An open letter

To preface I know this doesn’t apply in all situations this is just a generalisation.

Dear parents, teachers, children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and just about anyone else,

Why is it not ok for a child to express their sexuality? Unless of course, they’re heterosexual that is.

Why is it not ok for a child to express their romantic orientation? Unless of course, they’re heteroromantic that is.

Why is it not ok for a child to express their gender, and live freely as who they know they should be? Unless of course, they’re cis-gender that is.

Why is it not ok for a child, or anyone else for that matter, regardless of age, to be who they want to be, who they really, truly are?

Why is it ok for you, and I’ll repeat that, you not them, to decide who they are, who they love, how they want to live?

What gives you the right?

Me. As defined by me
High school girl kicked out of prom for wearing a suit
A Midstate high school student had the experience of a lifetime at her prom Friday night, but not in the way her family expected.

In Pennsylvania, a lesbian high schooler was asked to leave her prom because she wore a suit instead of a dress. 

Aniya Wolf’s gender expression was never a problem before. But at the last minute, her school sent out an email stating that girls had to wear dresses in order to be admitted to the prom.

Wolf’s mom called the school. “I told them that I had read the dress code that was given to the students and I didn’t think that it precluded her from wearing a suit.  I said that this was very unfair, particularly at the last minute.  We had gone out and bought a new suit. I think my daughter is beautiful in a suit,” Carolyn Wolf said.

Wolf had been looking forward to this night for so long, she decided to go over anyway but was thrown out.

“I think my experience shouldn’t be any different than anyone else’s because of something I was born with,” she said outside of her prom.

She said a school official took her by the arm and said she was going to call the police, so Wolf left.

A friendly reminder that is it the year 2016.