expose these hoes

EXO react to coming home to you asleep in lingerie

m8y if you think this is too erotic you haven’t met me

Also this is gender-neutral :3

Sehun:*he didn’t notice you were asleep at first but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw your peaceful face. Was very conflicted after seeing you exposed like that and he couldn’t just forget so he thought of a bunch of excuses for waking you up, none of which were any good but that didn’t stop him*

Kai:*you’d think he’d be shy but not today. When he walked into the bedroom to see your body lying asleep and barely covered he couldn’t help but wander over and sit gently next to you and gaze at you he creeping, tracing every curve of your body with his eyes lustfully, unsure if he should wake you*

Tao:*already ripping his top off when he caught a glimpse of you in lingerie only to realise you were sleeping so he pouted and waited for you to wake up. When you didn’t for a long time he eventually resorted to taking his laptop into the bathroom to relieve his frustration nothing*

dana dis gif for u

D.O:*very fluffy and turned on when he walked in on you almost naked and fast asleep. He carefully climbed onto the bed beside you and cuddled up to you, admiring every inch and curve of your body as he settled a hand on your thigh, a gentle attempt to wake you because even he couldn’t resist your bod*

Chanyeol:*surprisingly he didn’t wake you up when he came stumbling into the apartment after staying late at the studio. He smirked at the sight of you sleeping on the bed wearing his favourite lingerie that you owned. Since you’d probably tried to stay up for him, he didn’t see the harm in gently shaking you awake there was a lot of harm you were not happy*

Chen:*naturally his first instinct when he walked in on you sleeping and basically naked was to wake you up and continue what you’d semi-started. In the rush to undress you further, he forgot how cranky you get when you first wake up and didn’t expect you to moan at him - in the wrong way aahha im so funny. However as you stared at his pouting smiling face you couldn’t resist jumping on him because who could let’s be honest*

Baekhyun:*when he returned home to you sleeping on the couch in lingerie, he wasn’t about to settle down. So he ran through a mental list of ways to wake you in the most ‘accidental’ way and eventually dropped a pile of books on the floor. It sure woke you up, but as it was an ‘accident’ he didn’t get the blame and instead got the pus/dic*

“Oops :3”

Lay:*the biggest struggle of his life was not waking you up and banging you right there and then. You looked so gorgeous and quiet lying there asleep in very exposing clothes and he had difficulty leaving you there in peace. Resorted to carefully covering you with a blanket so he wouldn’t be tortured by your body and left the room*

“Resist, boi”

Suho:*he crept through the apartment late at night after a long day of practise, expecting you to be asleep - which you were. But he was taken aback when he saw you asleep in lingerie, and although you looked so beautiful lying calm and sleeping, he thought you’d look even more beautiful underneath him*

sudaddy has been messing with me i needed this

Kris:*walking in on you asleep on the couch in lingerie was the perfect surprise for him that evening. You stirred as he closed the door - possibly a bit loudly on purpose - and once you sat up all you saw was Yifan across the room, beckoning you over. His eyes were lustful and you quite happily jolted the sleep from your limbs and wandered over to him, anticipating whatever he had planned*

Luhan:*quietly sneaked into the house after staying late at work and saw you fast asleep in lingerie that complimented your body perfectly. He felt the biggest urge ever to march straight over to you, pick you up and pin you against the wall, removing the few clothes you were already wearing, and sure enough that’s what he did*

Xiumin:*did a double take when he saw you half naked and spread out elegantly on the couch. However in your wait for him to get home you’d dozed off, and as adorable as that was to him he couldn’t help but wake you and have you spread out in a different way what i what nothing*

going through all my xiu gifs and narrowing it down to one real struggles

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  • <p> <b>Yoongi:</b> Takes us to the hospital<p/><b>Cab driver:</b> Woah woah woah did you hit him<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> hit me? Oh please this guy can barely even hit me in bed for fun<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> he's all * slaps air *" oh honey did that hurt? " and I'm like " oh come on let me have you already you pussy "<p/></p>
  • Larcade: hello my name is larcade
  • Larcade: and today's segment will be "expose these hoes"
  • Larcade: now for this specific segment, my magic will show who didn't do the diddly doo
  • Larcade: *does the magic*
  • Non virgins: *falls*
  • Zeref: Mavis fell limp??
  • Zeref: oh yea nevermind my dick was bomb LOL
  • Nalu: lolz we're innocent
  • Gruvia: SAME
  • Gray: although Ima make her go drip drop later ;)
  • Gajeel: I finna tap that ass after this mess
  • Lucy: yall didnt do anything in the council???
  • Gajeel: almo-
  • Levy: NO
listen up crewniverse

this is what i want out of season 4:
-more pearlmethyst
-more lapidot
-more gay
-lapis in a flannel
-no more gems dying
-rose quartz exposed
-more cool lesbian mom gems
-peridot an art hoe exposed
-an episode dedicated to pearls gayness
-tumblr worthy things for me to post on my crusty dry ass blog


Men in society have been raised to carry such a manner of disrespect towards women that it is ridiculous. We treat women like objects. Women get payed less for most of the same jobs. Women get called bad names for exploring their sexual endeavors but when men do it they are players. Our medias even put down women for showing too much skin but at the same time fill our media with women exposing themselves. Boys complain about hoes but want those same hoes. It’s so contradicting that it’s disgusting. It makes me sad that women are treated this way. I’m a fucking guy and I cannot agree more that a significantly large part of our gender carries themselves like complete ignorant imbeciles. I hope more men realize that those are the women who bear our children. They aren’t any less than what we are even if they don’t decide to have a child with you. But, they are the ones who have to carry your child for 9 months so that should make it even more of a reason to show women the up most respect in which they deserve. - Bryan

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Park jimin, jimin, chimchim, sexy mochi, mochi sexy. Nailed ittttt

go on anon and tell me who u think my top 5 biases are

Anonymous said: Jimin jimin jimin jimin and jimin

Anonymous said: 1. Jimin 2. Chim Chim 3. Park Jimin 4. Chim 5. Jimin Park

Anonymous said: 1) jimin 2) jimin 3) jimin 4) jimin 5) jimin

Anonymous said: jimin jimin jimin jimin and jimin