guys lmao I went back to watch some old law and order svu episodes and there’s this one scene where a girl claims her alibi is she went to see the phantom of the opera and to confirm whether or not she’s telling the truth the detective goes, ‘oh yeah I love phantom of the opera it’s so sad when the guy goes to prison for stealing bread’ and the girl AGREES and later he’s telling his partner ‘yeah she’s lying there’s no bread in phantom’

Is your life just one more lie?

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i saw les mis on tour and during red/back enjolras took grantaire’s wine bottle away and grantaire was trying to get it back but enjolras kept ignoring him and so to get his attention grantaire kissed enjolras on the neck and enjolas was completely unfaised like this was the sort of thing grantaire pulled all the time and enjolras STILL kept ignoring him so grantaire gave up and sat on top of a table and grabbed a revolution pamphlet and started fanning himself with it while staring longingly at enjolras