exs heart

I think once you move on, you start to see the person as less and you thought they where. They aren’t a hurricane of heart break or a glorious ocean any more. Their eyes don’t remind you of chocolate or the sky, and their presence doesn’t make your heart skip an extra beat. They just become a person who loved you a little less than you loved them.
—  11:02 - wish we were just strangers

I once stalked my boyfriends ex on social media for like 7 months and I was feeding info back to him like “omg she had a baby” and one day I showed him a photo of her with the baby and he was like erm babe that’s not my ex… It turned out I had been stalking some random girl with the same name as his ex, but I had become so invested in this girls life that I had to reach out to her and tell her this bizarre story about how I’d been accidentally stalking her for 7 months and she thought it was hilarious and anyways that’s the story of how I met my best friend.

I don’t have anyone to talk to about anything. I lost him and he isn’t coming back. He messed up but oh god, I miss him. I miss talking to him whenever I was sad or unsure. Hell, I even missed talking about homework. As long as it was a conversation with him, I was happy. Our last conversation though, it ended in tears. It wasn’t all smiles and stupid jokes that were told too often, it was cracked lips and wet eyes with words I never wanted to hear. I remember the last words you said, “She is enough for me.. I’m sorry” how sweet.
—  lifewritten
Oh honey, he’s not thinking about coming back. No matter how much you want him to think about crawling back into your arms, he isn’t. He is not up at four in the morning thinking about calling you. He isn’t up thinking about your bright smile, he isn’t thinking about how you put your hair behind your ear when you’re nervous, he isn’t thinking about how your eyes sparkle or your knees weaken when you look into his eyes. He is not the one doing anything about it. Maybe you need to move on and understand that he does not care that he broke your warm heart into millions of pieces.
—  he does not care.
Aún tengo la iusión de que seras parte de mi futuro, es una de las cosas que mas quiero. Me encantaria pensar que algun dia todo entre nosotros sera como antes y estaremos juntos en las buenas y en las malas. Me encantaria que no se quedara en un "quisiera" y que en verdad algún día de estos me digas que me extrañas tanto como yo a tí.

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