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I can’t stop thinking about Bitty’s use of the words “fraught” and “opaque” to describe his relationship with his parents. 

I have so many questions. 


obviously the gay thing, the stifling feeling of being closeted and not knowing how much of yourself you’re allowed to be, of not being able to trust the people you should be insanely close to, the constant feeling of DANGER, DANGER that comes from extended interaction with family members

also the fear of “I’ve let too much slip already” with the figure skating and the baking and the beyoncé, even as Coach is including him (somewhat against Bitty’s wishes) in football, fishing, and Guy Talk with him and his uncles

also the fact that his best friend is his mother, but when he hangs out with her and her friends they’re from church circle and all that baggage is hanging over his head, and Suzanne is already hinting about girlfriends and grandbabies and it’s all so MUCH 


maybe the Bittles are that family that focuses on Everything Being Pleasant, with everything deemed uncomfortable or unseemly getting shoved under the rug 

maybe they don’t talk about shit in the Bittle household, or when they do it’s in hushed tones, making it clear that whatever conversation is happening, Bitty is not a part of it 

he loves his parents, and his parents love him, but Bitty doesn’t know the score, either. he doesn’t know where things stand in their family, what their views and stances are, what lurks under the superficial drama of jam disputes and football stats. he can’t know what coming out would do. he can’t know, and what’s worse, he can’t even bring it up to feel around the issue. 

the Bittle family doesn’t talk. 

everyone is bringing up noah holding sausages and touching male statues as gay coding to his character so i wanted to add some moments i remembered where noah’s subtle interaction or reaction to other guys suggested he was attracted to them

noah’s reaction to justin arriving on the island is a fully accepting smile (trent zeke, and of course owen were other guys already there to smile when justin arrived!)

the famous snuggle against cody’s lap during the tda special, with a smile (its blink and you’ll miss it but the writers were likely throwing a bone to a ship they were aware of, since noco was gigantic around this time)

this one is a personal favorite lmao

there’s also the fact he had extended interactions with owen, who was even more explicitly coded as bi from episode one and seemed really into noah himself. 

i feel the writers were aware the fanbase interpreted noah as gay and built upon/referenced this (esp with that noco hug) and maybe they were baiting or jokes but maybe some writers/animators originally did agree that noah was attracted to men.


I love imagining how the entire strilonde extended family unit interacts with itself considering who they all ended up with like jesus christ imagine john like rose isn’t it hilarious that karkat said we were going to get married but then i dated your mom instead now i am kind of like your step dad ha ha ha and rose is like yes john. hilarious. truly. almost as incandescently poetic as dave and i both falling in love with trolls while our ill fated post scratch incarnations were doomed to die tragic deaths locked in fruitless battle against one. ha ha ha.

john is like rose why do you always do this 

meanwhile karkat and jake are watching romcoms on the couch discussing with great enthusiasm how terribly dashing the protagonist is while their insecure striderian boyfriends squirm with lowkey jealousy of a movie character but they can’t say shit because if they say one single word they give away how much they care and the fact that they’ve been watching all along and who the fuck agreed to this double date

things i want to see more of in batman regarding villains
  • extended villain interactions
  • extended villain interactions outside of the tired we’re-just-doing-this-to-manipulate-and-betray-each-other-at-some-point trope
  • villain team-ups/friendships outside of the gotham city sirens
  • villains having a good time and joyriding away from heists together
  • the inevitable fall-out and squabbles in lock up/arkham until they reluctantly make up and the whole fucking cycle starts again
  • bruce slowly getting more and more hunched over as more and more villains team-up until he’s at the point where all he can say is ‘jUST FUCKING STOP OKAY’
Reaper/Mercy Theory

ok so since literally nobody asked im gonna be posting my really kinda fucked up overwatch theory anyways.

Considering that there isn’t a ton of direct lore found within the games, I started digging around the extended comics, finding character interactions, and just other details about Overwatch and it’s characters that you only get a glimpse of in game, and holy shit I’ve found so much. Particularly connected to Reaper’s situation, and how he might’ve possibly ended up the way he is (what he is however, I’ll get to in a second).

Now we know that Reaper detests Overwatch, but what’s a bit less known is that he directly holds Mercy responsible for what’s happened. The Morrison/Reyes dispute probably contributed to the growing chasm between Reaper and Overwatch, but no way a single matter of favored promotion would be enough to generate that much anger and resentment; nor does it really explain what Mercy had to do with the entire event, and why 76 isn’t seen as responsible instead. But to really understand the whole debacle with Reaper leaving Overwatch, it’s important to try and figure out what’s happening to Reaper, and then work backwards from why he thinks Mercy’s responsible.

Phrased plainly, Reaper’s powers are associated with death. He draws energy from the recently departed, he can become an intangible specter, and even disappear and reappear at will; all things he probably couldn’t do during his Overwatch days. My going theory about why Reaper can do all this shit is because I’d like to think his body is regularly regenerating, his cells die at an alarming rate, but they regenerate just as quickly, so not only does he exfoliate like hell, but it also means that his body is literally on death’s door every second, and is constantly being forced to stay alive. And of course, we only know one person with the ability to resurrect the dead.


Now Mercy isn’t really the sort of person to maliciously force Reyes to eternally stay on death’s door, she’s more Chaotic Good than that. But I do believe during one of her earlier experiments in resuscitation tech (her ult, more specifically) an accident occurred, leaving Reyes not dead, but certainly not alive. But Reyes wasn’t the only one to come out changed from this incident, in fact this affected Mercy as well.

We know very little from the Overwatch days during the omnic crisis, but apparently Mei and Mercy knew one another back in the day. And, according to Mei, Mercy hasn’t aged a day. Given that Mei’s been asleep in cryostasis for 5-10 years, her not aging isn’t very surprising, but Mercy? It raised some questions for me personally, and I think that Mercy’s now in the opposite situation from Reyes, she’s full of life. A boatload really, to the point where she’s kinda got a retroactively immortal situation going on. She doesn’t age, in gameplay if she isn’t being attacked for 3 seconds her health starts regenerating (without the use of her staff); she can still die of course, but it has to be quick or else she starts healing immediately afterwards.

So that’s my current theory on Reaper’s departure from Overwatch and accepting his now edgier moniker, as well as casting some rather interesting light on Mercy. This is all just a bunch of speculation, and if there are flaws in my logic feel free to point them out to me. But that’s all I got, and I’ll leave you with this lovely quote a friend brought to my attention:
(interaction between a Reaper and a 76)

Soldier 76: "Aren’t you supposed to be dead?“
Reaper: "It didn’t stick”

Pride and Prejudice: Jane Bennet [ISFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Though quietly excited about the possibility of a new life, Jane is also content at home. She enjoys the familiar comforts and attaches certain sentimentality to her former experiences. Jane insists she can overcome her affection for Bingley, but can’t help feeling the same intense affection toward Bingley on their later acquaintance than she did during their short earlier courtship. She tends to take people and situations at face value and it is only after extended interactions with Caroline that she sees the woman’s truly “pernicious” nature.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Jane is very sweet and compassionate, willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and always striving to be socially appropriate. Even though she is “reserved” with her feelings (an introvert), she quite happily opens up with Lizzie and confides her delight. She is good-natured, pleasant, and easily pleased. The thought of thinking “badly” of anyone does not sit well with her; she is determined to think the best of both Darcy and Wickham.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Once Jane spends more time with Caroline, she is able to step back and more objectively evaluate Bingley’s sister for who she truly is. Jane tries to reason out a scenario where both Darcy and Wickham are not to blame for their estrangement. Jane’s attempts to detach from Bingley and insist she no longer cares for him shows an ability to analyze and see “rationality” (an imprudent match), but her strong affections for him do win out in the end.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Her approach toward others is a little idealistic and naïve; she refuses to believe their intentions are anything but honorable, even when it comes to Wickham. She doesn’t sense the true reason Bingley left or Lizzie’s changing emotions toward Darcy until others confide the truth in her.


свой - reflexive pronoun, means “one’s own” 

(aka the solution to the “fanfic problem”)

It can replace other possessive pronouns like мой, твой, наш и ваш if the possessor is the same person as the subject

Я часто играю в теннис со своей сестрой.
I often play tennis with my (own) sister.

Although it might seem a bit redundant for мой, it’s very practical to use for third person singular because его и её (и их) are always refer to “someone else” besides the subject. This prevents any confusion when discussing or writing about multiple groups or same-gendered people in particular (hence solving the classic english “fanfic problem” with extended interactions between two or more same-gendered characters.)

Она читает свой новые книги.
She’s reading her (own) new books.

Он читает его новые книги.
He’s reading (someone else’s, masc.) new books.

Let's do the math

Sasuke’s sole reason for getting up in the morning and not wasting away in depression was to get enough strength to kill Itachi until extended interaction with team seven.

When he fought Gaara, he told Naruto to grab Sakura and run. He planned to use the last of his strength to hold off Gaara. He planned to die. His states why: he doesn’t want to watch his precious people die again.

He doesn’t want Sakura to die. Because he holds her dear in his heart.

If you are planning to tweet anyone @1DHQ...

Please consider the tone of your message. Approaching this topic with mature concern instead of blunt outrage is more likely to get results

Good example: “Due to accusations of misconduct by people surrounding 1D, please consider taking steps to ensure the health and safety of young fans…” “This extends to their interactions with 1D and the crew at concerts, on social media, and in public. It is important to protect young fans.”


Bad example: “FIRE THE FCUKBOYS!!!!!” “How dare you keep nasties around???”

Stick to the facts, state your specific concerns, keep calm.


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From the studio that brought you such hits as Dino Parade, Jigsaw Mansion, and LoveSim Live Wallpaper, comes A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda. That studio is Extend Interactive and A.R.E.S. seems to be their first and only “real” game. Real constituting more than just a mobile phone time waster. I got this game as part of the first IndieRoyale bundle. I think I played a few minutes on my laptop before quitting, realizing that I would need a proper mouse to play.

A.R.E.S. is mostly a straightforward side-scrolling action game. You shoot things and they blow up. They also drop knickknacks that you can use to make grenades and upgrade weapons. There is a fair bit of platforming involved as well. A bit too much if you ask me. I found it initially hard to get into for this reason.

My first session with the game was less than twenty minutes. I had a decent time, but I was annoyed with the jumping and cut-scenes. I came back to it later and played for about twenty-five minutes more. I was surprised to see how little I had played when I approached what seemed to be the final boss. I cannot say for certain as I did not finish the game, but my total time so far is forty minutes. I do not yet see much intensive to go back other than to just finish it. Sure, there are secrets. But those only amount to enemy data and the like. I was not so engrossed by the story, but I did get into it more as I played. It consists of a gas that controls robots and the robots want to kill all humans. Brilliant.

As I was saying, the controls don’t work too well for me. I like to play platformers without a mouse. I realize it is the best way to aim in 360 degrees, but having to use one hand to run and jump is frustrating. Perhaps it has to do with how stiff the game controls. There is no acceleration. No momentum. You start running as soon as you press and key and stop as soon as you let go. Precision, you say? Perhaps, but the feel is off. There is no leeway for mistakes. I am not left handed so trying to get perfect timing on double-jumps has proven to be difficult time and time again. The game would have likely been better if I had played it with a controller. Sadly, I left my controller at my girlfriend’s house. She is currently using it as she doesn’t know how to work a keyboard and mouse in conjunction.

I can’t say I recommend A.R.E.S., but it certainly isn’t a bad game. You’d be hard pressed to find something similar on PC right now. Or would you? We’ll find out eventually.

Coming up next: Alpha Protocol

Everyone always talks about how great it would be to have Donut and Flowers interacting, and they’re right, but imagine Flowers and Doc having extended interaction.

Particularly since in the Butch Lives AU, they’ve got the unique experience of having been host to O’Malley for an extended period of time.