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Date a girl who doesnt seem to have bones, who is sometimes tall and thin and sometimes short and fat, who can coil around you like a snake when you cuddle, who grows limbs from any part of her body whenever it suits her, that look normal at first glance until they bend at unnatural angles or extend to reach across the room,

As someone who came to yoga already very flexible, I used to always take the deepest option of poses, assuming they were the “best” option. But the deepest version of a pose isn’t “the best”, it’s just another version, and not always the one that will feel best on your body that day. For example, when I do Extended Side Angle with my forearm on my thigh I’m able to rotate my chest open to a degree that I cannot get with my hand on the ground. Experimenting with poses helps one to deepen their practice by finding out what works best for them and their own body. Join me @lucentyoga at the times listed below and find out how to get the most from your practice.
Friday - 7pm
Saturday- 4:30pm


I could feel my gray wrappings being inexorably stripped away, and small bright streaks of pain shot through me like lightning bolts piercing clouds.

I had no wish to come back, no desire to feel again. I didn’t want to know love, only to have it ripped away once more.

But it was too late. I knew that, even as I fought to hold the gray shroud around me. Fighting only hastened its dissolution; it was like grasping shreds of cloud, that vanished in cold mist between my fingers. I could feel the light coming, blinding and searing.

Starting your day with yoga gets your body going while setting your mind at ease. Although it can sometimes be tough to get up earlier to make the time for your practice, it’s always worth it, as the rest of the day seems to always run more smoothly. So set your alarms just a wee bit earlier than normal and join me @sanghayogashala on Wednesday and Thursday at the times below.
Wed 7:30am - Core Vinyasa
Thurs 6:30am - Yoga Express Hour

The Ladynoir Diaries (for insanitysbloomings)

Sliding a letter opener under the lip of the bulky yellow envelope, Alya tentatively pried the parcel open as though it was a bomb…which for all she knew, it might have been.

She didn’t quite know what to make of the parcel labeled Exclusive Ladyblog Content that she found waiting for her in the mailbox when she got home from school. Her cautious side warned her that this could be a trap set by one of the many (lower quality) Ladybug and Chat Noir fan blogs that had cropped up as the Ladyblog got more and more popular. On the other hand, Alya couldn’t exactly keep the blog going herself. The Ladyblog was a one woman production, and if Alya wanted to keep it the leading source of all Ladybug info, she had to take whatever help she could get.

Still…didn’t hurt to be careful.

After making reasonably sure the package didn’t contain any shifty wires, oil stains, or anthrax, she tipped the contents onto her desk with a raised eyebrow. A small, black flash drive slid across her workstation, followed by a small slip of paper. In neat, flowy cursive that seemed irritatingly familiar, the note read simply: For Our Biggest Fan~


Heart pounding, she fumbled as she tried to jam the flash drive into her laptop as quickly as possible. She bounced up and down in her seat as she opened the folder titled January, fingers trembling as she clicked on the first video simply labeled Hello!


She nearly had a heart attack as Ladybug’s smiling face filled the screen.


Hi there!” Ladybug said, scratching the back of her neck with a sheepish smile. “I know this is probably a surprise, but hopefully it’s a good one?”


Ladybug was standing on a rooftop overlooking a park, pacing as she talked into the camera. “I…well we wanted to put together something to thank you for all the stellar work you’ve done on the Ladyblog. We figured out Chat’s communicator could take videos—probably to record evidence or something—so, naturally, we decided to start shooting a few patrols; one a month for the past year.”


Alya’s heart was in her throat as Ladybug bit her lip, looking away with a small laugh, before turning back to the lens. “We, uh…we got more than we thought we would and wanted to share some of it with you…so, hope you enjoy?”


Ladybug did a little finger wave at the camera, before the feed cut off, leaving Alya staring at a series of folders, each dated and organized so she could easily thumb through at her leisure. She had a pile of homework to do, a test to study for, and sisters to mind. But she supposed clicking on one video couldn’t hurt.

Just one…for now.


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Join me this weekend to let go of the past, stop worrying about the future, and create serenity living in the present.
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
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Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

Author’s Note: Hot mess Tony turned out to be quite popular, so here’s my thank you fic to all of you lovely people, featuring even more of a hot mess!Tony. Thanks for choosing to follow me.

he said 7 and its 7:30 should i call him?

dude, he lives across the hall go fucking knock and stop asking me for dating advice

but youre so good at it

goodnight steve!

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Yoga Poses that Help Build Muscles for Inversions By: Sunny Yogi

For inversions, arm and core strength are really important.  Here are some of my favorite poses that I like to incorporate into my practice that help strengthen my body up for inversions.  

I am not a certified yoga teacher and these poses are just based off of my experience. 

Downward Facing Dog: This pose is great for building up muscle in the arms and shoulders.  You can also do 3 legged downward dog to add a stretch in the legs. 

Dolphin Pose: This pose is great for shoulders and triceps.  This is also a great prep pose for forearm stands. 

Chaturanga: I incorporate a lot of these into my practice. Chaturanga’s are great for arm and core strength.  You could do a three legged chaturanga if you want to give yourself a little challenge :) 

Plank: A great pose for building strength in the core.  You can go on your forearms too, if you want. 

Side Plank Pose: Good for the core and obliques!  You can go on your forearms or play around with you leg placement. 

Extended Side Angle Pose: I like to challenge myself by raising both of my arms so only my core is working here.  You can clasp your hands in front of you or make them into an “L” shape.  

Warrior III: This pose is great for the core and for balance.  Your hands can be out in front of you, beside you, in a prayer position, or clasped behind you. 

Boat Pose: This is great for the core.  I like to fold down to the ground (until I’m like 2 inches from the ground) and hold it there for 3-4 breaths.  You can also incorporate crunches into this pose! 

Crow Pose: Arm balances are really great for gaining strength in the core AND the arms.  

Other tips:  Another thing I find that really builds core muscles is going slow and having a lot of control in transitions.  Next time you practice, really practice controlling yourself and moving slowly into each pose.  

Good luck! And please be patient. Results don’t show up right away.  If you start getting discouraged, smile and tell yourself that you can do it! :) 


With each pose there is a puzzle, a vexing aspect where you are presented with a predicament that prevents you from easily perceiving something that seems like it ought to be obvious. In this case, Extended Side Angle posture or Utthita Parsvakonasana, you are asked to make a diagonal line with your back leg, spine, and top arm while also keeping these 3 parts of you lined up in the side plane. Sounds easy enough but this apparently simple task turns out to be a complex puzzle that is vexingly difficult to solve. In this Asana Kitchen I walk you through the transition into and out of the posture, the actions in the state of the asana, how to make compromises and adjust the posture to fit your specific body and circumstances, and how to work on the vexing puzzle of this beautiful posture.
❤ Join me in Bend, Oregon, December 1st-3rd, at Ashtanga Yoga Bend for a weekend workshop.
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10 Essential Yoga Poses to Strengthen Athletes.

1. Triangle Pose

2. Extended Side Angle Pose

3. Downward Dog

4. Low Pyramid Pose

5. Warrior I

6. Lunge Variation

7. Low Lunge with Quad Stretch Variation

8. Pigeon Pose

9. Shoelace Pose

10. Reclined Spinal Twist

Yoga also helps make athletes(especially runners), more flexible.

Try to do each pose for 3-6 breaths (or 30-60 seconds) at least twice a week.

*follow my blog for more cross training workouts like yoga.

So you want to cosplay the bamf Evie Frye, but you can’t help but stare in wonder at the beauty of it. It being that intimidating as fuck jacket. This thing took over my life for over a month, to the point that I dreamed about the thing. It took about 40 hours to complete, cost me over $100 in new materials, and weighs about 3lbs just by itself. But the butt cape goes swoosh when I walk so that’s all that matters. Of course, you can supplement the materials I used for different, cheaper, lighter materials. My goal here is to make your construction process as easy as I possibly can. I suffered through the trial and error, I might as well tell others what worked for me and what didn’t!

This tutorial will be broken down into sections to make explaining things easier, however this jacket was NOT an easy thing to accomplish. I’d highly suggest only attempting this if you feel comfortable with heavy weight fabrics and sewing in general, but I’d never try to put off someone who’s looking for a challenge!

Yes, this thing is just as long as you’d expect it to be. 

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Ghetto Cosplay Make-up Tutorial....Zuko

Okay….so I feel like making my face look like the banished Prince of The Fire Nation…

But I has not fancy products…so Imma show you how to look like Zuko…with sh** you can get at Rite Aide, Walgreens, CVS or your neighborhood pharmacy/convenience store place

I will be using a claire’s pallet…and glue…and generic eyeliner…

I had started look before deciding to do a tutorial

apply glue to face…make-sure you are NOT allergic to the glue…

as glue dries pat on area to create scary skin texture…(i’m using the back of some tweezers)

apply more glue…and pat as it dries…you will do this about 5 times…

on your final coat…drag your tool across the glue in slow sweeps to give the wrinkled damage/saggy/scarred skin effect that Zuko has

for eyebrow…make your eyebrows more angled and extended them a little father that my normal eyebrow

…I chose to make his brows a little thicker (I think its more masculine on my facial structure) reference photos are key…but as well a knowledge of how to make your face look more masculine (contouring was also done here…but webcam doesn’t show it well…but contouring the natural angles of your face, no rounded shading, sharp angles.) as for eyeliner, if you have naturally long and thin eyes…just do a normal tight-line…but if you have eyes like mine…concentrate the liner on the outer edge and bottom waterline

Now on to make-up. I’m using a mixture of reds, pinks and browns/bronze colors in eyeshadow….because that’s what I have. Dusty rose and deep red lipsticks (or blushes mixed with a Vaseline) work better…because it will stick more to the glue base you now have…

keep adding color until it gets to what you want it to look like

Pat on the color. don’t rub…it will rub off the glue

and DONE

kreebby  asked:

Prompt: Solas teaching lavallan elven dances he learned "from the fade" in his study, written from Dorian's perspective as he eavesdrops and watches.

My contribution to the first Fluffy Friday! (even though its just shy of an hour into Saturday here shhhhh…. Sometimes a drabble turns into a 1000+ word fic.)

Set shortly after Ma Halamshiral and before Undeserved Comfort.


A Curious Eye

Dorian kicked his feet up onto the edge of the banister, sinking back into his leather chair. Dragging his seat close enough to have a proper footrest was one of the benefits of staying up late in the library. As the others who regularly lingered there retired for the evening, he felt free to move the furniture around as it pleased him. He propped his book up against his legs, thumbing through the aged pages. The rotunda had fallen still; silent save for the intermittent squawking of those wretched birds upstairs and the occasional shuffle of papers below him. Solas was clearly up late, but that was no surprise. From the way he obsessed over the Fade, Dorian would have assumed the elf would take every opportunity to sleep. Yet he regularly kept late hours, often still working silently on whatever it was he was trying to accomplish when Dorian left each night.

He heard Isii’s voice as she entered the study below – again, little surprise there. She’d been a regular fixture in the rotunda for weeks now. For a woman in charge of a world-defining organization, she certainly seemed to dedicate much of her time to the sole purpose of making moon eyes at Solas, or so it would appear. Dorian found her little infatuation adorable, if not ill-considered. Honestly, he couldn’t truly understand what she saw in the man. He found the elf arrogant and unwilling to budge from his opinions. He seemed to take the issue of Tevinter slavery personally and to outlandish extremes. Dorian could understand that it was a less-than-savory practice, but to judge him for not single-handedly tearing down the establishment was ludicrous. Solas was clearly brilliant when it came to the depth of his understanding of magic and his grasp of history was impressive, if a bit biased. Dorian would never admit this aloud however, for fear that the poor man’s ego would crack through that shiny bald head of his if such things were said within earshot. Intellectual acuity alone could not explain Isii’s growing attachment to him.

Though after Solas’s little performance at Halamshiral with that steamy kiss Dorian had unwittingly stumbled across, he could understand at least a part of her attraction. She certainly appeared to be enjoying herself. He’d heard Solas make some excuse the following day that he had had too much to drink, apologizing for his inappropriate behavior much to the poor girl’s disappointment. Dorian had snickered quietly to himself when he’d eavesdropped on that little gem. Of course it had been the result of drink. In no other fashion could he imagine the elf straying from his polite impassive decorum to thrill the beautiful woman who was practically throwing herself at him. The image of Solas as some passionate lover held a bizarre hilarity for Dorian. He truly felt sorry for the Inquisitor if that was what she hoped to gain from such a pairing.

Dorian heard their conversation with a passive ear, focused more on the text in front of him than the elves below him. Solas seemed to be droning on about his travels in the Fade- something relating to the ancient customs of Arlathan. Isii peppered him with questions.

Again, not so different from the usual fare.

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Think all mascaras are the same? Think again, friend-o. Wands come in all shapes and sizes, and for good reason: They all do something different. In this Sephora Glossy post, we shout out beauty brands showing us never-before-seen winks. BECKY PEDERSON

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
There’s a reason the tagline for this baby is, “Bigger. Blacker. Badder.” The triple-black pigments in this formula yield some of the darkest lashes we’ve seen. The high-tech brush separates to hit every lash and build without clumping, so if you’re into intense eye-batting, this one’s for you.

Tarte Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers
Inarguably, falsies look great on everyone, but not all of us are down with putting glue on our lids. Enter: Tarte. The nylon fibers in the mascara primer build on and sculpt natural lashes so they look full and fluttery. The traditional-shaped wand is easy to wedge on the base of your lashes and pull through to the tip for a flashier look.

Lancôme Grandiôse
Ok, so, you know how horses have enviably long manes and eyelashes? Like, if horses were people, they’d be the prettiest people in the room, and you’d spend all your time secretly trying to mimic their looks? Well, Lancôme can’t help you with the mane, but they can help with the lashes: Their patented swan-neck brush is designed to intensify and fan out from root to tip without leaving behind mascara flakes.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Curl Dramatic Volume Mascara
If you are plagued with short, thin, or stick-straight lashes, this is the mascara for you. Unlike typical curling wands that are concave and sometimes hard to wield, this wand is shaped like a rounded hairbrush so you can hit every lash from a horizontal angle. It provides so much volume, it’s like getting a blowout for your lashes.

Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara
Leave it to Josie Maran to reinvent the mascara formula. Hers contains natural argan oil and bamboo to boost lash strength and prevent breakage—all while promising up to 24 hours of wear. Also, the innovative five-sphered brush volumizes and curls for maximum sass.


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LANCÔME / GRANDIÔSE - Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara

External image

TARTE / Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Outrageous Curl – Dramatic Volume And Curve Mascara

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JOSIE MARAN / Argan Black Oil Mascara

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URBAN DECAY / Perversion Mascara & Deluxe Subversion Primer

Utthita Parsvakonasana, aka Extended Side Angle Pose, has been a recent favorite of mine. This pose is a fantastic leg strengthener, although I love it for the amazing side waist, lower back and hip opening. Extended Side Angle is also a chest and shoulder opener as well as helpful for sciatica. Come explore this pose and many others with me tonight in my 7pm Vinyasa class @karenlordpilates. See you there!


For energy, I love poses that take up space, and require a bit of strength and focus to move through. It’s a nice feeling to use my body a bit and have aspects of the movement that are expansive at the same time. Warrior 2, Extended Side Angle and Tree are some of my favorites for the morning.