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Captain America is a hero that stands for too many conservative western values, which is not to be tolerated in the forsaken landscape of current Marvel comics. So they had to tinker with the character motivations of the hero and the villain. Since all they have in their arsenal is everyone I don’t like is Hitler they had their Hitler character just start saying things their political opponents would say. Try to confuse and muddle the ideological playing field by claiming the hero and the villain want the same thing. Make even mild patriotism synonymous with third reich authoritarian nationalism. Saying hey let’s have borders and waging war on the world to extend your borders are the same thing right? When your opposition has completely reasonable arguments…just put them in the mouth of an insane dictator right… let’s make them sound ridiculous. Problem is not everyone is that stupid. When you call even minimal defense of American (western) values nazism (hydra) to anyone with half a brain this doesn’t discredit the values Captain America stood for it simply discredits the villain status of your villains. They tried to make Cap the bad guy but instead made Red Skull a good guy. If you make hydra synonymous with conservative/libertarian values you just made hydra a good thing and to anyone whose beliefs are based in ideas and not just labels they would have no problem making it the new label/symbol for those beliefs.

Of course none of this made for a good story, none of it was believable. It was a failed ideological assassination attempt of a fictional character. I was never a big Captain America fan I don’t care about the comics too much, it just blows my mind how petty and transparent that whole thing was. It annoys me how entertainment value was tossed out the window and pushing a political agenda took the steering wheel. And I absolutely love that the response was complete rejection and the resounding response of “hail hydra.”

Die Bastei is a rock formation towering above the Elbe river in the Sandstone Mountains of Sachsen, Eastern Germany. Reaching 305 m above sea level, its jagged rocks were formed by water erosion over 1 million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna near Dresden, and are the main landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the border into the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. The spa town of Rathen is the main base for visiting; the town can be reached from Dresden by paddle steamer on the river Elbe.

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I saw your post about glue and having recently left a job at a craft store I can confirm that this happens everywhere. We were so sold out of glue that all we had left were tiny little bottles that nobody wanted so they just sat there. I hadn't seen actual bottles of glue in that aisle for months. The moment we got any glue in it would be gone in like, a day. Nobody ever got incredibly upset at us, but the glue famine has hit us all.

The Glue Blight extends far beyond  our borders. 


Ustaše Troops.

A Croatian fascist, ultranationalist and terrorist organization, active, in its original form, between 1929 and 1945. Its members murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, Roma (Gypsies) as well as political dissidents in Yugoslavia during World War II.

The ideology of the movement was a blend of fascism, Roman Catholicism and Croatian nationalism.The Ustaše supported the creation of a Greater Croatia that would span the Drina River and extend to the border of Belgrade.The movement emphasized the need for a racially “pure” Croatia and promoted genocide against Serbs, Jews and Romani people, and persecution of anti-fascist or dissident Croats and Bosniaks.

The Ustaše were fiercely Catholic, identifying it with Croatian nationalism.They declared that the Catholic and Muslim faiths were the religions of the Croatian people. They claimed the Islam of the Bosniaks was a religion which “keeps true the blood of Croats”.

When it was founded in 1930, as Ustaša – Croatian Revolutionary Organization (Croatian: Ustaša – Hrvatska revolucionarna organizacija) it was a nationalist organization that sought to create an independent Croatian state. When the Ustaše came to power in the NDH, a quasi-protectorate established by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany during World War II, its military wings became the Army of the Independent State of Croatia and the Ustaše militia (Croatian: Ustaška vojnica).

The movement functioned as a terrorist organization before World War II but in April 1941, they were appointed to rule a part of Axis-occupied Yugoslavia as the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), which has been described as both an Italian-German quasi-protectorate,and as a puppet state of Nazi Germany.
The NDH collaborated with the Italian and German occupation forces in Yugoslavia in fighting an increasingly unsuccessful campaign against the resistance forces, the Yugoslav Partisans, who were recognized in late November 1943 as the military of the Allied Yugoslav state. As German forces withdrew from Yugoslavia in 1944/1945, the Ustaše organized an exodus from the country, which led to the Bleiburg repatriations.

diogenesvonneumann said: Alawites are about 10% of the Syrian population, fighting a war to maintain their dominance over the majority Sunnis is pretty close to imperialism. And Russia supporting Assad in that war to maintain access to their naval base definitely is. On the other hand the other aspiring rulers of Syria are probably even worse.

If a sufficiently nasty war broke out in the Middle East that resulted in forced ethnic relocation similar to what happened in Europe at the end of WWII and the Yugoslav Wars resulting in relatively monolithic ethnostates, would that make the situation more fucked up or less fucked up or just a different variety of fucked up.

(Because as people keep pointing out, Europe has been suspiciously peaceful since right-wing nationalists achieved their dream of neatly reshuffling all the people and borders to line up, barring some over enthusiasm where they mistakenly thought the German border might extend a thousand miles into Russia).

Mayor Cardinal announced today that – after months of extending loans and other budgetary aid to the struggling community – her and Mayor Cardozo of Desert Bluffs agreed that the path to financial stability lay in (I can’t believe I’m saying this) merging the two towns.

As of this week, Night Vale’s borders will extend to include the dumb buildings that used to belong to Desert Bluffs, and all the weirdos that for some reason chose to live there.



Eurycea lucifuga-Cave Salamander

Geographic Range                  

Found throughout most of Kentucky, reaching up into the southwest tip of Ohio and into much of southern Indiana.  From there, the range extends from the southern tip of Illinois, southern Missouri, northern Arkansas, the northeast tip of Oklahoma and the southeast tip  of Kansas.  The range also covers central and eastern Tennessee, the northern portions of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, and extends up the border between the Virginias. Breeding occurs from September to February (possibly later in some areas), and can occur twice in the same year.  Females have been found with 5-120 eggs. Eggs have only rarely been found, they are laid singly, apparently in deep recesses in cave streams and springs (Collins, et. al, 1995, Petranka 1998).  Small larvae, approximately 17.5 mm, emerge that are uniform in color with three longitudinal rows of spots and a broad tail fin. E. lucifuga eat many kinds of invertebrates, including many kinds of insects, mites, ticks, isopods, earthworms, and other soft-bodied creatures. At least one study has found juvenile slimy salamanders (Plethodon glutinosus) in the stomachs of specimens of this species (Petranka, 1998).  It has a baletoid tongue which it uses in combination with a short lunge to capture its prey, being able to fully extend the tongue in approximately 5.5 milliseconds (Deban 1996).  They have long, angled vomerine teeth accompanied by parasphenoid teeth which form club-shaped patches

This species is endangered in Kansas, but currently has no federal status.  Activities by humans in and around the caves in addition to groundwater pollution have been thought to be the potential sources of the decline in populations.

Information from ADW


last week we went to the ‘Bohemian Switzerland’ NP (beautiful as it is, it looks nothing like Switzerland - no mountains to start with, no cows, no watch shops..) which is famous for its rock formations, lots of Germans (as the NP extends over the border where it becomes the ‘Saxon Switzerland’), and, unexplainably, the locals’ passion for trpaslíci - the closest translation would be a dwarf in the sense of the fairytale creature, tiny men living in the woods.

I was going through unhinged and one card in particular really confused me.

Not because i don’t understand it, but because i do. IT’s from an un-set but i can’t find anything particularly un-set about it. It looks entirely like an genuine and reasonable magic card (apart from extended art and silver border) that would see black border print. I’m baffled by the fact there’s nothing weird about it.