Ok. I know I mentioned gear obsession in my last post. And how I was going to make sure I mastered my gear before acquiring new stuff.. This however, I couldn’t resist..

Any aspiring photographer soon hears the term “White Balance”.. Many learn the intricacies of this strange quirk and are glad for the fantastic “Auto WB” setting our powerful cameras have… We soon learn one of the little benefits of shooting in RAW format is that we can always adjust the White Balance post-shoot…

This is all very good but we all know that the cameras Auto WB is good, but does get it wrong sometimes, especially when dealing with multiple light sources.. and relying on the fact that we can get it right during processing just adds another task to our workflow… I wanna get as much right as possible “in-camera”….

From what I’ve read about this little bit of kit my wish could soon come true..

The ExpoDisc 2.0 from Expo Imaging….

It arrived today on one day delivery from Amazon UK. The pictures above show what you get in the box.. Doesn’t look like much but the build quality is solid… “Made in America”, and it comes with a calibration certificate and a cool rubber/silicon protective case… 

The thing is easy to use as well… Just fix it on your lens and take a custom (PRE- on a Nikon) WB shot towards the light source of your subject and bobs your uncle.

I did a quick test at home… as you can see the expodisc kicked the cameras auto WB’s ar#e….. 

On a job tomorrow so I will put it to test in the field and give an update later..

So, a little update from my photo-job yesterday.. I was covering a cat-show which was held in a local sports hall. There was very little daylight in the hall, which typical of such buildings, was lit by tubular fluorescent lamps.. There where huge colour-casts around the hall, created by the many colourfully decorated cages and stands. A true nightmare for a cameras Auto-WB. I took the expodisc out and clipped it on my lens, and took a WB-Preset shot which passed first time and saved it as pre-1. I then set my WB to “pre-1” and was ready to shoot. It took all of 30-seconds, including un-packing and packing the expodisc in its silicon case. The images I captured where, in terms of colour at least, perfect. Vibrant, bright and natural colours direct in-camera. Back at home and processing the images in Lightroom, I didn’t have to think about White Balance at all… Saved a load of time in my workflow… Brilliant!!!! Well worth the investment….