.” in Russian and English, is part of their “Singing Sailor Underwater Defense System.” The underwater sonar system also sends out a Morse code message saying, “This way if you are gay” that could be picked up by any submarines in the area. (The year 1944 refers to the year Sweden decriminalized homosexuality.)

Ok, so hear me out. Deadpool has the cannon trait not just to be able to heal wounds, but also regrow whole limbs and segments of his body. So, its not much of a stretch to say that could extend to organs right? So if you think about it, you could just remove a heart, bone marrow, kidneys, or any feasible organ and he should be able to just bounce back right? Deadpool has the potential to be an unlimited organ donor that just restocks. Immortal blade-swinging Wade Wilson who’s a habitual organ donor on the side is important to me. 


Rest In Peace to Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.

“The Florida Panthers players, staff and entire organization extend their most sincere condolences to the family of Jose Fernandez and the Miami Marlins organization. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fernandez and Marlins families through this profoundly difficult time.’’ 

Black news site ‘The Root’ seeks union representation (Exclusive)

Extending a wave of organizing efforts at digital media companies in the past two years, on Wednesday editorial staffers at the Root, a small but prominent black news and culture site, announced they would seek union recognition from parent company Univision. The writers are seeking union representation for familiar but no-less important reasons.

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Friendly Reminder for the Voltron Fandom

If, IF the SDCC Voltron trailer’s opening foreshadowing comes to fruition…

Alteans are able to use their life force to regenerate an ORGANIC and LIVING planet they take crystals from. And Allura, sweet space princess, took that ability farther and was able to COMPLETELY HEAL THE BALMERA. We don’t yet know if this power extends to other organisms, but we haven’t been told it doesn’t, either.

I mean, I’m not saying there’ll be a “Healing Tear” Rapunzel moment in S2 between Shiro and Allura, but wouldn’t that be the best way they could get together AND Shiro lives?? There’s still hope, don’t forget that, my little lions!

I still want to know how people can take grammatical issue with singular they. It has a long history of use (good enough for Shakespeare good enough for you), and don’t people use it a lot anyway? I have been using it forever, in situations where I don’t know the person’s gender but they won’t be spoken of long enough to bother finding out (reading things off of the internet where all I have is a screen name, I don’t actually know the person, and I’ll probably never mention them again), when referring to individual’s actions/things in a mix gender group (”Could everyone open their books”), or in situations where I don’t want to divulge someone’s gender for privacy reasons (”I have this friend and they…”) 

It’s really organic to extend those uses to “This is Sam, they’re new here.”