1. of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence, as a face, a flower, colouring, music, or poetry. 

2. extraordinarily fine or admirable; consummate. 

3. intense; acute, or keen, as pleasure or pain. 

4. of rare excellence of production or execution, as works of art or workmanship. 

5. keenly or delicately sensitive or responsive: an exquisite ear for music; an exquisite sensibility. 

6. of particular refinement or elegance, as taste, manners, etc., or persons. 

7. carefully sought out, chosen, ascertained, devised, etc. 


8. Archaic: a person, especially a man, who is excessively concerned about clothes, grooming, etc.; dandy; coxcomb.

Etymology: from Latin exquīsītus, perfect passive participle of exquīrō, “seek out”.

[Kimchi Lee - Little China Girl]


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