Winter Internment

They would take her to this place in the winters. It was the only time they ever moved her. It was never real people; the AI’s would drag her around with their souless, expressionless faces.

The first few years, she pleaded with them, but they did not speak, although she knew they could. She tried to convice herself that somewhere, some real person had decided it would be warmer. But it never was; the cold rose through the floor in some perverse reversal of science.

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Heimdall/Steve - Homecoming (for the six sentence Saturday) Please and thank you.

“I hope you have a very joyous homecoming, Captain Rogers…”  Heimdall nodded his head as Steve walked towards the bifrost.  

“Is that all the good-bye I get?” Steve asked, turning his head to lock eyes with Heimdall.  

At first his face was expressionless, but his eyes softened and he crossed over to envelope Steve in a hug.  “I’ll keep watch over you,” Heimdall promised, patting his back twice before letting go and walking back to his post.  

“Thank you…” Steve said, nodding a couple of times before looking straight ahead again.  He wished it could be more, but he knew this was all Heimdall could offer.  

a thought:

genji finds some old tamagotchis at like a flea market or something and buys them for nostalgia’s sake, has a little fun with them. but then zenyatta finds them and just absolutely falls in love with them, like he hears them beep and he’s like “what is it my child? do you require feeding? are you bored? do not worry i shall play with you.” and genji’s like “master, are you really interrupting your meditation for those silly toys?” and zenyatta just gives him the most offended look he can muster with his expressionless face and is like “do no speak of them like that genji they can hear you you are being RUDE”

Every single place is mundane. Everywhere. London, Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, they’re all so mundane if you get right down into the grit of it. I spent an entire year in London and there is no place that is more mundane. The expressionless people that ride the subways to their expressionless jobs. There is culture there, no doubt, so much culture to see as a traveller of the world, as an eater of the world, as a thinker of the world, but the people there are as mundane as they come. Ride the subway anywhere, anywhere, and you will see how mundane everything truly is. There is no magic in a place without you to put it there.
—  Beckett Marsak

In June of 1972, a woman appeared in Cedar Senai hospital in nothing but a white, blood-covered gown. Now this, in itself, should not be too surprising as people often have accidents nearby and come to the nearest hospital for medical attention, but there were two things that caused people who saw her to vomit and flee in terror.

The first being that she wasn’t exactly human. she resembled something close to a mannequin, but had the dexterity and fluidity of a normal human being. Her face, was as flawless as a mannequins, devoid of eyebrows and smeared in make-up.

There was a kitten clamped in her jaws so unnaturally tight that no teeth could be seen, and the blood was still squirting out over her gown and onto the floor. She then pulled it out of her mouth, tossed it aside and collapsed.

From the moment she stepped through the entrance to when she was taken to a hospital room and cleaned up before being prepped for sedation, she was completely calm, expressionless and motionless. The doctors thought it best to restrain her until the authorities could arrive and she did not protest. They were unable to get any kind of response from her and most staff members felt too uncomfortable to look directly at her for more than a few seconds.

But the second the staff tried to sedate her, she fought back with extreme force. Two members of staff had to hold her down as her body rose up on the bed with that same, blank expression.

She turned her emotionless eyes towards the male doctor and did something unusual. She smiled.

As she did, the female doctor screamed and let go out of shock. In the woman’s mouth were not human teeth, but long, sharp spikes. Too long for her mouth to close fully without causing any damage…

The male doctor stared back at her for a moment before asking “What in the hell are you?”

She cracked her neck down to her shoulder to observe him, still smiling.

There was a long pause, the security had been alerted and could be heard coming down the hallway.

As he heard them approach, she darted forward, sinking her teeth into the front of his throat, ripping out his jugular and letting him fall to the floor, gasping for air as he choked on his own blood.

She stood up and leaned over him, her face coming dangerously close to his as the life faded from his eyes.

She leaned closer and whispered in his ear.


The doctor’s eyes filled with fear as he watched her calmly walk away to greet the security men. His last ever sight would be watching her feast on them one by one.

The female doctor who survived the incident named her “The Expressionless”.

There was never a sighting of her again.


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