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Intro to Business Formal/ Casual

HELLO! I don’t know if you remember me because it’s been so long but hi im Sam! Sorry for the 3 month hiatus, I’ve been focusing on other things lately and it’s been tough to keep up this blog D: 

Anyway, today we’re going to switch things up. A lot of people have asked me to give a brief primer of what exactly “business-casual” or “business-formal” is. To be honest, I’m not too sure either… But I thought I’d attempt to drop some knowledge on yall, based on what I wore during my past internships. <- This COULD be the blind leading the blind so please take all of this with a grain of salt.

So what I’ll try to do is give a couple outfit ideas for Business-Formal & Business-Casual, apart from the usual black blazer-black skirt uniform people usually go with. And yes, I did wear all of these outfits in the office at some point, and I never got yelled at by HR so I think we’re good..?

Business- Formal

- Good for interviews, important meetings with your boss, presentations, etc. Also, I think it’s a good idea to show up on your first day wearing Business-Formal, just to gauge what the rest of the office is wearing on a day to day (it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed!)

Outfit 1

Black dress- Zara

Cardigan- Zara

Flats- Chanel

Necklace- China

Outfit 2

Blazer- Banana Republic

Shirt- F21

Trousers- Banana Republic

Heels- Zara

Business- Casual

- Good for everyday office-wear. 

Outfit 1

Top- Zara

Peplum Skirt- F21

Flats- Chanel

*Notes: You can also wear a cardigan over the shirt, and make different permutations of the same outfit with different colored tops/ cardigans and the same skirt.

Outfit 2

Blouse- H&M

Pink Blazer- Zara

Olive Green Trousers- Zara

Pink Heels- Zara

Rabbit earrings- Hannarae (lol)

*I got complimented at the office the day I wore this actually (;

Outfit 3

You don’t always have to tuck in your shirt into your skirt! 

Peplum Top- Express

White Cardigan- Banana Republic

Floral Skirt- Thrifted, J. Crew

Flats- Chanel

Necklace- China

Outfit 4

Pink Blouse- F21

White Cardigan- Banana Republic

Blue Trousers- Banana Republic

Heels- Zara

Here are some general rules/tips I follow when picking what’s appropriate to wear:

- If you wouldn’t wear it to church, you shouldn’t wear it to work.

- Your skirts/ dresses don’t need to fall to the knee, but to they should be slightly longer than your fingertips when you put your arms to your side.

- Stay away from extremely tight pants, skirts, dresses.

- I wear a cardigan or blazer over sleeveless tops, but that’s just me.

- If you lean over and you can see your bra in the mirror, your shirt is either too low or loose for the workplace.

- Stay away from platform heels, those are for a night out, not for the office.

- Banana Republic & Zara do great business casual! I also thrift for skirts because I’m cheap, and I’ve found cute ones from Ann Taylor & J.Crew, so don’t be afraid to thrift!


Do My Boots Match My Farm?

Giving You Americana WERQwear Realness (Or Trying To) 

Keeping today’s post short and sweet for the weekend. Shot these photos a while back during an apple picking trip on a farm in upstate New York. I wanted to be comfortable and wear something cute and autumn-y so I stuck with warm knitted layers with a work wear feel. Sometimes simple is all you need.


Joe Fresh (Similar) Cardigan  //  Express Henley  //  Denim & Supply Jeans  //  Woolrich Boots  //  Coach (Similar) Beanie


thislittlebadwolf  asked:

Hi! Your reason for wanting to write a Bellarke fic gave me an idea: Clarke is trying to study, but it's too loud in the hostel because of a party the annoying senior Bellamy is holding. She goes to him to stop him, but... whatever your fantasy sees happening here! :D (Mine says there's a game of spin-the-bottle going on and Jasper sort of forces her to participate - with an intersting ending. XP) Not sure if that's worth writing, though...

Ohai, racanai <3 Sorry that it took me few days to fulfill your request but I was busy. Anyway, here it is, there’s no spin-the-bottle because somehow I couldn’t connect it with the rest of the story and because I think I’ve read a bellarke story with it. Hopefully, you won’t find it lacking! 


kissing is better than studying | ao3 | part 2

Clarke tried to ignore the heavy beat that made the old wooden floor of her room vibrate. The text in front of her blurred yet again and she mixed up the lines for the nth time this evening.

The three types of granular leukocytes are neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils. Each type of granular leukocyte is classified by the presence of chemical-filled vesicles-

Excited shouting interrupted the flow of her thoughts and Clarke clenched her teeth in sheer frustration. She got it; really, they were all bunch of kids, just high-schoolers, on a three-day trip in the mountains, in a cheap run-down hostel, with virtually no adults to control them. It was of no surprise that at the first chance they got they would throw a party, pump up the music and dance all night.

But that didn’t mean that Clarke had to put up with their idiocy all night long. Unlike some people, the blond girl had a test on Monday morning and she planned to ace it, no matter the difficulties. It was an important examination and if she scored the needed points then their field instructor, Anya, would actually recommend her to the higher-ups. And for Clarke that was one step closer to achieving her dream – to be a field medic.

Eosinophils contain digestive enzymes specialised for digesting viruses that have been bound to by antibodies in the blood. Basophils release-

A giggling couple stumbled on to her door and tried to pry it open. After some unsuccessful attempts to turn the handle, courtesy of the fact that Clarke had locked it, the giggles moved along and a bang and more snickering told Clarke that they had found an empty open room. That or they had opted for the hallway.

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Layering Like A Prep

And Other Things You Can Learn From A J.Crew Catalog 

Now that the cold weather has finally set in, layering is essential to not only looking good but to staying warm also. But what’s the right way to layer without looking like a hot mess? First of all start with slim layers. Don’t wear a bunch of heavy weight fabrics that will make you look bulky. For this outfit I layered a wool topcoat over a slim cardigan and slim button-down. The mixed fabrics too, add texture to the look but because they are fitted, they don’t add bulk. You’ll also want to make sure your layers are coordinated. Here I mixed a small scale print with a bigger print and then balanced it all out with a neutral solid. Too much pattern can be a distraction so it’s key to balance your layers. I went with a simple pair of distressed light denim and dark brown suede boots to finish off my layered look. What are your favorite ways to layer?


Express Jacket  //  Denim & Supply Cardigan  //  Descendant Of Thieves Shirt  //  Denim & Supply Jeans  //  Coach Boots  //  Club Monaco Hat



A Different Kind Of Christmas Sweater

And It’s Actually Super Cute!

I know it’s officially “ugly Christmas sweater” season but this year why not take a break and wear something that’s actually cute! I mean I get the whole idea of the Christmas sweater and it’s pretty great. You get to be warm, festive, and comfortable all at once so it’s not like I’m saying to ditch the sweater..just maybe the “ugly” party. Instead, why not wear a super cute cardigan like the one I’m wearing here. Layer it over a warm flannel and then pair it with some dark distressed jeans for a more sophisticated holiday look. When I’m home for the holidays, it’s all about comfort so this look is somewhat of a uniform for me when I’m hanging at home with friends or family. Better yet, a stylish sweater makes the perfect gift for the guys in your life. My Dad gets one from me every year so it’s kind of a tradition now.


Denim & Supply Beanie  //  Tavik Jacket  //  Life After Denim (Similar) Scarf  //  Express Cardigan  //  Obey Shirt  //  Express Jeans  // Express Boots


Boyfriend jeans are all I need
• “true boyfriend” jeans (Charlotte Russe $30)
• black faux leather ankle boots (H&M $25 sale)
• black distressed tshirt (Urban outfitters $4.50 sale)
• grey and black chunky knit cardigan (express; found at TJ max $30)