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¡Feliz Dìa de los Muertos!

We remember friends and loved ones who have passed and celebrate them for the existence and influence they’ve had in our lives. We gather together to honor them and share stories as we laugh, cry , and even get mad remembering that thing they did that you hated. Haha. We pray their spirits are well!

When their crush kisses their pain away

I might have gone a little overboard, I apologize.  Especially with the word “Boo-boo”.  I’m just imagining these grown ass men using it and cackling like a crazy person. ;)

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Can you imagine? Like really imagine kissing his pain away?  This bub is already shy, shy, shy!  Let’s set the scene, yeah?  He’s just done one of his fantastic flips, but instead of landing on his feet firmly, he stumbles and falls.  Now he has a bruised knee!  If you rushed over to him in worry, that first and foremost is going to make his heart flutter.  The mere fact that you worry about him is enough to make him giddy, let alone when, after he insists he’s fine, you still lean forward and press a gentle kiss to his throbbing knee.  I think his reaction would depend on what kind of relationship you have with him.  If you are just his crush (I say just, but really can you imagine how freakin awesome it would be if he had a crush on you?  Ugh, nope, I’m not biased at all!), he’s going to get really shy and giggly.  You know that giggle, right?  The one that’s hella adorable and just…omg melt me like some cotton candy in water!  Yeah, that one!  His face will probably turn a tint of pink and if the guys are there you can definitely expect some hoots and hollers.  Mark is the type to appreciate the gesture for sure, albeit a little awkwardly.  Fear not!  This one will likely return the favor at some point.  If you both have been in the relationship for a while, then you can expect him to probably either start laughing and ask you what you’re doing or to just simply coo happily at you.  He’s a muffin, this guy!  “Awww, baby, did you just kiss my boo-boo away?” *cue blushing you* “I think it’s sweet.  Thank you, baby.” *and cue warm, cuddle hug*  

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Flustered.  That’s it.  Jaebum seems like the type to be well composed, right?  I mean, we all know he’s a goober, but like, he’s still fairly well composed.  You can kiss that goodbye…literally.  Not only will he have the rest of GOT7 ‘ooo’ing and ‘aaaww’ing at the two of you, much to his embarrassment, but there’s also the fact that he’s still trying to process the fact that you actually kissed his injury.  When he slipped during the dance battle with Yugyeom, he didn’t think you would kiss his smarting shoulder delicately.  He’s tickled pink, as they say!  That flustered expression on his face is just so adorable!  I mean you are his crush and you just laid your lips on him!  Of course, he’ll turn and snap at the other boys to go do something somewhere else, which will make it seem like you’ve upset him, but he’ll quickly reassure you that he appreciated and quite enjoyed your affectionate peck.  So you have flustered Jaebum, right? Well, that’s not all!  Jaebum’s a bit Tsundere, so even though he’ll say things like ‘You don’t have to do that’ or ‘Why are you like this’ deep down he’s thoroughly enjoying the moment.  He’s someone who likes to bask in the affection and attention you shower upon him.  I mean, of course, he would right?  He only has a crush on you!  He’s a sensitive guy….on the inside of course!  “A-ah, you don’t have to do that, it’s really okay.”  “Oh, well, I mean, if you don’t want me to, I guess I–,” *clears throat loudly, looking anywhere but at you* “I-I never said that!”

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Blameless part 1

((Hey here I come with a new fanfic YAY!😁but this is a litter different this fanfic is a….collaboration? Idk how to call it with @watsonthebox I will highly suggest to go and check her blog is so amazing it has a ton of good fanfics and if you like langst klangst and suddenly fluff watsonthebox is your place now let’s go))
The castle of lions was flying around this solar system so find any specie to save or any new allies “Guys there’s a lot of smoke in coming out of that planet” Hunk said “Team to your lions” Shiro said and so everyone did “should we form Voltron?” Pidge ask “wait a tick that place is totally destroy” Lance said before shiro could answer “Lance is right the whole place is down” Keith reply “alright team we’ll investigate land your lions” shiro said, after everyone land and get out of their lions they saw the place was just beat there where some dead soldiers from the blade of marmora “looks like they where here” Keith say “…Ok split up collect everything you think it would be useful” shiro said and everyone split up, Lance was walking around but he didn’t say anything more than rubbish and blood “oh god this place is really creepy” Lance almost got a heart attack when he hearted a baby crying on the distance “HOLY QUIZNAK!!” Lance heard the crying it wasn’t really far so he run to it, when he got at the place where the crying was coming from he look around but he didn’t saw anything until he look down he saw a women cover in rubbish dead but in the dog position, Lance look under her and he saw a baby galra, his brother instinct kick in and he pick up the baby and just a tick after he did the women collapse the baby kept crying with one hand Lance took his helmet off so the baby will see him “h-hey there” Lance was still shook he just save a baby galra the baby look at Lance staring at him with those big yellow eyes “I’m Lance” Lance said and all his stress and fear got away when the baby stared to laugh “heh there you go” Even tho Lance saw the baby’s mother dead he look around to see if anyone else was coming maybe the baby’s dad? Lance wait there with an empty hope for an hour just rocking the baby and sometimes making silly faces “Lance? Lance are you there is time to go there’s nothing useful here” pidge voice sound from the helmet “y-yeah I’m here pidge I’ll be there in just a tick” Lance said “….just a tick” Lance analice the situation at this point he had two options take the baby with him or leave the baby there and hope someone find it.
“We’ve been waiting for an hour where is he?!” Keith say really impatient “Lance do you hear me?” Shiro said talking on his helmet “wait there he is!” Hunk said pointing at Lance, Allura and Coran came out of the castle they all wait until Lance was close enough “LANCE WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!” Allura yelled when she saw the baby “wow low the volume Allura it took me an hour to get her to sleep” The team walk close to Lance “Lance is that?” Pidge said “Yep…is a baby” Lance answer “A galra baby Lance” Allura said “so? Is still being a baby and it looks like it’s only months old” Lance said a little mad “Lance…are you planing to keep it?” Shiro ask “ummm I….c'mom guys would you leave it?” Everyone remains silence “would you really leave a baby? a creature who hasn’t done anything bad?” Lance ask “Lance is a galra” pidge say “so what? Keith is a galra and he’s not bad the blade of marmora are galras and they’re not bad” Lance said to pidge “like my father use to say a baby is like a clean canvas you can decide if what you paint and create it at your will, this baby hasn’t done anything bad and is not gonna do it” Lance say staring at his team “I’m with Lance” hunk say “it’s just a baby” hunk say “alright” Allura say “you can keep it…but! You take care of it” Allura say “thanks princess” Lance knew everything he need to knew about taking care of babies the only problem was this was a galra baby.
They got into the castle and launch out of the planet Lance was sitting far away from everyone rocking again the galra baby that wake up “so…” pidge say walking close to Lance “is it a boy or a girl” pidge was really curious about the baby they’ve never seen a galra baby before “Its a girl I…already check” Lance said “and are you planing to name it or it’s gonna be call the baby for the rest of her life” hunk say sitting next to Lance “I don’t know I’ve never named a baby before” Lance kept thinking and suddenly “Liara” Keith say “huh?” Lance look at Keith “how about Liara?” Keith say looking away “hey! For the first time you say something I like mullet” Lance say and turn at the baby “so do you like it Liara” Liara answered with a giggle “I’ll take that as a yes” some hours later the team was in the dinning room except Lance “Is Lance not eating?” Coran ask “he’s taking care of the baby” Shiro said “Liara” Keith reply “the baby’s name is Liara” he looked up “oh so Lance already name it” Allura said she really dislike the idea of having a full blood galra on her castle but in some point Lance was right it was only a baby, the team look at the door and they saw Lance walking to the ships, they all stand up and went to the hangar where Lance was “Lance where are you going?” Shiro ask “oh to the space mall” Lance answered “why?” Coran ask “well I need to buy some stuffs” Lance answer again “with what money” pidge say “I have my own money pidge” Lance said to pidge “what stuffs you need” hunk ask Lance “well I need a crib, some baby powder, diapers, baby clothes, some formula milk, also a baby bottle, some toys, I need a lot of stuffs and I’m pretty sure I can get those in the space mall” Lance answers the team quick notice everything Lance was buying was for Liara “well I’ll be back in while” Lance said “wow wow Lance hold on wait just a second” Hunk leave the room they wait for 15 minutes and then hunk came back with a baby sit “here for Liara and don’t buy the crib I’ll make one” Hunk said breathless “oh man thanks hunk” Lance knew he could count on hunk “ok I’ll be back in while” and so Lance leave to buy all the stuffs he need after three hours he was back.
Lance was trying to get all the stuffs he bought and Liara out but they where just too many “here let me help” Keith said coming out of nowhere “wow! Damn it Keith ok 1 thanks for your help and 2 don’t scare me like that ever again” Lance grab the bag that have the formula and head to the kitchen leaving Keith with the other bags “ok ok ok” Lance was making the milk because he knew Liara was hungry she’s been crying the hold trip “Lance you got a phone number here” Keith said as he walk with the stuffs to the kitchen with the rest of the team “oh is probably from that really nice lady who hold Liara when I was buying the diapers” Lance said making the formula, once the formula was done he feed Liara who ate like a little monster, the days past and the team start to notice Lance big energy corny jokes and stupid flirt was no longer there he was still being a good paladin but Liara was draining Lance energy slowly she had a lot of energy she was awake the whole night and slept little naps on the day.
“Guys” Lance said with a voice like he just wake up “Good morning La-AHHHH! What happen to you?!” Hunk said and everyone turn at Lance, he had huge eye bags keith was sure Lance had use the same shirt for 5 days on a row and no one remember when was the last time they saw Lance with his face mask “has anyone seen Liara bunny is a tow like this big and she loves it” Lance said showing how big the toy was with his hands “i think I saw it in the kitchen” pidge said “great thanks” Lance say walking to the kitchen while yawning, the team stop everything they were doing and walk to Lance “Lance have you done your face mask recently” Shiro ask “Shiro I haven’t shower in like four days do you think I have time for a face mask” Lance say “there you are” Lance pick up the bunny “have you been getting enough sleep?” Keith ask “well taking in count Liara don’t know what’s the concept of sleep no I haven’t” Lance answers as he walk to his room his door open and the team was surprise Lance was someone really neat he always kept everything clean including himself but now Lance room was a total disaster there where toys everywhere the bed had spilt milk on top and Liara was in the crib hunk and pidge made crying extending her arms to be pick up by Lance, “hey there Liara look what I found” Lance hand Liara the bunny and pick her up to lay down with her in the bed, he lay down not caring if there was milk on his sheets he also lay Liara beside him and let her play with her toy next him as he slowly close his eyes to take a deserve small nap

To be continue

(I’m gonna draw Liara and single dad Lance looking like a mess this is gonna be so fun))

honestly???? all it really comes down to is me wanting a mom. that is literally all i want. i want to be taken care of without having to worry about what i need to give back in order to keep that person from taking their problems out on me. @ universe i literally only want this One Thing

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Why is Bioshock Infinite about nothing? It wasn't perfect but it had the Booker-Elizabeth relationship and a bunch of thematic stuff. And how does that extend to Far Cry 5? Just in a sort of "fight evil bad guys, beat the big bad" kind of way?

Bioshock Infinite wasn’t really about anything like, thematically I mean.

Obviously it had a narrative, but despite the setting and window dressings used it had absolutely nothing to say about racism when that was implied to be the entire thrust of the story.

“Racism is bad, also going too far and killing children is bad.” is like, a prehistoric ice age take

Trollhunters Gem AU - Cracked

Summary: Jim’s gemstone is cracked during the Battle of the Bridges, and he throws any semblance of humanity to the wind in order to finish the fight

Toby had watched as it happened.

When Jim was locked in combat with Bular under the bridge, the troll had picked him up and slammed him, gem-first, against one of the beams. The effect had been immediate. Jim’s entire body had flickered upon impact, a clear sign that his gem had been damaged.

They were too far away to help. They had only been able to watch as the Lapis Lazuli that had been chosen as Trollhunter struggled to fight off the vicious Gumm-Gumm, and watch they did. They saw as Jim out-maneuvered his enemy, stabbing him in the chest and sending him plummeting through burning sunlight and into the canal. Jim was victorious, but the ominous flickering of his form reminded them that he hadn’t emerged unscathed.

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