extant 18th century garment


“Our Sulky Bat has flown off– whatever shall we do with this cage?”
In our photos you will see a pumpkin (sympathetic to surface tradition), an Exceptional Hat, a Pair of Neathglass Goggles, a Foxfire candle, a jar of Prisoner’s Honey, and a spoon with which to imbibe it.

Clayr wears the Respectable Grey Gown, a downgrade from her usual attire (the Parabola-Linen Frock, of course) but entirely appropriate for skulking in the fog/attacking hapless passers-by in dark alleys/clandestine meetings with Devils. She has accessorized it with a less-than-Shabby Opera Cloak in a modish shade of berry.

Anyse has also chosen her outfit carefully, in order to attract the maximum of amorous attention. Her Elegant Emerald Gown is both attractive and practical, for though “all greens are subdued by gas-light… This does rather well”. Her Neathglass Goggles light the way as she pursues dangerous criminals (like her wife Clayr) through the Flit. She typically prefers seduction over deduction, but reluctantly utilizes the latter upon occasion.


Lady Licorice made Clayr’s cloak and gown, patterning the bodice from an extant 18th century garment and self-drafting everything else. It was entirely hand stitched with two minor exceptions– even the 30 tiny eyelets in the back were embroidered by hand. The bodice is boned with artificial whalebone, and the cloak’s hood has steel hoop boning to help it keep its absurd shape.

Ace of Cake ( @peppermintmusique ) made Anyse’s outfit using Simplicity 2172. The jacket and skirt are made of taffeta, with the jacket lined in contrasting black taffeta. It was Ace’s first time completing a garment entirely by herself. It has large pockets, tailored seams, and tiny lacing loops in the back.

The blouse was purchased.