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Oh looky, here we have an annoying attention whore, blathering to the press about something she apparently knows nothing about (even though, just like being able to maybe sorta, kinda act, she fails)….It’s appropriate Crabmilla is pictured in a scene where her character is exceptionally disgusting….

And here we have her castmate, apparently really done with her idiocy, shutting down her stupid with the most exquisite eloquence….

Fabulously, on reddit….where I apparently need to go look at the replies and laugh. HARD…..Looks like Cole maybe “forgot” meeting you, because he didn’t want to believe ANYONE could really be as apparently self-servingly dimwitted as yourself, Crabby…..I’m sure you thought this would soooooo garner you attention on social media….but it looks like the only thing that will be happening is Cole’s now for sure, NEVER gonna hang out with you alone now, dullard (let alone EVER respond to your pathetic attempts at flirting).

Bonus points if Cole and Lili giggled while he posted this and then went and rewatched themselves “in the kitchen” before banging.

Many thanks to @lilis-reinhartt for sending these to me!!!

Nothing good in life comes easy...

Anas bin Malik reported:
“The Paradise is surrounded by hardships and the Hell-Fire is surrounded by temptations”

حُفَّتِ الْجَنَّةُ بِالْمَكَارِهِ وَحُفَّتِ النَّارُ بِالشَّهَوَاتِ


Ref: Sahih Muslim 2822
In-book ref: Book 53, Hadith 1
Web (English) ref: Book 40, Hadith 6778


“The scholars said: This beautiful analogy is from the exquisite, eloquent and comprehensive speech which was bestowed on the prophet (ﷺ). It means that nothing will help you to reach al-Jannah except going through hardships, and nothing will lead you to the Hell-fire except whims and desires. Both are veiled as described, so whoever tears down the veil will reach what is hidden behind it. So the veil of al-Jannah is torn down by going through hardships, and the veil of the Hell-fire is torn down by giving in to whims and desires. And hardships include striving in ‘ibaadah (worship) and persevering upon that, and sabr in the face of hardships, and restraining one’s anger, forgiving and having long-suffering (hilm), giving voluntary charity, having ihsaan (excellent behavior) with those who mistreat you, having sabr against desires, and so on.

And regarding the desires which surround the Hell-fire, and then it is clear that they are the forbidden desires such as intoxicants (khamr), illicit sexual relations (zinaa), gazing at non-mahram women, gossiping, playing musical instruments and so on…”

[Sharh al-Nawawi ‘alaa Muslim #2823]

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you know some fics where Draco is spying on Voldemort for the order of Phoenix? (I love your blog btw)

Thank you! A few of these fics, while featuring spy! Draco, are set after the war. Hope that’s ok!


And I Know The Spark (@firethesound)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15k, Summary: All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Servile (calrissian18)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 68.5k, Summary: “I would love anything you gifted me, My Lord, but this,” silver eyes, the same shade as the dragon that marked Harry’s arm, glinted in his direction under the Death Eater’s hood, “is exquisite.”

The Eloquence Of Mortality (fleshdress)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 5.4k, Summary: White masks, prison cells and dubious deals.

Walking The Line (SilentAuror)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 180.5k, Summary: Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him.

Tissues Of Silver (fearlessdiva)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 76k, Summary: A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf. Beware: coarse language, brief drug use, some sexual content, and consideration of issues of sexual consent.

A Dream Of Running Water (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 35.6k, Summary: Driven nearly mad by his bitterness against the Dark Lord, Draco becomes a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. The device they sneak him to aid in his reports has unpredictable side-effects—like allowing Draco to dream of a landscape with a river running through it. That would be soothing, if Potter wasn’t there.

Give My Heart (gypsyflame)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 42.6k, Summary: Voldemort gives Draco a mission to seduce Harry into an ambush - not knowing that Draco is an Order spy. When Draco and Harry try to turn Voldemort’s plan against him, Draco realizes that his relationship with Severus may not survive the challenge.

Spy Series (Cosmic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 18k, Summary: Harry is sent to collect the new spy after a Death Eater meeting

In Whom We Trust (oldenu2nb)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 4.6k, Summary: Love is giving someone the power to destroy you…but trusting them not to.

A Thousand Beautiful Things (Duinn Fionn)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 108k, Summary: Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.

Haedu (orphan_account)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 22k, Summary: There’s only so much death a man can stand.

Beyond The Mirror’s Edge (VivacissimoVoce)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 40k, Summary: Harry Potter is dead! A spell goes wrong in Advanced Charms class, leaving nothing but a charred ring and a pair of empty shoes. Draco Malfoy must figure out what happened and try to bring Harry back.

Life In The In-Between (catrinella)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 4.2k, Summary: In wartime, it’s too dangerous to make promises.

White Lies (cassisluna)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 170k, Summary: Draco drinks a potion that makes him know if a person is lying, and Harry, apparently at fault that Draco is this way, is forced to ‘help’ him with the effects of the potion. For the first time, they deal with each other with no lies to hide behind.

Boys Don’t Cry (furiosity)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 50k, Summary: After the eventful Christmas in Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts, his godfather gave him a badly wrapped package. Inside was something Harry could use to get in contact should the need arise, Sirius said. Harry resolved never to use whatever it was – he would not put Sirius in danger. When Harry had a vision of Sirius in terrible danger, he did not think of using Sirius’s last-minute gift. Hermione, however, did. This is the story of what happened after that.

Noticed Him Fading (Marks)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3.5k, Summary: Draco hates France.

In Between The Silences (orphan_account)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13.9k, Summary: Harry and Draco are sent to a safe house immediately after the battle of Hogwarts, where they’re supposed to be spend three weeks together, much to their anger. Television serves as both therapy and a bonding opportunity, coffee and tea get drunk in large quantities, and they try to reconcile themselves with life after the war.

You Blew Your Cover For What?! (la_choo)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 3.2k, Summary: Draco gets almost killed, Snape is pissed, and somehow in this whole mess a rather shocking secret is revealed.

Paper Dolls (cupiscent)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 5.2k, Summary: In the final year of the War, Draco gets a letter, makes a choice and pays the price.

Brave New World (SilentAuror)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 44.7k, Summary: The first post-war Christmas is coming to Grimmauld Place. As the Order of the Phoenix ponders its future, Harry sorts through a maze of war records and quickly begins to see that not everything is as it should be…

Impedimenta (furiosity)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 4.9k, Summary: “The death of one person is a tragedy. The deaths of thousands, a statistic.” Sometimes a life you save might become your own.

Chaos Theory (tessacrowley)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 102.7k, Summary: Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t.

What Child Is This (snottygrrl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9.1k, Summary: For eight years Harry’s been hunting Malfoy. Now Tonks has found him living as a Muggle with his daughter.

A House With A White Picket Fence (SilentAuror)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 17.7k, Summary: Harry, happily married and busy with his Auror career, thinks his life is perfect until he starts discovering what he’s been missing all this time…


2015.03.15 - SH to JW [hand delivered, in bed]

It wasn’t an easy few days, as you might imagine.

My dearest John~

These past few days have been an exercise in restraint, and yes, of looking inward. I apologise if you felt I was distancing myself from you because of something you had done, but I will not apologise for needing the time separated from you mentally — and somewhat physically.

It was necessary to come to terms with certain things regarding our relationship which were difficult to unearth but important to be aware of. 

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