Venus in Aries: smouldering, seducing, unforgettable. the flame in my heart has been kindled Venus in Taurus: vintage exquisitiness, the taste of lazy Sundays

Venus in Gemini: cerebral orgasm, the madness of an intelligent woman
Venus in Cancer: old fashioned romance, life in cinema. Venus in Leo: she will show your heart how to roar, and for the first time you will feel the Sun

Venus in Virgo: your broken heart will be embroided back into one, perfect, oneness. Venus in Libra: flowers fall from the tongue with every word, she reflects the deepest poetic beauty inside of me

Venus in Scorpio: she is wings. annilhilating, devestating, rapturous, mystically tempting. Venus in Sagittarius: radiates laughter of the heart, the pilgrimage of love

Venus in Capricorn: wise, inspirational, reverant, and sovereign, the rings of Saturn wrapped around her wrist like a bangle, promising the universe. Venus in Aquarius: exciting, refreshing, confusing, everyday the maze grows, detouring into wonderland, she disappears only to return with more light. Venus in Pisces: the wine my soul longs to swallow once more so I can taste God again

la douleur exquise - Sehun Part 1

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Request: CEO/Playboy!Se Hun meets shy ex girlfriend after three-four years. She’s convinced that he’s moved on and she thought that she had too…

Genre: CEO/Playboy AU, Angst

Warnings: None yet but there will be in future chapters

Member: Sehun


You took in a deep breath as you got out of your car. Looking up at the tall building looming over you, giving off a sort of intimidating presence the longer you stared at it. You got yourself together as you decided to make your way inside. 

You had been looking for a job as a PA for a while now, but to no avail. Many doors before got closed in your face, callbacks that never came, you were close to giving up, this job interview you were about to go into now, being your last hope.

You’ve always been an anxious person, nervous and shy. You weren’t confident at all, but you needed to get yourself together. 

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‘And as I look up to the sky, the thoughts in my head keep on spinning; around you and how you used to make me feel. And how no drink, no cigarette and no drug can numb what is still there, inside me, hurting, screaming, begging me to let it go. But I don’t. Even after all these years I don’t. Even after all these sleepless nights on the roof, watching the sun bring the moon to bed, after all these endless streams of tears, making it seem like there couldn’t be any left. Even after you broke not only my heart, but my whole inner universe, I don’t have the strength to let you go. And I don’t think I ever will.’

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Alors guide-moi pour cette danse et je t'accompagnerais.

Je t’emmènerais, -je nous emmènerais-, là où on ne touche pas Terre, où le ciel joue avec les oiseaux. Et on dansera, ce sera doux et peut-être un peu piquant. L’un qu’autre l’autre, mes mains dans tes cheveux dessinant des mondes.
Avec l’exquise sensation d’être rentré chez soi.

Me retiendras-tu?

La Douleur Exquise

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bmBRCy

by WatanabeMaya

You are sixteen when you first cough up flowers in your hands, petals of a catchfly painting the ground in shades of scarlet and a sorrowful red.


\Oneshot. Hanahaki AU.

Words: 7734, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bmBRCy