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Bleeding Love: Part 2


You stopped fidgeting with your ring as you watched the clock strike five. You closed your eyes and smiled, renouncing your inherent nervousness with a mental mantra of “there’s nothing to worry about.” Everything was going according to plan; you received your father’s blessing, bun was in the oven baking, and Bellamy would be showing up any minute now to sign the marriage license. In fact, things were going much better than you had ever imagined as the hours leading up to this moment had only been filled with wonderful surprises. Your fretting was for naught. So you waited expectantly on the man you would devote your future to, delighting in the thought of spending your first night together as Mr. and Mrs. Blake.


Bellamy was late again. You remained optimistic, blaming his tardiness on a delay at work. You told yourself that he probably just clocked out late, that he went home to shower – because there was no way he would get married reeking of  ark garbage – and he was most likely headed your way right now.

You smoothed the wrinkles from your dress as your heels clicked back and forth in front of the registrar’s office. You looked down the hall anxiously, hoping to find your groom-to-be rushing towards you. Instead, you found two guards hurrying in your direction. You took a quick glance to your left and then to your right, wondering where the guards could possibly be headed, and then you realized that you were standing alone.

The guards approached you and one of them spoke.

“Miss Y/N, please come with us.”

“No, I can’t,” you protested. You were immediately on the defensive, thinking that your father had gone back on his word and this was just another plot to stop you from wedding your beloved. “Tell my father, it’ll have to wait.”

“Your father has been shot.”

“Wh-what?” you stuttered.

The cold gray walls seemed to shrink and expand in rapid succession as the guards’ faces blurred in front of your eyes. You felt light on your feet and soon realized you weren’t standing at all. You lost your balance, the shocking statement knocking you off of your feet, and the guards were on either side of you holding you up.

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