The deaths of all 15 victims from Columbine

All information was taken from the official autopsy reports and summaries for every death involving the Columbine massacre.

Rachel Scott:

Rachel was shot 4 times by Eric to the left temple, chest, arm and thigh.

She died instantly because of the gunshot wound to head.

Daniel Rohrbough:

Dan was shot 3 times by Dylan to the chest, abdomen and knee.

Death was due to exsanguination from injuries involving the chest. Died within 5 minutes.

Kyle Velasquez:

Kyle was shot multiple times by Dylan to the head, left shoulder, and also with three to the back.

His death was due to shotgun wounds to head and upper back.  Died instantly.

Steve Curnow:

Steve was shot once by Eric to the neck.

He died because of the single gunshot wound to the neck. Died within 7 minutes.

Cassie Bernall:

Cassie was shot twice by Eric, one to her right temple and one to her hand (finger).

Her death was due to the shotgun wound to the head. Died instantly.

Isaiah Shoels:

Isaiah was shot twice by Eric to his left arm and chest.

Death is due to shotgun wound to the chest. Died within 2 minutes.

Matt Kechter:

Matt was killed by Dylan with one shot to his chest.

Died from the shotgun wound to the chest. Died approximately within 3 minutes.

Lauren Townsend:

Lauren was killed by Dylan and shot around 9 times, with some shots to her lower chest, left back, right ear, right thigh, right arm, and left hip.

Died because of all multiple fatal shots. Died within 2 minutes.

John Tomlin:

John was shot by both Eric and Dylan. Eric shot John in the chest, but Dylan shot him in the head and back.

His death was due to multiple gunshots, but fatally killed by Dylan by head. He died almost instantly.

Kelly Fleming:

Kelly was shot by Eric to the lower back.

Died from her single wound to the back. Died within 3-5 minutes.

Daniel Mauser:

Daniel was shot by Eric twice, once to the nose, once to the finger, and a graze to scalp.

Death is due to a fractured neck with spinal cord injury because of the shot to the nose. Died within three minutes.

Corey DePooter:

Corey was shot by Dylan 3 times, with some shots to the neck, chest, right back and left arm.

Death was due to multiple consecutive shots. Died instantly.

Eric Harris:

Eric died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the roof of his mouth. Death was instant.

Dylan Klebold:

Dylan also died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds but to his left temple. He died approximately five minutes after.

Dave Sanders:

Dave was shot 3 times by Eric to the neck, right upper back, and chest.

His death was due to exsanguination from gunshots wounds to neck, head and back. He died over 3 hours later.

You can view all of the other released autopsy reports here

Making an Homunculus: Liber vaccae - The Book of the Cow

You will need:

  • One cow
  • One ewe
  • Semen of a magician
  • One’s own urine, fresh
  • Ground sunstone
  • Sulfur
  • “Magnet” (Iron)
  • Green tutia
  • Willow sap
  • Very large glass or leaden vessel
  • Small dark house or shed, with no sunlight able to seep in.

To create your homunculus:

  1. Take a vessel of one’s own water [urine] while warm, and mix with an equal amount of the stone of the sun.

  2. Select either your ewe or your cow. Clean the vulva of the selected animal with herbs and medicines, making the womb capable of receiving what is put therein.

  3. Take the unselected animal. Exsanguinate. Apply a measure of fresh blood on the vulva of the animal being prepared to bear the homunculus and place the semen of the magician deep within the reproductive canal. Store remaining blood.

  4. Plug the vulva of the selected animal with the stone of the sun. Place animal in dark house.

  5. Feed one pound of the blood of the unselected animal to imprisoned animal each week.

  6. Mix equal measures of the sunstone, sulfur, iron, and green tutia with the willow sap and allow to dry in the shadows.

After the cow or sheep gives birth to a shapeless form, it must be immediately put within the powder of minerals and sap prepared in advance. This will provide its skin. Place it within the large glass or leaden vessel. Feed it with only blood and milk from its mother and do not let the sun shine upon it.

How to use your homunculus:

There are many uses for an homunculus -

  • To change the progress of the moon, or to become a cow or sheep: Feed the homunculus as stated. Vivisect it after seven days and state your intentions.

  • To walk upon water: Feed the homunculus as stated. Vivisect it after forty days and apply its fluids to the soles of the feet.

  • To discover what is missing: Feed the homunculus as stated. Leave it within milk and rainwater for a year. After a year passes, it will reveal all that is absent.

Should you fail at your endeavors, the most likely reason is that sunlight touched the impregnated animal or homunculus.


From the Liber Vaccae of William of Auvergne. 12th or 13th century. Extracted from Natural Particulars: Nature and the Disciplines in Renaissance Europe. Anthony Grafton and Nancy Siraisi, 1999.


Donum Dei, Ortus diviciarum sapiencie Dei. Possibly by Georgius Aurach de Argentine, 15th or 16th century.


    It’s just this whole immortality thing. For some reason Detective Decker makes me vulnerable. Being vulnerable can be scary but there are benefits when you open yourself up to someone. Maybe we should explore the possibly that being vulnerable could be a good thing. No, it can’t! It means you’re at someone else’s mercy.

     Then, maybe you should just stay away from everybody… stay away from Chloe.

Vampirism: Breeds and Classifications

Vampirism is not a single disease, but instead many–each type coming with its own perks and downfalls. As legend goes, Daedric Prince Molag Bal infamously did not get along with Arkay, the God of life and death. As a result of one of their feuds, Molag Bal captured one of Arkay’s devoted followers, Lamae Beolfag, and turned her into the first vampire. In this sense, Molag Bal is the father of all vampires. The cause for the different strains of vampirism is due to the different bloodlines, or due to the different people that made deals with Molag Bal and were subsequently turned.

Noxiphilic Sanguivoria: The most common form of vampirism in the Second Era, Noxiphilic Sanguivoria, is classified by a vampire’s ability to withstand the forces of the sun. All vampires of this bloodline are descended from the original vampire, Lamae Beolfag. Other talents include increased abilities and strengths during the nighttime hours and spectacular regenerative powers. In order to become this type of vampire, one must be exsanguinated by a vampire and then ingest his or her blood in return.

Porphyric Hemophilia: Common to both Cyrodiil and Morrowind, this particular strain of vampirism is known for being the most ill-affected by sunlight. This disease in contracted through direct contact with vampires and once acquired must be left unchecked for three days before the victim will turn into a vampire. There are four stages to this strain of vampirism, each achieved by consecutive days gone without feeding: with each day more, greater advantages and skills are gained like invisibility and night eye. Known vampires of the third era include prominent members of society such as Janus Hassildor: the Count of Skingrad, Vicente Valtieri, and Springheel Jack.

Sanguinare Vampiris: All vampires of this particular strain are descended from Lord Harkon of Castle Volkihar and are commonly referred to as the Sons and Daughters of Coldharbour. These vampires have the most complex and diverse abilities, resulting from the Vampire Lord effect, which is unique to this breed. Powers include special spells: vampire’s seduction, embrace of shadows, and vampiric drain–all of which help vampires ensnare and fight their victims. Volkihar vampires are not directly hurt by sunlight, but severely weakened, being unable to regenerate health, stamina, and magicka in direct daylight.

There are many other types and strains of vampirism throughout all of Tamriel, but the above are the most common. For more information, check Immortal Blood, Vampires of the Iliac Bay, and Vampires of Vvardenfell.

Dark Horse Unveils New Promotional Campaign

Entitled “Drawing On Your Nightmares,” the above image arrived in our inbox today and appears to be part of a new promotional campaign from Dark Horse Comics. Seemingly featuring the main character of upcoming Tim Seeley series “Ex Sanguine” (out in November from Dark Horseannounced at C2E2) curled up with a copy of her own comic and a Hellboy doll, the promo urges you to curl up with a good book — and if Dark Horse is known for anything, it’s damn good horror comics.

The e-mail boasted that it was one of two, so expect another one soon to go with this.


  • Clary: When the self-congratulatory part of the evening is over, maybe we could get back to saving my best friend from being exsanguinated to death?
  • Jace: Exsanguinated. That's a big word.
  • Clary: and your a big-
  • Jace: tsk tsk tsk. No swearing in church
  • Clary: we're not in the church yet.


Thank you all so much for being who you are and for making my experience on Tumblr that much better. I never did much on here until this summer and I regret that–I really wish I could have met some of you sooner! In any case, let’s look forward to the future: I wish everyone a happy new years and a wonderful 2015.

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“exsanguination” is a nice word in that it looks/sounds nice but exsanguination itself…… that’s not fun. not a fun time/process. don’t recommend that

Testing the new keyboard for the iPad

I like the travel on the keys. Just there *enough*.

Meanwhile, a casual observation:

Happiness is easy. Joy is hard. 

Happiness can be provoked easily, almost daily, by trivial things. Joy will scar you – but not the kind of scar you regret. It’ll be the kind of scar you would proudly strip off to show on the emotional-assessment version of St. Crispin’s Day. Without warning, at a sudden change in the light so it looks like it did *then*, or hearing a particular song, it will stab you straight through the heart or the gut and you will bleed joy all over again. Unavoidably, uncontrollably, you will exsanguinate in this particular mode, and afterwards you’ll rejoice over it. (Though it might have made you cry at the time, or run off to the restroom of your preference to hide the evidence.)

Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll hold out for the hard stuff in preference to the easy stuff. Happiness can be managed, all too easily. Joy is unmanageable. That’s how you know what has primacy. 

…Oops, time to go get my haircut now.