exs heart

I think once you move on, you start to see the person as less and you thought they where. They aren’t a hurricane of heart break or a glorious ocean any more. Their eyes don’t remind you of chocolate or the sky, and their presence doesn’t make your heart skip an extra beat. They just become a person who loved you a little less than you loved them.
—  11:02 - wish we were just strangers
I don’t have anyone to talk to about anything. I lost him and he isn’t coming back. He messed up but oh god, I miss him. I miss talking to him whenever I was sad or unsure. Hell, I even missed talking about homework. As long as it was a conversation with him, I was happy. Our last conversation though, it ended in tears. It wasn’t all smiles and stupid jokes that were told too often, it was cracked lips and wet eyes with words I never wanted to hear. I remember the last words you said, “She is enough for me.. I’m sorry” how sweet.
—  lifewritten
I don’t know why I care so much when you clearly don’t.
—  Truth