express denim


Paring: Jimin x Reader

Word count: 5801


Theme/s: Fluff

Summary:  You have everything in your life planned out ever since you’re in high school. But life is such a playful little shit, she pulled you into the world of the ‘untouchables’, if she wasn’t cruel enough, you’d became the favorite of your least favorite person, Park Jimin. (Or is he?)

That encounter with Jimin at the cafe has been two days ago. And you’re thankful because you haven’t seen him around campus since then. You can’t believe it’s the first weekend of the school year and you’re excited to go to the mall later. So you get ready for school and you hoped that it’ll be a great day.

You grabbed a strawberry filled bavarian donut for breakfast. You’re taking your time walking since you’re too early for your first class.

You were admiring the different designs of each building as you pass them, even the surrounding plants, especially the magnolia trees around the campus. You’re in front of the tree with pink flowers when you felt someone passed by.

“Good morning~.” He whispered directly to your ear from behind.

Due to your shock, you automatically turned and you saw the person you don’t wish to see.

A grinning Park Jimin is now in front of you. You looked at him directly in the eye with a blank expression.  He’s wearing a denim jacket, underneath is a plain white shirt, black ripped jeans, and black boots.

“Where’s my good morning?” he pouted which made your head move back a little.

“Well I must admit that my morning was perfectly fine.” You started.

He smiled and commented “Let me guess, it became ultimately perfect when I greeted you right?”

You sighed, “It was perfectly fine until you showed up.” You say flatly.

He held his heart as if he was having a heart attack.

“OW Y/N, you broke my heart!” his voice getting loud, earning several head turns from other students.

You started to walk fast, but of course, he caught up immediately, now he’s jogging backwards so he can talk to you.

“You know what, to me, it was just an ‘okay’ day. But when I saw you, it became ‘ultimately beautiful’ day.”

You closed your eyes because of that cringeworthy statement you got from him.

“Whatever, go away.” You tried to walk faster when he caught your right wrist. You felt his warm hand.

Then he took a bite on your doughnut in which only half of it remained.

You looked at him who flashed a smile and winked at you then walked away.

You looked at your now half bitten doughnut and sighed.

“Oh well.” Then you eat what remains.

You sat on one of the benches near the magnolia tree. You decided to take a picture of it.

When your phone lit up, it shows Jimin’s picture, you just sighed and unlocked your phone, immediately pressing the camera icon and taking several pictures. Then a familiar person suddenly blocked your view and posed.

You smiled.

“Don’t move.” You said. And he posed cutely.

“Done! Thanks Taehyung.” You cheerfully said to him.

He walked over to you to check if the picture is good. When he nods, you put your phone back to your bag.

“You’re quite early today.” He commented.

You responded with a “Hmm..”

“It’s still early, wanna grab some breakfast?”

You were supposed to decline but remembered what happened to your ‘breakfast’ so you took his invitation.

You are now in front of one of the parked cars. This one is blue. He unlocked it and opened the passenger door for you.

As soon as he sat behind the steering wheel, he turned the engine on.

“Where are we going?” you looked at him after putting the seatbelt on.

“Eating breakfast of course.”  He flashed his smile at you and drove away.

He took you to the shopping mall that you’re visiting later.

After parking the car, he took you to the restaurant called “PINK NEST” .

Everything there is very cute, pastel walls with artificial plants as ornaments around the place, chairs were victorian styled with pastel colored cushions.

“What do you want to eat?” Taehyung asked you while looking at his phone.

“I can’t choose. All of them looked so delicious.” You replied as you scan the menu.

A waitress came to your table. You looked at her and she’s pretty. And obviously trying to act cutely at Taehyung.

“I’ll have the usual. For her, the best seller plus fresh orange juice. Thanks.”

As the waitress left, Taehyung kept himself busy with his phone and you did the same.

You did the same, and texted your parents. You even took a picture of the place. And telling them that you’re not skipping classes and meals.

Your father replied easily with a picture of your dog.

You smiled. Then the approaching food caught your attention.

When it’s been placed neatly on your table, Taehyung started eating his food.

Yours is eggs benedict with bacon on the side. While Taehyung ordered Avocado toast with egg.

You started eating as well.

“How was it?” he questioned.

“Delicous.” You replied with a smile.

“Y/N, can we take a selfie?” with a boxy smile, he asked.


He now positioned his phone to take a picture with you.

You tried smiling a bit but he asked for you to smile more.

So you did.

Your breakfast is filled with jokes from Taehyung and a bit of sharing of your personal lives. Bit by bit, the two of you are getting closer.

You enjoyed so much of his company, you just  noticed that there are more customers now dining.

Taehyung excused himself to go to the washroom. So you played with your phone.

You thought it was him who’s sitting beside you so you don’t mind him when he get your untouched juice.

“Taehyung, is it okay to mix avocado and orange—“ you stopped mid sentence when you saw that it’s not Taehyung but none other than Jimin.

You just sighed and looked at him while enjoying your drink.

You returned looking at your phone then Taehyung retuned.

“Oh, there you are. Have you eaten yet?” he questioned Jimin.

“Yep, just a bit thirsty.” He raised the glass slightly.

Taehyung nods in response.

You just sit there in silence. You felt thirsty so you’re trying to get one of the waiters and waitresses’ attention but no avail.

Jimin placed the juice back onto the table.

You have no choice.

“Taehyung, can I have a sip of your smoothie?”

Taehyung glanced a bit at Jimin and then back at you.

“Sure, here.”

He gave you his glass but Jimin quickly grabbed the glass and begin drinking the strawberry smoothie.

You just watched him with slightly squinted eyes and faced Taehyung.

“Is he penniless or something?”  you asked Taehyung.

“No. I think he’s just…hugry.” he responded to you, choosing his words.

“I think we should go back now Tae.” You stood up. But Jimin doesn’t move.

“Excuse me.” You politely said. Not really looking at him.

“Kiss me first.” He placed is index finger on his cheeks.

You’re so annoyed that you went on fours and about to crawl under the table.

“Hey I’m just joking.” He stood up and quickly you walked past him.

“I’ll just wait for you outside.” You addressed Taehyung.

“No, I’m coming with you.” Jimin looked at Taehyung,

The three of you ended returning to the school together. You initiated to sit on the back. But to your dismay, Jimin sat with you too. And whenever you want to sit beside Taehyung, he will, too. So you just sat at the back, trying to distance yourself to Jimin as possible.

When you saw the university’s entrance, you tried asking Taehyung to drop you off there but he insisted to park first the car properly so when he did, you thanked him and left the car as fast as you could and started making your way to your class.

You reached the classrom safely and without that annoying Jimin. You quickly chose your seat, as soon as you sat down, the professor came in.

In the middle of the discussion, there’s a knock on the classroom door. And the teacher stopped his lecture and opened the door. He let the late students in, and to your dismay, it included Jimin whos already smiling and looking directly at you. So when the professor ordered them to choose their seats, he jogged towards you and sat on your left.

You just imagined that he’s not existing and tried to listen to the professor. In between the lectures, the professor was being called by the dean so you have several breaks. When he told you to take  a quick break, you took your  phone and updated your parents that you’re in class. You looked at the window and wished that you’re nearer. You noticed Jimin’s phone light up and you saw his lockscreen was your photo that he took.

You looked away and can’t help but feel embarrassed.

“i guess you’re quite fond of your lockscreen.” He casually said.

You looked at your phone and it lights up.

“Yes. Yes I am. In fact, I’m so fond of it, I wanted not to use a phone anymore.” You sarcastically returned.

You earned a chuckle from him.

“Yeah, I agree. What’s the use of the phone when I’m here right?”

“Wow.” Is what you just said, at a loss for words.

He smiled at you as if you’e confirming what he’s saying.

After a couple more minutes, the professor returned with a homework by partners and to your luck, he partnered you with Jimin who smiled triumphantly. After the professor explained the homework, he let you discuss amongst your partners what you’ll do to finish the task. You faced Jimin, who’s busy with his phone.

“Let me ask you something.” You said flatly.

“Anything hun.” He put his phone inside his jacket then focused on you.

“Are you going to particpate on this project from start to finish?”

“Of course. And you know what, I can participate in other things, as long as it’s with you.” He teased.

“I will take your word for it.” You replied.

“Always, hun. You have my number right?” he checked.

“Blocked it.” you replied quickly.

He again held his chest with a painful expression.

“This is the second time you broke my heart in one day. Fix it.”

You frowned at his comment. You started packing unnecessary things that’s on your desk.

“Unblock my number, please.” He requested.

You looked at him, as if you’re thinking wether you’re gonna block it or not. But of course, you don’t have a choice anyway since he’s your partner so you unlocked your phone and hand it over to him.

“Unblock it yourself. I don’t want to regret anything.”

He got  your phone and with a few taps, he unblocked his number from it.

“You met up with Taehyung?” his tone became serious.

You looked at him and you tried to grab your phone but he’s quick so he threw it inside his bag. You didn’t bother fighting for it.

“So, you met up with him?” he repeated.

“No. We bumped into each other. Or more likely he saw me taking a picture of a tree, then he appeared in the picture and I took it.” You explained in an annoyed manner.

“Now can I have my phone back?” you laid your hand and watch him take out your phone. He was about to place it on your hand but he quickly hide it on his jacket.

“No, I wanna keep it.” He teased.

“Okay, update my parents before and after edismissal of my classes, my meals, my study time, where I am. Always attach a picture and send it to them.” You began.

“Oh, and sometimes my Dad video calls so please, do me a favor and try to look like me.” You smiled at him.

He smiled back at you.

“But I can simply say that I’m your boyfriend right?” his tone is different.

“Don’t. I want my phone back.”


“Whatever.” You responded in defeat. You don’t want to argue and be teased over and over so you shoved everything in your bag and left the classroom as soon as the professor dismissed the class.

Your schedule is full during Fridays because you wanted your weekends to be your study day this semester. And because you don’t have your phone with you, you have no choice  but to stare at the wall or at the door because the seats near the window is occupied.

You tried to focus on the succeeding subjects, then lunch came. You went to the student information center to call your parents and declare that your phone is missing. You earned a nag from your mom and a reminder from your dad. You apologized to them and tried to compensate by calling them from time to time.

You went to the convenience store to eat your comfort food. You’re enjoying it when you saw Taehyung and Jungkook approaching. You just observed them. When they’re about to go, Taehyung looked at your direction and approached you.

“Oh great there you are! I’ve looking all over for you. Haven’t you received my texts?” he exclaimed.

“I think I do, but I don’t have my phone.” you replied.

“Why what happened to your phone?” he probed.

“Your friend has it. And he doesn’t want to give it back.”

“That’s it? You didn’t fight for your it?” Jungkook questioned you.

“I did. But there’s a never ending cycle. I’ll fight back, he’ll tease me more. I’ll just get tired.”

“Why don’t you try teasing him back?” Jungkook casually said while calling your number.

He pressed the speaker phone and Jimin answered.


“Do you prefer the phone or the owner?” Jungkook teased. He gestured to fake a laugh, so you and Taehyung laughed.

[Where are you at? I’ll return it.]

“We’re going to LATE.”


“You’re gonna get your phone back. let’s go.” Jungkook informed you.

You walked towards the cafe and was again greeted by Jin.

“What’s the name of this cafe again?” You tried to start a conversation.

Taehyung pointed the ceiling. There’s a grafitti on it with a bunch of symbols and a few numbers and letters. You tried to read it.

“Yep. That’s it. The name is 0!RUL8,2?. Like, ‘Oh, are you late too?’ But we’ve shortened it, calling it eiher ‘late’ or cafe.”

“Oh, interesting.” you smiled at Taehyung.

“Oh, here’s your phone Y/N.” Jungkook stated.

True enough, Jimin’s approaching the cafe. You actually don’t mind having your phone with him. Truth is, it’s only your parent’s number that was saved there before you came here. Then Z’s, and the rest of the boys. Nobody will contact you except those who knew your number.

“Let’s have something to eat and drink first.” Taehyung stood up, so is Jungkook.

Jimin sat in front of you, handing your phone immediately.

“Thanks.” You said as soon as you get your phone back.

“That’s it? Just ‘thanks’? you’re not gonna check if I did something with it?”

You shooked your head.

“My phone’s boring. Nothing much to do with it except to text or call. It doesn’t have that much music.”

You felt his gaze softened to your statement so you  changed the topic.

“So, what time can I meet you and where for this project? I am thinking it’s better if we meet at the library. Since we’re different year levels, we can go there twice a week until we finish it.”

You noticed he’s looking at you as if you’re a rare creature found.

“Hello? Are you listening?” you waved at his face.

“Yes. I don’t like libraries. How about here?” he suggested.

“In case you don’t know, there are no reference books in this coffee shop.” You replied. When you saw that he won’t agree, you started to think of ways that he’ll agree to your plans.

“Okay, let’s have an agreement, we’re gonna gather as  many references as we can and then we revise here. Fair enough?”

“Yes. Let’s shake on it and close the deal.”

He held out his hand and you accepted it, shaking it slightly. Suddenly, you just saw your hand being lifted towards his lips.

He just kissed your hand.

You retrieved you hand with force due to embarassment. And you know, you’re blushing. To cover it, you stood up and hit his arm several times.

“What was that for!? God Jimin, you’re such a handful!”

Jimin let out a hearty laugh, which made you blush again.

“Some people say ‘seal the deal with a kiss’. And they say it’s more effective. So I did it.”

“Don’t do it again!” you exclaimed.

“I can’t promise that. Probably not on the hand next time.” He chuckled.


He laughed again.

“I’ll try my best, princess.”

You gave him an eye roll. Then Taehyung and Jungkook returned bringing a tray with different pasta and fruit shakes.

“I see you’ve made up already. That’s quick.” Now it’s Taehyung’s turn to tease.

“Shut up, Tae.” You tried to shush him.

“I can smell something… a budding love maybe?” Jungkook followed.

“Jungkook.” You just shook your head. You glanced at Jimin who’s looking at you. And you felt something inside of you. Since it’s not usual, you just ignored it.

Lunch time passed quickly since you enjoyed it. you don’t have a class with them for the rest of the day so you’ve separated as you entered the school premises.

You made sure you’ll be seated near the windows. So you quickly make your way towards the chair nearest to it. you noticed that there are some people already occupying the back row and they’re the girls from your other classes, some of them gave you a sharp look, while the others, you think is disgust.

As you settle yourself, one of them spoke.

“What’s your perfume, Nayeon? One of the girls from the back asked a bit loud, you heard it.”

“Oh, it’s this, from France. Why Dahyun?”

“Can you spray a bit, because I suddenly smell a slut.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure.”

Then you the familiar aroma from your other classes is in the air. You don’t really like that smell because it’s too sweet.

“I wish there’s someone who will make a slut-o-repellant soon”. Another voice from the back spoke.

“I agree, Jeongyeon. But for now, this’ll do.”

And they giggled.

That class was supposed to take  two hours of your afternoon schedule. But many students didn’t attend this class for today so when the professor is done with introductions, his rules, and future projects, he dismissed the class. You’re hoping that there are more students who’ll attend. Because if not, there’s a great chance that you’ll be placed together with those girls in a group. And you don’t actually like that to happen.

Your last class ended at exactly 7 in the evening. You’re hungry and your last meal was during lunch. You quickly hopped on the first bus that arrived so you can get to the mall. You’ve been looking forward for this the enire day.

You went straight to the foodcourt and ate dinner. After doing so, you started strolling.

There were lots of cute stuffs around. Each store offers discounts since it’s the start of the school. You found a novelty store that offers different craft products. You entered it and took your time looking at each item you found cute until you’ve found something that fits your liking. You ended buying a plushie dog keychain that looks like your dog, Potchi.

You passed by the arcade and saw that there are a lot of people crowding until the entrance.

You got curious so you watched as well. It’s a dance simulation game, and there are two players that’s about to dance. One of them is wearing a hoodie, and the other one’s a snapback cap.

Then the music began.

The crowed clapped and the players started to dance. Each movement from the screen and the players were very identical, you almost think that it’s the same people who danced for the choreography of the game.

You watched the player who wears the snapback, his movements were fluid, graceful, you admired it so much you just stared at him the entire time. When the song ended, they got a perfect score which earned a cheer from the crowd. As the people lessen, you noticed that one of them is familiar.

So familiar that it made you turn around and walk away as fast as you could in the hopes that he won’t see you. But it’s too late because the moment you walked away, he called you.

“Hun!” one.

“Princess!” two.

“Baby!” three.

The pet names really makes you cringe. You stopped and and let him catch up with you.

He stopped in front of you, with a small smile forming on his lips.

You smacked his arm.

“Ow! What was that for?” he faked rubbing his arm as if he’s really hurt.

“Stop calling me names Jimin. It’s not funny.”

“I find it fun.” He almost whispered.

“To me it’s not.” You crossed your arms.

“It’ll be fun for you too, soon.”

You just stared at him, annoyance in your gaze.

“Don’t you dare call me like that on campus or else.” You’re about to leave when he blocked your way.

“Or else what, baby?” he teased as he took off his snapback and fixed his hair.

You let a growl in annoyance. While him, chuckled.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we hang out?” he asked casually.

“How about a ‘no’?” you barked but he was gone. You looked for him and saw jogging towards you now holding a paper bag.

He’s trying to hand it to you.

“What’s that? No thank you.”

“But I won it for you.” He pouted, his tone a bit disappointed.

You felt a bit sad on his reaction so you had no choice but to accept it.

“Fine, fine. I’ll have it.” you got the bag from him and placed it on your right arm.

“Thank you.” You slightly smiled.

He smiled back.

“Where should we go?” he asked.

“I don’t know this place yet, you decide.”

“Top floor. Let’s take the elevator.”

You nodded and followed.

You were the only ones who took the elevator on that floor so you kept your distance from him. But on the next, there are a lot of shoppers who’s waiting for it to arrive and started to fill the empty spaces which made the distance between you and Jimin. So he came closer to you. He moved to your front. Now you’re facing his back.

You moved back and when you felt the cold transparent wall, you stopped moving. You took a whiff of his scent. He smelled like pine and a hint of what you think is peach.

You wished that the ride on the elevator was fast but your luck is probably a million miles away, every floor there’s a shopper that’ll alight.

Then there are a few of you remained and you noticed that there are girls who are acting weird. They were trying to catch Jimin’s attention. When you reached the top floor, you all alighted. You kept a good distance between Jimin and those group of girls. You don’t want attention.

Then you just observed, one of the girls called him.

“You’re Jimin right, Park Jimin?” she started opening the conversation.

“Yes.” Jimin replied flatly.

“Um, I’m Sana, and these are my friends Tzuyu and Mina.

He noded on their direction which made them gush, you chuckled because to you, they look ridiculous.

“Are you free? Mind if we hang out for a bit?” That girl who introduced herself as Sana now acting wierdly, twirling her hair with her fingers, inviting Jimin.

“Sorry, I have other plans.” And by that he quickly grabbed your left wrist and walked away from those girls.  

You glanced at them and you saw that Sana was staring back at you with an angry look on her face.

“Uh, we can cancel this and hang out with them.” You tried pulling your wrist but his grip was firm.

“No.” He continued walking or the right term ‘almost dragging you’ to wherever you’re going.

He brought you to the rooftop of the mall where there’s a mini garden, decorated by fairy lights and paper lanterns of different color, a gentle breeze makes it a bit cool. You noticed Jimin has a slight annoyance on his face, his now calling someone, you wanted to keep distance but his hand still holding your wrist.

“Jimin” you whispered.

“Princess?” he replied while holding the phone to his ear, and the other still on your wrist.

You ignored the pet name he gave you, and asked him

“Can I have my wrist back?” you asked.

He looked at your wrist he hesitated for a bit and slowly released his hold of you.

You moved a few steps away from him so he can talk to the person properly. But you heard Taehyung’s name. You walked towards the railings and took a picture of the view and send it to your parents.

Your father immediately replied [GO HOME BEFORE THE MALL CLOSES.]

And replied with a ‘yes’ but you’re not really sure what time are you going home.

Jimin stood beside you. You glanced at him and looked back at the city lights.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?” you tried to open up a conversation.

“It is.” He replied.

You smiled a bit. Not knowing that he wasn’t looking at the small city lights but at you.

You just stood there for unknown amount of time in silence.

You don’t really wanna open a conversation. Probably you’re tired. or because  you don’t really know what to say to him.

Then he began to tease you again, he’s now playing with your hair, he’s slightly tugging it.

“Jimin what are you, a kid?” you tried to stop him.

“I may look like one but I can actually make one.” He stated casually.

You looked away due to embarassment of his remark. You smacked his hand before he tugs your hair again and sat down on the fake grass.

He sat beside you when his phone started ringing, Taehyung on the other line. Jimin stood up and you followed. You walked back inside and head straight to the elevators. It went from the rooftop straight to the parking lot.

You saw Taehyung’s car waiting. You get in immediately on the backseat. Jungkook greeted you with a fist bump.

“Did you wait too long? Sorry I took V for a bath.”

“That’s fine. Where are we headed?” Jimin asked as he secured his seatbelt.

WhIle you looked at Jungkook who explained that V is the name of the car and that they brought it into a car wash when Jimin called.

“Shall we go to the football team’s weekend party? It’ll be fun.” Taehyung suggested.

“The dorms have curfew, I have to go home before midnight.” You said.

“Sorry, please just drop me on the way.”

“Sure.” Taehyung responded and drive away.

You and Jungkook started watching dubsmash again and begin laughing which made Jimin uncomfortable.

He stopped you both from laughing so Jungkook switched to playing music. He offered you one of the in ears and you accepted it. You returned it to him when you saw the familiar vicinity of your dorm. You asked to be dropped there but Taehyung wants to make sure that you’ll return home safe so he dropped you on the dorm’s entrance.

“This is me. Thank you. Tae, Jungkook, thank you.”

You know that Jimin’s waiting for you to call him. you wanna tease him a bit so you ignored him. when you walked passed his side, he grabbed your wrist earning a yelp from you.

“Oh my god Park Jimin!!! You’re gonna get me killed for sure. Please don’t do that.” You said in between breaths.

He smiled a bit and pressed the window up again.

“Drive safely guys.”

And you saw the car drove away.

When you’re finally inside your room, you checked if Z is around. And as usual, she’s not.

You start to wonder where she’s been and what she’s doing. You texted her addressing your concern for her. As well a good night text to your parents.

You knew that Jimin was kinda disappointed because you didn’t said goodbye or even a ‘thank you’. So you texted him.

When you saw his name on your phone,.

[To: Boyfriend♥

I assume this is you, Jimin? Thank you for today too.].

[From: To: Boyfriend♥

Anything for you, Princess. PS. Don’t change my name on your contacts list. Good night.]

[To: Boyfriend♥

This is my phone, I will do whatever I want with it. AND STOP CALLING ME NAMES!!!!]

You quickly changed is name.

You remembered the paperbag he gave you. You tried to shake it, it’s not actually making any sound. So you slowly opened it, and it bore an acetate box.

You pulled it out and it revealed a cute peach plushie. you took it out from the box and felt it’s fluffy velvet texture. It’s so cute, you really liked it.

You took a quick snap of it and attached  a message.


Thank you for this too. It’s really cute. ^^ . Good night.]

After that you quickly dozed off to sleep.


You cooked breakfast in the hopes that Z will appear and join you.

You did some cleaning and laundry.

When afternoon comes, you decided to do advanced reading for your Monday classes and then plan a timetable for your project with Jimin.

Then your mind wonders what do those boys do during weekends.

Maybe they party all day.


You texted Taehyung if they arrived home safely and he didn’t reply.

You ended your advanced reading at 4 in the afternoon.

You texted Z again if she’s going home. While waiting for her reply, you cooked ramen as snack.

You waited and waited until you fell asleep on the couch while watching TV.

You were woken up by the loud sound coming from your phone. Someone’s calling you. It was dark already.


[Hey, did I wake you up?] it’s the familiar baritone voice of Taehyung.

“No, it’s okay. I was about to wake up anyway.

[Hi Y/N.] You heard Jungkook.

You’re waiting for another voice. But it was Taehyung who talked again.

[Wanna hang out or something?] he offered.

“I think i’ll pass, it’s already 9PM. Curfew.”

[Okay. I just  called to tell you we’re fine.]


And the conversation ended.

You wondered if Jimin went home safely. You wanted to text him and ask.  But you tried to control yourself. Because knowing him and his actions that he’s showing you, he’s just gonna piss you off.

You entertained yourself by watching some variety show and a movie. You were in the climax, on the mushy part when someone texted you.

[From: Z

Hello! I’m just super busy. I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately.

Focus on ur studies.


After you replied to her you stared at the name below Z’s. You still in an internal battle wether you’re gonna text him or not.


Hello, just checking if you returned home safe after partying?]

Again, an almost instant reply was sent to you.


Yes princess, I arrived safe and sound. Thank you :*]

You faced palmed and stopped replying. You ate dinner and watched some more until you felt sleepy.

You spent your Sunday lazing around. Just watching tv and video calling your parents and your dog. After that, it’s time for dinner.

“I hope you haven’t had dinner yet. Bought some chicken and other stuff.” Z said with a loud voice. You looked at her and tiredness evident on her face.

You placed utensils on the coffee table. She placed the food on the center.

“How are you?” you asked.

“Hmm, so-so. And I’m Unnie for you. Or Z Unnie. Call me that.” She smiled.

“You looked so tired though. Do you come to school? I haven’t seen you there yet.”

“I do. I’m always at the Dean’s.” she stated as she picked one chicken.

You gave her a questioning look and she immediately got it so she answered.

“Well, I think you already know, yes, I’m always late so my class notes were always there, even my projects. Good thing is, my group members for our theses were kind enough I’m still included on the paper.”

You can’t help but to ask a quite personal question. Since you moved into the city and live on this dorm, you’ve been wondering what’s up with your roommate who’s always absent.

“Unnie, can I ask you something?” you started.

“Anything.” She chewed on her food.

“Sorry, if this is all of a sudden, but are you in trouble? I mean, you’re not always at home? And you often go home drunk?” you fixed your gaze on the carpeted part of the floor.

She let a hearty laugh.

“Ahhh. My dongsaeng is very sweet, I am touched. I think it’s your right to know.” She began.

Your all ears at her. Then she began

“You know, I work as a band guitarist. And usually, two gigs are minimum per night.”

You noded.

“And of course, you can’t say ‘no’ to gifts, usually those gifts  were liquor and yeah. You know the rest. You’ve seen it.”

“Don’t try drinking saeng,” she whispered.

You just noded at her.

“Unless it’s here, with me.” She chuckled.

You smiled a bit again, you started asking.

“But, unnie, you can decline if you’re drunk right?” you’re still worried.

“Yes. Of course. You know what, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine dear. Ahh, you’re too sweet.”

She came closer and ruffled your hair.

You giggled.

“Your turn, how’s school?”

“I’m adjusting. Found a few friends… and  assignments and projects come one by one.”

You looked at her and she’s listening, her chin resting on her hand.

“Do you and your friends start hanging out?” she questioned.

“I guess so, we usually hang out at a cafe near the school.”

She looked at you with a blank expression.

“That’s nice, you’re making friends.”

You smiled.

“Oh, before I forgot, I got these for you. Use it okay?”

She pushed a large paperbag beside you and started cleaning up. You thanked her and started cleaning up.

You said good night first, while she stayed up, watching TV. You thanked her again for the gift.

As you lie down to sleep, you texted your parents good night, even Taehyung and Jungkook. They both replied ‘good night’ but you doubt if they’re really ready to sleep. You closed your eyes and dozed off.