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Wait, You Told Sherlock But Not Me?

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Mycroft Holmes

Warnings: none

Request: “Can you please do a oneshot where the reader is Mycroft’s child and they come out as bi to him.” - Anon

Word Count: 695

A/N: Hope I did okay with this one shot !

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kinks: a continuation

(Part One)(Part Two)

- Neil wearing drawstring sweatpants and no shirt the end
- neil putting on Andrew’s glasses because his eyesight isn’t really that great, and Andrew having to leave the room because he’s so maD ABOUT IT
- Andrew shot gunning Neil (which we obviously know leads to very intense and heated make outs because o.m.f.g these boys are so gay)
- Andrew lounging on the couch playing with the cats, calling them mean but affectionate names and letting them jump up and knead their little claws into his legs. Neil watches from the doorway and takes mental pictures, insides warm and fuzzy, feeling grateful that he was allowed to take this. (I don’t think life gave them to each other. They both fought tooth and fucking nail to get to this point, to be alive and to have each other and saying that the world just gave them each other completely disregards that. This is a discussion for another post and i’m not sure why i’m going on about it now)
- Neil being tipsy and attempting to talk dirty Andrew. I can’t decide if he’s really, really good at it and can take Andrew to pieces with just his words, or absolutely terrible, like to the point where Andrew shoves his face away and cuts him off for the night because ‘if you’re going to be stupid and embarrass yourself you might as well remember it the next day.’ Probably the first one, lesbehonest.
- Neil being a biter. he wants to bite everything and everyone during sex and it’s amazing 
- Andrew doing crunches or something and Neil is sitting on his feet, and Andrew rolls his eyes but kisses Neil every time he scrunches up from the ground 
- The team being at the gym and Andrew is in his aggressive power lifting mode, off in the corner by himself curling some heavy weights. Neil and Nicky are on the treadmills for their warm up and Nicky notices that Neil has been staring at Andrew for the entire time so he reaches over and turns the speed up to the highest setting on Neil’s machine. Neil falls on his face and Nicky laughs so loud that it gets Andrew’s attention 
- Late nights playing drunken card games on the floor, sometimes just them and sometimes the whole team. When it’s just them (and sometimes Kevin) it can get pretty dirty, but when its the whole team its really competitive and money gets involved (obvi Allison wins the money, as the fandom has unanimously decided that she always wins)
- Andrew tossing and turning all night, waking up from a nightmare and slapping his hand across the bed to reach for Neil/Kevin. Wanting the warmth of fingers and the comfort of a hand in his so that he can feel grounded and real. Whoever he grabs turns on their side to face him, stares at his profile and rubs their thumb against the back of Andrew’s hand as he tries to quiet his mind.
- Sometimes when Neil knows that Andrew wants to be left alone, he’ll leave a pack of cigarettes and a note of comfort on their spot on the roof then head out for the day to give Andrew space. Andrew comes to bed a little earlier than normal on those days, squeezes in next to Neil under the covers and kisses his hair in silent thanks. 
- andrew reading the morning newspaper. Idk why I need this image but I just need Andrew sitting at the table, with his bored-as-fuck expression reading the newspaper, probably filling out the crossword because he’s so fucking smart
- Similarly, Andrew buys a small book of word-search puzzles but instead of finding the actual hidden words he circles dirty words and phrases and puts together snarky messages, tears those pages out and leaves them around the house for Neil and Kevin 

And now for some dirty kinks:

- Neil does this thing where he circles his tongue around Andrew’s and tugs on his hair at the same time and it makes andrew’s dick weep
- Andrew l.o.v.E.S watching his dick or his fingers driving in and out of Neil. He wants to take a picture of that shit and print it out, hang it on the wall above their bed, make it the screen saver on his phone, paint it on a hundred canvasses and donate the collection to a museum. He could get off on just the image alone and sometimes he does when Neil is at his late night class
- Neil pushing Andrew back onto the bed, Andrew being pliant and letting Neil hover over him, letting Neil take control and breathe all hot and wet over him until Andrew feels like he’s going to implode from the lack of any physical touch. He tries to reach up and pull Neil down onto him, but Neil shakes his head and smirks (the bastard), presses his groin into Andrew’s and lets that be their only point of contact. Andrew groans low and rubs his hips back and forth, grinds his clothed dick against Neil’s and wants still more than the friction of pants
- Andrew likes to rile Neil up in public when he knows they won’t be able to actually do anything about it for a while. He’ll scratch his fingers against Neil’s firm ass when he walks by, let his hand “accidentally” grope Neil’s crotch when reaching across for his water, let his eyes trail the length of Neil’s body when he knows that Neil is watching him, whisper in Neil’s ear unnecessarily and scrape the lobe between his teeth as he pulls back. Neil usually tries to pull Andrew into a closet or stairwell at this point, and if that’s not possible Andrew will smugly hand his coat over so Neil can drape it across his lap.  
- Andrew will only bottom in certain positions, but he loves to lay Neil out on whatever surface and ride him. To be able to see Neil’s eyes flutter and his muscles twitch as he rolls his hips up into Andrew, to be able to lean down and kiss Neil’s slack mouth and feel how the new angle makes Neil’s cock hit his prostate just right
- I can’t even put into words how much I love the idea of them making excessive eye contact and growling “mine” at each other during sex. fucking shoot me in the vagina possessive andreil is the biggest kink I think i’ve ever had

“Dean, you seriously need a break.”

“Just leave it.”

“Dude, when was the last time you slept?”

Dean throws his brother a dark glance, but refrains from answering, before he turns his attention back to his laptop, scowling at the coroner’s report for nearly twenty minutes now. Sam wonders if he’s even able to read anymore.

He sighs deeply and looks toward Castiel who is sitting right next to Dean and is studying some heavy literature. “When was the last time he slept?” he asks the angel instead since his brother is too much of a stubborn ass to acknowledge Sam’s existence longer than five seconds.

“Thirty-eight hours ago,” Castiel responds and he sounds very disapproving considering that huge amount of time.

Sam just rolls his eyes. “You need some rest, you jackass.”

“And this case needs solving,” Dean grumbles without lifting his head. He seems very determined to ignore both of them as long as he deems it necessary.

And yeah, Sam gets that. The case is messy and bloody with some serious violent (so far unidentified) creatures which don’t even hesitate to hurt children. Dean always becomes very emotional as soon as kids are involved and Sam can totally relate, but it still won’t do them any good if Dean would collapse the next second.

“Dean,” Castiel says urgently. He puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder and squeezes it slightly. “Your brother is right.”

“Just let me finish this, okay?”

“You said the exact same words two hours ago,” Castiel reminds him flatly.

Dean snorts and finally takes his eyes away from the screen, locking them on Castiel. “I did not,” he protests.

“Two hours, four minutes and twenty-six seconds.” Castiel shrugs as if it’s the most normal thing to remember stuff like that.

Dean scoffs. “Freaking angels …” he mumbles, shaking his head.

But at the same time there’s a faint smile on his lips. He hastily ducks his head to cover up that slip-up somehow, but Sam had been trained to read human expressions like the newspaper all his life. He doesn’t miss a thing.

“Let’s go to bed, Dean,” Castiel says again.

Dean seems to waver a bit in his mission to be a thick-headed moron. “I won’t be able to sleep,” he counters nonetheless.

Castiel squeezes his arm gently. “I will help you, my love.”

Sam lifts his eyebrows. He never heard Castiel use any pet name before apart from the occasional “assbutt” (which no normal person would consider a term of endearment of any kind, but Dean and Castiel just have a very weird relationship). He actually thought that Castiel was too much in love with the name “Dean” to use anything else. At least the angel can’t seem to stop himself from saying his brother’s name on repeat like some sort of prayer.

But apparently Sam was wrong. Maybe they use cute little names in the safety of their bedroom occasionally when they get emotional and sappy and Dean is too tired to fight any kind of affection with his usual constipated dickishness.

It’s actually kinda adorable.

But a moment later Sam realizes it’s obviously not their usual behavior because Dean looks highly surprised himself and stares incredulously at Castiel as if he can’t quite believe the words that came out of the angel’s mouth.

Castiel, in the meantime, continues to smile at him, his features warm and gentle. Even Sam would have dropped everything right now and followed him anywhere and he’s actually not the one of the brothers who’s eager to share a bed with the guy.

Dean is obviously affected as well, quite more so than Sam. He seems dazed, even a bit overwhelmed, but when Castiel brushes his knuckles over Dean’s cheek, the hunter’s breath hitches and his whole body deflates as if until this point he stiffened every single muscle.

“Yeah …” he mumbles, sounding far far away. “Sleep … sounds good.”

So he doesn’t pick up a fight when Castiel takes his hand and makes him stand up, ready to lead him to the motel room next door that they both share. The angel squeezes his fingers, beaming like he’s the luckiest man alive and just received the most amazing gift ever, before he shoots a glance at Sam over Dean’s shoulder that unmistakable says, “You should get some rest too”.

Sam flashes him a smile, all of a sudden feeling so damned grateful for the angel coming into their lives.

So he mouths a heartfelt “Thank you” back before he shuts the laptop and heads toward his bed.

But not before he hears Castiel whisper some soft endearments into Dean’s ear which make his big brother blush like a teenager when he closes the door behind them.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed Warren (September 7, 1926 – August 23, 2006) and Lorraine R. Warren (Moran) (January 31, 1927) were American paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of haunting. The Warrens were responsible for training several current paranormal investigating demonologists including Keith & Carl Johnson, Lou Gentile, and their nephew John Zaffis. After Ed died in 2006, Lorraine continues to assist with investigations, explaining, “It was really Ed himself that let me know that he wanted me to continue to do this, so I will say that I am doing it for him. I am doing it to honor my husband. The work meant a great deal to him, so that is why I want to carry on his legacy.” In addition to investigations, Lorraine also continues to run the private Occult Museum in the back of her house in Monroe, Connecticut with the help of her son-in-law, Tony Spera.

The Warrens are best known for their involvement in the Amityville Horror case in which New York couple George and Kathy Lutz claimed that their house was haunted by a violent, demonic presence so intense that it eventually drove them out of their home. The Amityville Horror Conspiracy authors Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan characterized the case as a “hoax”. Lorraine Warren told a reporter for The Express-Times newspaper that the Amityville Horror was not a hoax.

Twiggy wears a dress fashioned from Daily Express newspapers, 1967.

She painted on eyelashes under her eyes so as to resemble a porcelain doll and had her hair cut short. The photographer Barry Lategan took a picture for the salon, and, by chance, the fashion editor Deirdre McSharry saw it. In the February 1966 issue of the Daily Express, she used a center spread to portray this “Cockney Kid” as “the Face of ‘66.”


“What do I like most about Christmas in Britain in 2014? Well, I suppose I would have to say it’s the way the festive season has a way of bringing out the caring side in all of us.”


Princess Diana meeting Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and George Harrison at the Prince’s Trust Concert, 5 June 1987. Photo 1 © Express Newspapers/AP Images; images 2 & 3 screen caps from footage available via YouTube.

Remembering the late Princess Diana on what would be her 55th birthday, 1 July 2016.

I figured I’d get this done before it potentially becomes the next arrow to the knee

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