The Exquisite Beast is an incredible blog.

Artistic partners Evan Dahm and Yuko Ota each post an alien beast once a week, creating an evolutionary lineage descended from the first beast they posted at the beginning of 2012.  I ran across a reblog of one of their beasts months ago, and copy-pasted it for later investigation, but never came back to it until recently.  Now I was planning to reblog some of the best beasts, but there are just too many of them.  I decided to go through every page of the blog and make a list of favorites, which I weeded down to this photoset of ten.  Below are links to each one.

1. January 4
12. February 10
34. May 11
38. May 24
47. June 25
68. September 21
71. October 2
75. October 16
80. November 2
88. November 29

There have been amazing beasts since the beginning, but things really picked up in September.

I just had to try to contribute to the Exquisite Beast project.

I think the creature needed to get a bit more predatorial this time, being that he’s taken to the sea. It’s evolved for quick bursts of speed thanks to its compressed air sacs. The spines on the sacs are now covering them to increase the speed wen swimming. 

The bladders have retreated to prevent drag, and the enormous mouth has split up in four pieces resembling small tentacles. When closed they would look like a squid.

Both pairs of fins are now merged with the sacs support rims and move in a waving motion. The pair in the back remains in order to improve its handling.