exposed man

Oscar Wilde:

- a well-known gay

- popularised the aesthetic movement

- wrote a whole book about how it was dumb to get a life-size portrait of yourself … then got a life-size portrait of himself

- went bankrupt bc he put too much effort into a magazine about himself that noone bought

- spent all his money on decorating his college room

- socialist anarchist concerned with wealth gap

- cried once bc he would never be as beautiful as his plates



I seriously miss my beautiful crispy boy so much! I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from Honest Hearts when I first played it, but it is still definitely one of my most favorite game DLC’s of all time!

I don’t even know how many years it’s been, but I’m still recovering from it not being canon to take him with me as a permanent companion. Graham, how could you hurt me?? D: 

(Had to reupload. Something went wrong last time.)

"But Tony has PTSD"

Steve Rogers:
- Canonically has PTSD
- Severely bullied and physically beaten by other children as a child
- Fought in WW2, witnessed first hand the horror of war during combat
- Watched his best friend ‘die’ in front of his own eyes, and consequently blamed himself
- Accepted his own death and willingly gave up his life for the greater good, only to wake up 70 years later to find his friends, family, everyone he had ever loved is dead and gone (save for Peggy)
- Forced to rapidly assimilate to a time period he should’ve never been alive to witness
- Discovered his best friend is still alive, only to have him try and kill him many times over

Bucky Barnes:
- Has also seen the death and carnage that comes with first hand combat in war
- Had his own arm ripped from his body while falling down a ravine, and come within an inch of death
- Kidnapped by a Nazi organization
- Tortured and brainwashed by said organization for 70+ years to the point where he had no concept of his own identity
- Treated like an animal and forced to commit countless murders
- Spent two years slowly piecing himself together after that severe trauma, only to be framed for a bombing and sought out by the entire world for a crime he didn’t commit
- Blames himself for everything he was forced to do while brainwashed

Sam Wilson
- War veteran with PTSD
- Watched his best friend die in front of him
- Is considered a fugitive to the world after helping Steve in Civil War, will never be able to return to his family and friends

And yet, you all seem to only talk about Tony’s mental health in relation to his actions. Double standards, I wonder?