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PLEASE DO 64!!!!!!! ❤️

  • james walking into the great hall slowly to where his friends sit at the gryffindor table
  • and finally sitting down next to lily to find her looking at him with an eyebrow raised
  • “why do you look as though you got no sleep last night?”
  • james glaring at the two boys sitting across from them
  • “ask them”
  • lily directing that intimidating look at sirius and remus
  • “boys?”
  • sirius grinning, pleased with himself
  • spooning a huge mound of cereal into his mouth
  • remus awkwardly looking downward, avoiding lily’s inquisitive stare
  • sirius swallowing his cereal and saying smugly
  • “remus and I… we may have been a little loud last night”
  • and simultaneously
  • lily’s eyes popping open
  • remus choking on his toast
  • and james snorting
  • please, you were deafening”
  • sirius’s eyes twinkling
  • “that would be me. the things remus can do with his -”
  • “shut your mouth before I shut it for you”
  • but even more amusement flood into sirius’s expression
  • as he turns to his boyfriend with mischief
  • “is that a dare?”
  • remus smirking and replying boldly with
  • “you’ll find out tonight”
  • “bloody hell, not again”

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Could you please make a tutorial on how you draw your characters? Your art is so nice but you don't have to if you're busy!!!

i’ve recently simplified the way i draw- so it’s a lot faster for me and i personally prefer the outcome… but it’s probably not the easiest or the most helpful to learn from??? but ill try my best o(-<

so um this is just the basics of how i draw faces now

i used to draw out circles and sketch out where i wanted the details of the face, but it definitely took a lot longer and for some reason i would always make the eyes really big?? and the jaw really strange?? so now i find this method is a lot easier for me and helps me keep my facial proportions more accurate

but ofc adding guidelines underneath can be really helpful!! add as many underneath as you need

um i find hair is something everyone does differently though so i don’t have many tips for this part???

the only detail i think worth mentioning here is that i think hairlines are a fun detail to add! they help me diversify the hairstyles i draw and add a sense of realism??

definitely the way i draw now is not something that will work for everyone- but hopefully this gives you a rough idea of how i draw faces?

ill add some more tips/details under the cut,,,

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Profile: Masaoka Tomomi  ・ 征陸 智己

I know Masaoka’s profile was translated a long time ago, I just decided to translate it myself as well because it kinda felt incomplete without him and Kagari so…  As they say, for the collection. XDD


“There’s no right answer. There’s only compromise.”


You’ll intuitively know at first glance when someone’s up to no good.

ID: 00475-AECI-00247-2

Kanji name: 征陸 智己

Romaji name: Masaoka Tomomi 

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Division 1

Occupation: Enforcer

Date of Birth: June 27, 2058

Age: 54

Blood type: O

Physical examination: Satisfactory, but impairment of liver function requires special attention

Emergency contact’s address: Tokyo, Adachi-ku, Senjuu, Asahi 6-23c

Ginoza Akiho (guardian) 

[Education and Career]

March 2073 ・Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Tachikawa Junior high School

April 2073 ・Entered Komai High School (general education curriculum)

March 2076 ・Graduated from Komai High School

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i said i was gonna do it

now considering that kfp3 is around the corner, i figured this would be kind of a fun thing to do while the fandom waits. but you dont have to do it 30 days before kfp3, you can do it any time tbh– i tried to design the prompts in a way so it would be still relevant

feel free to bend and interpret the prompts in any way you wish, if you’re not really feeling it

also please tag them #kfp30day so there can be a nice place to see them all

  1. favorite character of all time
  2. favorite member of the furious five
  3. favorite villain
  4. favorite secondary character
  5. favorite short/special
  6. favorite tv series episode
  7. favorite tv series character
  8. a ship
  9. a brotp
  10. a familial relationship
  11. a quote from the movies
  12. a quote from the shorts
  13. favorite overall moment from the movies
  14. favorite tearjerking moment from the movies
  15. favorite heartwarming moment from the movies
  16. favorite funny moment from the movies
  17. cross over kfp and another fandom of your choosing
  18. a headcanon for a character / anything in this verse
  19. draw yourself as you would look like in kfp
  20. draw your kfpsona from the last day with your fave character doing stuff together
  21. something you would have like explored in kfp3 (or canon in general)
  22. give a character a Cool New Outfit!!
  23. a kfp au
  24. a character with an out of character expression
  25. a character doing a Cool Kung Fu pose
  26. a character enjoying some tasty noodles
  27. a child version of your favorite character
  28. a fun interaction between characters that barely / haven’t interacted much in canon
  29. a character that you want to play as in the kfp fighting game
  30. wildcard!! draw whatever you want