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No Vakarian Without Shepard 2

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“Okay, okay.” He hummed softly, switching to a sitting position. Evelyn followed suit by sitting in front of him. He began with his days at C-Sec and how the system made his blood boil as he watched criminals walk free due to enforcement corruption and absurd loopholes. Especially Saren, the Turian Spectre that showed no mercy with a serious distaste for any race outside his own. He had been hot on the Spectre’s trail when he’d first met Commander Jane Shepard and eagerly joined her crew for a chance to take Saren down. Evelyn learned about most of the Sovereign attack on the Citadel timeline from school, so he skipped over the tinier (and bloodier) details from the battle. He told her about Jane dying the first time, before Cerberus brought her back. The two years he spent in agony wasting away on Omega, trying to make whatever was left of his life count for something. He figured out then that he had loved her, much more than the Commander/Soldier dynamic had allowed him to.

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punkrocktic-aquatic-deactivated  asked:

Tell the good people at home about the creative process of this blog.

Great question! Time for a late-night mini wall of text.

The SDM style is intentionally very off-the-cuff and minimalistic, so as to not detract from the silliness being shown. On the surface, it might appear simple to produce, but secretly, well… Scooby demands only the highest production values.

The “creative” process:

  1. Collecting! – I select an episode of SD, grab my little brother (metaphorically), and then together we watch it to look for errors/weirdly-tweened frames/gif opportunities.

    When someone sees a moment that has potential (it becomes like a 6th sense after a while) I go back, check the section frame-by-frame, and screenshot it. Repeat that hundreds of times per episode.

  2. Curation! – I pick through and analyze the photos. Does this future gif need extra images for context? Can a series be paired down? Is Velma’s expression as funny to the rest of the world as it is to me? (Answer: yes, fortunately)

  3. Editing! – these cartoons are seriously old, and often need a great deal of restoration (especially if coming from a VHS copy). I enhance the photos for color and clarity, because Scooby-Doo is serious business, and I’m a photographer who cares way too much about photos being perfect.

  4. Filing! – I export the photos, and sort them by month & category, for efficiency and future accessibly. This is the most boring step, so if it makes you feel better, imagine that I’m riding a dinosaur at this stage.

  5. Gif Creation! – I upload individual frames to gifmaker.me (my current gif production tool of choice), and then design the gif by hand, because only the finest artesian gifs are fit for SDM. I test loops for maximum humor value, set individual frame speeds, and then get it as close as possible to the Tumblr file size limit of 2~ MB for maximum beauteousness.

  6. Queueing/Posting! – Some posts are written in a matter of seconds, and some take loads of deliberation (”Hmm… do I leave it blank? Add an ellipse? Be sarcastic? Think, brain, think!) 

    Of course, the more-complicated posts like Carl and Ted/a long series of errors take quite a long time (20-30+ minutes) to craft. I keep those posts somewhat rare, though, to assuage the short attention span of most internet viewers. 

  7. Tagging! – Finally, the post can be tagged, to help people who like awesome things to find it. I use Xkit and tag bundles to easily add the always-relevant tags (Scooby-Doo, humor, cartoons), and then manually add specific tags for the individual post (gif, Velma Dinkley, walruses)

Aaaaaaand that’s it! Multiply that process 2-4 times, and you’ve got one day of content for the blog… not including replies to asks, video production, etc. 

Only other thing I’d like to say about the “creative process” of SDM is that I’m super, super happy with the response received for the non-Scooby humor content on the blog. I’ve been working to very gradually introduce people to the concept of having other funny things in addition to the Scooby stuff, and, well… everyone has really taken to it.

Knowing that the fans trust me, and are ok with me making them laugh in new ways… well, that’s phenomenal. On the internet, it’s super hard to break out of the one specific thing you’re known for, so I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe.


THAILAND, Bangkok : A man with a leg prosthesis plays flute as he begs for money on an elevated walkway in Bangkok on February 16, 2015. Thailand’s economy slowed sharply in 2014 to grow at its slowest pace for three years, as political turmoil engulfing the kingdom compounded a fall in agricultural prices and waning exports.  AFP PHOTO / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT

A Rose By Any Other Name

For “Seriously Edited Friday

Editing in this photo was first done in Aperture, then the photo was exported to Photoshop, converted from a TIFF to an audio file, had some sound effects added to it in Audacity, then exported as a JPEG. Seriously. Edited. 

POST-EDIT: I should note that the original photo was one rose, in the centre of the shot. Everything else is echo and reverb.