Freshuary Day 22 — MEMORY: What would be one of Fresh’s fondest memories?

For a memory to be ‘fond’ you’d have to form emotional attachments, so kid!Fresh it is! The first time he made Deccy’s eyes go all blue!

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I wonder what the boys said to Steve, and what Steve said to the boys, when they met at the xf, I wonder how happy he was to see so much love between those four, to see a real family. And I also wonder what he and Harry talked about, maybe in private.

uh I’m… crying… I’m sure the boys are used to being able to be there on stage for each other so I bet they were glad Steve was up there with him :( idk if they necessarily talked a lot that particular night with everything going on but they all and Harry especially definitely see eye to eye on some important things (i.e. looking out for Louis) and I’m sure they’ve had some significant conversations since Steve is clearly in the know about some things… wow anon I’m sad but also happy bc they all have each other 😭

i swear tho if Lance does become the black paladin i want blue lion to like, give him away

like Lance will come to blue when he finds out that he has to pilot the black lion and he tries to go into blue but blue won’t let him in and he thinks ‘oh no she thinks i don’t love her anymore she’s rejecting me, just like everyone else has’ and

he hears this sad rumble in his mind and chest and a low soft voice echoes inside him that says “my silly pilot, you will always be welcomed back”

but Lance makes this broken noise and thinks “then why won’t you let me in?”

and blue lion whines small and deep “bc, dear cub, I’m afraid if you do, i will not be able to let you go”

then, with utter delicacy, blue lifts one paw and places it in front of lances chest and nudges him back

“find your leader and then come back. until then….”

and lance’s mortification and awe, blue bows her head to him. and the tears start streaming down his face, only able to stand there in complete silence.

“lead us to victory. black paladin.”


DONE WITH ALL THE EVIL EXPRESSION REQUESTSSS!!!! Man, it took a week I think??? But whatever, I did it! It was great practice! Thanks so much to everyone who sent one in!!! Decided to put them all together once again! :D I did C2 at least 4 times lol

(and if you noticed I didn’t do one, it’s probably cause you are one of the people who sent a request, anyways, even though I said THEY WERE ALREADY CLOSED multiple times. So sorry. :( ) 

6 Servamp, 2 Haikyuu and 2 Bungou Stray Dog characters. My goodness. ^^; 

I hate to see kpop fans calling some groups flops for not doing well in charts or not selling many albums or for not being super popular. They are still a group that have fans. And unlike some new generation kpop fans, not every fandom or group only cares about numbers or how well they do. Sometimes it’s just about bringing out good music or meeting your fans/idol. You’re not more of a fan for stanning a popular group, and your group is not better just because they do better. Not everything is always about success. Sometimes it’s just about the feelings.

I’ve always admired flowers that grow through the cracks in the pavement for the same reason that rainbows only happen when it’s raining. It’s the reason I like rough diamonds… those salt of the earth people who haven’t had an easy day in their life but still have so much love and kindness left to give out to others.
People like that inspire me because they’ve transcended their hardships by allowing them to shape them into better people… and you have to admire something beautiful that battled through adversity to be what it is
—  Ranata Suzuki | The beauty of genuine people