French Words for the Signs

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Aries: Profiter

“To make the most out of a situation.”

Taurus: Retrouvailles

“The happiness you feel upon reuniting with someone after you’ve been apart for a long time.”

Gemini: Épater

“To amaze.”

Cancer:  La douleur exquise

“The pain of unrequited love.”

Leo: Bon vivant

“Someone who enjoys a luxurious life.”

Virgo: Savoir-faire

“Knowing what to do in any situation.”

Libra: Coup de foudre

“Love at first sight.”

Scorpio: Inoubliable


Sagittarius: Flâneur

“One who strolls around aimlessly but enjoyably.”

Capricorn: Bricoleur

“Handyman who makes use of whatever tools are available to him.”

Aquarius: Trouvaille

“A lucky find.”

Pisces: Etre á l’ouest

“A daydreamer.”

signs as untranslatable foreign words

Aries: Schadenfreude. German – the feeling of pleasure derived by seeing another’s misfortune.

Taurus: Cafuné. Brazilian Portuguese – The act of tenderly running one’s fingers through someone’s hair.

Gemini: Verschlimmbessern. German – to make something worse when trying to improve it.

Cancer: Mamihlapinatapei. Yagan/Tierra del Fuego – The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.

Leo: Kjæreste. Norwegian – A gender neutral term for girlfriend or boyfriend. It literally translates as “dearest”.

Virgo: Wabi-Sabi. Japanese – “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.”

Libra: L’ésprit d’escalier. French – is the feeling of finding the perfect retort too late, though it literally translates to “staircase wit.

Scorpio: La douleur exquise. French – the exquisite pain that comes from loving someone who will never love you back.

Sagittarius: Fremdschämen. German – Embarrassment you feel on behalf of someone who is too dumb to know they’ve done something they should be embarrassed by.

Capricorn: Geborgenheit. German – the feeling that, when with a certain person or in a certain place, that nothing could ever harm you.

Aquarius: Koev halev. Hebrew – Empathizing with someone else so deeply that it causes your heart to ache.

Pisces: Goya. Urdu – the transporting suspension of disbelief that can occur in a good storytelling.

wordstuck.co.vu Prompts
  • Send one (+ a character if you'd like) and I'll write a drabble based on the word, or add 'starter' in and I'll do a starter for our characters based on the word(s).
  • la douleur exquise: The exquisite pain of wanting the affection of someone you know you can never have.
  • wanderlust: A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.
  • dēsīderium: An ardent desire of longing, particularly for something once had; grief for the absence of loss of something or someone.
  • pikit mata: 'with eyes closed'; how you accepted the fact of something against your desires must be done.
  • sigurista: Someone who makes sure that everything goes as planned; the kind of person who will not act unless he totally feels sure that the desired result would be obtained.
  • velleity: A wish or desire to see something done, but nit enough will to make it happen or actions meant to pursue it.
  • sehnsucht: 'the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what'; a high degree of intense, recurring, and often painful desire for something, particularly if there's no hope to attain the desired or when its attainment is uncertain, still far away.
  • koi no yokan: 'premonition of love'; the sense one can get upon first meeting another person that the two of them are going to falling love. This differs from the idea 'love at first sight' in that it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, rather refers to the knowledge that a future love is possible.
  • meraki: to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.
  • mamihlapinatapei: the wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.
  • forelsket: the euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love.
  • geborgenheit: to feel completely safe, like nothing could ever harm you; security, comfort, trust, satisfaction, acceptance and love from others.
  • ya’aburnee: 'you bury me'; a declaration of one's hope that they'll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them.
  • augenblick: 'in the blink of an eye'; a 'decisive moment' in time that is fleeting, yet momentously eventful and incredibly significant.
  • herzschmerz: heartache; an emotional pain in the heart.
  • retrouvailles: the happiness of meeting or finding someone again after a long separation.
  • einfühlungsvermögen: a deep understanding of someone's feelings, thoughts and motives that are easily comprehended by yourself.
  • serendipity: the luck that takes the form of discovering valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for or while looking for something else.
  • ichigo ichie: 'one time, one meeting'; and encounter that only happens once in a lifetime, reminding to treasure every moment, for it will never recur.
  • saudade: a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with denied fact that what one longs for will never come back.
  • cwtch: a warm, affectionate hug, cuddle or snuggle that gives a feeling of a safe place or home.
  • kilig: the delightful feeling that sends shivers of pleasure down the spine as one encounters something romantic.
  • liefdesverdriet: the sadness, depression or pain one feels about a love unanswered or love that is gone.
  • elmosolyodni: to slowly break out into a genuine smile when being overcome with emotions, like love or utter happiness.
  • pluviphile: a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.
  • kalverliefde: the temporary affection and infatuation usually experienced by two people in love.
  • torpe: the-quality of, usually a young male, being to shy to pursue amorous desires to someone adored.
  • mélomanie: an excessive and abnormal love and deep attraction to music and melody.
  • nyctophilia: love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.
  • yuánfèn: a relationship brought by fate or destiny; the binding force which eventually links two people together in love.
  • lǎotóng: 'old same'; a form of eternal friendship between "heart sisters" – two women who are closer than husband and wife.
  • b'shert: 'destiny'; the seeking if a person who will complement you, and whom you will complement perfectly.
  • oodal: the sulking or fake anger occurring between couple after a lovers tiff, usually over something inconsequential – a feeling recognized to be a facet of love or affection.
  • vuslat: a union or reunion after being apart for a long time with one's beloved.
  • pacalai: 'lovesick pallor'; the pale complexion of a women suffering the loss of or separation from her husband or lover.
  • redamancy: a love returned in full; the act of loving the one who loves you.
  • thuong: to love tenderly – a deep and sincere notion of fondness and care between family members, friends, or lovers.
  • amor vincit omnia: 'love conquers all'
  • kaiho: a hopeless longing – an involuntary solitude in which one feels incompleteness and yearns for something unattainable or extremely difficult and tedious to attain.
  • euneirophrenia: a peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams.
  • boketto: to gaze vacantly into the distance without thinking or doing anything.
  • luchtkasteel: 'air castle'; a wish or dream one hopes to fulfill in the future, yet will never be achieved, as it is so vast, immense and unlikely.
  • gumusservi: the light of the moon as it shines upon the water.
  • aamukaste: morning dew.
  • murr-ma: to walk along in the water searching for something with your feet.
  • tükörsima: 'as smooth as the-surface of the mirror'; describes a still water which has unbroken surface, neither by wind nor by some object or animal.
  • aranyhíd: 'golden bridge'; the reflection of the sun as it shines upon the water.
  • walwalün: the sound that a flowing water makes.
  • ruska: the phenomenon of leaves turning various shades of red, yellow, purple and brown during the autumn season.
  • psithurism: the sound of the leaves rustling as the wind blows through the trees.
  • şafak: the first skylight seen during dawn or just before the sun rise.
  • yeoubi: 'fox rain'; a sun shower – the event of having a light rain while the sun is still shinning.
  • madrugada: the moment at dawn when the night greets the day.

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Hey what's up with 1dff??

I guess it’s down. I think all of us are having trouble accessing it. In the meantime here is a list of fics that update on tumblr:

(It’s long)

This list doesn’t include stories with only one chapter, or one-shots. For one-shots, try some of the fic exchange blogs:

These are just the ones I read/know of and I’m sure there are plenty more. Happy Reading!

Six Weeks (M)

Originally posted by bunnywonho

Word Count: 4.8k

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Warning(s): Sexting, Masturbation, other smutty stuff

Based off the drabble game request: “God, you smell so good”

A/N: I hope this keeps you guys entertained while I work on La douleur exquise! Please be patient with me on that since school is starting tomorrow for me ufgisbdks. Also thank you @jiminniemouse for proofreading this and not judging me on my pervy mind. Enjoy!

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Venus in Aries: smouldering, seducing, unforgettable. the flame in my heart has been kindled Venus in Taurus: vintage exquisitiness, the taste of lazy Sundays

Venus in Gemini: cerebral orgasm, the madness of an intelligent woman
Venus in Cancer: old fashioned romance, life in cinema. Venus in Leo: she will show your heart how to roar, and for the first time you will feel the Sun

Venus in Virgo: your broken heart will be embroided back into one, perfect, oneness. Venus in Libra: flowers fall from the tongue with every word, she reflects the deepest poetic beauty inside of me

Venus in Scorpio: she is wings. annilhilating, devestating, rapturous, mystically tempting. Venus in Sagittarius: radiates laughter of the heart, the pilgrimage of love

Venus in Capricorn: wise, inspirational, reverant, and sovereign, the rings of Saturn wrapped around her wrist like a bangle, promising the universe. Venus in Aquarius: exciting, refreshing, confusing, everyday the maze grows, detouring into wonderland, she disappears only to return with more light. Venus in Pisces: the wine my soul longs to swallow once more so I can taste God again

It’s so difficult liking someone. You overanalyze every little thing they do, and you tend to assume the worst all the time. One day they could make you feel so special and the next you wonder if they have feelings for you at all. Your mind is enthralled with them and you have all the things you’re urging to tell them but can’t find the courage and you fear that they don’t feel the same way. It’s like your life revolves around them in every way possible, your mood, how your day goes and everything else

La Douleur Exquise (M)

Originally posted by chimchams

Jeon Jungkook x Reader x Park Jimin. College!AU. 2046-ish words. Angst(?) [ a bit of everything if it becomes a series ]

Warning: Graphic smut, swearing, mirrors, spanking, praise kink, orgasm denial and but then you’re always so sweet when you want something from me.

n. the exquisite pain of wanting the affection of someone you know you can never have.

❝ You once think it’s unfair, for you to be oh-so helplessly in love with Jungkook. The boy’s got you wrapped around his fingers without even knowing it. He could tilt the chalice of poison to your lips and you would all too willingly drink it without elusion. But fresh out of high school, with sun kissed skin beneath scorching sun rays and ocean feet as Jimin stares at you wide-eyed and thudding heart, you don’t know what is more cruel anymore; to remain ignorant of someone’s feelings or to be aware of it, only to twist and turn their heartstrings like puppets in a play. ❞


He’s there today, just like any other day, by the café entrance chatting, no, flirting with the girls passing by, flashing them one of his all-too-famous heart-melting smiles, shooting cupid lies. You can distinctly hear his deep, gravelly voice, laughing. The girls giggle, hands tugging back hair, biting lipstick coated lip and sending flirtatious glances.

“At it again, that guy.” A flock of jet black dips down to the seat across from you, earning a shake of head from your pretending, casual behalf.

“That’s Jungkookie for you.” Is all you can manage, but of course, not without a hopeless shrug for said boy’s relentless pursue for the opposite sex.

As if on cue, you feel a dead weight slithering around your shoulders as the chair scrapes against squeaky clean wooden floorboards, body heat seeping into you. Then, all-too-soon, comes that little, measly, meaningless greeting that makes your stomach drop flat on the ground.

“Hey, best friend.”

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The Ball of La Douleur Exquise pt.1 - Bucky x Reader

Summary: ‘La douleur exquise’ literally means “the exquisite pain”; it comes from a medical term which defines a pain which morphine cannot dull. It’s meaning has become something used to describe that indescribable pain of being hurt by the one you love. 

Word Count - 3524

Warnings - Low self seteem?? with my writing, what can you expect lmao, maybe slight swearing??

A/N - I really like this one, I’m very excited for part two!!

“Y/N, sit still!” Natasha scolded while you squirmed.

“I swear to god, I will poke this mascara through your eye and out the base of your skull before you can even kiss your precious boy Bucky goodbye.” She threatened, wielding the mascara wand intimidatingly in your face. You rolled your eyes but sat still on your bed.

“He’s not my precious boy.” You mumbled grouchily, resenting the ache in your bumcheeks from sitting too long.

“Wanda, can you please confirm that Bucky is Y/N’s precious boy?” Natasha called, applying the false eyelash with precision and grace only she could ever master.

Wanda’s soft accent floated from the bathroom. “He is.” She called.

Wanda came out of the bathroom in a beautiful red gown, and started sliding rings onto her slender fingers. “Or he will be soon.”

“Hey, I thought your powers were mind reading, not fortune telling. Shut your trap.” You snapped playfully.

Natasha arched an eyebrow. “We know you like him Y/N.”

You pretended to think, placing a finger in your chin and pulling your eyebrows together comically. “No you don’t. Because I don’t.” You concluded.

She glared at your denial.

“Okay maaaaybe.” You resigned, letting your shoulders sag from their tense position in relief. Damn, Wanda may be the one with the mind reading powers, but Natasha could see your goddamn soul. The thought made you shiver internally.

“Then maaaaybe you should ask him out.” Natasha mocked, sliding into a pair of black pumps.

“And maaaaybe I shouldn’t.” You countered, applying lipstick carefully, the absurd shape of your mouth muffling the world’s slightly.

“Why not?” Wanda queried.

“Because. There’s no reason for him to like me.” You stated simply, smacking your lips together.

“I’m sure he can think of a couple.” Natasha smirked, looking to Wanda for confirmation, which she gave with a smug nod of the head.

You scoffed. “Like what? Like the bags under my eyes from murdering more people than I care to count? Because I can’t sleep like a normal person? Like the disciplinary pinned to my file because I was temporarily kicked off missions for anger management? Like the stretch marks that map my body like violet veins, reminding me I’ll never be as good as you?”

Wanda and Natasha’s jaws both seemed slack, their eyes wide as they gaped at you. You adjusted the robe that kept your from exposing your underwear uncomfortably, their states making you uneasy.

“Is that really how you see yourself?” Natasha cleared her throat discretely.

“I mean, yeah, I guess.” You mumbled.

Wanda’s gaze had drifted to look at the television in your bedroom, but you could tell she wasn’t focused on whatever plot was unfolding. Her eyes suddenly rested on something else, and she gently reached out and unhooked it.

“Go out your dress on.” She said simply, her undertone dripping with sadness, piling the delicate fabric into your arms.

As you undid your robe, you couldn’t help but avoid the mirror that seemed to confront you aggressively.

“You know,” Wanda called through the door, “I can read Barnes’ mind too.”

“You really shouldn’t be doing that.” You reprimanded, sliding your arms into the sleeves. Even when he wasn’t here, you were still protecting him fiercely. You didn’t like the idea of anyone creeping around in his head, not even Wanda, the gentlest friend you’d ever had, a girl who once cried burning popcorn. Bucky’s mind deserved to be his for once.

“He likes you Y/N. He thinks of you so, so highly that I-I couldn’t even breathe.” She spoke with a slight edge to her voice, an edge of awe.

You paused for a moment. You just had to take that moment to think. Really think. Think about how much you really liked Bucky. Liked his hair, how he makes coffee, his stories of the war. How he felt just as you did for him, such an affection that being apart became an affliction. You smoothed the soft silk down, imagining his hands replacing yours, becoming permanent fixtures to your hips. You wouldn’t mind that it tickled slightly, because you’d be so used to the feeling of his fingers trailing and caressing your skin with the love Wanda claimed she saw in him.

It wouldn’t be so bad, right?

You took a final look at your reflection and a new found confidence arose in you. Half of you scorned yourself at your validation being dependent on a boy’s opinion rather than your own self esteem. But Bucky wasn’t just a boy. Your confidence came from the fact that, whilst aware of your flaws, Bucky still appreciated you for what you were. Not a work of art at all.

You looked in the mirror and felt beautiful, despite feeling nauseous at the though of Stark’s extravagant charity ball only an hour ago.

You breathed out. And stepped out.

Wanda and Nat had been gossiping among themselves, Wanda lay on your bed it’s her long dress hiked up to her thighs for maximum comfort, scrolling through her phone whilst whispering with Natasha perched at your dressing table, reapplying eyeliner. Their sentences trailed off when the door swung open.

“I think he’d be happy to be your precious boy tonight.” Natasha smirked, crossing her arms.

“Or any night.” Wanda added cheekily

“Whenever, wherever, just say the word and he’ll come a-running.” Natasha quipped, before grabbing her phone and linking an arm with each of you.

“Come on girls, we have drinks to drink and old men to arouse.”

Wanda laughed raucously as your nose wrinkled at the thought of all Stark’s fundraising bachelors, all way too old and way too handsy. You all piled into the elevator, Natasha recounting the time Clint punched a senior because of this very reason.


Bucky immediately noticed you walk in.

Unfortunately, he also immediately choked on his champagne.

Sam took the pleasure of smacking him on the back, laughing as one of the world’s most deadly assassins coughed up bubbles.

“You okay man?” Steve worried, looking at his friends unusually pink cheeks.

“Nah, he’s fine, he’s just blushing because his future wife walked in.” Sam deadpanned, quickly sipping Scot H and looking anywhere but Bucky’s deadly glare directed at him.

“Oh wow.” Steve gasped, his head turned towards the doorway where you had just entered. Natasha’s head immediately looked for Clint, her red tresses bobbing about as she stealthily took off to look for him in the crowd, her black satin dress rippling hypnotisingly around her feet and making her look daunting. The crowd parted for her.

“Wanda looks cute.” Sam commented.

And he was right. She did. Her dress was velvet, red, and paired with heeled boots and many rings for the classic Wanda™ look.

However Bucky wouldn’t know that, because he didn’t take his eyes off of you.

Your dress was silk, a pale grey, fitted to your curves in all the right places that made Bucky’s pupils dilate. The bottom widened like a mermaids tail, made of delicate net. His soviet trained eye noticed every detail. He noticed how the thin straps were too big, constantly being pulled up by your small fingers, and drawing his attention to your shoulder and chest, where he could see your exposed collarbones, your smooth skin and the little necklace that rested there. But once you turned away from Wanda for a moment, was when he was sure his heart skipped a beat. Quite literally, Bucky felt all the blood rush to his ears. Your curls were already slightly frizzy, but he didn’t care. Your eyes were dazzling, and closed as your scrunched your nose and laughed. Bucky only wished he could hear you.

“Dude, go ask her to dance!” Steve urged.

Bucky shook his head, reaching for his champagne. “Nah, she’s way out of my league.”

“I don’t think she is. In fact, I think she I very much in your league by that smile she’s giving you.”

Bucky’s head whipped round, but you looked away just as fast, going back to the conversation with Wanda as if nothing happened. Bucky almost believed it, would it not be for Wanda’s eyes flickering to him every once in a while.

“Don’t get whiplash mate.” Sam said, smiling into his glass.


“Go on Y/N.” Wanda pushed you towards him, and suddenly you heard her voice inside your head.

“Go get him tiger.”

“Please don’t ever say that again.” You murmured, looking back at her.

She laughed once again, and spoke inside your mind. “I didn’t say it. I thought it.”

You were about to reply when you realised you had arrived at your destination. Bucky. For a moment, you had to stop and simply admire him. As Tony had insisted on formal dress, he was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. His hair was pulled back into a low bun, with little tendrils framing his face, and his metallic hand was adorned with a white glove, which elegantly held a glass of champagne. He leant so naturally on the bar, Sam beside him. They looked like two cocky bachelors, on the prowl for the hunt of the night, knowing, that they could have any girl drop her panties with a grin and a cheeky one liner.

You cleared your throat.

“Would you care to dance?” You smiled brightly, turning to Wanda, who gave you a nod of encouragement.

“Uh, sure.” Bucky said, sounding anything but sure.

You walked hand in hand to the dance floor, the dim lights and close proximity to each other intoxicating your senses. Your head leant on his broad chest, and you were acutely aware of his gloved hand resting on your waist, and even more aware of the warm flesh hand encasing your own comfortingly.

“You look very handsome tonight Mr Barnes.” You teased.

“Uh, thanks.”

His unsure tone made you question wether this was such a good idea. Maybe Wanda was wrong. You peeked over Bucky’s shoulder to see Wanda present a thumbs up to you. You giggled slightly at her enthusiastic nature, wherein she nearly spilt her drink. Bucky didn’t seem nearly as amused.

His body was suddenly jerked away from yours as he held you at arms length.

“What are you doing?” He questioned harshly, his hands gripping your forearms as bewilderment took over your features.

“What do you mean?” You pressed urgently.

“I mean, who told you? Because from the way you’ve been laughing with Wanda all night and watching me, then asking me to dance and signalling her, I assume you know something.” Bucky’s scowl got deeper as you didn’t contradict him.

“Okay, she told me, but that’s oka-”

“You’re an awful person.” He stated.

Your heart caught in your throat. Where was this coming from? Did h- did he really not like you? He thought you were an awful human being?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bucky plea-” you pleaded.

“You’re an awful person because you think you can just play with people! I may have liked you a hell of a lot but I’m certain I don’t now, not when you just use my feelings to an advantage so you and Wanda and probably the rest of this whole goddamn team can laugh at my expense. Hope it was worth the laugh, because you’ll need it when you’re alone.”

And with that, he let go of you, stepping back to scowl at your trembling form.

And you didn’t really know what to do, so you did the only thing you could.

You ran.

You picked up your skirt and ran towards the elevators, and Bucky would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt him, seeing the elevator doors close on you sobbing into your hands.


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la douleur exquise (prologue)

La Douleur Exquise (French) - The excruciating pain experienced when wanting someone you cannot have.

→pairing: taehyung | reader

→genre: smut | angst

→word count: 1,235

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the signs as untranslatable french words
  • aries: Cartonner- something that has had huge success
  • taurus: Bricoleur- handyman who makes use of whatever tools are available to him
  • gemini: Épater- to wow, to stun, to amaze!
  • cancer: Flâner- wandering the streets of Paris with no goal, only to enjoy the beauty of the city
  • leo: La douleur exquise - the pain of unrequited love
  • virgo: Savoir-Faire- used to mean know how as in how to solve a certain practical problem, now means knowing how to act appropriately in social situations
  • libra: Retrouvailles- reuniting with someone you haven't seen in awhile
  • scorpio: Jolie Laide- ugly beautiful. someone who is unconventionally beautiful.
  • sagittarius: Spleen: boredom and dissatisfaction
  • capricorn: Dépaysement- disorientation one feels when in a completely foreign setting
  • aquarius: A l’ouest - describing someone a little strange or different
  • pisces: L’appel du vide- the sudden urge to jump when standing on a high rise
Les véritables rêveurs sont condamnés à toujours être déçus de la vie qu'ils mènent. Ils ne vivent que de rares moments de bonheur, qui, pour eux, sont d'une beauté exquise
—  “True dreamers are condemned to be unsatisfied with the life they lead. They experience only rare moments of joy, which, for them, are of exquisite beauty”

Title: La Douleur Exquise 
Word count: 2,403
Character: the Marquis de Lafayette

“Another sonata, Madamoiselle Y/N!” A familiar, teasing voice called out to you from across the room. You smiled, shaking your head, allowing your fingers to dance over the keys yet another time. The merriment and dancing swept through the room again, making the flooring of the chateau positively shake beneath the brilliant light of chandeliers. Night had long fallen beyond the tall windows, but French salons stopped for nothing, especially not those held in Paris; in fact, the darkness contributed to the often radical discussions that floated through salon rooms. You melted into the atmosphere well, considering the only job your mother assigned you was keeping the crowd entertained with harpsichord pieces accompanied by a popular Paris musician on the violin.

However, as your ears blurred out all the voices and focused entirely on the melody, your mind drifted somewhere else– rather, onto someone else. Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette was always invited to your mother’s salons, who adored him due to how he had always treated you amiably despite his position as an awkward orphan, albeit a wealthy one. He had so far not made an appearance anywhere in the crowd of thirty or so people, which was odd, considering he usually did his best to attend. Or maybe you were overthinking it because you had not seen him in two weeks, which had been suffocating your mood for the entire fortnight. 

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la douleur exquise
(tiếng Pháp)

- Từ này về cơ bản không giống như ‘Tình đơn phương" khi mô tả mối quan hệ chỉ có tình yêu từ 1 phía.
- Thay vào đó, từ này còn nói lên nỗi đau hết sức to lớn khi không thể có được người mình thương, hoặc không thể có được nhau của 2 người yêu nhau - Tùy ngữ cảnh
- Có thể dịch trắng ra là “Tình yêu bị đè nén”
- Nỗi đau này rất mạnh, mạnh đến nghẹt thở và đầy cảm động.
- Kiểu như: “Married to one; but loving another.” - Yêu người này, lấy người kia.
- Còn nói lên tình cảnh mình biết mình không thể có người này, nhưng vẫn không thể bắt mình dừng lại việc cứ tiến gần họ.

Kiểu: Ngủ với người đó xong, cảm thấy chán ghét mình, hối hận vì đã làm như vậy vì biết sẽ không bao giờ có được nhau, nhưng nếu có lần sau vẫn sẽ tiếp tục làm như vậy.

- Ôi cái từ gì mà mệt…


foreign words that can be used to describe people/things you love possibly better than the english word
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>saudade (portugese):</b> the feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost. a haunting desire for what is gone.<p/><b>mamihlapinatapei (yagan):</b> a wordless yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something but are both too scared.<p/><b>koi no yokan (japanese):</b> the sudden knowledge upon meeting someone that you are destined to fall in love.<p/><b>gigil (filipino):</b> the urge to pinch or squeeze something that is irresistibly cute.<p/><b>la douleur exquise (french):</b> the heartbreaking pain of wanting someone you cant have.<p/><b>ya'aburnee (arabic):</b> translates to "you bury me" and is the hope that the person you love will outlive you so you can spare the pain of living without them.<p/><b>forelsket (norwegian):</b> the overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when youre falling in love with someone.<p/><b>onsra (boro language of india):</b> loving for the last time. the bittersweet feeling you get when you know a love wont last.<p/><b>queesting (dutch):</b> when you invite someone into your bed for some pillow talk.<p/><b>kilig (tagalog):</b> the heady'sublime rush you experience right after something good happens, particularly in love or dating.<p/><b>cavoli risvaldati (italian):</b> translates to "reheated cabbage" but describes the moment when you attempt to start up a failed relationship or love affair.<p/><b>iktsuarpok (inuit):</b> the anticipation you feel when you wait for someome to come to your house.<p/><b>kara sevde (turkish):</b> means "black love". this is the lovesick term for when you feel that passionate blinding love for another person.<p/><b>llunga (bantu):</b> a person who is willing to forgive abuse the first time and tolerate it a second time but never a third.<p/><b>viraag (hindi):</b> the emotional pain of being seperated from a loved one.<p/><b>fensterln (german):</b> when you have to climb through someones window in order to have sex with them without their parents knowing about it.<p/><b>l'esprit de escalier (french):</b> the inescapable feeling you get when you leave a conversation then think about all the things you should have said.<p/><b>meraki (greek):</b> doing something with soul creativity or love.<p/><b>fernweh (german):</b> feeling homesick for a place youve never been to<p/><b>yuanfen (chinese):</b> a relationship by fate or destiny<p/><b>wabi-sabi (japanese):</b> a way of living that focusea on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay<p/><b>prozvonit (czech):</b> the experiemce of calling a phone and leting it ring just once so that the other person will call back.<p/><b>razbliuto (russian):</b> the sentimental feeling you often feel towards someone you used to love but no longer do<p/></p><p/></p>
As requested by a friend...

La Douleur Exquise

You are no longer someone I can hold hands with,
What we are and what we will be now becomes a myth.
There will be nothing but memories of you and me,
What we can be for each other we will never get to see.

Must I blame myself for letting you go?
Or you for the things you did not show?
Am I the only one who feels this pain
Must I be punished for making you wait in vain?

It was hard for us to be miles apart,
Especially when I refrained from meeting at the start.
But the abrupt ending is too much to handle,
And it feels like there is nothing to rekindle.

This must be hard for you to believe,
But what we have is something I have not received.
The feelings you made me feel were my first,
And what I showed you were unrehearsed.

How should I start forgetting, how do I move on?
When I am still lonely from the feelings I chanced upon?
Will I ever forget you who was once so dear to me?
Will you return to open the part of my heart where you hold the key?