exposure test

Lol but what if there wasn’t even an ARG originally planned, but we were so intent on analyzing everything that they ended up starting one for our benefit?

Assuming all these things are actually part of it: It would explain the haphazardly-thrown-togetherness of thelostspecial.com, as well as the domain being registered in late January. (Maybe the letter posted was because they couldn’t figure out what to do? Or it’s part of the ARG.) The contact twitters might not have been “real” at first, but were pulled into it when the ARG planning started. Vivala was its own, real life, actual product, but was given money and/or the promise of exposure and beta testing to release the site early and advertise specifically to TJLCers.

I’m not saying this is what happened. I just think it could be a possibility. And some of these things could be true on different time scales regardless.

Alternatively, there is a larger ARG planned starting on March 8, and they threw together a training round for us so we wouldn’t get bored in the interim. Since we will be leading the charge come March 8.

You told me not to be like anybody else
Head spin, happiness, death. 

 Bastille - Lethargy (Wild World, 2016)