(a vague blog about this post)

Look, I am never pleased to see that someone got stressed and stopped blogging because I publicly disagreed with them and I don’t hold it against people when they don’t know something….even something extremely basic (actually I do, but I know this is an asshole move and so I try not to).

But ~rad-fem tumblr discourse~ is full of people who are  often very young, and/or often not particularily well-read around the radical theory they are expousing who also like to present themselves as experts on the topic.  They tend to make posts that confidently proclaim exactly What Radical Feminism Is and What Radical Feminists Believe,  assuring us all that anyone who believes differently is simply wrong.   And, of course, their definition often revolves around an active, bordering on obsessive, hostility to trans women.   This is what Radical Feminism is, picking fights about trans issues all the live long day. 

So, like, call me old fashioned but I think if your entire internet brand is based on being the experts in all things feminist and politically radical and you find yourself SHOCKED to be presented with an incredibly elementary political analysis.  Hell, a kindergarten level of political analysis in response to your smug, hateful political statement then…idk…maybe you should stop your Official Political Opinion Blogging for a while?

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