expressive halo


The Ur-Didact approaches his duplicate.

They stand barely separated by the reach of their great arms, surrounded by the swirling mist, the sough of the light breeze, the rhythmic lap of wavlets.

“There is no hope, continuing with your strategy, not in our time, not in this galaxy,” the Ur-Didact says. “That is a cold, simple fact.”

“I hold another opinion.”

“Your privilege… Manipular.” The Ur-Didact’s expression is disdainful. “The Halos? Violating the Mantle all over again, with even greater destruction! Wiping out all intelligent life across this galaxy! By itself that proves you are a poor version. You’ve altered your strategic vision.”

“According to circumstance, as every commander must.”

“Don’t you feel the truth of it? We gave the Precursors reason to retreat into madness. A passion for vengeance. And the Gravemind gave it all right back to me. I am filled with that passion, that madness, that poison! If we fire Halo, we lose everything.”

The two Didacts stand opposite each other, barely moving, barely breathing, as if sizing each other up. Their armour is evenly matched. Their weapons are identical, their defences, identical.

But the Didacts themselves - no longer identical.

thetardisismysoulanimal  asked:

Fairy lights, trees

Fairy lights: If someone wanted to get to know you, what should they read/watch/listen to?

Books: A Little Princess, The Boxcar Children (my childhood), The Chronicles of Narnia, The Tales of the Kingdom Series (relatively unknown but very good), and Pollyanna

Watch: The Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Singing in the Rain, The Court Jester, Anne of Green Gables (the Megan Follows version) and Hairspray. OH AND VEGGIE TALES

Listen: the album Aura by Brunuhville, First Call’s Definitive Collection, Adventures in Odyssey (I can’t pick specific episodes) and the GT and the Halo Express Bible Memory tapes (they do make CDs now though)

Trees: Name one thing you have learned this past year that has made you a better person?
Hmmm… though this isn’t the first time I’ve learned this, but Cory has helped me learn that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s a lot easier for me to be the one helping than being the one who is helped.

Thanks for the ask, Liz!

spoilers for Halo 4 i guess but the games been out for years so

Halo 4 is a such a sad game

Cortana loves chief, in almost a motherly way but he doesn’t know how to feel because he lost so much of his childhood to training and conditioning

he only knows war, battle and military type stuff and is highly socially awkward and has difficulty displaying emotion in non-militaristic scenarios

Dr. Halsey stripped him of his humanity but gave it back to him in the form of Cortana. she was his humanity and one of the only people he talked to consistently

so chief is basically just a machine built for war and they talk about this a lot, dialogue about how humanity and soldiers are not separate but chief is barely human. Cortana even asks him at at some point if he could figure out which one of them was the machine

and throughout all of Cortana’s emotion chief just sits there and loads his gun or preps the ship or just something he knows and is used to because he has no clue what to do in an emotional situation

like at the end of halo 3 when she says “i’ll miss you” and he just says “wake me when you need me” because he doesn’t pick up on the meaning of that or the social cue that you would normally respond with “I’ll miss you too” instead of what equates to just “ok see you later”

and i really like how they took this trope of the badass silent action hero who just kills and is “too cool” to have emotions or whatever and turned that into an important theme of Halo 4, which is that chief basically isn’t human without Cortana

notice how whenever she talks about how shes dying or at the end when she tells him she cant go with him he just says things like “no” or “that- we go together.” because he knows he is emotionally attached to her and cares about her and is in denial that he could be without her but has no fucking clue about how to express that

so when halo 4 ends he just returns to being a quiet militaristic machine, like when halo 5 starts out we know he’s just been drilling missions, doing all that he knows he can do without her.

but pretty much all good storylines end after that and halo 5 turns into a disappointing mess of nonsensical and anticlimactic gameplay. so

you might say its a bad game, but you have to look at the story too and hot damn there is some heavy stuff in there