“Every single night when I sing with you guys and I hear you all singing back to me, it’s just a reminder that when you feel like everything is just too much, you’re not the only one. Because I can promise you, that there is over 10,000 people in this arena tonight who have felt the same way as you.”

Hear me out:

The rangers taking turns bringing Zack snacks when they train because Zack usually forgets to feed himself, too concerned about his mom to worry about himself.

They also pitch in to help pay for her medicine and groceries. Zack hates that because she’s his mom; his responsibility, but they do it anyways. With their help, his mom slowly gets better.

He takes them to meet her when she does, and they all immediately fall in love with her and she asks them if they would like to come over again later that week and cook dumplings.

They all immediately take up her offer and on Friday night, they’re all crammed in the kitchen listening to music as she listens to Billy talk about school or how much he likes Zack as a friend. Trini and Kim help her cook and tell her that Zack is one of their closest friends and that when she’s not around, he talks about how awesome she is all the time. (Zack doesn’t even deny it, he just goes “Yeah, Mom! I let them know how cool you are everyday!”)

Jason nods in agreement, and adds, “He’s such a mommas boy.” And all of the Rangers are mumbling in agreement.

Zack’s mom can tell that Trini and Zack are really close, and for a while she thinks that Zack might have a girlfriend until Zack accidentally lets it slip that Trini has a crush on Kim. (The next time they’re over, she notices that they come in holding hands)

Zack also explains to her that Billy is autistic and she still loves Billy as much as she does the first time she met him because “He’s a very charming boy.”

Sometimes after training they go to Jason’s house and Zack teaches them some basic Mandarin so they can communicate with her easier.

She thanks The Rangers for helping her and taking care of Zack when she couldn’t, and they all get a bit emotional.

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i always thought the "there's no flash without iris" message was so toxic, because while i would hate iris dying and the team basically becoming all males, our lives must go on after we lose someone, i understand it's a dramatic superhero show but more so, more impressionable people watching, she's irreplaceable like any human, but not indispensable, no one is. i'm glad in the end the future team got back together and barry understands they all can move on and there IS a flash without iris

This isn’t another one of those ‘Barry and Iris are toxic because they love each other too much’ things, is it? 

To be completely honest I don’t think the “no Flash without Iris West’ message is toxic at all because it goes way beyond them being so obsessively in love with each other that they can’t live without one another. There is no Flash without Iris because she was the one that believed in him when no one else did. There is no Flash without Iris because it’s her voice and her voice alone that can save him and bring him home. There is no Flash without Iris because when he feels himself spiraling out of control and getting too close to losing his humanity she is the one that reminds him this his humanity is what makes him a hero. There is no Flash without Iris because when his childhood was suddenly filled with terror, violence, death, and darkness she was the light that guided him out. She has been his constant since they were children and he has loved her deeply and completely for it. That’s not toxic. It’s overwhelming, yes, but that type of all-encompassing love usually is. 

Team Flash could certainly ‘function’ without Iris but they’d never be the same because Barry would never be the same, those are just facts. Who Barry Allen is as a person and as a hero are so tightly interwoven with his love for Iris that they’re indistinguishable. You can’t have one without the other because without it what’s left is an incomplete person.


When someone intentionally keeps their kid(s) out of the public eye, it’s common sense to respect that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7SP1-Vkk54