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would you extend mag being an embarrassing Dad™ in the meet-as-teens fic? maybe not him giving "the talk" necessarily but something around that level of mortifying for the kiddos would be so good.

You’re in luck. I happen to have been cackling my ass off about this very thing all morning.

To their credit, Juno and Peter are more discreet than a lot of kids their age– Mag would have felt like a poor teacher if they’d been anything less. Unfortunately, the fact that he’s their teacher means that he has a perfect understanding of every single one of their tells. So as much as he appreciates their efforts at concealment, those two aren’t fooling anyone.

Which means it’s time to take certain matters into his own hands.

The preparations are made, the plans are memorized, the supplies are spread out on the table before him. 

When Peter and Juno come downstairs for breakfast that morning, Mag is seated. On the table in front of him is a bowl of fruit, a box of condoms, and a stack of books which officially don’t exist.

Peter looks at the collection, utterly puzzled. Between the overzealous censors and Peter’s dedication to his own training in the art of crime, there’s still a lot he doesn’t know. Judging by the horror on Juno’s face, he’s a bit more well-versed in the subject, but there’s no telling exactly how far his education extends, or how egregious the gaps within it.

No, better to be comprehensive, just to get it over with.

“Have a seat, kids,” he says, indicating the chairs. “The two of you are about to become Brahma’s leading experts on safe sex.”


Mauser ‘Siderlatch Special’ 1910 Pocket pistol

Mauser Pocket pistol M1910 manufactured my Mauser in Oberndorf, Germany c.1910~1913.
6,35x16mmSR/.25ACP, extended magazine.
This interesting piece comes with a Wespi Lichtzielgeräte battery-powered torch-scope, an early precursor to the modern laser dot sights with rather macabre branding.

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Can I submit a word of my own? Callipygian - having or relating to beautifully proportioned buttocks. (It seemed like it belonged on the list.)

Send me a word and I’ll write a drabble.

I wholeheartedly agree with this word choice, @imonthetumbler​. I hope you don’t mind, but I used this prompt to continue something I started a couple weeks ago. Part 1 and Part 2. I swear this has a direction, but obviously it also has a few more parts before it concludes. Thanks to @peetabreadgirl​ for *ahem* lighting a fire under my ass to get this done. Shameless pun totally intended. Enjoy!

Come On Baby, Light My Fire (Part 3)

I am not obsessed with Peeta’s ass.

I’m not.

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KRISS Vector Super V

Futuristic looking but innovative firearm that uses a special recoil and muzzle climb reducing design, making it more controllable than similar platforms. It uses standard Glock magazines from the 17 and 21 since the KRISS is available in either 9x19mm or .45 ACP. The Glock mags will sit flush with the receiver but extended mags will protrude downward. (GRH)


My 5 favorite hand guns. In no particular order.
**absolutely bias based on the experience of a 23 year old 5′7′’ girl with 9 years of hand gun experience and 20 years of overall firearms experience. Your views my vary.**

Sig238 Nitron- SA, single stack in a durable matte black with SIGLITE night sights. I don’t think they’re great for range shooting, they’re very pale, however fairly effective in the dark. (well I guess they should be haha) 
This gun is a little snappy because of its weight and I certainly suggest an extended mag for range use, but it’s hearty enough for comfortable carry and use. I prefer this for small of the back carry. Men with larger hands might feel the single stack grip lacks but as a lady I think it’s the perfect size. 

Ruger Gp100 - it’s my “curvy girl” of the list. She’s a bit bulky but it’s just more of her to love. The ability to change up the 357 for a 38 makes it a great crossover, range to carry gun. The solid steel frame and smooth SA/DA trigger make for a pleasant shooting experience in either caliber. The standard sights leave a little to be desired, I prefer the Hi-Viz front sight. I would go so far as to say this is the nicest production revolver since the Python. (gasp I know I’m a blasphemer) 

Sig Scorpion - (yes yes yes I know 2 Sigs on the list) The Scorpion is a beautiful shot in the 45ACP but as soon as I found out there was a 9mm version I HAD to try it out. Dropping the caliber for me was the perfect decision. The sights COULD be a little tighter, but that’s easy enough to change out. As a range or even competition gun the Scorpion is amazing but I’m not too keen on carrying it, the frame is just a little to large for my casual ware. The trigger is comparable to any solid SA trigger, BUT it’s flat (for whatever reason) so I found that the edges dug into my finger a little uncomfortably. 

Khar K9 - now this seems like it might be an odd choice,  but stay with me. The K9 is a stainless war hammer. it might be single stack but if you run out of ammo you can just pistol whip someone to death. This thing is TIGHT and precise. The trigger is a bit of a long travel but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for a carry piece. The pull is very distinct but not heavy so the follow through is smooth without any pulling or heeling (at least not for me) It’s a S/M frame but very narrow. If you like Glock but want something solid and compact, this is your gun. 

HK P30-L - This one is pretty specific, but what can I say, I’m a lefty so the P30-L holds a special place in my heart. I was intimidated by the mag release on the trigger guard at first but damn is it efficient. It’s got tolerances a little looser than I’m used to (see ALL the other guns on this list) But for a poly gun, I’ll let it slide. It’s my favorite utilitarian gun, she in’t pretty, but shes a form fitting, ambidextrous, SA/DA, double stack! A little bulky and I certainly wont be carrying it any time soon but a step in the right direction.  

Tagalog Love Quotes (January 8, 2014)

Tagalog Love Quotes (January 8, 2014)

“May mga bagay na nararapat lang na mapasaiyo, pero may mga bagay din na nakalaan para sa ibang tao. Kaya Tanggapin mo na lang na hindi ikaw ang mahal niya at may ibang tao pang nakalaan para saiyo.”

“Hindi naman masama kung
Ilang ulit kang magmamahal
Piliin mo lang ay ang taong
Kaya kang respetuhin at
Pagkatiwalaan kahit na naka
talikod O nakaharap ka man
At higit sa lahat ‘yung kaya
Kang ipaglaban at dika niya
iiwan kahit kaylan”

Ang pagiging inlove ay parang Computer shop. Tatayo at tatayo kadin kahit mag extend ka para naman sa iba.

Bakit ka nga ba nasasaktan pa rin ngayon? Simple lang, ayaw mo kasing bitawan ang nakaraan mo.

Salitang madaling bitawan…
pero mahirap panindigan. lalo
na kung ang gusto mong kali
mutan ay ang taong mahal mo
ng lubusan"

Tagalog Love Quotes 2014

Kung mahal mo ang isang tao. Sabihin mo sakanya araw-araw. Di yung sa umpisa lang.

Kapag mas marami na ang bad memories kaysa sa good memories. Its time for you to walk away.

“Limitado lang sa mundo ang mga taong faithful at stick to one sa relationship, kaya dapat ‘di sila sinasayang. No, hindi dapat KAMI sinasayang.”

DEAR GIRLS, wag niyong ipaglaban ang mga taong iniwan kayo, PRINSESA po kayo hindi SUNDALO.

Bago ka magmukmok at magdrama dahil binabalewala ka nya isipin mo muna kung mahalaga ka ba talaga.

Wag ka maghanap ng taong makakaintindi sayo. Ang hanapin mo yung taong kahit hindi ka naiintindihan, hindi ka pa rin iniiwan.

Kung isang araw magising ka at maisip mong nag-iisa ka’t wlang kasama, matulog ka ulit, baka naiwan lang ako sa panaginip mo dahil hangga’t nandito ako hindi ka mag-iisa! Pangako yan.

Tagalog Love Quotes 2014

Redditor shannonxtreme posts this picture of the new Exotic Khvostov 7G-0X from the Game Informer video

They also break down the skill tree:

| Classic Scope | Automatic | Hammer Forged | Extended Mag | 450 RPM |

| Modernized Scope | Burst Fire | Rifled Barrel | Counterbalance | 900 RPM |

| ——– | Semi Auto |Braced Frame | Rangefinder | ——– |

Now here’s a description of each perk for you:

Perk | Effect

Classic Scope | Optimized Range and Stability

Modernized Scope | Increased zoom and target acquisition

Automatic | Automatic fire

Burst Fire | Pulse rifle fire-type

Semi Auto | Scout rifle fire-type, increased muzzle velocity

Hammer forged | More range and accuracy

Rifled Barrel | Increased range, slower reload

Braced Frame | Increased stability, smaller magazine

Extended Mag | Larger Magazine

Counterbalance | Increased stability

Rangefinder | Increased range when aiming down sights

450 RPM | Slow RoF - Bonus Range

900 RPM | High RoF - Bonus Stability

For information purposes - the Classic Scope is the OG Khvostov scope from Year 1, while the modern scope is still a Red Dot Sight, but has a higher zoom.

EDIT: I’m assuming the two perks on the right are ornament slots. Paraphrasing the article, “One legendary weapon that the ornament was used on changed appearance to look like a sleek, refined golden age weapon, something like the sleeper simulant”.


February Update - Hammer Storm

Its that time again, heres everything coming with Hammer Storm!


  • Decimator [Ultra Rare]
  • Marauder [Unkown]
  • Helioskrill Warbound [Legendary]
  • Helioskrill Bloodgorger [Legendary]
  • Shinobi Heartless [Legendary]
  • Marauder Keres [Legendary]
  • Marauder Kratos [Ultra Rare]
  • Jumpmaster Dispatcher [Uncommon]


  • Halo Combat Evolved Pistol [Mythic]
  • Gravity Hammer [Rare]
  • Blissful Slumber [Rare]
  • Fury [Uncommon]

Weapon Skins

  • Last Dawn - Assault Rifle [Rare]
  • Last Dawn - Battle Rifle [Rare]
  • Last Dawn - DMR [Rare]
  • Last Dawn - Pistol [Rare]
  • Last Dawn - SMG [Rare]


  • Mad Dog [Rare]


  • Old School [Legendary]
  • Hammer Time [Ultra Rare]


  • Knee-dful Things [Legendary]
  • Terminal Velocity [Ultra Rare]


  • M6D [Legendary]
  • Rabbit [Ultra Rare]
  • Tartan [Ultra Rare]
  • Grifball [Rare]
  • Ducat [Rare]
  • Golden Arm [Uncommon]
  • Kinetic [Uncommon]
  • Vertigo [Uncommon]
  • Spartan Helmet [Common]
  • Triplicate [Common]

Warzone Loadouts

  • DMR - Kinectic Bayonet [Legendary]
  • Magnum - Extended Mag [Ultra Rare]
  • DMR - Extended Mag [Rare]
  • Battle Rile - Kinectic Bayonet [Rare]
  • SMG - Extended Mag [Uncommon]
  • Battle Rifle - Extended Mag [Common]
  • Assault Rifle - Extended Mag [Common]


  • Torque [Arena]


  • Grifball [Arena]
  • Assault [Arena]
  • Fiesta [Arena]
  • Oddball [Custom Games]
  • Ricochet [Custom Games]

Gamemode Information

  • Grifball - The only map at this moment in time is based on an ice hocky rink and is on an Avalance (Halo 3 map) forged map.
  • Grifball - The ball works like it did in Halo 4, allowing you to throw it and catch it, aswell as sending it flying by hitting it with the hammer.
  • Grifball - This will be a permanent playlist.
  • Assault - Social CTF will be changing to Social Assault
  • Assault - Ball carrier has 1 hit kill with the bomb and can thruster twice at once.
  • Assault - The bomb will work like it did in Halo 2, you have to go to the area marked and wait 7 seconds for the bomb to be planted, then it will blow up.
  • Grifball/Assault - New medals
  • Fiesta - There will be no Warzone weapon variants available, only Arena weapons.
  • Fiesta - More game modes being made, could possibly add Warzone weapon variants in one.


  • A overhaul of the current colour/color customization, allowing a ton more colour/color options then before.
  • The overhaul also lets you choose your own colour/color schemes instead of using pre-set ones under a certian colour/color scheme.
  • Hammer Storm will release between February 23rd and February 26th

Lord of Wolves is an exotic shotgun. This weapon can only be obtained through Prison of Elders. This bounty is called The Elder Cipher and its a guaranteed drop on level 35 Skolas. On level 34 it has a possibility to drop aswell but as always the chance is pretty small. 

First of all let us see which perks this shotgun has. As always we start off with the ballistic perks:

  • Smart Drift Control - Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range.
  • Soft Ballistics - Less recoil. Penalty to Impact
  • Linear Compensator - More predictable recoil. Slight boosts to range and impact. More recoil. 

Since its a shotgun and the range isn’t that long i went for linear compensator. It gives me a boost to range and impact even tho its just the slightest bit. Everything you can add to range is good. The range is short in stats when you look at it but because you shoot in bursts the range get a bit more extended by it. The rest of the perks are more based on stability.

  • Hip Fire - This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip
  • Speed Reload - Reload this weapon quickly
  • Extended Mag - A larger magazine
  • Perfect Balance - This weapon has extremely low recoil

And the perk that this gun is build around…

  • Devil’s Touch - Kills with this weapon rally nearby allies with +3 recovery. Lasts 30 seconds

Hip Fire is a perk you need to select anyway to advance to the next upgrade tree. The hip fire perk doesn’t need much explaining since people know what hip fire is (shoot without use of sights or scope).

Speed Reload is really handy when playing in PVP since shotgun reloads are slow. But since this shotgun uses the same reload technique as an auto rifle, which makes it reload pretty damn quick already without the perk. But everything you can add to shorten the reload time while playing in pvp is crucial to stay alive longer.

Extended Mag is nice since it takes your magazine size from 30 to 39. Which means about 2 bursts more than without. Downside is it doesnt give you more ammo in reserve like the field scout perk does. Is it useless therefor? No and its all on how you play and what you prefer.

Perfect Balance gives this weapon extremely low recoil especially when you use it with the ballistics perk Smart Drift Control. But that does mean the range is taken down with 50%. I rather use Linear Compensator in combination with Perfect balance. Main reason for this is that linear compensator gives me a slight boost to range and impact but also takes away a lot of stability. Perfect balance adds more stability and put it back to the same level as had. Which makes it no lost in balance but gained impact and range. Like i said with a shotgun you have the stopping power but not the range. Add range and you are even more lethal when you already were.

Devil’s Touch is a really nice addition to the list of perks weapons already had and can come in handy in so many situations. This perk boosts your fireteams recovery IF they are within range of you after you killed an enemy. This boost lasts 30 seconds BUT!!!!…..if you are not close from your teammate that has lord of wolves and killed with it, it doesnt mean you cannot get the boost. If you are able to get in range of the recovery boost within those 30 seconds it is active you can still get it.

I noticed after playing with some friends that even tho i wasn’t within range of this recovery boost when they killed enemies. Yet when i regrouped with my fireteam within those 30 seconds i still heard the sound of the recovery boost and also saw it appearing in my screen.  So don’t worry if you are hurt and not within range…just get your character as close and as quick as possible to your teammate who is using the Lord of Wolves.

Conclusion: Lord of Wolves is BEAST! This shotgun got the highest amount of reserve ammo (240+ bullets) and the highest magazine size (30 standard, 39 with extended mag perk) of all shotguns. Ofcourse when you have armor that increases the shotgun ammo you can carry you will have even more. Its nicely balanced and the burst of 5 bullets gives the option to kill multiple targets if they run towards you or when you “spray” your bullets. Because of the high amount of bullets this gun feels like a primary. It also feels like you are running around with an extremely heavy pulse rifle. The only wake up moment is when you notice you are lacking in range when you try to kill that one enemy that is just a but further than you anticipated. But for the people that play really in your face than this gun is surely a must have….but then again…its a must have anyway.

It looks badass with the flames at the end of the barrel. I have no negative feel towards this gun nor do i feel that i am lacking when i use this gun. Sight of the gun is nice and clear.

I hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to comment/message and share opinions about this gun, any gun or destiny in general.