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hey i see that u like fake married fanfics... have any good spirk recs?? ive only ever read one fake married one and i want more

I WANT MORE, TOO!!! I haven’t found nearly enough to satisfy my literally insatiable desire for fake relationship stories, but by god I will share with you the ones I have! (I only started keeping track of the fic I read fairly recently, so I’ve read others that I don’t know if I’ll ever find again, but here are some quality pieces that I have saved/was able to find without too much difficulty):

The Marrying Kind by @spicyshimmy: (Kirk/Spock, AOS) I think I read this one in a single day, haha! It was fun and engaging and SPOCK was so JEALOUS. And the characterization (esp. of Spock) was fabulous. I was actually thinking about this one a few days ago because it was probably one of (if not) the best-constructed fake-married Space Husbands fic I’ve read! Also A+ sexual tension which is always a fave.

I Just Met You and This is Crazy by @luck-and-miracles: (Kirk/Spock, AOS) This one was SO SWEET. CLASSIC fake relationship, lots of Jim bonding with Spock’s family WHICH IS MY SHIT. And the ending is just so CUTE? It feels like a romcom with a touch of angst and I really enjoyed it.

Taste Test by @noodleinabarrel: (Kirk/Spock, AOS) No fake married rec list is complete without this one. In this, they’re in a relationship but pretending to be engaged and it is SO FLUFFY AND LOVELY?? This fic is like…. my happy place. And there’s more to the series after this so remember to read on! (and also read everything noodle writes because, um, perfection).

(AND OH MY GOD apparently I forgot to subscribe to this next one, but they updated recently and I think about it all the time? So thank you, anon, for making me go look for it!)

Threaded by ceruleansmile: (K/S, AOS) In this one, Spock accidentally beams Jim onto Vulcan and has to smuggle him around and of course passing him off as his bondmate is the most logical thing to do (!!!!!!) and I know it’s a WiP but give it a chance! Even if they never update again, it sets up a really great happy thought for you to finish in your imagination!

So sadly sadly sadly that is the end of the ones that I have saved!!! I’ve read more over the years that I remember enjoying, but unfortunately any details have pretty much bled out of my brain at this point. If anyone has any more, feel free to add to this list! (I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE FAKE-MARRIED FICS)

❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ professor!namjoon)

You know that popular saying that goes if someone tells you blank, from blank years from now, you would blank them in the blank because their mind and words are blank.

Oh, how you needed more blanks for the situation you were in as of now.

From what seemed to be a harmless blind date (because you trust your friend and you have a pepper spray) turned into something… you would’ve never believed even if you yourself had given a warning before this took place. Seated opposite you was none other than a familiar face you saw every Thursday for three hours two years ago. Upon graduating, it has never crossed your mind to visit the place you got your certificate from so this was… refreshing.

“Y/N,” He calls for you, and it feels so foreign he’s calling you at a place outside of campus grounds. More so when he’s dressed up away from his usual button up with slacks, opting for a plain round collar shirt and jeans - jeans! 

He was your - “Professor Kim,”

He smiles, without a marker to note if you had answered his question correctly like how he would in lab, for a reason you don’t quite know of (yet).

“Interesting how my friend set me up with my own student,”

“Hey,” You huff, folding your arms as you lean forward with your voice balancing your words, “It’s been two years and I haven’t seen you since, prof-”the way your memory tries to finish your sentence, out of instinct only proves his point further that this is crazy to be sitting in front of his blind date, who turns out to be his former student. He cocks his brow and a small hint of his smirk only riles you up to - “Namjoon,”

His smirk grows.

Neither of you backing down.

“You want to go on with this date?”

“…depends,” Your choice of words seem to intrigue him, and he chuckles when you continue with: “Are you going to view me as just your ex-student?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Do I sound like I want you to?”

“…never knew you were so upfront with your words, Y/N,”

“You see me like three hours in a week and even with that we don’t talk. What makes you think you know me?”

“I don’t,” He deadpans, and that’s when silence falls between the pair of you and remains like that.

You don’t say a word, thinking it’s only a matter of time before this ends on a sour note and you’d need to smack the living life out of Jung Hoseok for being a horrible wingman. 

But… he clicks his tongue and pushes his back from his chair. For a split second, the thought comes to mind that he’d get up and leave, based on his body language. But the way he carefully places his hands on the table and moves his arms to fold, mimicking your posture, the look in his eyes as he stares at you leaves you unfazed (physically, but mentally, you’re screaming out of your mind because without the glasses, he looks and brings himself differently - and you’re not sure if you like it or hate it).

“I’d like to find out more, Y/N. So are you in or are you out?”


“I’m in.”