me after complaining that “store” made it on to emotion side b

i honestly love the idea of shiro being so easily smitten and flat out in love with allura but also give me crushing giggly blushing allura who, despite how hard she tries to hide it, has the most massive crush on shiro and is so in love with him, down to the small things like the way his eyes sparkle when he talks about his interests, or how he stares at her lovingly, longingly for minutes on end and then blushes and turns away when she notices okay give me all the mutual pining god bless


I’m so angry about this. This is so disgusting. I can’t believe anyone would do this, especially people in the clique. Why would anyone do that, especially to someone like Tyler?! He doesn’t deserve that at all. He trusted his fans to get him safely to his platform and they go and pull this?! How messed up do you have to be?! Oh my god. This is so disrespectful on so many levels, and I’m so disappointed in those clique members. I love Tyler so much and I really hope he’s alright. He’s probably not gonna want to crowd surf or even go into the crowd at all anymore. With people this disrespectful, I wouldn’t want him to either. He must feel so unsafe. This group of people that he trusted let him down, and even took advantage of him by ripping his shirt and throwing stuff on him. You don’t really love Tyler, if you’d be disrespectful enough to do this to him. This is so heartbreaking. Please, please, please, if you go to a twenty øne piløts show and Tyler goes into the crowd (which he pretty much always does), be respectful of him and keep him safe. He’s a human, treat him like one. He wants to get the crowd involved as much as possible, but he won’t be able to if its not even safe for him to be around his own fans. Just please keep in mind that these are real people. I hope they’re alright.



Please, please, please I am begging you, do not buy any Purina brand dog food. I know it’s cheap, I know that it’s a grocery store brand. But it’s cheap for a reason, kids.

Let me explain. I work at a pet store, and these little bugs? They’re moths, and they’re fucking nasty. They fly around constantly, and in the past six months, we’ve lost at least 2 full shipments of Purina One and Beneful food to infestations. They crawl inside the ears (the corners) of the bag, and manage to wiggle their way inside. Then, they can feast.

And the reason they feast? Purina food is crap. It’s shittily made, has shitty ingredients, and there have been studies that show that this food can cause seizures in dogs. (I’m on mobile, so I can’t source this, but a couple minutes on Google should prove me right.)

And even without those studies, would you ever want to feed your pet something that attracts such nasty little bugs? I will tell you from firsthand experience that they’re the most annoying little fuckers I’ve ever had the dishonour to know of. You don’t want these in your home, folks. You don’t want these near your precious pets.

For the love of all that’s holy, I’m begging you: Keep your babies safe and don’t buy Purina food.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Rock en Seine, Paris (26/08/16) Livestream!

Since it’s their last (the very last) show of the Everything You’ve Come To Expect tour, I wanted to poit it out for y’all:

THIS is the french site which streams the Rock en Seine shows, and either THIS or THAT is their actual stream, I’m not sure. Problem is one starts in 3 hours the other in 10 so ehh let me know ??

You can watch it from your location I think, you don’t have to download anything. Andd

I want you all to tune in if you have the time, and let us all enjoy this one last ride! I had an amazing time throughout this whole era and it really was a special summer for me :’)


(Tune in, folks!!!)


Realtime facial expressions workflow based on 3D scans

Demonstration from production company Televisor shows realtime facial expression editing of 3D scanned heads:

The goal was to develop and test facial animation that is driven by 3d scanned expression. We had to develop some tools to achieve realtime display while animating, but it was worth it in the end. After those experiments we can optimise quantity of facial scans needed for full facial rig.
In the end, everything is piped into standard rig, all the blending of shapes, displacement maps, colour is done by the system. It’s just joy to animate and not think about what is under the hood with realtime quality ready at your fingertips.
This is just a first test - we still need to polish blending details and overall quality.