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Hi! Your Ahsoka costume is amazing! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial?

Hi! Thank you for the compliment! Unfortunately, it’d take about 30 different tutorials to explain all the different methods I used to make the costume; I’m always open to specific questions, though! This does seem like a good time to sort of highlight the details or offer a couple insights into my build process, though, if that is something people might be interested in:

The Montral/Lekku: They are a latex cast. I made these by making a hard foam sculpture which I then covered the entire surface in clay to smooth out and refine. I cast the clay sculpture in Ultracal 30, making a three piece mold, then, after cleaning out the clay, poured liquid latex into said mold and sloshed it around for about three coats on three separate days before opening it up and letting it dry. I filled the tails with squishy expanding foam, and painted the surface by airbrushing with latex paints. The tutorial I used to figure out how to mold and cast a latex headpiece is here:

The headband: Made from the same fabrics as the vest, with a greeblie on the forehead I made from aluminum.

The bodypaint: All done by airbrush. I use Temptu brand alcohol paints. I accomplished the facial markings by literally sticking painter’s tape to my face where they belonged, spraying orange, contouring, taking the stickers off, using a negative outline of the stickers to essentially mask off my face and only expose the markings, then airbrushing those white.

The armscye print: The “Ahsoka Untold” costume has lots of really intricate details and prints. This print was very particular. Looking at the reference, I recreated/drafted the print in Adobe Illustrator by hand, then had the fabric custom-printed by Spoonflower. I also made my own red piping and gold bias for the trims.

The vest/pants: I’m convinced the front closure on the vest is supposed to be a silver exposed metal zipper, so that’s what I went with. The greeblie on the vest was made from sintra. The vest I made with corset construction; no boning, but several layers of canvas is encased between the lining and face fabric, with particular seaming for structure and strength, because I think her vest looks very sturdy. The fabric I chose for the outside is a non-stretch microsuede. For the pants, I went with my favorite: a stretch twill with about 6% spandex. The bottom portion of the pants are a non-stretch vinyl pleather; not my favorite.

Left vambrace: It’s nothing special close up. Just brightly painted buttons out of sintra.

Right vambrace: The art on her right vambrace is a photoshopped/altered version of the very famous piece Wave Off Kanagawa. I photoshopped the original piece to match the character sheet version, and had it printed on a vinyl wall sticker (so it had some stretch) and wrapped it around a sintra bracer. I have no clue what the little greeblie on her right hip is supposed to be, but I literally made it out of sintra, a cut up deoderant canister, and doo-dads I found in the shop. The straps are made from real leather. 

The lightsabers: Made by Solo’s Hold. The only thing on the costume I didn’t make from scratch. They are perfection.

Left leg: Ahsoka has a pair of macrobinoculars on her right leg. I made them out of sintra and PVC pipe; that’s it. The straps are made from real leather.

The boots: I sewed Ahsoka’s boot covers from scratch out of real leather (yay, industrial sewing machines). I don’t know why, but she has this monkey painted on her left boot. I accomplished this by taping a sheet of painter’s tape to a cutting board, traced on the image, cut it out with an exacto knife, stuck the negative to the side of the boot, and spray painted it on (the same method I used for masking my face off for airbrushing the tattoos, actually). I don’t have a close up picture of the other boot, but Ahsoka has a vibroknife holstered there. I made the knife from sintra and the holster from leather as well.


Genre: Smut, Fluff

Pairing: Chanyeol x Virgin!Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,419

Summary: Finally pushing away all your insecurities, you allow Chanyeol to provide you with a night you would never forget.

Author’s Note: “This was my first time even attempting to write smut so I know it’s going to be awful. I really wanted to try to write it, already having this scenario in mind. Naturally, I picked Chanyeol as he is my UB. Please let me know how I did I would really appreciate it! <3″ - This was one of my favorite scenarios I ever posted on my previous blog so I just had to repost it here! Enjoy!

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Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 3.2K

Summary: After you and Sebastian have had a little too much to drink and he decides to brings up a heated scene you were offered to film with him few years ago, things that you both have been dreaming about for years starts to become true.

Warnings: Just pure and all the way sinful SMUT. Dirty talk & so, so much swearing. Oral- and unprotected sex.

A/N: Oh my god what’s happening to me haha. The plot is not even making any sense, but I just really needed to write some smut and well, this happened. As my defense I’m just going to say that I had been living like the most dedicated nun for over a week before writing this one. Just – oh god. I hope you enjoy, lmao.

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Giggling, you pushed open the hotel room’s door, Sebastian staggering right after you, half empty bottle of champagne in his hand and a mischievous grin on his slightly flushed face.

”Welcome to my humble home,” the brunet chuckled, taking a sip from the bottle before collapsing to the huge, king-sized bed at the middle of the even huger room. Vivid laughing filling the air, you spun around, trying to have a glance of every little detail of everything but humble suite.

You laughed, taking support from the edge of the bed to stop your head from spinning. ”And this is humble to you?”

”If you would have said yes to my offer all those years ago,” Sebastian raised the bottle in his hand, his eyes twinkling in the dark lighting, ”all of this could be yours.”

Rolling your eyes, you fell to the bed right next to the man, causing his smile to grow even wider.

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Summary:  Prompt for Negan’s Smut Week 2017: “I guess I didn’t notice.” Negan needs to spell somethings out for one of his wives.

Warnings: It’s smut week. Do I really need to do this? Fine. Fluffy smut and language.

Word Count: 2070

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network

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She knocked on the door, staring at the floor as she waited for a sign to enter. She pulled at her tight dress. She didn’t have to wait long. Negan swung the door wide open. Her eyes traveled up taking in his long legs and lean form. Dark jeans. White shirt. He wasn’t wearing his signature jacket which was a shame. He was so menacing and dominant in that jacket. People knelt before him as he sauntered around the Sanctuary sheathed in that black leather. Of course, she didn’t have a problem kneeling for him in whatever he wore.

“Hannah banana! Get the fuck in here. Give your husband a god damn kiss, doll.”

She threw her arms around his neck as she placed a soft open kiss on his mouth. He needed no further invitation and invaded her mouth with his tongue. She moaned softly. His right hand grabbed a fistful of her chocolate tresses while his left grabbed a handful of ass. She nibbled his lip and gently sucked on his tongue.

“Whoa there, hot stuff, we need to fucking talk about something first,” he pulled her all the way in to the room and shut the door behind him.

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Sakamaki Shuu x Reader [Smut]

[ So,since I have the time(for a short while) for myself,I decided to finally put one up. I’ll try doing the rest as fast as I can,but let’s just see. Oh,and because I was listening to an R18 audio of Toriumi Kousuke(Shuu’s seiyuu)’s moans (I swear his moans are like one of the hottest for me),I was 100% horny while writing this. *blush* XD Anyway,enjoy reading and prepare your ovaries. ]


Now,Shuu’s simply lying down on his bed,his eyes closed and his earphones on. You sighed and turned around,reaching out to unlock the door. But then,you took a second look back.

Your eyes trailed down his body. Your cheeks flushed when you saw it.

A small bit of that light pink tip poking out at the top of his unbuttoned jeans. You wondered why was he exposing himself,but nevertheless,you wanted to see more.

It was really arousing how he was teasingly exposed to you. You’ve always had a liking to being teased in certain ways,such as this. You stepped closer to him and got onto the bed,staring at the head of his cock. Pressing your thighs together to ease the throbbing between your legs,you licked your lips as you imagined yourself licking that part of him.

“Enjoying the show,aren’t you?”

You snapped from your trance,your cheeks flushed deep red as you realised that you were caught looking. You looked at the owner of the voice,bowing your head slightly.

“S-Sorry,I couldn’t help but to look…”

An amused chuckle escaped from Shuu’s lips. He gave you a lustful gaze,smirking as he slowly and teasingly pulled down his zipper,exposing more of his cock. You realised that he didn’t put on any boxers,which made it more arousing.

“You want to touch it,don’t you? You lewd woman,"Shuu said with a low voice. You blushed more at his words,nodding once. You jolted when he suddenly held your hand,bringing it close until your fingers brushed against the tip of his length.

Your heart raced as he guided your hand,your fingers tracing up and down on his cock. Soon,he let go of your hand and gave you an expecting look. He wanted you to touch more?

You carressed the tip with your thumb,feeling how it was spongy but kind of hard at the same time. You felt it twitch slightly,and that made you press your thighs together again. Shuu inhaled sharply as you added a bit of pressure in your touches,your hands moving from root to tip. It didn’t take long for his cock to finally stand erect.

Shuu let out a groan when you wrapped your fingers around his member,pulling his foreskin down before pulling it back up. When you did it a few more times,Shuu frowned at you.

"Stop teasing me,"he growled. You wanted to tease him until he lost his mind but you knew that it might not end well,especially since you wanted him yourself.

You got off and removed your panties. When you held it up,Shuu smirked. You blushed and threw it at him,which he easily caught in mid-air. He brought your panties close to his nose,taking a sniff of it. He closed his eyes and stroked his cock,groaning softly.

You watched him jerk off,and you finally couldn’t take it. You started to finger yourself,inserting two fingers inside while trying to loosen yourself up.

When Shuu started to thrust into his hand,you knew he was nearing his limit. You pushed him down and snatched away your panties from him,tossing it to the side. You discarded the rest of your clothes and hastily tried to remove his as well.

"So eager now,aren’t we?” Shuu noted teasingly. Your cheeks flushed at his comment. Gently giving him a light peck on the lips,you lowered yourself onto his cock.

He filled you up completely in an instant. Shuu took in a sharp breath,his hands placed onto your hips as he slowly started to thrust up. You let out a moan and tried to meet his thrusts as you moved as well.


You let out a loud moan when he grinded against a spot inside you,and he moaned as well. You felt yourself clenching around him,and he was throbbing and getting bigger inside of you.

“I’m close…” he told you. Your eyes widened in panic and you tried to get off him. However,Shuu knew what you were thinking and gripped hard onto you,not letting you go.

“S-Shuu-san,don’t! If you come inside I-Aah-I might get-Mnn-Pregnant!” you pleaded with him between moans and pants. Of course,it fell on deaf ears.

Shuu closed his eyes and kept thrusting inside you. You convulsed around him suddenly as you came,and it didn’t take long for him to reach his limit as well. He tensed and shuddered as he came into you. His orgasm lasted longer than usual,especially because it was the first time he came inside you.

When Shuu finally relaxed,you collapsed on top of him,feeling his chest rise and fall at the same pace as yours. As you moved,you felt Shuu’s cock still rubbing against your sore muscles. You tried to get him out of you but Shuu held you in place.

“Don’t move. Stay like this,"he whispered. You blushed at his voice and closed your eyes,sighing in defeat. You moved to the side an he turned as well,keeping himself inside of you. You nuzzled up against him and kissed his cheek,smiling.

Shuu opened an eye and smirked,leaning down while baring his fangs. You turned your head as you waited for him to sink his fangs into you. An amused chuckle left his lips.

"You really want me to spoil you,huh? What a lewd woman.”

Raise Hell (Part 4)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1310

Warnings: swearing, the tiniest bit of angst (barely there), fluff, smut.

Raise Hell Master List

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Cas shuffled into your room with a mug of tea he had made for you. He was slowly learning how to make some human food, just so he could make them for you when needed or desired, or so he claimed. Surely Dean was behind most of it.

You gladly accepted the tea and smiled at the handsome angel as your stomach sank. “Thanks, Cas.” You watched him as he slid onto the bed beside you. You closed your eyes as you held the mug to your chest, absorbing the comforting warmth. Letting out a deep sigh, you turned to the angel.

“Is something the matter?” Cas blinked as he sweet smile painted his lips.

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Please stay with me tonight / Part 2 (Draco x Reader)

tYou can read Part 1 here!

In the next morning you woke up alone in the couch. You went back down to your dorm, put on some fresh clothes and hurry up to your class; you were already late. You went in to the class room and murmured a “Sorry professor”, but it doesn’t seem like Professor Binns heard or noticed you. You took your seat next to Draco. 

“Sorry for vanishing, you just slept so sweet, I didn’t want to bother you.” - he whispered. You gave him a gently smile. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, better.” - you didn’t lie, you were really much better now than last night. 

The lesson was boring as hell as always. You almost felt asleep when a little piece of parchment landed on your desk. You folded out and read the message:

Do you want to come to the ball with me?

Yes                  or                      Absolutely

You saw Zacharias Smith who winked at you, then looked at Draco and rolled your eyes with a tired moan. You write a No after the Absolutely and underlined it before threw it back to the sender. Draco laugh at you and you continue to listening the teacher. To be honest, the only person who you wanted to go with it was him. Even as just friends it’d bee so good, so you said no every guy who asked you in a hope that maybe Draco will ask you. But he didn’t. After your History of Magic you walked to the Great Hall with Draco, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle to have a lunch.

„You said no to an another boy again? I mean I know you can get anybody with that face and body of yours but hey, he was like the 10th guy whom you rejected!” – Pansy screeched.

„Okay, I can’t get anybody and Zacharias is a jerk, no way I’ll go with him. And he was the 12th, by the way.” – you smirked.

„Oh shut up, Y/L/N. Just say yes to somebody. I want you to be there, we have to dance and get drunk together!” – she whined. Even if Pansy Parkinson was an annoying, insufferable bitch sometimes, you still managed to became good friends with her.

„And whom are you even go with? You didn’t told me yet.”

„Blaise.” – she said with a satisfied face.

„Blaise? Zabini?” – you asked with a confused look. „You mean as friends or…”

„Oh, who knows, it’s the Yule Ball after all!” The girl was pretty satisfied with herself and with her pair. You continued your lunch, chatting with the others when Cormac McLaggen appeared next to you.

„Hello Y/N.” – he greeted with that grin of his.

„Hey McLaggen.” – you said with a very tired fake smile, fearing of what happens next.

„So I heard that you don’t have a partner for the ball yet. I wonder if maybe we can go together.” – Cormac looked like he was sure that Y/N will say yes to him. Poor guy.

„Oh. Well, sorry, but somebody already asked me and I said yes.” – You heard Pansy palm-slap on her forehead. Cormac had a defeated look on his face, but he doesn’t really broken as he already went to an another girl on the other side of the table. Pansy broke the silence.

„I mean I know he’s a gryffindor, but seriously, Y/N? He’s the hottest guy in this place! – she yelled.

„Hottest? Really? And he’s only want an acces into my panties, so no thanks.”

“Don’t be so frigid. Is there even any guy that you’d said yes? After that I highly doubt it…”

You had a wondered look on your face when Draco turns to you.

„Y/N, do you wan to come with me?”

Well, that was unexpected. Your heart skipped a beat. You felt your breath stucked in your throath as he looked at your eyes deeply with his stormy gaze. You tried really hard to not smile like and idiot.

„Yes.” – you breathed.

„Ugh, finally.” – Pansy growled. „I hope you have a nice dress.”


Your aunt sent you one weeks ago. The deeply dark green dress that almost looked black was truly amazing, and Pansy was already jelaous when she saw it in your wardrobe.

„If Draco won’t fall in love with you if he’ll see you in that dress, he’s either blind or idiot. Or if he hasn’t already…” – she stated. You rolled your eyes on her but inside your screamed happily, you can’t wait to see his face when he’ll see you. Even it was a friendly invite, you were so delighted.

 It was Saturday afternoon. You made an easy but nice bun, dressed up, and put a light make up on. You felt yourself like a princess, and with the Slytherin Prince in your side you’ll definietly look like one. You walked out from the dorm room and waited for Draco. You looked calm, but your heart was beating really fast. The nervous feeling dissappeared a little when you saw how the other boys looked at you in the common room. You didn’t even noticed when Draco stepped before you.

„Hi.” – you smiled, but he didn’t said anything for a few seconds. His eyes wondered on your body and stopped on your gaze.

„Ah, eermm, sorry. You just look… so… wonderful. – he whispered, clearly embarassed.

„Oh Godric, I made Draco Lucius Malfoy speechless.” – you said with a surprised tone and face, and he rolled his eyes on you. „And you look dashing too, Draco.”

You went down to the Great Hall, holding Draco’s arms. You felt eyes on yourself all the way which made you a bit strained.

„Everybody’s looking at you.” – he smirked proudly.

„I know, do something stupid, I can’t stand it.”

„Calm down, you’re beautiful.” – he stated while he guided you to a table that you shared with Pansy, Blaise, Tracy and her partner that you didn’t recognize.

„Slytherin colors suits you perfectly Y/N!” – Pansy yelled gleefully. „Malfoy I hope you now you have the hottest woman in your side tonight” – she winked. Draco grabbed your hand which made you instantly blushed. „I know.” – he said, matter of factly. „Do you want to dance?”

„You can dance?” – you asked surprised while you stood up and walked to the dance floor. He gave you a smirk before placed one of his hand on your hips and started to move.

In the next hour you didn’t spoke a lot, just simply enjoying the music, the dance, and the touch of eachothers. Sometimes he was making jokes about how much of a tosser is Potter while he dancing, or how nice would be if Snape starting to dance with Moaning Myrtle, made you laugh all the time. Once Cormac asked you from him but with a simply no, he grabbed you out from his sight. A slow song came, and you froze, but he pulled you closer while wrapped his arms around your waist and your back. You placed your hands around his neck and since you were too nervy, you put your head on his chest. And with that step, you can felt how strongly is his heartbeat. You hugged eachother so many times before, but it was so much more now.

When a song was over and a very fast one came, you looked at eachother, both of you blushed. Draco Malfoy, blushed. That was a view that you didn’t think you’ll see ever. The obviously awkward moment ended when you heard Pansy’s shriek while she came closer to you, goblets in her hands.

„This is for you, girl! Cheers!” – you didn’t want to get drunk, but you were so anxious you decided a little firewhisky won’t hurt. Or a little more. You wanted to dance with the others, but your legs was weak by now, so you sat down to your table with Draco and Pansy while you drank an another goblet of firewhisky. And an another. And an another.

„Okay, I think that’s enough for you today.” – he told you while took the goblet out of your hand. You looked up on him with puppy eyes and sad face, while Pansy pleaded: „Draceyyy leave her be! She’s totally fine and I still want to dance with her!”

„Yes!” – you yelled while stood up, but at the same time you lost the control and leaned to the table. Draco grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to himself, while leaned you out of the Hall. „Night Pansy.”

Your clasped your hands around his arms as he guided you down to the dungeons. „Why are you sooo party pooper? I had a good time!” – you cried.

„You’re drunk. You’ll thank me tomorrow morning.”

„I won’t! I hate youuu and I-I wanna go back.” – you squeaked.

„Do you now?” – he said, while dragged you to your dorm room and put you down on your bed.

You stayed calm but you looked at him sulky which made him smile.

„What are you laughing at? You are not funny. You are vicious.”

„You look adorable when you’re angry.” – he started and sat down next to you on your bed. „We had a great time, but you’re drunk, you need to rest. Please, can you do that for me?” – he mouthed with a soft tone as he cup your cheek. You nodded in silence and he was on his way to the door, when you called him back.

„Draco, please help me and peel me out of this dress.” – you said simply, the anxiety was long drowned into the firewisky. You were in your feet and turn your back on him, waiting for unzip your dress.

He pulled down the zipper, exposed your bare skin. He put his hand on your back and gently stroke it down to your lower back. You shivered under his touch. It was you like immediatly sobered and the only thing that made you drank, is his skin on yours. That was a now or never moment; you turned to face him. Your dress was already started to slip down, but before it could, Draco pulled you over tightly and kissed you greedly. It was a deep, fast kiss which show how much and how long you wanted eachother. Both of you were insatiable. Neither of you wanted to stop, neither of you pulled over. Your hands was on the back of his neck and when you grasped his hair, he instantly moaned in your mouth which made your knees weak. He sensed this so took a step forward, put you down on the bed, still not let go of you. He grab the top of your dress and cautiously pulled it off your body.

„You are so fucking beautiful, Y/N.” – he murmured. He kissed you again, but this time much slower and not so fierce. His hands were everywhere: from your neck to your breats, to your waist and hips while gently stroke it, to your thighs, made you tremble. He wandered down on your neck while he massaged your breasts which caused you moaning. He smirked into your neck and whispered a „Got you” in a husky voice before he was started to gently sucking on your sweet spot. Your hands wondered down from his hair down on his back, and you started to unblock his belt, but that was when he quickly grabbed your wrist and leaned away from you a little, his forehead on yours.

„What’s wrong?” – your said in a low voice.

„If we don’t stop now, I’m not sure I can stop later.” You felt his hard member through his pants; it was surprising that he can still control himself.

„I don’t want you to stop.” – you said, cupping his face.

„I want it too, but Y/N, you’re drunk, and I won’t take the advantage of the situaton.”

Your body was tensed up and you were almost completely sober by now, but you were still greatful for that. You kissed him gently and murmured a thank you in his ear.

You walked to your wardrobe to take on a t-shirt, and give him an another. He looked at you confused.

„The fact that we’ve not going to have sex doesn’t mean I’ll let you sleep alone tonight.” – you smirked at him and he smirked back before he started to undress. You couldn’t help yourself but stare at him; he had a nice body that make your cheeks pink.

„Like what you see, love?”

„Shut up.” – you smiled. He took on the shirt and crawled in next to you, immediatly make you cuddle with him.

„Oooh, you’re a cuddler, that’s so cute.” – you purred.

„If you don’t like it I can let go.” – he said threateningly.

„You wouldn’t do that.” – you grinned and he pulled you closer. „Thank you for being a gentleman.”

„Anything for you, love”. – he whispered before both of you felt alseep in eachothers arms.



Crownprincesses’ favourite outfits: Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge [2/4]

At the Place2Be Awards on November 22nd, 2016, The Duchess of Cambridge wore the black ‘Finella’ Dress from Preen mado of a ‘signature body-sculpting Matte Stretch Satin’. The dress also features box pleats in the skirt, an exposed back zipper, pleated bodice, asymmetrical neckline and off-the-shoulder styling. Catherine matched this beautiful dress with the Prada Wavy-Cut Suede Pump, diamond pendant earrings loaned from The Queen and a Temperley London Belt.

Chemistry Chimera

Rating: Not Rated

Category: M/M

Fandom: Adventure Time

Relationship: Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee

Characters: Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee

Stats: 782 words

Summary: Inspired by this post.

Notes: IT’S 11:59 SOMEWHERE. (I’m a terrible procrastinator.) 

Read on ao3

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Playing the Part

Summary: Sam and Dean have a fun night with Gen while stuck in The French Mistake Au.

Warning: Wincest, smut, voyeurism, threesome (sort of), role play, some dirty talk, mentions of Sam’s addiction to demon blood

Word Count: 2850

A/N: If this doesn’t sound like your thing, I won’t be offended if you skip it :) Thanks to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for assuring me the idea was worth writing. I’ve never written anything like it before, but it was a lot of fun! XOXO

Dean’s lying on the couch- not quite asleep, but his eyes are closed, and that means he’s not up for talking- and Sam’s got nothing to do but wait for morning. They’re stuck here for at least the night.

But they’ve got a roof over their heads, a particularly nice roof with fancy and unnecessary furnishings everywhere and tons of food and imported beer in the kitchen, so Sam can’t really complain. He just grabs a bottle with a foreign label from the fridge, and enjoys the dark flavor on his tongue as he makes his way back to Dean.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a Sugardaddy!Yoongi where he looses a bet with the OC and she gets to be dom for the night?

It was a stupid bet, really, that’s all it was; one of which that involved a serious amount of resistance and holding back because ‘I bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off of me all night’ was a challenge he was up for competing in. You were simply meant to be his eye candy for the evening, a fancy gala he invited you to for one of his business parties that was made to impress, and the only contact between the two of you was your arm attached to his to make your relationship look, y’know, legitimate.

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Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

Prompt:  Could you do one where Chekov and the reader are found by the crew in a really awkward situations and Chekov is super embarrassed but the reader just thinks it’s funny? (Sorry this isn’t specific I just really love how you write Chekov)
Word Count: 476
Author’s Note: Just a compilation of drabbles for embarrassing situations :) ALSO I’ve changed the queue to post 2 stories a day (YAAAAAY) because I have enough to do that for the next couple of days and it’ll give me more motivation to write during my off-work hours!

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Faded (Part 2)

Title: Faded (Final Part)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: After a witch steals Dean’s memory of you, ten years of your life along side him is ripped away. In a desperate attempt to protect your heart, you beg Sam not to tell Dean about your relationship. 

Word Count: ~6,000

A/N: Wow thanks for all the love! I missed you guys 😘 Drop me a message/ask if you liked it! I always LOVE hearing from you guys. It warms my cold little heart 

read Part 1 first!

Almost a week had passed by since the witch took Dean’s memories of you. You had hoped the spell would have faded by now, considering Sam put a bullet through the woman’s chest, but there had yet to be even a flash of recognition behind Dean’s eyes.

Sam made comments here and there, referencing time you and Dean had been together without directly mentioning you in a hopeless attempt to jog Dean’s memory. Sometimes he would smile or laugh and you’d think for a second that this was it, it was finally coming back to him, but then he’d nod, clearly knowing exactly the event Sam was talking about but he didn’t seem to remember you had been there at all.

It was like the witch reached her claws deep within Dean’s mind and extracted you from his past, rewriting and deforming his memory for no reason other than misplaced jealousy and rage.

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Me, You, and Your Leather Jacket [Theo Raeken x Reader]

Author’s Note: I finally took the opportunity to start catching up on Teen Wolf while I was doing some homework earlier, which resulted in this (although I just finished 5A, okay, guys… Give me some time to catch up on the rest lol). Hope this is okay! Also I know I try to reserve the whole werecat thing for my Stiles imagines but there was a joke here I just really had to make because I’m trash so we’ll just overlook it this one time, ‘kay? Cool. 

Word Count:  1,750

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