Cassiopeias Ghosts - IC59,63 by David Baier
Via Flickr:
-Setup: Telescope: Omegon 126/880 f/7 Triplet APO Mount: Losmandy G11 Camera: Canon EOS 6D Astrodon mod. -Imaging Data: 7x600" ISO400 1.17h

I’m just gonna say if you’re a fan of twin peaks n night vale but want something more cozy (still w that strange town vibe) I really recommend northern exposure, it’s abt a new york jewish doctor who ends up having to work in cicely alaska to pay his tuition fees. it’s v character arc based w little stories resolved within episodes and some (but not many) narratives sprawling over seasons, w strange plotlines that come about from how secluded it is and lots of dream sequences and stuff - kinda twin peaks inspired in terms of that n even makes a direct reference to it in the first season - it’s like twin peaks minus the nightmarish themes and it’s not perfect by any means but it’s very lovely n really unusual (addition: it’s um mid to late 90s I think and the clothes and everything in it are,,. Good it’s v nice to look at imo)

Me: You need to stop being negative on Tumblr, saying mean things is not nice, and you’ll probably lose followers too.
Me to me: call Kishimoto a chucklefuck it’ll be funny