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Accidentally Exposed - Josh Dun Smut

A/N: Thank’s for 500, here’s a long ass Josh Dun smut to celebrate.


Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Smutty smut

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: Blood, nudes, sex, the fun stuff


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“I understand,” you say through gritted teeth. “Thank you for the consideration.” 

You push the end button and throw your phone onto the carpet of your apartment frustratedly, wanting to scream but also crawl under the covers and cry your eyes out.

You were a newly graduated student from a photography college and had big dreams to have your own photography company, but that wasn’t going so well to say the least. Right out of college, you moved straight to the heart of California, hoping to land as much as an internship with a company. Your resume was online and on many websites, but you barely got offered jobs, to which you weren’t even interested in. And when you applied to companies, you were rejected. Since you had to pay the bills, you had landed a job as a bartender, earning less than minimum wage to pay for your rent. You were past the state of angry and sad. You were loosing hope and money at rapid pace. 

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This was requested a long long time ago, a little over a year ago to be exact and I never got round to doing, I already let this person down by not completing this request but then I told her I would do another request for her and I still didn’t do it, so I’m very very sorry. But here is this, I hope you all enjoy and I am once again sorry for any requests I have missed, if you sent me a request that I didn’t complete, feel free to send me it once again.

Word count: 2395

Requested: Yes

Warnings: smut (obviously), sex in front of a crowd(just BTS), swear words, sexual content, it’s exactly what you expect it to be from the request.

Members: Taehyung, Jungkook, Namjoon, Hoseok with mention of Jin, Yoongi and Jimin

“Y/N, it’s your turn,” Jungkook smiled, you stared at him, blinking your eyes, trying not to scream over the fact that Jungkook had just kissed Taehyung, right in front of you. 

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Jungkook shouted, snapping you out of your dirty thoughts.

 "Huh? Oh, dare please,“ you blushed, looking down into your lap, Jungkook smirked. 

 The boys had persuaded you to play truth or dare and at the start of the game you had all shook hands, agreeing to do whatever you were asked to. However, you hadn’t known it would end up like this, Jimin was sat in only his underwear and had been kissed by Jungkook, Yoongi was wearing bright red lipstick and had on some fishnet stocking, much to your amusement. You’d been aloud to decorate Rap monsters hair with pretty pink bows and the game was going great, until the boys suddenly changed the game. 

 "Okay, I dare you to come suck me off,” Jungkook spoke proudly, no hint of embarrassment or hesitation in his voice, your cheeks felt warm, extremely warm. Your eyes scanned the circle, looking for someone to disagree with Jungkook, to tell him no, but everyone was smirking at you, seemingly pleased with Jungkook’s dare. 

 "R-right now?“ You stuttered, sitting on your heels, Jungkook nodded and beckoned you towards him, you gulped, getting up and dusting off your skirt, pulling it back down to its normal length. You slowly approached him, sure you had done this before, not to Jungkook and certainly not in front of his members but who’s to say this was any different? Apparently your brain, because you couldn’t seem to lower yourself back onto the floor in order to reach Jungkook. 

“Come on Y/N, we know you’ve done this before, just do it,” Hoseok grinned, you pushed yourself onto your knees in front of Jungkook, his smirk widened as you placed your hand on top of his growing bulge. Apparently the thought of you sucking him off alone was enough to get his member semi-hard, but as you touched him, you could feel his length getting harder in your hand. His eyes were glued to yours as you unbuttoned his pants, slowly pulling the zip down. Your hands were shaking, your cheeks red with embarrassment, however, you had agreed to do anything your were dared. The thought of sucking Jungkook off made your insides flip with excitement, causing you to squeeze your thighs shut due to the arousal that was building in your underwear. But the thing that was making you alarmingly hot and bothered was the fact that all of his members were watching you, watching your every little move. 

“can you sit up, so i can pull your pants down please?” You asked him, looking up at him, his eyes were completely focused on you, his lip between his teeth. He quickly lifted himself off of the floor, his trousers and boxers being pulled down his thighs in a swift motion. He smirked down at you as your hand wrapped around his length. A small gasp left his lips when you tightened your grip and slowly licked the tip. You could feel yourself getting wet as 7 pairs of eyes focused on you. 

“Y/N, we don’t have all day,” Yoongi groaned from behind you, you quickly took the tip of Jungkook’s dick into your mouth, his hand instantly gripping your hair. You knew he was going to take control and you just had to obey and then it would be over.

You took him further into your mouth, gripping onto his thighs as he pulled on your hair slightly, “Fuck Y/N,” he cursed, his voice had dropped an octave lower and it made your insides heat up. So now you wanted to get a reaction out of him, you hollowed out your cheeks and bobbed up and down on his dick, stroking his thighs with your hands. He was panting, his eyes watching your every move. You pulled away from him and licked from base to tip and once again took him in your mouth.

“Shit, this is so fucking hot,” Namjoon whispered, you knew there was now 6 other horny boys in the room and this game surely wasn’t going to end soon. Jungkook’s grip on your hair tightened as he pushed your head further down onto his dick, causing you to gag. His chest vibrated as he let out a long drawn out breathy moan of your name.

Your pace was picking up and you could feel his dick twitching in your mouth. You pulled up and began to suck on only the tip, using your hand to pump the rest of him. As you looked up at him, you could see his head was thrown back and his chest was rising and falling at a quick pace, a loud moan falling from his mouth as his dick twitched once again, cumming into your mouth, you quickly swallowed around him as you continued to pump his length with your hand.

“Fuck, your such a good girl,” Jungkook mumbled as he pulled you up by your hair to kiss your lips, and then he let go off your hair. You quickly stood up and wiped your mouth, completely embarrassed by the whole situation. Jungkook was busy pulling his boxers back up, followed by his pants, his hands to shaky to do his buttons up. You say back down on the floor where you had previously been.

“I’m changing the rules of the game, let’s all give Y/N a dare each, she’s allowed to give one dare to one person and that’s it,” Namjoon smirked, your head instantly snapped in his direction, your face heating up.

“Any objections Y/N?” Jin asked, you shook your head, placing your hands in your lap, Namjoon looked at you, smirking,

“Okay, I remember you telling me you never saw the point to grinding, so come here, I dare you to let me grind on you for 5 minutes,”

Your face was instantly heating up, no, you didn’t see the point to grinding because you were fully clothed and it would cause you to become extremely aggravated, but he was suggesting, he was actually daring it, so, you had to do it, you couldn’t even stand up, the heat in your downstairs being too much for you. So you awkwardly shuffled towards Namjoon.

“No, stand up, go lay down on the sofa,” he smirked, you did as you were told, roughly throwing yourself onto the sofa, your skirt hiking up, your underwear on full show. At this point you didn’t care and neither did any of the boys, who were all staring at you intently. Namjoon pulled you by your ankles, dragging you so he was directly in between your legs, your head in the middle of the sofa. He slowly leaned over you, pressing his hard on into your clothed heat, causing you to squirm away from him. His hands came down to your hips, holding you in place as he once again brushed his member onto you. You quickly bucked your hips, desperate for some kind of friction, a release of some sort.

“No, we’re doing this my way,” Namjoon smirked, you threw your head back and groaned as he pushed your hips further into the couch, pushing his body further into you. A loud moan escaped your lips as his rubbed himself against you. His lips came down onto yours as his lower half continued to cause friction, your skirt was already way over your hips as he rubbed his jeans over your panties. His lips met your ear,

“Is this why you hate it? Because you’re so helpless in this situation? Because you can’t get a release?” He was smirking against your ear, kissing your neck, his fingers digging into your hips, holding you down as he began to circle his hips into yours. A gasp left your lips followed by a whine as his clothed member made contact with your clit over your panties. You tried desperately to buck your hips, to get more of him, but his grip was too tight.

“P-please,” you moaned loudly, one hand gripping his shoulder, the other gripping the edge of the sofa. He pushed his clothed member into you again, grinding onto you, finally giving you the friction you needed, a loud moan echoed throughout the room as you panted. You needed a release, you hated this. His hips began circling faster as your grip tightened on his shoulder, you were whining and moaning beneath him, completely at his mercy, getting so close to your release.

“Times up!” Jin shouted, you panted, groaning as Namjoon sat up, getting off the sofa, your whine was long and drawn out as you pulled your skirt over your panties. Your thighs instinctively rubbing together. You felt the sofa dip and you looked up, Hoseok was grinning at you, you smiled slightly at him, your cheeks heating up.

“I’m not even going to dare it because I really don’t think you care at this point,” Hoseok chuckled, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. A gasp fell from your mouth as his fingers traced over your panties, he was spreading your legs slowly, you gripped the sofa. “Guess the two dares before this really made you wet huh?” Hoseok smirked, pulling your panties down your legs, lifting your ankles up to get them off, he threw them into the centre of the circle. You felt his finger prodding at your entrance, a small whine leaving your lips as you felt him collect your juices.

“Please, please Hoseok!” You moaned loudly, he looked up at you, hair sprawled out across the sofa, cheeks flushed, hands gripping the sofa, panting lightly. You were completely fucked and nobody had even touched you yet.

“Please what?” Hoseok smirked, you looked up at him, your hand gripped his wrist, pushing him into you,

“Do something! I can’t take it anymore!” You groaned, he chuckled and pushed a finger into you. Your head leaned back, exposing your neck, allowing Hoseok to place kisses across the newly exposed skin, his finger curling inside of you. He knew it wasn’t enough, not for you, but he was enjoying the frustrated groans that came out of your mouth, along with the grip you had on his wrist, your whole body begging for more. So, he gave you more, slipping another finger into you, curling them both, causing your back to arch and a loud moan to leave your lips, followed by his name.

“Is that good enough for you baby?” He smirked against your lips, kissing you roughly, you wanted to say something, tell him to just give you your release already, but you couldn’t. So when he added a third finger and used his thumb to circle your clit, it was almost too much, a loud moan of his name followed by a few short moans fell from your mouth, you couldn’t seem to catch your breath. Your chest was heaving as you tried helplessly to breath normally. Your hips bucked into his hand, your back arching and your eyes fluttering shut, your grip on his wrist loosened as your body began to shake.

“I-I’m cumi-”

Your sentence was left midway as your orgasm finally hit you, Hoseok placed his lips over yours, silencing the moans, almost shouts that we’re coming from your mouth, his smirk clear against your lips. He continued to circle his thumb against your clit and thrust his fingers into you as you came down from your orgasm. Your whole body relaxed as you began panting, finally being able to breath properly.

“I’m done,” Hoseok whispered, placing a kiss on your cheek. You remained laying down, your skirt now covering you, thanks to Hoseok being a gentleman and obviously good at after-care. Taehyung stood up from the floor, his eyes burning holes into you, slowly approaching you.

“Y/N I know it’s not really appropriate right now due to the situation we’re in but please, please let me make you cum again, I need to feel myself inside of you, feel your body against mine,” he murmured, looking straight at you, his words went straight to your core, warming your whole body, you nodded your head, sitting up on the sofa. Taehyung smirked and placed his legs on either side of your hips, hovering over you. His lips crashed down onto yours, his fingers wrapping in your hair, one hand grabbing your hip.

His body pushed onto yours, laying you down, your arms found their way around his back, pulling his body closer to yours. His hard on was pressing into your thigh, his body rubbing against yours as you moaned into the kiss. Your hands worked quickly to unbutton his jeans and pull them down, desperate for him. He quickly pulled down his boxers, not bothering to completely take his trousers off, his shoes still on his feet. He pushed your legs up around his waist,

He easily slipped himself into you, humming in pleasure as he kissed your neck, he didn’t even wait for you to adjust, not that you wanted him to. His hips were quickly snapping into yours, causing your back to arch and your nails to dig into his back through his shirt. He was grunting in your ear, small pecks and nibbles on your neck heightening your pleasure. Your moans gradually getting louder and increasing in pitch. Taehyung was also panting.

His thrusts were picking up in rhythm, his grip on your thighs tightening as he increased his speed. Your whole body was convulsing once again, your lip tucked between your teeth as you tried to hold back your moans, trying to contain yourself. Taehyung was getting close as his hips stuttered and his thrusts became sloppy and began to lose rhythm.

You were clenching around him, reaching your second high, moaning loudly, his name leaving your lips over and over. Soon he was also coming undone inside of you, panting as he let go of your thighs.

You could hear Namjoon chuckle, you looked towards him as Taehyung pulled out of you.

“Best game of truth or dare ever,” he laughed, you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

You couldn’t agree more.




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Lets make 2017 drama free

Ik you guys are still mad about arz and luke , calum and nia (idek if they are dating) and Crystal and Michael. I Don’t know if ashtons dating anyone i dont honestly care tho. If he is, that gurl is lucky as hell. Back to the point of this, we can’t control who they date. It’s fuckin impossible to control who they date. So lets just let it go, move on and have a good time talking about happy postive shit like puppies or malum. Or the fact that they are in the studioo which means new music. Theres soo much to focus on. Lets be drama free this year plz.

You Know the Rules - Sneak Peek

“No, no, no kitten.” He lets out an amused chuckle. “You stay right there. Hands on the counter, press that pretty stomach against it,” he instructs her. She gulps at his words. When she hesitates for a moment too long, Shawn’s patience fizzles out. His left hand clasps her hip, pushing her towards the counter while his right one applies pressure against her back bending her over the counter. Her eyes are trained on him in the mirror’s reflection, trying to figure out his next move.

“Look at us, darling,” he murmurs as he rips open the condom wrapper and slides it onto his aching cock. He suppresses a smile as her breathing hitches slightly at his commanding tone. She knows what it entails. He reaches out to her, needing to feel her beneath his fingers. He runs his hand up her arm, enjoying the trail of goose bumps he leaves behind. He steps up behind her, lowering his lips to her ear and looking her in the eye in the mirror’s reflection. God, she is beautiful: bent over the sink with her elbows keeping her somewhat upright, her sinful ass jutting out. She is looking up at him, the breath-taking column of her neck exposed.

New tumblr

Hey homies!
I made a new blog specifically for my Work in Progress photos and stuff.
It used to be only for patrons, but after some thought and eagerness for feedback and
I made it public!


Check it out if you want!

This blog will just be finished images and selfies and my occasional retumbles 👌🏻
The new blog is also better so I can link people to things when they ask me how I did things without having them simultaneously exposed to my smut. 😂

There isn’t a whole lot there now, but I figured I’d let ya all know!

Imagines Master List

Since it was so highly requested that I make a master list that includes all of my imagines, I decided to finally make one. This will be updated regularly as I post imagines. Enjoy!

Dean Imagines:

Sam Imagines:

Castiel Imagines:

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Team Free Will Imagines:

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Preference #4 - the First Time He Sees You Physically Exposed (Naked)
A/N: SMUT WARNING. Don’t even ask, I did Sam last and I was gonna make it cute but I didn’t know how, so I did this instead. This is the first smut I’ve actually published so please feed back and tell me if it’s rubbish…


You had spent all night thinking about Dean. This wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was something specific this time, though… not the way his face lit up when he laughed or the prospect of his lips on yours or how good his hands feel when they brush over yours accidentally. Nothing of the sort. You were thinking about all the girls Dean had found attractive in the past, and come to the conclusion that you’d never match their beauty. So you sat in your bed in your bra and underwear with your head in your hands, not caring that you were shivering. Soon, your upset turned to frustration. “Why can’t I be beautiful like them? Why, why, why, why, why?!” you shouted, throwing the nearest object at the wall, forgetting the possibility of Sam or Dean hearing you. You hugged your knees and stared down at them. A few seconds later, the door of your room was creaking open. Glancing up, you found Dean standing in the doorway. “Like who?” he asked simply, his brow furrowing with concern. “What?” you responded. On a reflex, you quickly got up from the bed, not realising you were exposed in front of Dean. “Who are you saying is beautiful while you aren’t?” Dean’s tone grew softer. Before you even realised it, you were stuttering the truth out. “The girls… the girls you thought were… the girl’s you’ve…” Dean had probably got the message without you fully clarifying. “Oh, sweetheart” Dean stepped forward, his eyes glazing over slightly and full of sadness. “I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” he took a few more steps forward, so his hands could reach your waist, where he gently placed them. “Even like this?” you asked, almost completely enthralled by his touch. You gestured to your body. “Of course.” one of Dean’s hands moved up to your face and he slowly ran his thumb across your lips. “If you don’t stop crying, your lips will taste of salt” he grinned and winked, leaning his face towards yours.


Underneath the phrase “great fuck” on urban dictionary, there’s undoubtedly a picture of Sam Winchester. In consequence, you felt completely invalid lying on his bed a few weeks after he’d first asked you out. You didn’t think you’d be able to satisfy him, to put it bluntly. Not with your body, or the way you handled his. Almost immediately, though, he proved you wrong: it only took one look at your naked body to set him off. You quickly learned that Sam, when in a compromising position, certainly isn’t one to “take things slow”. Soon (but not soon enough) after you’d thrown your bra to the other side of the room, Sam’s hands were on the places his lips couldn’t encompass in their vast sweep of your body. Your lover (you felt sure you could classify him as that at this point in time) was sucking and gently biting the sensitive parts of your skin, while his hands rubbed up and down whatever body part they could reach… “Sam, fuck” you grunted as your bucked your hips, Sam’s lips now shifting between your inner thighs, while his hands were on your ass. Goddamn him if you weren’t feeling the effects of Sam’s touch right where it mattered. Sam’s hands fitted round your hips (perfectly, mind you - as if they were made to do so) and he pushed them down, hard enough for it to be with intent but not so hard that it was aggressive or violent. “You’re grunting now, but you’ll be whimpering by the time I’m done with you” he growled, his mouth finally moving up to your centre. He hovered over your core for a moment, his determined gaze boring into your own eyes, as if to put you on edge even more than you were already. Sam’s head moved down a little, causing your grip to tighten on the bedsheets you’d been clenching between your fingers and your eyes to widen. “Sam, please” you whined. Suddenly, Sam’s head whipped back up, and moved across to your stomach, where it lowered onto your skin. “Not yet” you could physically feel his smirk. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, y/n… Might as well appreciate it to the full.” He shrugged, and his lips were ravishing your skin again.


Before you and Castiel became one another’s romantic interests, you made the crucial mistake of assuming that the angel was asexual. Sure, when he was human, it was different. But now? You assumed his vessel was merely there as, quite frankly, a meatsuit - not for animalistic or human uses like eating, let alone arousal. This is why you asked Cas to “pass you your towel” when you came out of the shower one evening after a particularly bloody hunt. As he reached for the cloth, your friend asked you if you wanted him to look away, which, you had to admit, was sweet… Although, despite your doubts that it would affect him, you did have feelings for this man, so instead of agreeing, you said, “don’t bother, I mean it’s not like it’s gonna-” your speech came to an abrupt halt once Cas gazed upon you and his cheeks went red, his eyes widening. He coughed loudly and crossed his legs, as if that was going to help the situation at all. “-do anything for you.” you finished, astounded. “oh, I’m so sorry, y/n” Castiel told you with the resigned voice he often uses, as he backed out of the bathroom. “I can understand why this might make things awkward.” He stumbled over a weighing scale as he continued to walk backwards, causing you to stifle a laugh. “I hope this won’t hinder the prospect of us continuing to be close.” You followed that up with a smirk and a smug remark: “oh believe me, Cas. It won’t.” Upon hearing that, Castiel poked his head round the bathroom door. His face fell slightly as he discovered you now had your towel wrapped around your body. “Well, if it doesn’t bother you, then don’t hesitate to…” your angel friend cleared his throat. “Don’t hesitate to ask me to do that for you again. Anytime. Uh, I’m not saying you’re not capable of handling simple physical activities, but…” He trailed off. “Should we just drop it?” He asked, avoiding your gaze. “What, the towel?” you quipped with a guilty smile, revelling in your opportunity to tease him about this. “Oh, y/n, I didn’t mean that.” It was too late, though. You had already unravelled the towel so you were completely exposed in front of Cas once more. “You should’ve said that earlier, Castiel” you winked.
Momma said never talk to strangers- delitoonz

Warnings: Smut yes it’s smut week y’all.

Rating: m woo

Notes: delitoonz stranger yumminess. also fuck tumblr mobile’s idea of formatting.

He was more than a little wasted; he found himself wishing he had something to hold on to as he attempted to make his way down the sparsely lit street, silent save for the occasional passing car and his own muttered cursing. He wished he could drive.

He knew his baby would be safe in Matt’s driveway, locked up and he patted the key tucked into his pocket and sighed. He didn’t have far to walk but he really wished he had his baby so he could just jam, and as he was passing a little alleyway he heard the low, tense voice and came to a stop.

“I told you, I don’t fuckin’ care what he says.  He’s a fuckin’ dick and I’m completely sick of his bullshit, and his begging isn’t gonna fix anything so tell him not to bother,” the voice belonged to a man that would have taken Luke’s breath away even if he wasn’t half-plastered.  He wasn’t as tall as Luke but he came fairly close, and his hair was blonde and thick and just long enough to run for Luke to be able to run his fingers through and as the man caught Luke’s eyes he was hit with the bluest, most intense gaze he’d ever seen.

“I gotta go, something interesting just popped up. But seriously, telll him to fuck off.” The man snapped, and then his phone was pried away from his ear and he didn’t look down as he stabbed at the call end button on the flat screen and then the scowl on the man’s face was replaced by a blank look and a tense silence sprang up as Luke stared at the man.

And suddenly his pants were much, much tighter as the man smirked at him and slid his phone into his pocket. He was lean and yet there was something dangerous about him, something that told Luke that this man could fuck him up if he really wanted to, and that somehow made it all better.

“So, do you always this nosy or is this a one time thing?” He teased, his eyes dropping from Luke’s eyes to the rest of him and Luke hesitated as the man found his eyes again and spread out his arms, a pleased grin on his face.

“Well? You always this silent too?”
Luke licked his lips and shook his head, a grin springing up onto his face.

“Nah, my momma just taught me to never talk to strangers, no matter how drunk I am or how utterly fuckin’ attractive they are,” Luke drawled and watched as the man blinked and then smirked, shifting closer to him and narrowing his intense blue eyes.

“And now you’re sassy.  I like it, makes me wanna push that pretty little ass of yours up against this wall and see what else your mouth can do,” and now the other man was crowding into Luke’s personal space, his long fingers wrapping themselves around his wrists and pinning them to the rough brick wall.

Luke groaned, his tongue darting out to wet his lips in anticipation. He didn’t even know the man’s name and as the man leaned in and ran his lips over the line of his jaw he honestly didn’t care to know.

The man pulled back and grinned at him, a maniacal giggle spilling from his lips. Luke cocked his head at the other man and the man crashed back into him, capturing his lips and his breath and Luke swore the man could have been a hurricane personified. He was manic energy and yet there was a sense of calculation to every movement he carried out and as Luke found himself stealing the other man’s breath he was hit with the realization that this was actually happening, that he was about to let this man do whatever he wanted to him.

Luke pulled back, pulled away and the man paused, his fingers still wrapped around Luke’s wrists and his gaze pinned onto Luke’s face.

“You got a name?” Luke managed to spit out, his face burning red as the man laughed that crazy ass laugh at him.

“Baby, you can call me Delirious. Or, if you wanna be naughty, you can call me Daddy,” and then Delirious was winking at him and Luke couldn’t help but grin. “What about you?”

“Daddy? Really, you want me to call you Daddy?” He snorted, and the man nodded, a carnal look twisting his handsome face.

“Yes. I’m gonna have you moanin’ it, gonna have you gaspin’ it,” Delirious growled and that was the last straw for Luke’s shrinking self control. Luke pushed against the other man, used the wall behind him to his advantage and flexed upward and the man grinned and leaned down and attached those wicked lips to the flesh of Luke’s throat and worked a purple bloom onto the pale skin there.  

Luke flexed up into him again, the combination of alcohol in his system and the lust beginning to overtake his brain. Delirious growled and adjusted his hands, keeping Luke’s wrists pinned with one hand and slipping his other up between taut, hot skin and soft fabric.  And as he splayed his hand across the abs of the man he had pinned against the wall Luke was moaning and straining against the other man’s weight, struggling to break free and claim some sort of control from the other man.  

Delirious hummed and ground himself down against Luke, and the friction was almost too much for the intoxicated man, and before he could say anything Delirious’s wicked lips were claiming his again and he was swept into the other man.

Delirious was unlike anything Luke had ever experienced. He was rough and controlling and with every swipe of his tongue he was destroying Luke’s ability to think and process what was happening.

Delirious dove deeper, crashing against Luke and Luke wondered if the man was aiming to destroy him as the hand splayed across his abs slid into his shorts and wrapped around the head of his cock and then there was no time to think, no time to breathe.

Delirious let go of his lips and Luke let his head hit the hard wall behind him, a choked noise spilling from his flustered mouth and Delirious’s chuckle was dark and carnal and as his thumb found the spot underneath the head of his dick the noise turned into a whine.

“Seems like baby likes the way he’s bein’ treated. Maybe I should let the  baby cum in his pants like the horny teenager he’s makin himself out to be? Nah, I think I wanna see the way he looks all stretched out…” Delirious purred into Luke’s ear, releasing the hard cock in his hand and withdrawing himself from the other man. Luke sighed as he dropped down to his feet, and as he landed on them  Delirious was pulling down his shorts and boxers and Luke yelped as the cool night air hit his ass.

“Goddamn, you don’t play do you?” Luke laughed, half breathless and entirely turned on. He did feel like a horny teenager, all adrenaline fueled excitement and  restless urging for the other man to take him, to bend him over and practically violate him in public. And then Delirious was sliding a cool hand up the bare skin of Luke’s spine and setting Luke’s nerves singing. The man chuckled softly as he arched into the touch and forced Luke to bend over.

“No. I don’t play. Not even when the prize is your pretty little ass,” Delirious replied, and then his hand was gone and Luke thanked God that Delirious had come prepared as he heard the flick of a cap popping open. Luke waited semi-impatiently as Delirious hummed before he was being dragged farther into the alleyway, the man’s hand locked around his wrist as he yanked him into the darkness.

“Don’t wanna have anyone see us,” Delirious’s voice was low and husky and then he was lifting Luke up and Luke wrapped his legs around the trim waist in front of him before he was pushed up against the wall. Then Delirious was pinning him with that gaze of his and Luke couldn’t move as the man leaned in over his body.

“You ain’t talked much. You been sassy and then you shut the fuck up. You cool, pretty boy?” Delirious tossed at Luke, his eyes still pinned to Luke’s and Luke didn’t think twice. He reached up and grabbed the man’s short blond hair and yanked him closer, until he could see the man’s eyelashes and then he grinned at him nice and slow. He wanted to play games? Luke was a master at games like these. He watched as the blue darkened and leaned in towards those perfect pink lips. When Delirious’s eyes darted down towards his lips he spoke.

“I’m good…just been waitin’ to see somethin’….impressive,” he paused and watched the man’s jaw flex. He slid his eyes back to the other man’s and licked his lips. This would really let him know what type of man Delirious was. Hopefully the blonde would choose the right course of action, and Luke shot the other man his best smirk and continued. “Hopefully you don’t disappoint, darlin. I’ve met too many guys that talked a good game and I’m-” He was cut off by Delirious snarling and capturing his lips, and once again Luke was swept up into the other man.

Delirious wasn’t going to disappoint him. Not in the slightest. He crashed into Luke, one of his hands sliding up underneath Luke’s shirt over flushed, damp skin and the other curled around his cock and when Luke moaned Delirious took advantage of the opening and pressed closer into him, and when Luke wound his arms around the other man’s neck he bit down on Luke’s bottom lip and the hand that had been up his shirt was gone.

Luke didn’t mind because Delirious released his lips and pressed their foreheads together and grinned. “At least I was talkin’ game. You didn’t say shit bout what you were gonna do,” the intense man breathed and then Luke was huffing out a laugh before a grin spread over his face.

“You wanna talk shit? Really? Because I was more interested in the fact that I’m bein’ held up against a wall in an alleyway at 3 am by a guy hotter than fuckin’ hell itself, whose only alias is Delirious…oh, also that I’m  about to be fucked while I’m drunker than shit on this fine Friday mornin’.” Luke drawled, and then he felt the slickness slide over the head of his cock and froze. Delirious stared down at him, bottle of lube in his hand and a shit eating grin on his face.

“You’re right. It’s too late for shit talkin anyway. I already got you where I want you….vulnerable and exposed and soon I’ll have you powerless. And…maybe when this is all over I’ll give you my number. But that’s only if you impress me,” he purred, and then Luke snorted a laugh, unable to hold it in. Delirious was in for one hell of a surprise, and as he felt the man’s surprisingly gentle fingers move in on him he grinned.

“Got somethin’ to say?” Delirious asked, and Luke grabbed his hand and guided it back up to his hip.

“Yeah…let me down,” Luke ordered, and Delirious eyed him before he was letting Luke drop down to his feet. “Now lay the fuck down.”

Delirious cocked an eyebrow at him and dropped down easily, and as the lanky man straddled him he licked his lips and gripped those tight hips.  

“This is different,” he mused, flashing the other man a heated grin.

“You ain’t ready for this,” Luke teased, and then he was pushing himself up and sinking down and he was right on target as usual, and the burn was nothing compared to what the burn he felt for the other man.

“How the fuck,” Delirious wondered, his vice high and breathless and Luke laughed again, the painful burn disappearing slowly. He felt the grip on his hips shift and tighten and licked his lips.

“If you give me your number I’ll tell you my little secret,” Luke answered, and Delirious was the one laughing now, that ass backward one, and then he was flipping them and leaning jato Luke’s face, his hands tight on his hips. Luke wondered why he was attached to his hips before his attention was drawn to the man hovering over him.  Delirious licked his lips and rocked his hips, and when Luke moaned he grinned.

“I guess I could get used to havin’ you spread out on the bed when I get home from work,” he whispered, and then he closed the distance between them and Luke was drowning in him again. It wasn’t just his relentless mouth, though. The man knew how to use his hips and the slow pace he’d set was driving Luke mad. Luke pulled back and nipped at the swollen bottom lip before he slid his hands up the hot skin of Delirious’s back, his hands pausing on the man’s shoulder blades and then dropping back down.

Delirious grinned when he felt the hands grope his ass. He snapped his hips forward harder and decided to pick up his pace, feeling the grip on his ass tighten with every fast, hard thrust and hummed before he was letting go of Luke’s hips and planting them on the ground and changing his angle and as he heard the other man cry out he knew he had him.

He thoroughly enjoyed the way the other man sounded when he was being fucked. He was breathless and needy  and it made Delirious want to fuck him harder, to see how long it would take to make his voice give out. He leaned in and Luke let him in and Delirious let himself go to what he wanted. He was going to be sore and wore out whenever he woke up but this man he’d met drove him insane. The way his body fit against his, the way he tasted like Jack and Coke, the way he’d clench around Delirious’s cock. The sounds he made. He was hooked on this man, and the thought was what drove him to wrap a hand around the abandoned cock between them and he listened to the other man curse and chuckled.

“You never told me your name,” he whispered, his voice low and husky and it sent a thrill running down Luke’s spine and Luke swallowed. He couldn’t lie to this man.  

“Luke. My name’s Luke.” He replied, and Delirious smiled at him and kissed him softly before he was pressing their foreheads together.

“Jonathan,” he murmured, and the smile he got in return nearly took his breath away. And then he felt the man clench around him and remembered what they were doing and grinned.

“Got a little sidetracked, didn’t we Luke?” He purred, and he wasn’t going to give Luke the chance to reply in more than whimpers as he lost himself in the motion of his hips and the sounds the other man was making and the dick in his hand. He’d been holding his pleasure back but couldn’t anymore. It didn’t matter, because Luke was clenching around him and moaning brokenly and he grabbed Luke’s perfect hips and held him down as he fucked him faster.

Luke was drowning. His eyes were closed and the only thing he could focus on was the pleasure and he knew he was making noise he just didn’t know what kind and as Del-no, Jonathan thrust into him faster he took his last breath of air and then he fell apart in Jonathan’s hands, his body trembling and as Jonathan fucked him through it he heard Luke moan his name and then he was falling apart.  

Luke waited for him to catch his breath before he kissed him, slow and deep and it scared Jonathan how right it felt. He hadn’t expected to share his real name with Luke. But he had, and something was telling him that he’d fuck up if he didn’t give his number to him.

He cleaned them both up with his coat and made himself presentable before he hauled Luke to his feet and let him fix himself before he reached into Luke’s pocket and stole his phone, unlocking it and texting his phone with a bullshit message before handing it back.

“You…need a ride home?” Luke eyed him and then grinned.

“You wanna stay the night? I’d be down for a second round,” he drawled, and Jonathan laughed and shook his head.

“Get in the car,” Jonathan ordered and Luke laughed. He didn’t know what was going to happen but he knew he’d enjoy every second of it and that’s all that mattered. He got in the car.

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Okay then uh....expose Glynda's smut collection?

Evil Jaune: Anon…dude…I drink at Junior’s bar. Why would I want to lose that privilege? Now if you ask someone else….then I guess you could tell them that there’s a set of magazines on the third book shelf to the right of her nightstand.

Ashton Irwin Smut → Exposed

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Request: Yes

Word Count: 2.568

It’s not always easy with a mother who is working as an artist. She is an art dealer but she is also painting herself and sometimes she organizes art auctions and exhibitions and I’m always forced to attend to those events. I love art but these exhibitions can get extremely boring, especially when there is no one you can talk to. Most of the time only elder people attended these kind of events and there is literally nothing I want to talk to them about. Sometimes young artists attend to my mothers art exhibitions to present some of their work but most of the time they are arrogant and rude and stay mostly to themselves.

Today was one of those nights where young artists had the chance to show some of their exquisite works. The room was slightly crowded and on the walls hung various types of paintings, some more interesting than others.

One set of beautifully painted pictures caught my attention. I admired the perfect choice of colors and the almost flawlessly detailed representation of a middle aged woman in a café, when a voice behind me said, “Pretty isn’t it?” I turned around a saw a, rather sexy looking, young man with a huge smile on his face standing right behind me. I agreed. “It is.”

“I especially like the painting next to this one.” He smiled and pointed to a painting with a naked young woman looking out of a window. I snorted, “Obviously.” The smile on the mans face grew wider, “Don’t you like uncensored art?” He asked. I furrowed my brows, “That’s not what I was saying. Your comment was just very typical for a guy.”

“Well I agree but I really enjoyed painting it.” My eyes widened at his last comment. “You painted them?” He nodded proudly. “Indeed. Ashton Irwin my name.” He said and stretched out his hand for me to shake it. I gladly took it and introduced myself. “So, how do you like my work? It’s good isn’t it?”

“Wow. Someone’s arrogant.” I frowned. “But yes, I have to admit. It’s not bad.” I admitted. “Not bad? You were practically drooling over this one.” He laughed and pointed to the paining of the old lady. I just rolled my eyes and crossed my arms in front of my chest. “I bet you had a lot of fun drawing the other one.”

“Well believe it or not but I haven’t had sex with her afterwards if that’s what you think. I actually think that uncensored art is important. The goal is to lift and change the divisions, perceptions, and boundaries within art. I want more people to see and agree with this. That’s why I started painting uncensored. I want people be everything and anything they truly want and desire without the existence of labels.” He explained.

“I never saw it this way. It’s a great way of thinking. I really like the idea of it.” I said.

“Why don’t you let me paint you then?” He asked. “Me? No way.”

“Why not?”

“Because…” I started but I didn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t do it. “No you know what. Fine. Let’s do it.”

“Perfect. Are you free tomorrow?”

“I am.”

“Good. My place, around 5.30 p.m?” I nodded. “Sounds good.” A wide smile spread over Ashton’s face while he wrote down his address and phone number. “You’re definitely the pretties and sexiest model I’ve ever had.” He smirked and his eyes travelled up and down my body. I rolled my eyes again, “See you tomorrow Ashton.”


Nervously I drove to the address Ashton wrote down for me yesterday. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from today, I mean I was about to model naked for a guy I only met yesterday. It was actually so ridiculous. Slightly I shook my head and tried not to overthink this little art project.

When I arrived at the address I looked for a parking lot and parked my my black Range Rover. I trotted to the door and looked for the name Irwin on the nameplates. It was the second name on the left side. Hesitantly I pressed my finger against the doorbell. Seconds later a distant, quiet voice, which I assumed was Ashton’s, spoke through the speakers next to the nameplates. “Yes?”

“Hey it’s (Y/N). Your art project.” I replied. A buzzing sound rang through the air, I pushed the door open and sneaked inside. “I’m on second floor. Come up.” Ashton called out and his head popped up behind the staircase. I waved and a quick smile spread over his face.

“I didn’t think you would show up.” He declared and led the way inside his apartment. “Well I thought it would be a nice experience.” I shrugged. He was a very good artist, that I had to admit and I was curious to see how his painting of me would turn out.

“Can we start right away or do you want anything to drink or eat first? Or do you have to pee? Because the painting could take a while and I don’t want you to move while I’m drawing you.” He explained and opened the door to a huge room with some chairs and big couch, some unfinished paintings, different colors of paint and a big canvas to paint on.

“No I don’t need anything. I don’t have to pee either.” I said. “So, uhm should I just take my clothes off now and sit on the couch, or one of the chairs?” I asked unsure of what to do. Ashton looked around the room and scratched his chin. “I think we should do it on the couch. I mean the painting. We should use the couch for the painting. You can lay down. It’s more comfortable. And you can put you clothes on the chair over there.” He said and pointed to the bunch of chairs on the other side of the room.

“Okay.” I nodded. Ashton’s eyes followed me across the room and he didn’t even try to hide it. I decided to tease him a little. “Hey Ashton.” I called out and unzipped my dress. “Do you want me in my underwear,” I started and let my dress fall down to the wooden floor, “or do you want me completely naked?” I asked innocently as I hooked my fingers into the hem of my panties.

Ashton eyed every centimeter of my body and licked over his lips before he answered, “Completely naked.” My eyes met his and I made sure not to break the eye contact with him while I pulled my panties down my long legs and unhooked my bra, leaving me completely nude in front of him.

A small smirk appeared on Ashton’s face, “You can lie down down.” He said and put his hands in the pockets of his dark jeans. “Whatever you say big artist.” I winked and slowly walked to the couch, making sure to sway my hips a tad more than necessary.

I lay down on my back, one leg stretched out, the other one cocked up. “No I don’t like that.” Ashton said with furrowed eyebrows. “Sit up straight. But one arm over the backrest and the other one on your stretched out leg.” I instructed. I quickly obeyed and got in the position Ashton wanted me. “Perfect.” He smiled and his eyes rested on me. “You can start know, you know.” I grinned and my eyes fell on his growing bulge.

Ashton started with the painting and I watched his every move. He was concentrated and already caught up in his work. His hair was wild and tousled in every direction. His face expression was stern but what made it rather funny was his tongue that was sticking out. He looked so god damn sexy I had to keep myself from taking him here and now.

Time flew by slowly, after a little while I got bored and my mind wandered to the dirtiest things while I was watching, the now shirtless, Ashton paint. About ten minutes after he started painting he took his shirt off, saying he could draw better like that. Not that I’m complaining but it got more and more impossible to keep my mind from dirty thoughts and I had the feeling Ashton kept his eyes longer on my body than actually necessary.

After Ashton’s eyes stayed on my body for more than two minutes the arousal between my legs kept growing I couldn’t help myself any longer. I badly needed release. I hated to admit it but Ashton turned me on more than he should.

I bit my lip and slowly moved my hand from my leg to my inner thigh. “(Y/N) what are you doing?” Ashton asked with a tense tone. “Nothing.” I smirked and traced my finger along my slit. “(Y/N)…” I bit my lip and dipped my finger between my folds, causing me to moan out quietly. “Fuck.” Ashton breathed out and his bulge grew harder.

I rose from the couch and approached Ashton who was standing wide eyed across the room. “Have you lost your words, big artist?” I asked, traced my finger along his abs and hooked them into the hem of his tight jeans. “Maybe I’ll find them back when you go on your knees for me.” He smirked and licked over his lips.

“As you say.” I winked and got down on my knees. I opened his jeans and let my hands slide into them, slowly rubbing over his prominent boner. “And I thought I was the only one thinking about this.” He said, trying to keep his voice steady while I was rubbing hard over the fabric of his tight boxers. “Apparently not.” I smirked and pulled his jeans and boxers down his tanned legs.

Ashton let out a sharp breath when his hard length slapped against his stomach. I licked my lips and palmed his almost rock hard cock, which made him gasp softly. Slowly I started pumping my hand up and down his length. Ashton bit his lip and carefully watched me, soft moans escaping his lips. I wiped my thumb over his tip and started pumping faster. “Oh shit.” He softly moaned.

I moved my hands up and down his length, before leaning forward to suck on his tip. I swirled my tongue around his head a few times. Ashton released a loud moan and grabbed my hair. I moved my hand down and my head went down as well, all the way to the base. I ran my tongue up the bottom of his shaft and slid him deeper into my mouth. He let out a small whimper when his tip hit the back of my throat.

I fluttered my eyes open and looked up to Ashton and was satisfied to see him with closed eyes and and his mouth open ajar while his chest rose and fell rapidly. I sucked on all I could fit in my mouth, luckily my gag reflexes didn’t work very well. His chest tightened when I cupped his balls, squeezing them lightly. He looked down at me, his mouth open, letting out moans and grunts. “Fuck you look so sexy with your mouth wrapped around my cock.” He commented and grabbed my hair tighter. Each time I bobbed my head back back and forth I hollowed my cheeks and a low loan escaped Ashton’s lips. I started sucking harder, driving Ashton closer and closer to the edge. “Fuck that feels so good.” He moaned loudly. I continued sucking and swirling my tongue around his cock until I felt him switch in my mouth. I only sucked on the tip now and worked the rest with my hand. “Shit I’m gonna cum.” He hissed and his load shot into my mouth. I immediately swallowed it and licked over his tip one last time to clean it. “Damn. You’re amazing.” He breathed.

"Let’s see how you’re doing.” I smirked and got back on my feet. “Gladly.” He grinned and pushed me down onto the couch. Now Ashton got down on his knees and spread my legs. “You’re already dripping babe. All that for me?” He chuckled and shot me a wink. “Shut up and do something. I whined impatiently. "As you wish.” He said before he buried his head between my legs. He licked over my slit and started licking and sucking over my clit. “Oh god.” I moaned out and took a fistful of Ashton’s hair and the couch with my other hand.

In quick movements Ashton’s tongue swirled around my clit and all of a sudden I felt two of his ridiculously long fingers enter me. My mouth formed an ‘o’ and I rolled my eyes back in pleasure. He pumped his fingers quickly in and out of me while his tongue swirled sloppy figures around my clit. My chest rose and fell rapidly and I arched my back from the couch as I felt my stomach tighten. “Oh god Ashton!” I moaned out when my orgasm washed over me. “Fuck.” I breathed out. Ashton pulled his fingers out of me and licked them clean. “No need to call me God babe.” He winked.

“Fuck off.” I laughed. “I’d rather fuck you. Can you do another one?” He asked and ruffled through his hair. I eyed his length, which was already semi hard again. I bit my lip and nodded. “Let me ride you.” Ashton’s eyebrows raised and a stupid grin appeared on his face. “Definitely.” He blurted out and sat down on the couch. I sat down on his lap and rocked my hips back and forth to tease him a little. “I never expected this from today.” I whispered and moved my head close to his so our lips almost touched. “Me neither but I’m glad it d- fuck.” He cursed when I palmed his cock and stroked it a couple of times before I lowered myself onto him. I circled my hips around to get adjusted to Ashton’s size before I slowly moved up and down. “Oh shit.” I moaned and scratched my nails down his chest.

Eventually I quickened up my pace and Ashton put his hands on my ass to help me move even quicker. “Oh my ahhhh.” I moaned out when so felt Ashton’s finger pressed against my swollen clit. I squeezed my eyes shut and quietly moaned out Ashton’s name. “You look fucking good on top of me.” He breathed out and started rubbing over my clit harder. I clenched my walls around his cock when I felt my stomach tighten again. “Shit, do that again.” He demanded and the grip on my ass got tighter. I happily obeyed and felt Ashton twitch inside of me and I knew he was as close as I was. “Fuck Ashton!” I screamed out when I hit my second climax which was soon followed by Ashton’s own.

I rode out both out orgasms before I climbed off him. “Oh god that was amazing.” I breathed out. “I told you, there is no need to call me god.” Ashton winked. “You’re terrible.” I laughed and playfully hit his shoulder. “I know.” He smiled, “Hey uhm, how about we finish the painting later and I’ll take you out for dinner. I’m starving.” He suggested. ” “Sounds good to me.”

FB just became myspace

so theres this exposing smuts page on Facebook and apparently they are making one for every state. The page is nothing but girls/guys (mainly girls) who took naked or semi naked pics of themselves and sent them to someone who are now posting these photos on Facebook. Thats violation of privacy, it demeaning and its extremely childish. I’m disgusted and disappointed and i feel sorry for the people who are being exposed. I understand its their fault for taking and sending it in the first place, but posting it on FB is over the line. You could be ruining someones life and future. Has anyone learned from the Clementi incident? Because it can very well  happen again. Those pages need to be reported so they can be removed before something worse happens. And for the jerks reading this, before you go check it out and publicize the page more, imagine if it was your sis/bro or cousin on the page, then wwyd?