export tax rebate

Strangling the Chinese brand in China's export tax rebate

Export tax rebate is a kind of current international convention, the original document is for encouraging enterprises to produce the foreign exchange earning products. I do not know what influence foreign export tax rebate will bring to country, but is strangling the Chinese brand, is hindering the Chinese brand from going to the world in export tax rebate policy of China.

In China, the products of a lot of enterprises will choose the extremely low price to export, felt very strange at that time, do not these enterprises want to make money? It is reported that learns, because export trade can get great amount of export tax rebate, let enterprises earn one in accordance with * export tax rebate. Under exporting keen competition with the materialzation products, Chinese enterprises are killing each other, the injured is China all the time. This is not original intention of introducing export tax rebate policy in the country, but a lot of enterprises catch this gap, obtain very considerable export tax rebate through the fact that the products in enormous quantities are exported at a low price. But a seemingly simple phenomenon is involving a severe drawback problem, under the great opportunity of accession to the WTO, a lot of enterprises in China only see immediate interest has abandoned the chance to moulded the good brand image, have given up the brand effect and brought more interests to us.

“ you die I die ” Price civil war may be said whether thorough when performing on Chinese enterprise,for being able to make foreigner not chosen by one’s own products, Chinese enterprises press prices each other. Extremely low price, make enterprises earn and have pity on several pieces of hard-earned money of each, and it was national export tax rebate that in other words earned. Entered current brand era, quite a few of enterprises just saw the cake before one’s eyes, can’t stand the test that lures, is hitting “ speaking sarcastically and decreasing ownly ” Price war. You know, if Chinese enterprises establish the good brand image, the profit-making respect compares with before, it have kind “ it fail to see truth, reason at mountain ” Feeling. As brand consciousness is strengthened, under the catalysis on effect of the brand, this small cake is the iceberg corner. But the paralrzed Chinese enterprises of export tax rebate of China, make Chinese enterprises struggle in the market of low-end. The ones that not merely cause to Chinese products abroad are low-grade and subscribed, even numerous Chinese are in subconscious, also think the products of China are low-ends.

Extremely most products in China are struggling on one’s last legly in the field of low-end, keeping this barren market, also thought that had got the cornucopia. These enterprises think deeply about, what we earned is only meagre “ processing charge ” ,China will have development of the limitation temporarily, but unable to surmount those to “ raise fatly ” us Rival,make by we at development path in the future having a lot of obstacle. Moreover, for instance countries such as Mexico, Indonesia, Kampuchea,etc. are entering the international market at cheaper price, how long can these enterprises surviving according to export tax rebate still prop up on earth?

Take a broad view of the international market, how much status our Chinese brand has been only occupied, so horrible that one could hardly bear to look at it. Why leather shoes flat fare of export of Vietnam is all higher and about 12 dollars than that of China; Why wes will wrist-watch export last 12 euroes /only,and European country be exceeded 1200 yuans basically to be sold by wrist-watched of us /only; Why do Guangdong clothes have 1.31 dollars only to export the average unit price, one-off profit is 3- 5 yuan. The export tax rebate of China has bounden responsibility, driven by the this kind of limitation interests, cause the brand consciousness of enterprises to lack, thus has lost the grade of brand image, profit space, broad living space

Chinese enterprises should seek the space of development of brand. Comrade Deng Xiaoping has said early: “We should have one’s own competitive products, create the Chinese brand, otherwise want beast people to bully. ” These Chinese enterprises surviving in accordance with * export tax rebate, it is perhaps only the advanced market to lose now, lost future but will be the viability, lose and move towards the international market, participate in the competitive opportunity of globalization. I, to reduce policy, back tax of China, do one’s utmost, support recently, it is this that let whom China enterprise think to the pressure, can’t survive under the protection of export tax rebate. Remind Chinese enterprises to be chosen phoenix’s nirvana at the same time, endure hardships to accomplish some amition, create China’s surging brand, try to win larger existence and development space.