(1) Ahhh thank you! :D I tend to approach drawing faces and eyes in terms of who the character is that I am drawing, meaning that their personality or character will drive their expression.  I like to start with the eyes first when drawing a face or expression since our eyes are prone to look at the eyes first when we see a face. Depending on the emotion or squash and stretch in the eyes and eyebrows will affect the mouth’s shape. (ex: a surprised face where the eyes and eyebrows are pulled up and widened will cause the mouth to “stretch” or open wide.) An expression uses the entire face to emote, even if it is a slight smile or raising an eyebrow.

(2) My internship at Disney was a blast! I loved every minute of it and I learned a ton. For me I boarded for the intern short film and also was mentored by one of the Disney story artists, doing different story exercises to sharpen my skills. I highly recommend the internship program! :D

(3) For young artists, I would give the advice to draw what you love and keep on practicing everyday.  Most of my own artistic growth came about from fanart before I moved onto drawing my own personal work, because I love drawing fanart and I am more willing to experiment with different styles and techniques drawing fanart. Keep drawing, stay passionate creating art, and have fun with what you draw :D Thank you for your question :)

Sorry for being MIA! Been busy with work and freelance all around but I am happy to be able to share one of them with you :) 

I have been working with Facebook over the past month and a half to do a sticker set for them! Her name is Cece and I am sure she would love it if you gave her a download in the sticker shop on Facebook! 

Thanks everyone for the glowing reviews and support so far since launch last week. It means the world to me! <3

itslouderthanthunder asked:

any tips on how to get better at drawing different expressions/making the emotions of the character be noticeable without exaggerating the expression too much or alter face features? :c

uuh, I think it depends a lot about what style do you like? My best advice would be to study the artists you like more, to see how they do expressions, and notice how many details they put in faces… Personally I like a lot to look at disney characters sheets, and some other comic artists I’m following as spiritual teachers.

When I study an expression, I always start with a general, very simple, toony sketch, and then I draw over them, trying to save the original expression…

of course I lose a lot of freshness in the process… indeed, I like the initial sketches more :°D

Then remember that we have 30+ muscles in the face, for expressions and chewing, and they all can be used to combine an infinite variety of expressions. You don’t have to exaggerate the features just to express a different emotion.., some changes can be really subtle, and still you can understand what’s going on!

Also, friendly reminder: eyebrows are your best friends. Love them

So yeah, I hope this can makes some sense!