Stunning Abstract Expressionist Paintings by Fabio Deronzier

Born into a family of artists, 18-year old Parisian artist Fabio Deronzier’s abstract expressionist paintings posses traditional elements in a contemporary world. Influenced by romantic painters, such as Caspar David Friedrich and J. M. W. Turner, Deronzier’s work behaves as an extension of the romantic ideal of nature. Abstract in nature, Deronzier’s pieces contain a moody, atmospheric, and melancholic tone, which demands attention. The brushstrokes convey chaos and turmoil, which seem purposefully crafted in order to move even the untrained eye. 


High Energy Abstract Paintings by MR Herget

Infusing a highly futuristic level of impressionism and abstract art, Matthew Ryan Herget (MR Herget) is a self-taught American artist. Working with spray paint and oil, Herget composes abstract portraits constructed from quick, short brush strokes, violent palate knife scrapes and heavy layers of paint and multiple sketches, which create an emotive and high energy piece. Although his pieces reveal a child-like nature, the painter’s well-honed technique feels timeless and fun. So far in 2015, the young artist’s main subject has been the astronaut, among many others. His portrayal of the astronaut reflects a childhood dream, which is a known icon in general culture and aspiration for children who dream of exploring other worlds. The free fall positions of the astronauts also reflect an extremely blithe characterization.

Overall Herget’s juxtaposition between vibrant colors, a carefree technique and an emotionally charged tone are an ode to his personhood and his personal artistic approach. 


What are the major themes you pursue in your work?
I have always struggled with a constant critique and defense of the territory of home. What is it about home that gives one a sense of camaraderie? My work is based at an internal examination of personal experiences that reflect upon a provincial upbringing.

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