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🇺🇸 Antique postcard showing the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Museum in Frederick Law Olmsted’s Delaware Park with Niagara Falls in the background. . The museum building is one of only three permanent buildings still existing from the 1901 Pan American International Exposition that was hosted in Buffalo, located by a yellow star on the map. President William McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist while attending the Exhibition and VP Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was sworn in as President moments later at a mansion on Delaware Boulevard.


Token: Well for the most part, monsters like Clyde, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and I were born like this.

Token: That doesn`t mean this is always the case, take Craig for instance.

Token: His father was a scientist who created him and his sister Ruby, after he found out his wife couldn`t bare children.

Token: Poor Kenny was supposed to be a werewolf, like the rest of his family. But when his mother was pregnant, they`d been in the cult of Cthulhu and the whole curse thing made Kenny come out as a zombie. Needless to say, he sticks out like a sore thumb in his family and he doesn`t always like it.

Token: And you all know about Tweek..


Louisville Kentucky ~ Old Louisville Ky ~ Conrad-Caldwell House by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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A striking entrance with handsome arches. The “Conrad’s Castle,” which it is often referred to - is a magnificent Richardsonian Mansion 


Screenshots from The Great Ziegfeld, 1936.

Florenz Ziegfeld, the world famous showman and stage producer, was born and raised in Chicago - getting his start in show business promoting the strongman, Sandow, at the Columbian Exposition of 1893. 

This film is the first where I have have seen the World’s Fair recreated. It’s worth watching the beginning 20 minutes of the film to see (albeit stylized) recreations of the exposition’s sights and sounds.

Tacos de Chicharron (fried pork cracklings, pico de gallo, & avocado) y Cochinita Pibil (marinated pork wrapped in banana leaves and served with rice and black beans).

Chichen Itza Restaurant

Los Angeles, CA

Neighborhood: Historic South Central 

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If someone were to be planning a visit to LA soon, what would be some recommendations that you have on things to do? For touristy and non-touristy things alike :)




  • go to hollywood boulevard and walk around. go see how many movie stars you can find on the walk of fame. go see the chinese theater with all the handprints in the cement. take corny pictures with the cosplayers on the sidewalk. its vair fun okay pleathe. 
  • SANTA MONICA PIER. go at around sunset and walk on the pier/beach and then watch the sun go down and feel SO GlAD YOU DID. 
  • Griffith Observatory! Home of the Infamous La La Land ballroom-dance-among-the-stars scene. Also excellent view of the city. 
  • If you like hiking, hiking to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign! It’s a nice hike in winter/early morning and the view is gorgeous! 
  • If you like shopping but do not have the budget for Beverly Hills, the Downtown Fashion/Garment district is RICH with latino culture (taco! trucks!) and super fucking cheap clothes. Bring cash and go wild my friend. 
  • The Grove/Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. My old stomping ground since childhood. They’ve got every sort of cuisine imaginable at the farmer’s market (LOVE YOURSELF AND GET SOME PIZZA FROM PATSY D’AMORES) (where celebrities are rumored to frequent!) and then the Grove next door is a pretty outdoor mall where you can listen to jazz music outdoors and watch the fountain show (also most notably home to: the american girl doll store as well as super bougey stores where people bring their dogs while they shop.)
  • If you like amusement parks/have the budget: we’ve got Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal in Studio City area. They also give studio tours there of all the backlots, super cool! Also six flags magic mountain if you love coasters. 


  • love yourself and go get some goddamn boba tea. my lifeblood. i would die for boba tea. my personal favorite flavors: almond milk tea and passionfruit green tea w/ boba. can be found pretty much anywhere in LA, but be sure you go to ones that are Legit. 
  • Sushi. ok people say they’ve had sushi because u can get it anywhere these days but sushi from california is sO MUCH BETTER JUST TRUST ME, AN LA HEAUX. suggested places: crazy rockin sushi on Formosa Ave. Super busy, but SO FUCKING CHEAP for how much sushi you can get. go during happy hour. you will not regret. 
  • Korean bbq. Another thing you can find pretty much anywhere in k-town if you yelp locally. You have not lived until you’ve had k-bbq. 
  • There are a lot of local movie theaters such as the Sundance Theater that do cheap movie nights or re-screenings of classics. LA loves movies so if you search and find what’s playing that week, it’s a nice way to relive the classics or see indie films that aren’t widely circulated in major cities (ie, non blockbuster films). 
  • few people actually enjoy this but if you’re like me aka a slut for scenic driving, driving up the coast to Malibu, Ventura, or basically any distance up the PCH is gorgeous. Breathe that sea air. pull over to zuma beach and go take beach ho pics. 18/10 promise you’ll discover a whole new love for all things california (as long as you avoid rush hour traffic  r i p ). 
  • California Science Center/Museum of Natural History! Located in exposition park across from USC (ayyyyyyyyy), you can metro there and go see dinosaurs and other cool things. There’s a pixar ehibit there rn! And it’s next to usc if you wanna go idk tour a college campus or see if Viola Davis is there filming how to get away with murder (she is. all the time. 2 blocks from campus. boi i die.)
  • If you like art museums: The Getty Center or LACMA are gorgeous. 
  • Urth Cafe. The Peak of LA Hipster Culture complete with latte foam art and ridiculously priced salads. A fun place to chill if you’re looking for downtime, multiple locations around town. 
  • Amoeba Records! In hollywood! Awesome rad ass gigANTIC RECORD STORE. Seen in lots of movies. Do it. Worth it. 
  • THE LAST BOOKSTORE in DTLA. A gigantic fuckin labyrinth of a used bookstore. Fun and cool and even if you don’t want books, it’s cool just to see it. 
  • Blue Plate Restuarant in Santa Monica. (not to be confused with blue plate oysterette). Order their mac n cheese. You will thank me. 
  • Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, famous library and beautiful scenery. A bit of a distance from LA but worth it.
  • If you like theater, go see a show! The theater community is really alive here in LA, and spread out all over the place.  
  • This might seem weird but tbh fun there are a lot of Super Fancy Salons ///where the stars go/// that do groupons for haircuts/dye jobs and you can get what is usually a $200 haircut for like $45 bucks? Which is not necessarily /la life/ but let me tell you one time i paid 20 bucks for a groupon haircut and they served me a mimosa while they cut my hair my dude it was a truly wild experience and i loved it 
  • Honestly just go to one of the areas like Larchmont Boulevard or Studio City or Beverly Hills Drive or Old Pasadena and walk around. If not to shop just to see the cool architecture and cutesy shops. Enjoy that cali sun :)
  • ALSO COOL BARS IF YOU LIKE DRINKING: Mrs. Fish (fish in the ceiling and live music? hell yes!), The Edison (a 1940s dress up JAZZ CLUB) , Clifton’s (another period bar with a slightly less strict dress code!), The Perch (ON A SKYSCRAPER ROOFTOP) & AKBAR (hollywood gay bar/tiny club. wednesday nights are lesbian nights, from what i’ve heard. super fun and chill if u wanna go somewhere to drink and be gay!)

Vans at 2014 FYF Fest - Los Angeles, CA

We’ll be hanging out at Exposition Park this Saturday & Sunday for the 2014 FYF Fest! You can find us in the vendor area with some goodies for sale. If you’re one of the first 300 people to the tent each day you can even grab a free pair of sunglasses, all you gotta do is ask. Don’t skip shopping at the Origami Vinyl pop up either. Pick up some rad records & get a free tote designed by our friend Michael C. Hsiung while supplies last. We’ve got two art installations going up on site as well. Just head to the spots on the map above marked ‘Vans’ to see what they’re all about. Go ahead, take the photo op & don’t forget to tag #fyfvans so we can check them out. Pro tip: Pick an art installation as a meeting spot for you and your friends. There will come a time in the night where your phone dies & you’ve all split up to separate stages. Avoid wondering aimlessly yelling Marco… you’ll probably get a lot of Polos but that ain’t gonna help you out. See you out there LA! Full details: fyffest.com

The Travelator, the world’s first moving sidewalk. It had two options for passengers: one seated and one where you could stand or walk (think the people movers at O’Hare). The main purpose was to shuttle travelers to and from boats arriving at the fair, Jackson Park, Columbian Exposition, 1893, Chicago