My parents are finally agreeing to let me stay a full 4 years in college. I was so stressed thinking about graduating a year early cause while my credits were good… i have no refrences… not enough service hours… no where near enough shadowing hours… and just i don’t have that “found myself. I’m so fufilled” feeling that a college experience should have by the end.

And honestly i dont know if i will get that with an extra year. I could go out saying “oh fuck i guess this is who I am and how life is gonna go???” But i dont feel like i’m rushing on up and out. I feel I have extra time to space everything out and exporle different opportunities . Have a more balanced relationship with academics and extracurriculars. And that’s really… exciting

I’m just finally feeling that energy and drive to take on school that I’ve been missing lately and that makes me very happy and ready to face the world!!