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“Got a case, detective?” - Rap Monster Mafia!AU

Case #1: “The homeless bomb maker”

Characters: BTS x reader, Namjoon biaised.

Words: 6058

Type: Smut (next chapter)

WoA: I’m not very happy of the result. Finally i made it a serie. Three chapter to come i think. Smut in the next one (because i’m not a big fan of quickies rn).

               Your eyes were stuck on the brown fluid hairs of the man who opened the door, you were avoiding his eyes and lips smirking, showing how surprisingly pleasant it was for him to find you here. Your eyes wandered behind him where other men in suits were aligned against a beige wall in between shelfs, proudly showing their guns lazily hanged at their hips. You knew the gigantic manor was hiding another hundreds of those men, all in black suit, all armed and ready to shoot any time he rose his pinky. You felt your fingers gripping harder on the files you were holding, and when you heard the raspy voice of the man who opened the door, you automatically lowered your head hiding your tensed face.

“Well, well, well,” he strokes up “look who’s knocking at the den’s door…”

               You refrained from showing your badge, you would have feel a bit more secured if you had, but you weren’t on duty and what you were about to do required you to be a simple civilian. You rose your head, giving him a long stern look. Min Yoongi, 28, lawyer and right hand of the East Seoul’s mafia boss. You knew you had to be careful around him, he wasn’t one you wanted to mess with, his frail and pale figure was a costume behind which one of the most horrific mind you ever had the misfortune to meet was hiding. Like a beast, lurking silently at his prey from behind bushes.

“You’re not the welcome,” his eyes were shining of pure interest, “you know it… So why are you here?”


               You closed your eyes, bit your tongue and tried to take a few seconds to put your thoughts in order. Your brain was a mess, and to be honest, your complete self was a mess. You couldn’t remember the last time you had taken a good night of sleep, your back was hurting from the chair where you worked, ate, slept, drank in. You had taken a quick shower before coming here, but didn’t put any make up on, nor took time to take care of your hairs.

“I want to see your boss…”

“Oh…” his eyes wore a fake surprised expression. Chuckling his fingers tightened on the wooden door, he looked at you from head to toes and sighed. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come back… He’s not here for now.”

“I can wait, until he’s done, or I can call some friends and…”

“Friends?” Yoongi snapped, a devilish smile breaking on his lips. “You don’t have this kind of resources, you and I know that… I’m pretty sure if you called anyone from your department because I was shooting you, no one would come…”

               You froze when you saw his fingers run on the grip of his pistol. He was right, even if you threw an emergency call right now, no one would come for you. Not since you had accused one of your colleague of destroying evidences from embezzlement a few month ago. You had been proven wrong, but couldn’t believe it and kept following your leads anyway. You had been suspended and disgraced by your boss, your own father. Left without any support, you found yourself alone on every case you were given. If you were given one… So, if Yoongi or anyone was to shoot you, you’d be alone. And most certainly dead. You were taken aback by his knowledge. If even the mobsters knew that, it was no good news. You almost felt the urge to crawl back to your floor and never leave it ever again. But feeling the cornered files in your moist hands, you fought the urge and raised your head. If ordering wasn’t working it left you with one thing to do…

“Please!” you begged, keeping Yoongi from closing the door by pushing it with a weak hand.  “I… I know he’s here! I’ve spent the day waiting to see his car come back and… I know he’s here!”

               Annoyance wasn’t a thing you wanted to see on one of the most dangerous man of South Korea, and when you faced it, you felt a cold sweat run down your spine. His eyes darkening, he tried to push the door until you kept opened by the strength of despair. He clearly couldn’t care less about your feelings, and he was the worst of the Seoul’s Seven you could face right now. Any other would either have try to make a deal or just let you in out of curiosity, but Yoongi was inflexible and reasonable, a cop entering this house was dangerous and he knew it.

“What do you want?” he asked on a cold tone, signaling one of the man to come closer.

“I…It’s personal, you don’t get to know.” He rose an eyebrow and shook his head amused.

“I don’t think you get the place you’re in, little girl. I’m not letting you in unless I can explain why I did… Because if I let you in and you have nothing, you and I will be corpse buddies, get it?”

“I…” You gave up and extended your hand to him, giving him the files. “I need some help with it…”

               Yoongi grabbed the file and opened it. You could see his features disformed by the disgust the pictures were provoking. You kind of enjoyed to see a weakness on him right now, but just thinking about the pictures made you feel as weak as he was. He signed you to stay here, and took the file with him as he went to the back of the mansion. You looked at the guard who had replace Yoongi, you didn’t know him and took a long stare to impress his feature in your memory. Your mind wandered as you were waiting and looked at the garden. It was gorgeous, refined and delicate, the exact opposite of the man whom it belongs to. The one Yoongi was certainly showing the pictures to.

               Seconds turned into minutes which felt like hours as you looked at the gardener planting some pink roses. You knew him too. Kim Seokjin, 28 was one of the nicest of the Seven’s. His job remained unclear to you, but from what you understood, he was the one being called when someone messed up or when some bodies had to remain unfound. He would most certainly be the last man who’d see your dead body if you died here. His long fingers where gently pushing the roots deep in the ground, he was focused and looked absolutely harmless. Until someone called him and he rolled his eyes, shoulder slumping and barked some insult in return. You followed his gaze and clenched your fists when you saw who called him.

               Jeon Jungkook, 23, hitman and arms dealer. He was the third whom scared you the most, known for being extremely cruel in his ‘punishment’ towards anyone trying to damage their reputation or taking advantage of them. Your first crime scene, was supposedly his. An absolute mess, the girl had tried to leave a brothel they were holding with some money she had stolen from them. Her body had been found in the living room, her head was in the bathroom next to the burnt by acid body of what supposedly was a client trying to help her. Cruel and savage. You hoped that if the order had been given to kill you, he wouldn’t be the one taking care of it. The body of the prostitute was covered in bruises, cigarette burns and the autopsy had proved she had been strangled repeatedly. Those thoughts were the worst you could have right now, as you realized Seokjin and Jungkook were looking at you smiling. You realized, how unprepared you came when fear rushed in your veins.

“You look terrified” a voice stated behind you, you violently spin round and found yourself facing one of the most beautiful face and smile you ever had been given to see until a while. Those belonging to Park Jimin, 25, the pimp. From far the less terrifying of the Seven’s, if you forgot his bad temper and tendencies to sell and buy women. “And lost… May I help you, darling?” His hand almost reached your cheek, until a big hand fell on his forearm, keeping him from touching you.

Taehyung, 25, drug dealer, stood between you and the pimp. “She’s a cop, dude… Don’t touch her.” You snorted hearing his words and he smiled, taking his sunglasses off revealing a cold and red eyed look, that made you step aside.

“Too bad,” Jimin stated looking at you from top to bottom, devouring you with his eyes, you almost felt naked as he did. “I could have enjoyed her company…”

“You have other toys…” Grunted Taehyung as he engulfed in the house, not giving you a chance to say anything.

“Toys…” Jimin repeated pouting, looking at the dark gate he followed the lead and suddenly turned, fumbling through his pockets, he finally extended a card to you. “If you ever need a change of career, call me… I could help you. You know, some men enjoy their massage when they’re made by dominant ones.”

               You stood, amazed by the proposition and his use of the word ‘massage’ to describe his business. You snorted and laid against one of the pillar, you were running out of patience and your last encountered had put you in a state of rage you had troubles to control. You looked at your cellphone, found out your father had try to call you and closed your eyes shooting in a rock to move it out of your sight. You gave a long look at the guard who was still standing in the door frame. Then, it strokes you: Almost all of the Sevens were in the mansion, which was strange since they avoided being together in case of a police raid. This was an odd timing, only Jung Hoseok was missing.  

“Or not…” you mumbled as a tall slender man came from the street followed by a gigantic Weimaraner, they both came toward the entry running gracefully.

               Jung Hoseok, 27, unknown activity. He was sweating in sport clothes, his bangs held by a headband, obviously coming bag from jogging. His presence in the Seven’s remained a mystery. He never was linked to any troubling case. He didn’t even have any criminal record, not any fine. From his actual look you could see he was absolutely different from the six others, he didn’t drink any alcohol, did any drug nor slept around. Even if he was known as a playboy, you had the opportunity to find out he never took any girl to his place during a stakeout. He was more like a butler to all of them. He had inherited is family fortune and didn’t work at all. The fact that he wasn’t swimming in dark waters didn’t meant he wasn’t dangerous, for this reason you decided too remain extremely careful.

“H-Hello…” He managed to say breathlessly, bending as he stopped in front of you, his hands to his bare knees, he caressed and congratulate the dog gently.

“He seems nice…” you approached your hand from the dog when Hoseok snapped your hand away when the dog growled.

“He’s not.” Hoseok looked at you for a while and at the guard after letting out a pained groan. “I’m going to ask you to turn around, hands on the wall, miss Y/L/N.”

“E-excuse me?!” You blurted out, making the guard laugh.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just going to take your phone, gun and all arms that you could try to hide, miss Y/L/N.” he interrupted you smiling politely. “You’d do the same if I came to the police station, no?”

“Well, you’re a criminal…” you mumbled as you put your hands against the wall you faced.

“That remains to be proven.” He said as he tthrew your gun to the guard, catching your worried look he smiled. “Don’t be this afraid… If he’s letting you in, he’ll let you out. You know him. He’s not such a villain…”

               You tried really hard to focus on the long list of cops and civilians that the Seven’s had killed to this day instead of the warm hands which were running on your body giving you chills. This situation, and the silent pleasure you were having out of it reminded you that it had been a long time since man’s hand had fallen on you. He thoroughly felt every part of your body, twice, making you jump and when he reached your lower back. You blushed when he took a step back.

“Let her in,” he said looking at the frowning guard, he grabbed your wrist and looked into your eyes. “there’s no answer for you here, I hope you understand here. This is pointless, even if they knew anything, they’d never say anything to you… Unless you want to get your hands dirtied. And I know you, I’ve studied you as much as you studied us, you won’t get your hands dirty.”

“I’m not…” You turned silent as he smiled nodding and you laughed, an idea sparkling. “Infos… You’re handling all information needed for them to make good deals, is it?”

“I’m not a criminal, is the only thing I am allowed to say.” He replied on a cold tone entering the house, followed by his dog.

“Because of you, they commit crimes and the victims never get justice… That’s the definition of a criminal Mr. Jung…” you jogged behind him as he signed you to.

“Justice…” He shook his head. “You’re living in a fairytale Y/N… I guess you’re too naïve to even realize the world you’re living in.”

“Enlighten me, then…”

               Your voice echoed on the walls of the corridor. All the doors were locked, a measure they certainly took to avoid you from seeing something you shouldn’t see. You silently thanked them, seeing anything illegal would force you to close your eyes on it, or attempt to arrest them and die.

“You think cops are working against the mob, for starter…” he said, stopping in front of the last door, the biggest one. “They’re working hands in hands, needing each other… There’s no need for cops if there’s no mob. No mob needed if there’s no cop, that’s cause and effect miss Y/L/N…”

“Oh please…” you muffled rolling your eyes, he smiled gently.

“Avoid this when you’re in front of them… I’m not taking offence but they will…” His hand landed on the door’s handle. “You can still turn around, are you sure you want to go in there? There’s no turning back once you’re in.”

               His words were full of empathy and he seemed sincerely worried, it was making your heart flutter a bit, you had to admit. He really seemed like the perfect gentleman, and caretaker. You looked at your feet for a while, reminding yourself of why you were here and how this feeling of security won’t last once you’ll go through the door.

“If I had any other choice, I wouldn’t be there…” you finally said smiling to him, he shook his head and opened the door, letting you the place to go in. “You’re not coming?”

“I already know everything that will be said… If needed, Mr. Kim will call me.”

               He gave you one last look, and went back to the entry, letting you with an opened door and the dog to watch your every move. You took a deep breath and thought for a while. You really didn’t have much choice; this case was too much for you to handle it alone. And your father had been really clear on that matter: he won’t partner you up until a new guy comes in, the other were now too dangerous for you. You had no information, no witness, the forensics found no evidence… And a murder like this one was either the beginning of a long series or the job of a professional. Either way, you couldn’t wait and hope for a new victim. Especially not when it was this awful.

               You took a deep breath and regretted not having a flask to gulp some liquid courage from. You pushed the door a bit more and listened quietly. Not a single sound. Given what Hoseok just told you, they were supposedly all in here, chatters should be heard no? Six young man weren’t the most silent thing in this world. You jumped when you heard them all roaring. From where you were you could see an empty oak desk and some empty leather couches.

“Jimin!” a voice exploded over all the others, a voice you had never heard, deep and powerful enough to silence everyone. “I thought I have been clear the last time, I won’t tolerate cheating…”

“You have to accept it, Namjoon, he worked hard to beat you and he finally succeeded you’re not the boss anymore.” Said Taehyung.

               You pushed the door until it hit the wall behind it and came in. You found the six of them around a pool table. Five of them turned around at the sound of the door hitting the wall, the five you saw before. The mood had rapidly changed, obviously since all of them where giving you a dark look and smiles disappeared off their features. You blushed under their stare and refrain from looking down. This was not the moment for you to look weak, shy or embarrassed. Those six were devils hidden in men bodies. It occurred to you only now, that they all were pretty beautiful. Sweet features, and angelic faces for monsters, you silently judged.

               The sixth one, still had his back facing you. He bent and holding his pool cue, about to break the perfect triangle Jin just made. You came closer and admired his feature. It strokes you how beautiful and focused he was as he was observing the pool. Kim Namjoon, 26, boss and leader of the Seven’s. You only had seen him in picture, some said he almost never left this mansion because he was paranoid. Some others said he was only getting out when someone screwed and conclude deals with the Triads. But everyone agreed to say it was for the best. You cleared your throat and he gave you a quick glance.

“Out,” he said straightening, when he noticed from the corner of his eyes how tensed Jungkook had become, you and him were sharing one of this look, you hadn’t been able to prove how he was the killer during your first case, but had made it pretty clear that you won’t drop until you could prove it. You since had dropped the case, but no one knew, not even your ex-partner. When Seokjin asked if they needed to get out to, Namjoon just nodded, staring at you.

His order clearly surprised all of them, and when Yoongi opened his mouth to protest, Namjoon hit the wooden floor with the cue. No place for discussing orders, you almost smiled to Yoongi, but controlled your will, it would only make him furious and you closer to a terrifying end for this life. As they all left, you felt the weight on your shoulder increase. He bent and broke the triangle in a swift move, sending three balls in a hole. You pinched your lips and looked around, the room was gigantic, and felt like out of movie, walls of a deep green, leather seats, pool game, hi-fi, gigantic TV screen, and two book case the side of a wall each. You found some card box in the corner, full of books too.

“I always run out of place…” he broke the silence, you were surprised by his tone: nice and casual, you were expecting him to scold you, not to explain you that he had issues with house arrangement. It made you a bit more comfortable. He went on the other side of the pool, letting you catch a glimpse of his perfume, delicate but manly, santal or patchouli, you weren’t sure, something incredibly warm and welcoming, opposite to who he had to be. Actually, nothing was showing who he was, except from time to time this position of his shoulder, straight. Natural born leader always fascinated you, they had this charisma that impressed you. But now wasn’t the time to be impressed, you reminded yourself silently. He had this charisma flooding out of him, each move, each look, everything seemed to obey to his orders. He groaned when he missed his shot and sighed deeply as the white ball went in a hole. He dropped his cue against the wall and looked at you for a while.

“I’m sorry…” you started, he smiled and this instantly made you freeze. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

               You almost gasp out of surprise at your own words and tone. It was the exact opposite of what you needed to look like, and this hadn’t escaped him. You blamed this on Hoseok he had made you way too comfortable.

“But you did.” He said suddenly cold, grabbing a pack of cigarette. “So… You’re here, on a Sunday, interrupting a nice afternoon and showing me pictures of… What used to be a human being, for an excellent reason I guess? Because I’m not the type of person that waste time on such things as death, and an excellent cop as you know it.”

               His tone was cold yet an amused smile was extending his lips. And once again, his beauty was revealed, crudely to you, shaking a part of your soul that had not be shaken in a while. You looked down to your feet and bit your lips, trying to hide the blush his compliment had provoked, no one at the station would say this to you. But somehow the way he introduced the subject was the worst one, it was frightening you. What could he even do? A man was died, why shall he move a single finger?

“I need help…” you ended up saying as he lit his cigarette, his warm and deep brown orbs falling on you, he laid his head against the wall and spit his smoke out. He had something of Tony Leung, you thought remembering a movie. His white shirt, undone tie, suspenders and black suit pant. “I have nothing on this, and I know it happened on your territory… I know for sure you have eyes and ears everywhere… I thought maybe you had something that could help me.”

“You thought…” he repeated, he went to the drawer were stood a katana and you froze when he opened the drawer and got a gun out. “You thought I would help you…” he smirked, his cigarette locked in between his lips.

“I mean…” you said, trying to stabilize your voice and gulped when he put some bullets in the barrel. “I didn’t think you’d know nothing… I have identification, but nobody really knew this man. It seems he was a scientist before… And I know your time can be precious, but a life has been taken and to me this is important… I… I mean you saw the pictures”

“To be entirely honest,” he said closing the barrel, making you close your eyes. “The only reason why we let you in, is because Jimin told me you were hot.”

               You felt all colors drained off your face when he said those words, and bit your inner cheek. How foolish of you to think he was going to listen to you? Especially since your composure had obviously stayed at the door. He gave you a long-satisfied look, and you shook your head. The anger you had refrained since weeks, all the frustrations, all came out and you failed to stop your emotions from flooding.

“You’re like them…” you groaned, looking at him straight in the eyes, a glimpse of surprise crossing them at your change of tone. “Nobody gives a shit if a homeless man got his ribcage ripped out of his chest… He’s just a hobo, why shall you care?” He frowned, and you felt anger rise even more as he seemed absolutely impassive. “He has been beaten up, stabbed, open from the pubis to his throat, his heart and lungs ripped out… His last minutes must have been hell. He must have beg to die and you… And you’re letting me in because I’m pretty? And you expect me to jump around in happiness? I’m not one of your bitch, I don’t give a shit being noticed, I want this poor man’s death to be resolved! I want justice, I want to make it so it’s not vain… Because if it is…”

“If it is?” he asked, sitting on the pool board, his question surprised you. “What if it’s vain?”

“If it’s vain… I won’t… I…” you frowned as he snorted.

“It’s always vain. The man is dead, you’re running after a killer for what? Avenge him? I’m afraid you’re too late, baby…”

“Don’t baby me” you snapped going to him, facing him proudly, making him smile. “And, I care.”

“You care about every homeless guy dying? Then open a goddam hotel and welcome them all… They’ll be safe under your watch officer.” He returned your dark look a hundredfold, making your will vanish. “I’m not the red cross, or SOS murder… I’m a…”

“A jerk?” you asked as he fell silent, you immediately regretted your words and closed your eyes when he grabbed your neck. His fingers deepening in your skin, ou weren’t sure what you’ll get out of here, but bruises were an option.

“Show a little respect, officer, or I’ll teach you the hard way. Get it?” You gulped and grabbed his wrist trying to get rid of his hand, a tender smile broke his face. “Who are the others?” as you frowned when he let you go, he explained “you said I’m like the others…”

“Colleagues. My look comes first, abilities last…” you whispered as he went to the minibar and got two glasses out. “They don’t understand why I took the case, it was a dead end before we even investigate to them…”

“Is it a dead end?” he asked, showing you a bottle of whisky and smiled when you nodded. “And your old man gave you the case to keep you from burying old case of police officers receiving bribes?”

“No, he tried to keep me off this, but I fought a bit… And here I am, begging a gangster to help me… I’m…” you shut your mouth and closed your eyes, your hands running on the wooden cue, some of his warmth was left on it, you grabbed it and bent to play. “May I?”

“If it pleases you, enjoy…” he laid against the bar and smiled when you sent two balls in opposite holes, making ice turn in his drink. “You’re a player?”

“Not really, I just… I know physics, and my father used to take me to his pool club when I was a kid…”

“After your mother’s death?” you looked at him for a while surprised he even knew it, you nodded. “Sad thing, I heard it was… Awful.”

“I never really knew what happened…” you muttered, frowning as he shook his head. “What? It was a robbery…”

“Anyway…” he stated, trying to hide a smirk and failing halfway, letting his glass on the bar. ”I do know a lot of things… But everything has a price here, you know it… I’m not doing charity.”

“Okay, enough!” you threw the cue on the pool and looked at him as he brought you a glass. “You want something from me, you wouldn’t tease or receive me if you didn’t… I’m not stupid. What is it?”

“Finally…” he heaved and looked at the pool. “See, I don’t need anything at the moment, but there will be a time I might need assistance on something.”

“I am not going to get dirty…” you groaned as he came closer to you, grabbing the cue.

“Yes, I know. You’re the white knight of this police of ours…” he snorted, and looked at the game. “But let’s be honest… You have others things to deal with than this murder, officer… Rumors has it that you have created a real mess in your section.” He wasn’t asking, and it clearly wasn’t a rumor to him, he was standing close to you, and you thought that if you listened more carefully you’d hear his heartrate, or he’d hear yours, which was awfully uncomfortable, since your heart was speeding like on highway since you could smell his delicate and manly perfume from closer. “You’re almost drowning under hate mail, and this incident with your locker…” a cold sweat ran down your spine, the explosion of your locker, was something new for cops, indeed, and terrifying. “This would never happen in our place…”

“No, you’d rather kill him than just make some pranks, isn’t it?” you asked, suddenly hypersensitive and aware of how dangerous your situation was. He ignored your question.

“You should take some holidays in the country…” he groaned as you closed your eyes. “You think the cops are responsible for your locker?! Welcome to the real world: Hyunshik was the one behind this order, the bomb was supposed to blow away the whole station, but apart from scratching your colleague, nothing happen. The man responsible for this failure… Has paid.”

“H-how do you know all this?”

“As you said, I know everything that happens on my territory… And that includes Hyunshik’s men coming to torture and kill the man who didn’t killed you…”

You had a hard time to gulp, and your eyes remained on his calm features. In the depth of his eyes, you could see some excitement about all this conversation. He bent slightly, bringing his face to a few centimeters from yours, you blushed and bit your inner cheek.

“So, tell me… Y/N, do you still want justice for the man who tried to kill you?”

“I-I…” you tried to think, but his deep orbs were absorbing you in some lusty feels. “I don’t…”

“You don’t what?” he sighed, obviously annoyed by your lack of answers. “One who wants to be fair has to forgive his own murderer, isn’t it?”


“You what? You don’t know what to think anymore?” he chuckled. “I can give you an advice… Run away while you can, because no one is going to save you. Your only friend remaining will make your autopsy soon if you don’t… You’ve went too far in this case, people start to die, and you’re the prey.” His slender fingers caressed your cheek, making it burn, forcing yoou to hold your breath not to moan in expectation. “There will soon be a contract on your head, and no one, not your father, not God will ever be able to protect you. They will come for you… Unless you drop the case…”

“I can’t…” you lowered your head and clenched your fist. “If I do, I will be like them, not doing my job because I’m scared and that’s not the cop I want to be…” those simple words reminded you that you had a dream, and this dream didn’t include hiding or leaving a fight, your hand caressed his warm finger and took them away. “I will take them down… And if it costs me my life, then, I’ll die as I wanted to… Honorably.”

“There’s no honor in death…” Namjoon murmured frowning slightly. “But I admire your commitment… If half of the cops had the same, you’d be safe…”

“I’ll survive…”

“This day, I’ll allow you to come here and tell me ‘I told you so…’ officer…” You exchanged a long smile, ignoring the link that those words he pronounced just created. “I can’t help you with Hyunshik… It took me two years to bring peace back in the streets. But, don’t lose Jimin’s card… Always keep it close.”

“I’m not…”

“He’ll help you, he might look like a jerk, but if there’s a damsel in distress, he’ll come running…”

“That’s pretty contradictory, he’s the one torturing them…” you noted, making him smile.

“Jimin’s role is not to threaten them, it’s to ensure them some security…” seeing how you rolled your eyes, he became silent and smile. “No smooth talk, I get it….” He went to his office and grab a paper on which he scribbled something. “This is my direct line, if you don’t want to call Jimin, then call me… I’ll send someone to pick you…”

“I can’t have a … Mobster’s phone number.” You taking a few steps closer to him, he sighed.

“You do realize I’m offering help, no? You aren’t in position to refuse, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you groaned as he forcefully put his number in your hand. “may I ask you a question? Why do you want to help me?”

He didn’t answered and smile, pushing on an intercome.

“Hoseok, our guest will leave. See her to the door…”

As you stand on the porch, after being almost thrown out, you took a deep breath. Looking at Namjoon phone number you bit your lower lips. You should have throw it, but somewhere inside, you felt a bit safer if you kept it with you. You registered it under “Pool club” and went back to your car.  

“That’s not a very good move, coming from you…” Yoongi complained behind Namjoon. “If Hyunshik discover that we’re helping her… You shouldn’t even have let her come in, you know she was followed, Hyunshik might take it as a violation of our pact…”

“Why the heck shall we help her?” asked Jungkook sitting on the pool board.

“Is that a remake of Romeo and Juliet?” Taehyung smirked as Namjoon it a new cigarette sitting behind his office.

“Her old man pays well…” Namjoon said, making everyone silent in surprise. “And somehow, I took some linking into her… She’s brave enough to come here.”

“If she survives and come after us, I swear…” Yoongi didn’t finished his sentence as Hoseok landed his hand on his shoulder.

“Even if Jungkook is protecting her, she won’t survive more than a week…”

“Me?!” Jungkook roared standing suddenly, furious. “Why the hell should I…”

“I’ll do it…” Namjoon said, his thumb caressing his lower lip. “Hyunshik fears me more than any of you… And he knows that if I die, Hoseok will take over.”

“I’ll kill him myself.” Hoseok said smiling lightly, making Jungkook and all of them smile.

“By the way…” Taehyung intervened, looking at the smiling man. “Why did you kill the bombmaker?”

“I don’t butcher people, how can you accuse me?!” Hoseok cried faking a wound on his chest.

“Then who did?” Jimin asked, they all looked at each other until Namjoon got up.

“I did…” Namjoon smiled as he looked at the pictures and a glimpse of pride appeared on his face. “No one shall forget how I got there… And that includes all of you.”


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What do you like the most about Chrollo? :)

I adore his personality the most.
“This is how things are, so I will do my best.” This is the type of person Chrollo is according to Togashi. And this very core-idea is proven in most of his action in the manga so far. He’s a realist, he accept things as the way it is and doing his best for the troupe.

Most people I talk with kinda “wut!? seriously?!” whenever I describe positive things about him, so bare with me with my long-ass explanation. lol.

Yes, he’s indeed a cold-blooded killer, but when the outsiders treat him the same way, he never complained “why bad things happening to me? Why you kill my friend?! etc.” instead, he accept the fact, move forward, and calmly seek the most rational approach to solve the problems, and this is also answer the reason why he barely do the ‘revenge’ things, and I. Highly. Respect. Him. For. that.👌👀 . He knows when to stop.
canon proves?
1. He’s not even taking revenge for Uvo’s death, the mafia mass murder was Chrollo ‘granting’ Uvo’s wish to wreak havoc.
2. He’s not even angry to Hisoka, knowing that he revealed Uvo’s ability to the enemy, which pretty much what caused Uvo’s death.
3. He’s not being persistent about wanting to take further revenge to Silva Zoldyck (since the #8 got murdered); he probably understand the fact that raising a war flag with Zoldyck isn’t a wise choice for his spiders.
4. He choose to withdraw from the Chain User once he realized (from the prophecy) that chasing after him ain’t worth at all. He’s not gonna risk his precious spiders for that. (ofc before Hisoka flip the table and mess with Chrollo’s original decision)
5. Again, he’s not holding grudge when Hisoka betray him and the troupe, he just accept Hisoka as the way he is.
6. Last but not least, we haven’t see him taking any initiative to take a revenge to the chain user, seems like he just move on, just like he usually are. 

As the side-effects, Chrollo is probably carrying all his personal feeling/pain for himself (just look how extremely pissed he is when he saw Silva, which is one of the most extreme emotions we’ve seen from him so far, but he’s strong enough not to let his personal feeling interrupt his job.) 

(after all these messes, let’s see how his react towards the death of Kortopi and Shalnark, whether it finally reach his patience meter or not. Lol.)

I can say most of my respect for Chrollo is pretty much align with the way Togashi sees him in this interview down below

Goodness..these are.. even.. just a few parts. I’ll better run away before I turned this post into an essay. lmao.

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Hi! You main AST, don't you? I main WHM but am wanting to get into AST healing, but the thing is, I'm kind of nervous since I don't know how to heal big pulls (eg. Baelsar's Wall first packs) as AST, where as a WHM it's pretty easy (Divine Seal <3). Do you have any tips?

I do main AST! And thank you for thinking of me! :D

There are two main aspects to being an Astrologian - the first is the cards, which can be a bit tricky to learn when you first start playing the job! The second, of course, is healing! And I won’t lie - those first packs in Baelsar’s Wall are a bit rough! But here are some tips to help heal though BIG INCOMING DAMAGE:

Better Benefics: 
This part is quite similar to WHM, so I’m sure you’re familiar with this style, but I figured I would mention it for any new ASTs out there! 

Our standard heal is Benefic I, which will heal for a good amount and has a chance to proc an improved Benefic II. A lot of first-time healers make the mistake of using the most powerful heal as their go-to ability, however it is VERY MP intensive and you’ll run yourself out of MP quickly. Instead, try using Benefic I and only use Benefic II when the tank’s HP is dropping rapidly and needs a big top-up. 

Also of note is that the Enhanced Benefic proc (15% chance to occur on any Benefic I) will guarantee your next Benefic II will crit. Keep this in mind when you see it proc - your next Benefic II will heal for a LOT!

Sect Choice:
In dungeons, I typically heal in Diurnal Sect for the added regen component. This can help give you a bit of leeway when it comes to MP, though of course feel free to use Nocturnal if you find it works better for you. If you’re having difficulty using shields, I would recommend trying Diurnal and keeping Aspected Benefic rolling on your tank at all times.

Stacking Regens:
On that note regarding regen, the tank can benefit from the Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios regens at the same time. They are different buffs and will both roll on the tank and heal for a lot! I highly recommend tossing them both out and keeping them on the tank to make your life easier!

Essential Dignity:
This ability offers a LOT of power, some of which is not immediately apparent! Essential Dignity is an ability, not a spell, so it can be used off the global cooldown, has no cast time, and costs no MP! It’s also on a relatively short cooldown (40 seconds), and heals for more if your target is at low health. Use it as your go-to Emergency Button, when the tank is dying and needs a LOT of healing RIGHT NOW. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Sometimes, things get REALLY BAD. Everyone is at low health, or the tank is taking sustained damage for a long period and you can’t keep up. Lightspeed makes your heals cost less MP, reduces their cast time (most spells will be instant cast) and heal for more! This is a GREAT ability to use when you need to spam Helios or other MP-intensive spells.

Luminiferous Aether:
This ability is our primary way to recover MP. If you’re engaged in a long fight, or having to toss out expensive heals (AoEs or a steady stream of Benefic IIs), you may find yourself running low on MP. Using this ability gives you a Refresh buff, steadily replenishing MP for its duration. To maximize this buff, try to use Celestial Opposition as well!

Celestial Opposition:
This is an AoE Stun that also extends the duration of any buffs you have applied to your party by 10 seconds. This includes yourself! To maximize its benefits, try to use it:

  • To extend card buffs on the party.
  • To extend Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios
  • To extend Lightspeed on yourself.
  • To extend Luminiferous Aether on yourself.

On trash pulls, you can also use the

AoE Stun component of Celestial Opposition to give yourself some breathing room - while the mobs are all stunned, you can get off a Benefic II or a Helios!

Additionally, Time Dilation is an ability you can use to extend buffs on a another party member for 15 seconds. This applies, of course, to regens and card buffs!

The Bole: If you find you still have trouble with particular pulls, try to get a Bole in your Spread to use on the tank and reduce their incoming damage. Of note is that in dungeons that you do not Level Sync for (ie level 60 dungeons at the moment), you can put a card in your Spread while you are queued and enter the dungeon with it. In Baelsar’s Wall specifically, where the first pull is particularly nasty, it can help to have the right card ready to go from the start!

Phew~! Hopefully some of that helps! If you have any specific questions, or would like to know more about the cards, please let me know! And again, thanks for thinking of me! I really love playing AST and I am happy to answer people’s questions about it as best I can! :D

I work in an optometrist’s office in my local mall, and I get some really interesting patients/customers. Most recently, I had a lady come walking in saying she needed a new prescription. I ask if she’d like to make an appointment with us then.
“Sign says walk ins.” Just like that. As if she was angry with me. But fine, it just so happens the afternoon was free for another half hour, so I booked her in. As I was doing so, she’s punching stuff into what I assume is a pager, as I don’t have any other clue what this small device clipped onto her side might be. It comes time for payment so I give my usual spiel, “so that’s $89.95 for the exam, did you have an extended benefits card for direct billing or would you like to pay up front today?”
She makes this face at me and just says “neither”
I stare at her for a sec, like how am I supposed to respond?
“It should be covered. I’m a diabetic.”
“Oh alright, do you by chance have a list of medications, or a doctor’s note?” Keep in mind this is her first time ever in our office, and I have to ask for this or we can’t technically give her the free exam.
“Well I have my insulin pump attached to me, in case you didn’t notice” AND SHE LIFTS UP HER SHIRT WITH THE ANGRIEST *YOU DUMB BITCH* LOOK ON HER FACE TO SHOW ME THE PAGER LOOKIN THING.

It continued on like this while I checked her in, then brought her around for the pre-test screenings. This whole time she chastises me for how I’m doing my job, and refuses to work with me, going as far as dramatically adjusting the machines on her own just to show me how /terrible/ I am at the exact thing I’ve been doing for a year and a half.

My manager later pulled me aside and congratulated me for being a champ the whole time, finishing with “she’s the reason the C- word was invented”

My favourite part? We’ve got competitors directly across the hall from our store, that have prices 2-3x more expensive than ours. Turns out she walked over there and bought glasses from them instead of us. Her loss…


Summary: Isak just wants a summer job. Eva’s trying to figure herself out. But it only takes a bouquet of flowers, some newspapers, and some hot blondes to change both of their lives.

Chapter: 4/12

Notes: HUGE thanks to Vivi @gayvildeee for always being there for me and leaving incredibly supportive comments on my google doc of this story! I honestly couldn’t do this without you. Also, thanks to Zoë @ziggy-sapphdust for looking over this chapter as well! So much love to both of you <3 <3

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Noora’s almost been able to put the bouquet out of her mind by Friday (if by out of her mind you mean not taking up all of her thinkspace at all hours of the day), until she enters the breakroom of the tattoo parlor and sees Even standing by the fridge, holding a cluster of flowers. He starts when he sees her, and holds the bundle out to her. “These are for you.”

“Me?” Noora’s stomach jumps. “What, they’re not from… you, are they?”

Even laughs, a bright, clear sound. “No, no, no, Noora. They’re not from me. Seems your, uh, secret admirer has struck again.”

Violets. Clover. Lily of the Valley. Everything soft, quiet, personal. A gentle, tentative gesture that says, “I am opening myself up to you. Would you be willing to do the same?”

Noora can’t breathe for a moment. She takes the flowers from Even and sinks into the couch, turning them over and over in her hands. Trying to imagine the person who could have sent them, that if she concentrates hard enough, she’ll be able to see them in the intertwined stems, the petals, the ribbons. The person who belongs to the hands that wrapped these flowers, trimmed them, and wrote her name on the card. Noora.

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ooh could you please do an extended thing for the cards against humanity one with 2D where he makes you explain?

(i went on urban dictionary for help with this prompt and i am traumatised the things i do for this blog. side note sugar nuts is a pet name for someone who has nice testing bollocks i can’t believe i looked that up )

You can’t remember who suggested it but earlier that night someone came up with the idea of getting hammered and playing cards against humanity, probably Murdoc. Whoever it was you were all gathered round the kitchen table, tipsy and snorting at the others crude jokes. Murdoc and Noodle were tied in first place, Russel was second and 2D was trailing behind in third. You were the moderator for this game which meant you had the defuse all the dumb arguments. The phrase “doing it with a cat is nowhere near as bad as having a threesome with your grandparents,” was never a phrase you planned on saying, but hey first time for everything. The card you were currently debating about was “Instead of crisps our local pub serves ___.” Noodle instantly slammed her card down whilst the others thought about their cards. You could hear them all tittering as you started unveiling the answers. The choice was “2 for 1 vajazzles,” “m night shyamalan’s latest film,” “a tiny horse,” and “sugar nuts.”  Murdoc instantly started cackling and Russel put his head in his hands. You looked over back at you somewhat confused.

“What’s so offensive about sugar nuts?” Noodle snorted. 

“You don’t know what sugar nuts are?”

“Yeah they’re just sweet nuts whats so bad about that?” 

“Not that much, I’ll tell you that for nothing,” Murdoc interjected. You sighed as 2D ended up looking even more baffled.

“Murdoc can you please explain what sugar nuts are,” you asked.

“Nope that ones up to you mate.” You shot him a death glare and turned back to 2D. 

“Well go on what are they?” That was when you started giggling like a 5 year old. It was something about the desperation in his tone that made it funnier than normal.

“Sugar nuts is a name given to someo-” You couldn’t finish your sentence because of how hard you were laughing.

“Its a name given to someone who has sweet tasting testicles.” 2D nodded, seeming satisfied.

“Oh, yeah I knew that it was obvious, just wanted to say how you’d explain it.” It was then that Murdoc officially lost his shit. The entire table erupted into laughter and you could feel your cheeks go red.

“Bastard,” you playfully spat at him.