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9 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, blood and description of unpleasant injuries

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sweet like sugar | danisnotonfire (requested)


  • i. Could you write a story about dan and the reader dating for a while and dan and then both think it’s the right time to take there relationship to the next level (by that i mean smut…) and it’s sweet and romantic? (love your blog!)
  • ii. Love love love your writing! do you take phil x reader requests at all or just dan x reader? Can I request phil x reader slow, passionate readers first time (or the same for dan x reader) (established relationship) thanksssssss
  • iii. Hello. I have been seeing that there is a lot of kinky smut on Tumblr but not nice easy smut. So can you make a dan smut that is nice? Thanks!

word count: 963
tw: sexual scenes
note: this is to thank you guys for 2k followers!! also anon 2, yes i can do phil x readers, but i just put all of these three requests together because they were so similar (im so sorry). also does the word ‘panties’ make anyone else cringe?? i hate it so much sorry

You smoothed out your dress, looking at yourself in the full-length mirror again. Tonight was your’s and Dan’s four-month anniversary and you felt the need to look perfect. Dan had told you he had booked a reservation at a restaurant a few days ago, one that you knew as famous for its exquisite meals and fancy dining.

Once deciding that you looked good, you grabbed your black clutch and phone and walked out into the living room of your apartment. Dan would be here any minute.

You had also planned to do something later, but whether you went through with it all depended on how comfortable you would be feeling.

Soon, you heard a knock on the front door. Getting your things, you walked over to it and opened it. Dan greeted you with a wide smile. He was wearing a black tuxedo that made him look even more attractive, if possible. He had left his hair curly, much to your delight.

“Woah,” he said, widening his eyes. “You look so good, I feel like I’m underdressed.”

“Oh, shut up,” you laughed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “You always look insanely attractive.”

“Insanely attractive? That’s a new one,” he smiled. “Anyway, are you ready to go?”

You nodded, and followed Dan out to the taxi.

You arrived at the restaurant around ten minutes later, walking in, hand in hand. The meal had been delicious, and around halfway through, Dan’s hand had held yours under the table, making your heart do little flips.

Once you had finished eating, Dan had hailed a cab and minutes later it had arrived.

The ride home had been much different compared to the ride to the restaurant- more intimate; sensual. You found yourself sitting closer, his hand on your upper leg, slowly tracing circles on your skin. As soon as the taxi had dropped you off, Dan walked you to your door.

“Want to… come in?” You asked. Dan caught your drift, paying the taxi driver and telling him that he could go.

Dan slowly unzipped your dress as you stayed still, moving your hair to the side to make it easier for him. Once it had dropped down to your feet, he turned you around, connecting your lips. Your kisses were normally short and sweet, but tonight they felt different- they were now filled with passion and desire.

You unbuttoned his shirt, watching him as he took it off, throwing it next to him.

He walked you over to the bed, laying you down on top of the sheets carefully. You couldn’t help but feel conscious of your body, but the looks that Dan gave you were enough to let the feeling subside.

His eyes were soft and loving as his smile grew wider.

He cautiously reached for your bra strap, asking if he could take it off. You nodded as he slid the straps down your shoulders, reaching around and undoing it, before slowly taking it off.

“You’re so beautiful,” he complimented with a cute, lopsided grin. A smile appeared on your face as you could feel your cheeks turning red.

His hands travelled down your body, admiring all of your curves. It was like his touch was electric. His hands stopped, his fingers at the waistband of your underpants. He looked at you for permission again, and then slid them down your legs, taking them off completely.

He took off his remaining clothes, and then skilfully grabbed a condom from his bedside drawer and slipping it on.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dan asked, his eyes soft and caring as he hovered over you.

“Yes,” you answered, a small smile on your face. You were certain you wanted this- you loved Dan, and he had made it clear many times that he loved you the same.

Dan slowly slid himself into you, emitting a soft groan from his mouth. He went at a slow pace to make sure he wasn’t hurting you. You shut your eyes tightly, feeling Dan take one of your hands, kissing your repeatedly.

The initial pain slowly went away, being replaced with pure ecstasy.

“Faster,” you breathed, “please, Dan, faster!” “A-are you s-sure?” Dan asked cautiously. It was like you were porcelain, he was afraid to hurt you in anyway.

You nodded quickly.

Feeling Dan fasten his pace you let out a long moan, digging your nails into Dan’s bare back. It seemed to give him more confidence as he groaned, starting to go at a fast, rhythmic pace, moving in and out of you at a perfect speed.

He went further into your core each time, moans of pleasure repeatedly leaving your mouth.

Dan’s face was buried into the crook of your neck, low groans and sounds of enjoyment coming from him. His eyes were shut tightly and his eyebrows were furrowed as he perfectly thrusted in and out of you. You could feel your stomach knot and tighten, your climax approaching quickly.

“D-Dan,” you groaned, “I’m g-gonna cum.”

“So am I,” Dan said, his breathing ragged. “Cum for me, princess. You can do it.”

It was as if that was all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

You arched your back in pleasure as you reached your climax, moaning loudly as your nails scratched down your boyfriend’s back. You heard Dan moan shortly after, feeling him release inside of you.

His thrusts became slow as you both came down from your highs, your breaths unsteady.

Soon, Dan rolled off of you, chucking the condom in the bin beside his bed before lying back down. You moved closer to him, feeling Dan put his arm around you.



“I love you.”

You knew you meant it.

Avengers Preference -How they react to finding out you are a virgin

Requested by Anon

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Tony Stark;

When Tony finds out you are a virgin, your instant reaction is to leave the room and hide away. Everyone knows that Tony is highly experienced in the bedroom department. You expect him to laugh and make some sort of crude joke, but Tony doesn’t, in fact, he does quite the opposite, he prepares the most romantic evenings. He takes you to the fanciest of restaurants, buys you that piece of jewellery that has been catching your eye every time you walk by the jewellery store. To finish off the night you enter your shared room to see rose petals scattered all over the floor and on the bed, tea light candles scattered around the room, romantic music playing in the background. Tony would be quite proud that he gets to be your first time and in return, he would prove to you just how much he loves you.

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Steve Rodgers;

Steve would discover from you. With Steve’s lack of experience, he would often get teased by some of the other Avengers. After one particularly long and tiring and Tony’s none stop mockery, you decided to tell Steve your little secret. He was shocked at first. He had always assumed that you weren’t a virgin, you always understood Tony and Sam’s innuendos, in fact on a couple of occasions he caught you making an innuendo to the others. But this new revelation relaxed his nervousness about the most intimate details of your relationship. He knew that he wanted to make your first time together memorable, he had no idea how he would make it memorable, but he would work it out for you. To Steve, you deserved the world, he never truly believed he could love again after Peggy, but you proved him wrong. He would be honoured to be your first.

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Bruce Banner;

Bruce would get really bashful upon the discovery of your virginity. You and Bruce had never spoken about the intimate details of your relationship, due to Bruce’s fear of the hulk appearing and hurting you. The details of your virginity got revealed while you were playing a game of truth and dare with the other Avengers. Bruce suddenly turned a deep shade of red. Tony smirked as he watched his friend get all flustered, making a mental note to begin working a serum to slow his heart rate thus giving you and Bruce the perfect opportunity to change your virginity status and maybe just maybe it would stop Bruce from being so edgy all the time. It appeared to Tony that he definitely had some work to do. Maybe he could give it to you guys as an anniversary present, There is one problem. He had no idea when your anniversary was. 

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Thor Odinson;

Upon the revelation, Thor would be thrilled about your virginity, if Thor hadn’t believed you had been made for him before, he definitely did now. Before the revelation, he didn’t care whether or not you had other partners as long as they didn’t  come back expecting you to return to them. Hearing of your virginity only gave Thor the satisfaction knowing that he would be the one to give you such intimate feelings and moments. Thor was so happy he had wrapped you in a hug, pressing a soft kiss on your lips. You had been so confused by his actions yet you excepted the affection. He was definitely going to prove just how much he loved you and how thrilled he was to be your first and hopefully last.

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Clint wasn’t phased by the news; he respected you for it. However, you didn’t miss the dirty look that he sent Tony since he had been pestering you about it all day. You and Clint were private people; everyone knew that and most respected it. Most being everyone except for Tony. While you often enjoyed Tony’s rebellious nature, Clint didn’t, not when it involved you and your private life. If he wasn’t phased by your virginity then why did everyone else.

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Bucky Barnes;

Like Steve, Bucky would somewhat be surprised by the revelation. However, unlike Steve, Bucky would be more confident as he does have more experience than Steve. He’d be more prepared and calmer about being your first time. He would have a small smile on his face as he draped an arm around you, kissing your temple. He would definitely make sure your first time was one to remember.

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Loki Laufeyson;

Loki would love the fact you were still a virgin. Loki is all about control. On the news that a smirk would appear on his chiselled jaw. You his beloved were completely his. No other person would be able to claim that they had spent the night with you. He would have the opportunity to give you a night of fine dining, exquisite wine before he spending the evening ravishing you, like the royalty you would one day be.

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Peter Maximoff;

Let’s face it Peter would be so smug about the whole thing. He would wrap his arm around your shoulder whispering flirty and sometimes inappropriate things in your ear, causing you to blush deeply. While to the public, Peter seemed cocky and arrogant about having the opportunity to be your first time, but behind closed doors, Peter reassured you promising that when you did have your first time he would certainly make it a night to remember… and he did just that.

I want to see Shuu and Kaneki ballroom dancing together in a big, exquisite dining hall, dipping and swaying to a live band. I just want to see their beautiful bodies moving together in harmony, elegantly maneuvering over a shiney, marble floor. I want dancing Tsukiyama and Kaneki, smiling and laughing while beautiful music accompanies their delight. Their tuxedos perfectly tailored, their hair done just right, nothing uncomfortable just everything is perfect and they’re together enjoying each others’ presence.